AU44 - Nashmeira's Plea  

Submitted by:Nightsintdreams
Realm:Aht Urhgan
Start Area: Nyzul Isle
Related Mobs:Alexander
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
Title Obtained:Preventer of Ragnorak
This Quest requires Aht Urhgan
This Mission is Not Skippable
Previous Mission: AU43 - Fangs of the Lion
Next Mission: AU45 - Ragnorak
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In-Game Text


Our setup: BLM/RDM, MNK/NIN, MNK/WAR, PLD/WAR, WHM/BLM, BRD/WHM. All were 75.

Go back to the Assault Nyzul Isle point again, and click on the blank spot for another cutscene.

Title gained: Nashmeira's Loyalist.

There is a fight at Runic gate again, and this Burning Circle has a capped time of forty-five minuets. If you lose, you have to go back to Whitegate and talk to Naja again to be reflagged and receive another Mythril Mirror.

Nashmiera's plea is the fight's title. You will be warped into a small hallway where you will be able to buff, etc.

When you enter in to engage, you will first fight a BLU named Raubahn. He isn't that much a problem himself, other than his Eyes on Me attack virtually one-shots our tank. While you are fighting the BLU, Razfahd will be attacking as well, doing Diaga III and Banish IV for decent damage. You can pull the BLU out of range of Razfahd (he won't move atop of Alexander) back into the hallway, to prevent him from damaging you.

Once you kill Raubahn once, he will Reraise up and you will have to fight him again. Once you kill him that time, he will reraise again for a third time, but be either melee or magic resistant.

Once he is finally dead for the third time, there is just Razfahd left. Heal up, and then engage him when ready. He's not too difficult, we just kept Light Carol up and melee'd it down.

At 50%, the battle ends and there is another cutscene.

Once the cutscene is over, you will be facing the true Alexander at 100%.

He has a terror move, and does a high DMG AoE move called Void of Repentance. This move is stunnable, however. He continues to do Diaga III and Banish IV. After 50%, he will do Gospel of the Lost which will recover about 1k of his HP.

At 50%, he does Divine Judgement (his two hour), which one-shotted our tank.

At about 10%, he will start to get somewhat spammy with his TP moves and will cure himself alot if you don't stun.

If you wipe at any point in this fight, you can reraise anywhere on the field. Alexander does not aggro, but will react to hostile moves made against him. Futhermore, he won't regen so it will be safe to let him go white.

The key strategy we used for this was to have the mages off on one side, the melee on either side, and the tank tanking away from the mob. This means that the AoEs will only hit the tank. Our BLM/RDM was able to do all the stunning with little problem. The BRD kept up Light Carol for the full fight, and that helped to really minimize the damage that his Light-based moves did. He is very light-resistant.

Title earned: Preventer of Ragnarok

Mission Series

This mission is part of the Treasures of Aht Urhgan mission series. The complete series is:

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Has anyone tried to solo this fight?
# May 09 2012 at 10:57 AM Rating: Decent
23 posts
I'm just curious how feasible it would be to solo this with a level 99 job? I have a friend who is a 91 BLU and he's considering trying this one. I'll post our findings but if anyone else has tried this, we'd love to hear what worked (and what didn't). Thanks!
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Here's how I finally won..
# Jul 10 2008 at 11:24 AM Rating: Decent
186 posts
I've fought this battle many times and lost, and finally won with the following setup (and about 20 minutes still left on the clock):

BRD/WHM (me)

We started with nukes and sleeps first - the idea was that only the BLM would need curing, so that we would have more MP for curing for phases two and three. As the BRD, I would lullaby right after the nukes to buy our RDM and BLM time to land their sleeps. The BLM and RDM would both also cast stun right after a nuke. Songwise, I had dark carol (in case sleeps were resisted and he decides to do Eyes on Me) and ballad 2. No deaths, and very little MP used except for the BLM.

Phase two was the melee phase. The BLM and RDM were on stun rotations and basically stunned most of the fight; the threw in a few light nukes when stun was down. the RDM had melee gear and helped to melee damage. Dark carol and march for the melees, double ballads for the mages. (The RDM was positioned near the mages while the melees and the BLUE were opposite the RDM.)

