PM 2-5 Ancient Vows  

Submitted by:Kylewhat
Start Area: Tavnazian Safehold
Start NPC:Ulmia
Max Party:6
Prerequisites:PM 2-4 An Eternal Melody
Related Areas:Misareaux Coast
Monarch Linn
Riverne - Site #A01
Related Mobs:Mammet-19 Epsilon
Mission:2 - 5
Min Level:30
Max Level:40
(Average from 12 ratings)
Items Required:Giant Scale
Title Obtained:Tavnazian Traveler
This Quest requires Promathia
This Mission is Not Skippable
Previous Mission: PM 2-4 An Eternal Melody
Next Mission: PM 3-1 Call of the Wyrmking
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Mission Orders

Follow Prishe to Cape Riverne on the Misareaux Coast. It is rumored a wyrm nests there...


After speaking with Ulmia and returning to Tavnazian Safehold (Mission 2-4), "Ancient Vows" should now appear in your CoP mission log. In this mission, you will be traveling through Riverne - Site #A01, an area that is capped at level 40. Note that as of the September 2008 update, level appropriate gear is not required for level-capped areas. However, it may be recommended for optimum performance.

To begin, head to the Dilapidated Gate in (F-7) of Misareaux Coast to trigger a cut scene featuring the three infamous Tarutarus, Cherukiki, Makki-Cherukiki, Kukki-Cherukki. Once you are on the other side of the gate, you will see a "Spatial Displacement." Entering the displacement will warp you into Riverne - Site #A01.

To get through Riverne - Site #A01, you must go through four more spatial displacements until you finally reach the BC area. To get through the second and third displacements, you will need to trade a Dragon Scale, which is dropped by Firedrakes. They spawn in the area between the first and second displacement. You will need two Dragon Scales to get through the entire Riverne - Site #A01.

Once you enter from Misareaux Coast, the first spatial displacement is in (L-8). Once you enter this displacement you will be in the area where the Firedrakes spawn. After you have two Dragon Scales, trade one scale to the "Unstable Displacement" in (G-10) and you will be warped into the third area. This area has Atomic Clusters that aggro to sight and magic, so get invisible up and head to the displacement in (E-10) and trade the other Dragon Scale and enter the unstable displacement. This next area is filled with incredibly tough mobs that have true sight, so be careful. Just walk along to right edge to reach the last displacement.

Entering this displacement will warp you to an uncapped area of Monarch Linn where you can enter the Level 40 cap Boss BC area. This uncapped area is a good place to go over fighting strategy and make sure all macros are working properly. After entering the Battlefield, you will receive a cut scene. Now is a good time for the White Mage to cast Reraise. Defeating the three Mammet-19 Epsilons will end this mission.

The Mammet-19 Epsilons are capable of switching jobs during battle. Yellow Liquid, when used, will lock the targeted Mammet's job for around 30 seconds. The different jobs are identified by the weapon the mammet is wielding. The mammets' jobs and abilities are as follows: In any given form, they can use the move Tremorous Tread, which does AOE Damage and stun. It can be absorbed by shadows.

  • No weapon - The mammets' original form.
    • Transmogrification - While active, the mammet will absorb all physical damage dealt to it and convert it to HP.
  • Sword - Fast attack speed
    • Scission Thrust - Directional AOE attack
    • Sonic Blade - AOE Attack
    • Velocious Blade - Five hit single target attack
  • Staff - Slow attack speed, uses -ga elemental magic, has lower defense.
    • Mind Wall - While in effect, any damage dealt to the mammet by elemental magic spells will be absorbed and converted to HP.
    • Psychomancy - AOE Apsir type effect that drains 80+ MP from everyone in range.
  • Polearm - Hits hard but attack speed is rather slow.
    • Gravity Wheel - AOE Damage with Gravity effect.
    • Microquake - Single target damage
    • Percussive Foin - Direction AOE damage

The most common strategy is to have two of the mammets kited and to kill them off one at a time. Jobs that are good at kiting in this mission are:

  • RDM/NIN with good evasion gear
  • BST with jug pets
  • SMN with Carbuncle

Once you defeat all of the Mammet-19 Epsilons, there will be a cut scene after which you will be teleported to South Gustaberg.

Mission Series

Final Fantasy XI

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# Jul 24 2009 at 4:47 AM Rating: Decent
Won no problem:
NIN/WAR(me, Taru)
NIN/WAR(was 39, Hume)



I (NIN) used Jack'o Lantern.
Other NIN used Tav. Taco.
PLD used a Kabob.
RDM used a Jack'o Lantern.
SAM&DRG used kabob.

We ran 2 dry runs to figure out if it was better to fight in the same place all at once or pull back one by one. We discovered it was better to have the two NIN kite the mobs in the center field and have the PLD and everyone else fight back by cave. This is how it went...

