The Wyrmking Descends  

Start Area: Riverne - Site #B01
Max Party:18
Related Mobs:Airi
Min Level:70
Max Level:75
Items Required:Monarch's Orb
Whisper of the Wyrmking
Title Obtained:Wyrm Astonisher
Items Granted:Bahamut's Hose
Bahamut's Mask
Bahamut's Staff
Bahamut's Zaghnal
Cashmere Cloth
Cashmere Thread
Dragon Staff
Kunwu Iron
Kunwu Ore
Molybdenum Ore
Siren's Hair
Wyrm Horn
This Quest is Repeatable
This Quest requires Promathia
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Battle Notes

To be able to do this quest, you must have completed Storms of Fate. All alliance members are required to have had that done to enter this fight. Only 1 Monarch's Orb is needed to enter.

Bahamut in this fight is much more powerful that Storms of Fate, having an Auto Regen and a knack for casting Cure V on himself at a whim. He has two new attacks this time around, too. One is "Horrible Roar," which is an AoE with a dispel affect that even nails food. The other is called "Impulsion," another AoE which will knock you back, along with petrifying and blinding you.

Everytime he loses approximately 20% HP, he will summon a wyrm to help him.


Quest Series

Final Fantasy XI

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# Dec 23 2007 at 6:38 PM Rating: Decent
where can i get more info on this ? any drops ? whats the reward?
# Nov 17 2007 at 5:52 AM Rating: Decent
if he summon wyrms only how he summon others like airi and ziryu?
# Nov 18 2007 at 4:24 PM Rating: Good
FFXIMercenaryHero wrote:
if he summon wyrms only how he summon others like airi and ziryu?

Because the wyrms can summon additional stuff as well.
# Aug 13 2007 at 2:02 PM Rating: Decent
304 posts
Are the wyrms that he summons at full strength, identical to their counterparts?
# Aug 13 2007 at 3:56 PM Rating: Decent
245 posts
No, he summons weaker versions of him just like Kirin; still, they ARE wyrms and as such they're still tough.

The most common strategy for Bahamut's fight is to use KC DRKs so he dies before he summons the pets.
Bahamut v2
# Aug 12 2007 at 3:10 AM Rating: Decent
574 posts
A fun fight, i do beleive 1 of the following: dragon (lv 40 perp cost -1) OR bahamut staff (lv 75 smn perp -3) will drop garanteed (either of), only seen dragon staff twice in the 2 runs we're done.

He does start to build up a resistance to stun, i think it was 20-something stuns so bare that in mind. Both times been a BLM burn, I know of another shell on my server who has done it TP burn style and it's a hour long time.
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