Phase three we treated it like and oldschool EXP party. At the end, our WHM's MP was fairly low due to the AOE weaponskills. Paralyze 2 and Slow 2 helped a lot in the three phases.

For phase four, the WHM and RDM rested while the rest of us took the first form of Alexander. As BRD/WHM, I was more than enough to keep the melees alive. This phase took all of maybe 30 seconds (resting mages got probably no more than rounds of MP healed).

For the final phase, everyone was rebuffed and MP completely maxed. Timewise, we had only spent maybe 15 minutes including rest time (very fast BLU fight). The key was in stunning the Eyes on Me move. The RDM/DRK then completely buffed up. We started the fight with me using Soul Voice. Light carol and ballad 2 for the RDM, who was building hate with sleeps and dispels (and standing far from everyone). I then ran to the melees and did double march (not minuets) with troubadour and nightingale, at which point the MNK used his 2hr and the RDM used chainspelled stuns. I then went back to rebuff the RDM (with soul voice and troubadour still up). Then I used ballads on the WHM and BLM. The BLM used his 2hr and spammed nukes during the chainspell, and then used light nukes and lots of DoT afterward. Toward the end of my 2hr, I used double minuets on the melees. The reason for marches first is to get more weaponskills without grabbing hate from the RDM/DRK. Once the 2hr work, minuets for higher damage due to Alexander's high defense. About 4-5 minutes into this phase, Alexander 2hrs around 50% HP. Somehow we managed to survive it and the WHM used benediction to fill us back up to 100%.

To safely convert, the RDM would stun first, and then convert. The BLM stunned immediately after the RDM stunned, and the WHM curebombed. Thus our RDM/DRK tank was back to high MP without a single problem. The whole time, we didn't even bother with stunning the restoral move (the move finishes just as it shows up on my log, for the most part). Around 2% our tank was pretty low on MP even with refresh and ballad 2. Alexander 2hrs again and takes out our NIN. Eventually the MNK also dies, and the party wipes with about 1% HP left on Alexander. Fortunately we still had about 20 minutes left (I was our designated timekeeper) and decided to just rest up and finish him off... except the BLM, having just been raised, finishes off Alexander before our PT even begins to rest to recover from the wipe.

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My fight
# Jul 08 2008 at 2:12 AM Rating: Decent
5,870 posts
I figured I would add my input from this battle as well. We went 1/1 on it and that included 2 wipes. One planned, one unplanned.


The fight vs Raubahn didn't go very well. We over nuked the first kill and over nuked the second kill making him immune to mp damage, including sleep. This was our first wipe. Eyes on Me hit the NIN for 2400 dmg and then he just dropped us all, one after another. We argued on whether to get back up or not and finally decided to raise. The night was early and if we failed we'd give it another go. We (the same party) had just completed TOA 42 and we're riding high on such a cake victory.

Anywho, we got up and waited for weak to wear. I'm not sure what the difference is but I got hit with Eyes on Me 3 different times on the third form and survived every one of them. I did have Phalanx II and Cocoon on and because it went through shadows a quick Cure V and it was like it never happened. I had roughly 200 HP out of 1300 after every Eyes.

lolRazfahd (I did build up tp on Raz... and then promptly switched to Dark Staff to rest mp for Alexander fight)

Alexander was a blast. Except right off the bat he kept curing himself and the BLM, NIN, and I couldn't seem to time our stuns right. I solo SC for blizzard burst and the RDM and BLM got some decent numbers from it. We were doing really well until about 55% or so. The NIN and I did a good job bouncing hate. The BLM got nailed with a void from over nuking. Then the NIN fell shortly there after @ 53%. Alexander still hadn't used his 2 hour and I was the only other DD. I threw everything I had at him and was down to 100hp and I was the last one standing. I finally saw the omega symbols in my log and ran back to the beginning to complete the wipe. He 2 houred @ 48%.

We all got back up and waited for weak to wear. We were @ the 10 minute mark with 47% of his life remaining and we were weakened. We argued over saving 2 hours depending on how close we were to killing him. The 5 minute mark rolled around and we were just starting again. We threw everything we had at him again and the BLM died two more times. The BRD was running around like a mad man singing up a storm. The RDM was refreshing everyone and nuking to drop HP. I was running thru the big 3 and head butting every chance I got. The WHM was curing and hasting for all she was worth. The 1 minute mark rolls by and he still has 10% life left. 30 seconds, 6% 10 seconds, 2%. A few more spells from me and a nuke from the double weakened BLM and the screen goes black.

Begin the CS baby. What an awesome fight. And I don't mind admitting that the gf and I were just a little teary watching that CS.

Good luck to everyone who has yet to finish TOA. It's another wonderful storyline from a wonderful game.
# May 04 2008 at 9:24 PM Rating: Good
I went 1/4 on Alexander.

My final setup: (All 75)

WHM/BRD (Ryotto[me])
BLM/RDM (Cutaru)
BLM/RDM (Pipes)
SAM/THF (Marquisto)
RNG/NIN (Fuzzball)
PLD/WAR (Kobitomitai)

Myself, the BLMs and PLD were ALL Tarutaru.

Before RaubahnWHM: Pro/ShellV party, reraise, ballad.

Raubahn First round: Melee + PLD killed it etc. No issues.
Raubahn Second round: BLMs nuked it/slept it, rinse repeat. WHM Ballad-I, No issues.
Raubahn Third Form: Same as second form. Only BLMx1 died. Resisted Sleep a bit. No real issues.

Razfahd: Got him down to 50% in about 3 minutes, no issues.

Left us with a huge chunk of time. (about 35 minutes)

This is where the real fun began.

We all spread out. PLD ran in, voked and stayed out of Alexander's Melee Range, only ran in for SATA.

BLMs started nuking. RNG did a hell of a lot of dmg with ranged attacks. SAM started attacking from behind, I ran in and Light Carol'd the PLD when I wasn't curing or resting. We get bombarded at 50% with Divine Judgment, I personally tried to cure the PLD...went well for like a minute then he went down, full wipe with about 20 minutes to spare. We ran to the back of the room, rested to full health, and began our final onslaught. Went right back at it, using the same pattern before the wipe. He 2hr'd again at 5% kept killing, wiped at 1% Everyone who could get up, got up and tried to hack away at it....Radiant Sacrament'ed Pipes, leaving him with 1 HP, me and Fuzzball were also alive after everyone else died, and a few moments and 1 Blizzard IV later...we win with Pipes' 1 HP!

What a fanf-intastic ending to ToAU!

Go Glory Crowns!
# Apr 20 2008 at 4:57 AM Rating: Decent
So far on Alexander I'm 0/13. Yesterday I had SCH RDM PLD SMN SAM BLU which was me. Scholar did as much damage as BLM. Raubahn was really easy we did Melee on first form and then Sleep nuke on the second one. Final form we went all out only SCH died from Seraph Blade. On Razfahd SAM soloed him while everyone else healed MP. After CS we went to fight Alexander. When we were at 50% he used 2 hour and no one died. After that he used gospel of the lost 5 times and we lost because mages ran out of MP. Is there something I'm doing wrong? The closest I ever got him to was 5% then he kept spamming Gospel Of the lost. If there is a good set up or strategy can someone tell me it I'm getting tired of Alexander ; ;.
Issues with EOM
# Apr 12 2008 at 2:47 AM Rating: Good
482 posts
I've been hunting around for quite awhile now and can't seem to find any info on countering Eyes on Me. Yes, we understand stun is a must, however, we seem to get him spamming it every other attack round along with his weapon skills. Using a PLD tank, what are some damage mitigation suggestions for dealing with EOM? All the guides/info I've found is mainly dealing with Alexander and virtually nothing on dealing with the BLU.

Any thoughts are welcome.
Jophiel wrote:
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Issues with EOM
# May 01 2008 at 11:05 PM Rating: Decent
We were able to stun them with weapon skills Tachi: Hobaku and Leg Sweep were the ones we used.

Hope that helped!
Ranged Attacks
# Jan 28 2008 at 2:32 AM Rating: Decent
1,778 posts
Ranged Attacks are king here, a Ranger and a Corsair will suffice nicely.
If your Paladin can hold hate against Raubahn then kill him with Ranged Attacks in his first form, melee burn his second form, and then zerg his third form.
Raubahn didn't last 5 minutes with this plan.
Having a Dark Knight and/or Blue Mage for this BC helps beyond belief.
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This is not easy
# Jan 08 2008 at 6:23 PM Rating: Decent
I don't why but I have had absolutely no luck with this fight...

I've done it over 35 times and getting seriously annoyed with it.

We had him down to 40% and he went and spammed Gospel of the Lost 6 times!!!!!!!!!!!!! We took the BLU down in about 10 minutes, Razfadh in about 2, which left us loads of time to kill Alex... over all he used gospel of the lost over 10 times throughout the entire fight, 6 of which he used after his hp was reduced to below 50%... We honestly thought we were gonna win it, everyone whose 2 hr was useful used it and still we couldn't beat him.

WHM/SMN although I think i moght start going /BLM for tractor, PLD/WAR for voke, BLM/WHM, RDM/DRK, BRD/WHM and DRG/SAM set up. What are we doing wrong? Its impossible to stun Gospel of the Lost, i think SE is seriously ******** with us...
Too Weak
# Jan 06 2008 at 10:20 PM Rating: Good
17 posts
Just did this today with a semi-pickup PT.
Only 1 person had beaten it.

We went:
DRG/SAM (me)

DRG --> DRK = Darkness SC, bursted blizz... works great for Alex, but didn't burst more than two or three times. Freeze 2 burst did 1000 dmg

Melee murdered the BLU with ease.
Did sleep + nuke tactic for the BLu on 2nd round. RDM would sleep, BLM would nuke.
all out for third round

Gained TP for spirits within from Razfahd then used Spirits to open on Alex

PLD was a great tank, uber meritted with amazing gear but not impossible gear.
tanked from out of melee range.

RDM/DRK Chainspell Stun at 5%.

2hr wasn't a problem at about 45%

no deaths except at the end when DRK was kicking *** =D. he killed it with Souleater and it took away enough life to kill him =P

It was great having 5 people with Stun: RDM/DRK, DRK, BLM, and PLD with bashes included. we just used stun every time it refreshed... worked wonders
# Dec 20 2007 at 7:54 PM Rating: Decent
where can you see this cut scene again?
# Oct 30 2007 at 9:21 PM Rating: Default
wow Meeles hit 0 on 3rd fight thats too bad XD
My experience
# Nov 21 2007 at 9:40 AM Rating: Decent

I tried several pt setups and none worked as well as ^^. BLM for stunning Eyes on Me (from Raubahn) and also Gospel of Light from Alex. PLD > NIN for this fight. Alex seems to be weaker to Blizzard than any other spell. And our DRG was doing more damage than a SAM I was in a pt w/ earlier (this was when while we still had 1 STR/DEX = 1 ATK/ACC) and the DRG didn't have as nice of gear as SAM. So take that for whats its worth...

Best case scenerio, don't die from Raubahn. The time we won, we beat Raubahn w/in 8 mins. Then moved on to the Razfahd and KO'd him pretty quick. Then on to Alex. I focused on haste, healing, devotion, etc. on PLD. He stood in front of Alex, me to the PLD's left and the DRG to the back left side of Alex. The mages were on the PLD's right side and just moved in and out of range of Alex's magic (if by chance they took hate, which they rarely did). BLM's also work on Stunning Gospel of Light.

We all purposely wiped when Alex 2 hr'd. Then healed up and went back at it w/ 10 mins left. Alex 2 hr'd again and BLM's just finished him off. We didn't have our 2 hrs b/c we used them in the previous fight (and had Alex down to 2% but we ran out of time). I'm not 100% sure how much time we had left when he went down.

It was a fun fight and not too terribly hard if you have the right pt setup.
# Sep 28 2007 at 4:43 AM Rating: Good
606 posts
This fight is actually very easy

the Blue mage is a little troublesome he will reraise 2 times

The idea is to kill the blue mage with magic first, then Melee so when the 3rd time it gets up it is not immune to any form of attack. Also beware of Eyes on Me, that move is deadly and can 1 shot people around the first reraise and 2nd reraise

on the Alexander fight he will always use Gospel of the Light and the cast time is very short, its not really important so I wouldn't say you should stun it even if its stunnable, just concentrate on Banishga III

What I did in my fight we had a blm, whm, rdm, war, pld, drk

the pld was on the left side of Alexander's foot while drk on the right and me (war) behind Alexander forming a triangle so when he does target AoE attacks others won't be affected. Because me and the drk do over 1k dmg in WS and melee attacks Gospel of the Light was not stunned. when he got close to 50% me and the Drk run out of range and the blm would nuke until Divine Judgement occured on the pld, this move is Target AoE that does about 1k+ to he target.

after Divine Judgement we proceeded to widdle Alexander down without him Divine Judgementing again.

This fight is fun and pretty easy if you stun the right stuff
Did it
# Sep 26 2007 at 12:32 PM Rating: Decent
2,626 posts
Did it - Pld/war, Mnk/nin, War/nin, Drg/sam, Blm/whm, Smn/whm

No one had 'uber' gear, but everyone was experianced, especially the PLD who tanked in AF gear. He had only just got 75 in pld, the 7th 75 he has.

The first form of Raubahn the Pld, blm & myself (mnk) took him down with magic dmg doing the majority. (I had Formless Strikes up) and it didnt wear until after we had downed him for the first time.

Second version of Raubahn we all took down with what ever JA's, HP, MP we could utililse and when he rose the 3rd time, we had nothing left, so we wiped and prepared for his final form.

On his 3rd form, he was resistant to magic (obviously) so we just DoT'd him with the blm healing with our smn/whm main healer. After he Ko'd, we went straight for Razza who is incredibly weak. He could be easily solo'd, but obviously time does not permit that.

After the cs, we fully rested and went at Alexander with about 17-20mins remaining. The pld tanked superbly, smn performed a whm's job admirably and blm would also cure, except MBing on the war's and mine occasional ligh SC that we would do if the time was right. The mages took it in turns at healing toward the end.

The war and I did Ko when Alex was at 20% with well less than 10mins remaining, but we rr'd up, and carries on Doting him.

At 15%, the Blm, war and myself all 2hour'd him (with about 2-3mins remaining) and we defeated him with only a few seconds left.

It is a VERY HARD BC, but incredibly fun, entertaining and challenging. We were all sad when ToAU came to its end. 10/10 for SE however for the way the stary panned out, and the simply amazing fights that you become a part of in the final 15 chapters (the pld mamool, Gesso & Alexander)

GL to ppl who will be doing this in the coming months.

# Sep 18 2007 at 3:50 PM Rating: Decent
After 50%, he will do Gospel of the Lost which will recover about 1k of his HP.

Alexander actually does this move well before you get him down to 50%. It's truly annoying being it takes time to chip away at his hp.

Did this fight with following setup
Blu (me), Rdm, Blm, Pld, Sam, Smn.

We had our pld face tank him, out of melee range. Only time pld got close is when the sam did TA on him to plant more hate. He takes a lot of damage from a darkness SC, so myself and the sam did that taking huge chunks of his hp every time it was up. His 2hr is kind of funny, being its radial around the target that has hate not himself. So at 50% we all wiped, those out of range RR up and tractored us out of him range to raise up.

The last 50% went so quickly it wasnt funny.. we keep doing dark SC's on him and his 2nd hr (so to speak) only dropped our tank it was a matter of a few spells and nukes and 2hr from sam that finished him off.

After the fight is over be preparred to be in awe.. one of the most impressive cutscenes i have ever seen to date in FFXI.
Alexander the Wah?!!
# Jun 23 2008 at 10:17 AM Rating: Decent
Went at this on Saturday and Sunday.

This fights setup we had on Saturday:

Paladin (me)
Samurai x2 Sidious and Slim
Redmage Caivian
Summoner Monarc
Redmage forgot this persons name

This setup was cool, We weren't mentally ready for this fight. First time we wiped on the Bluemage. The second time we lost due to time. But before running out of time, we started to get a hang of the battle and so its hp dropped in nice intervals. Got it down to 35% before the timer. Im thinking we would have won, had we gone again...

Then again, this battle was pretty epic, and i wasn't about to go back and do that again back to back to back. Besides I had RL stuff to do. Ikea style!! LOL those who were in my party will know what i mean. ^^ I made sure that most would be here the next day. Wish Monarc was on because hes a damn good smn and well informed of situations regarding his job. But its cool. With a different setup we needed to come up with new strategies about the battle.

On sunday I sent tells back an fourth with Caivain about how we were gonna approach this battle. heres what we came up with.

The setup on Sunday

Paladin (me)
Samurai Slim
Redmage Caivian
Scholar Uori
Blackmage Sidious
Blackmage Akillion

Originally one of the blackmages was gonna be rng, but we decided to change that.

Ok I felt really confident about this setup. Was the same members I had for the last fight with the Soulflayer. The four of use went to help Aki and Uori with the last battle mission. We fought that battle and went straight to this one.

Ok so we went in buffed and got ready. I went in to pull. the Blumage named Raubahn. I tanked him well. We dropped him in 2.5 mins. Was like wow, compared to the first day we tried.

***Note there is no time to rest***
Also keep into consideration that your tank may drop at least once or twice. Also make sure your mages or whoever has stun, is able to stun "Eyes on Me" thats the only thing that makes Raubahn so dangerous.

It reraises 3 times and gets stronger each time.

On the first round, you basically shouldn't ws, its weaker to magic. DD's just use regular attacks. So the mages went to work. I was happy that i kept hate so well. they would take it for a split second, before I got it back.

On the second round
we won within 4 mins. Tanked him like normal mob, and used ws's and Dot spells and a few tiers. Don't use 2hrs

On the third round
, you can go all out on this one, but make sure not to use anything that will cost more time, while fighting Alexander. This last round killed me in one shot. F$%# "Eyes on Me" Damn spell hit me for 1420. I had 1414 hp total. Again... don't use 2hrs...

The scholar casted raise with its strat abilities. When i got up i didn't bother resting. I immediately got back into battle only this time, switching to DD gear and helping the sam, who took my place at tanking. When a mage got hate, i would immediately get hate back but would die to an eyes on me, but I thought it was better that way, better me getting killed than a mage. after about 8 mins we finished Raubahn off.

Not too bad.. done in about 15 mins.

So we rested up. Razfahd was very easy. Didn't take much at all. After the Cut scene It was Alexander's turn. I went in out of melee range. Trying to keep hate as much as possible. The sam went around the back and started hacking away. The blm's would stun and cast a Tier 1 spell to get warmed up. While the rdm kept me alive. I presented that after the 3rd voke. I would have more than enough hate from the Alex. And the Blackmages could kick it up a notch or 3. That worked well. They would cast AM type spells and I would try to get hate back. they took a few hits, but I was able to regain control. At about 50% Alex, uses his 2hr. that aoe can hurt if your not careful. I recommend you keeping the tank alive, because if it dies, well...

So at 50% after it used its 2hr. We really get down. i got my vokes on it, and everything a pld does to keep hate and used my 2hr. Then the blm's used their 2hrs and started spamming the spells.

****Note that one of you Blm's are going to Die****
Its not a sure thing that you will but its pretty close.

We were doing really well. got it down to 10% then Alex decides to use His cure move.... Im so glad that he doesn't spam that sh$%. But we kept cool and stayed at him. Then at about 5% he uses his 2hr again. One of the blms dropped. but it was cool. He had RR up and went back to work.

Then all of a sudden we were warped back to the Underwater area... All of us remained quiet. Praying to god that we finished in time. then a Cs appears and the screen is filled with celebration of text. LOL.

Overall this was a fun a$$ battle. I think a little harder than CoP last fight but not by that much.

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