The fight

We all used food, I used Yonin, and the RDM buffed with Protect II and Shell. We got our Utsusemi's up, rested on MP then went out. The plan was simple, PLD voke center mob and pull back, I voke left mob and kite, other NIN voke right mob and kite. As soon as we voked I started casting Jubaku, Kurayami, and Hojo on my Mammet. Then I used the yellow liquid because it was in H2H form and that was fine by me for kiting (I didn't want to risk waiting for DRG and have a WAR pop out..he swings FAST). We ran around in circles and the thing never touched me. I kept tossing Yellow liquids at it every 30 seconds, I only had 4 though so it didn't last very long. Luckily every time my shadows ran out Ni was ready to be recasted. I voked every now and then to make sure it would stay on me, but not every 30 seconds. It reached WAR mode once, then DRG, then H2H again, then DRG. I will admit during the WAR mode he managed to hit me down to orange HP, but I used my two Hi Pot+2 that I brought and RDM quickly came to my aid with Cure III and it was fine, didn't get hit after that.

The PLD group fought their mob up ahead and I think they had a couple problems with it going into BLM mode because I remember Aga going off and people flipping out, but no one died once on our run. The RDM just kept silencing. The SAM 2hred on the first one at 50% I believe, and the 2nd Mammet that the other NIN was kiting used Transmorf. at which point everyone turned around to avoid giving it HP. When the 2nd was down, I continued to kite while everyone rested for HP/MP. The second NIN popped in with a voke since he knew I'd been kiting for a really long time, I had HP in white though, so I was fine. We all gathered together and killed the last Mammet no problems at all. Was very easy, and I've done this fight at least 20 times (No exaggeration, just multiple failures due to non prepared people and wanting to go again and again).

Just make sure that you keep these guys enfeebled and it really isn't that bad. Just from kiting it around paralyze took place a couple times and it missed SO much. Then the slow on WAR mode allowed me to get off my Utsusemi: Ni (WAR hits so fast its hard to even get a Ni off...) Good luck on this!
3 Nin/Dnc?
# Nov 13 2008 at 8:33 PM Rating: Decent
Just went and helped an LS member do this tonight. We had 5 people for this and couldn't find 6th so decided to try anyways.



Dnc/Nin and Nin/Dnc both took one each to solo while Nin/War and Sam/War killed one with support from Rdm. After first was killed we move on to the one Dnc was killing then onto the last. By the time we got to the third mob the Nin/Dnc had almost completely kill his target with no support. He said it was completely easy to solo and if its in Drg mode he never got touched. We were a few seconds off the record.

So I think 3 Nin/Dnc with enough Yellow Liquid to keep in Drg mode, a few Hi-Potions for backup and even an I Wing to start off with TP it could be easly done with only 3.
Blu for Ancient Vows fight
# Aug 25 2008 at 9:24 AM Rating: Decent
Ok I tried this mission last night, and we failed.

Party Setup was:

went 0/3...

what blu spell should be set for blu to solo a mammet
my setup
# Jul 15 2008 at 11:10 AM Rating: Decent
30 posts
Did this mission last night ^^

SMN(me) kited the left 1, RDM/NIN kited the right 1, PLD MNK and other RDM focused on middle, once middle went down we moved on to the rdm/nin's mob, killed the 2nd and finally the 3rd 1 that I was kiting, we all 2 hr'd and killed without a problem.

hope that helps anyone.
# Mar 04 2008 at 1:17 PM Rating: Decent
65 posts
Our linkshell did this the other night. We sent in three different parties. I was in the last because I was NIN/Thf lol <was farming and forgot to reset sub.
Party set up was
Nin/thf <me>
Thief pulled back to us while RDM and SMN Kite the others , anyhow only 1 death during most of the fight til I use Mijin Gakure to kill the last Mammett.
Best easy way to win
# Feb 14 2008 at 1:28 PM Rating: Default
My Setup:


Each Nin Solo 1 Mamette and each Whm assit 1 Nin... Have no way to loose except if you playing with NooBs...

With that's strategie i'm 6/6. iu never lost.

Just used some yellow liquide and hi-potion. Whm used few Hi-potion. But no one used is 2 hours or came close to die. So.... That a Easy fight.

Edited, Feb 14th 2008 4:30pm by highelf
3 tanks/3 healers
# Jan 13 2008 at 12:42 AM Rating: Decent
we did this a while ago....

40 whm/blm vixinya
40 smn/whm lucienna
40 whm/blm astydamia
39 nin/war jgamain
39 nin/war phizen
40 pup/i think war-kimberlynn

pup and smn took one
whm and nin took one
other whm and nin took one

we did one dry run and exited after one of the tanks died, did not use any liquid, food or drinks.

real run-we entered, buffed, food, drinks, rested to max, went in and this time we had the edge since we noticed that pup has a hard time holding hate. smn doubled up on the other two mammets and helped heal until pup mananged to keep hate. we used plenty of ethers, hi potions and yags, but had no problem keeping the tanks alive and ourselves alive using small cures more often than big cures once in a while. as soon as pup held hate well, smn went back and started healing. of course the mamet that the pup had was the first to die. uber damage. so we pulled the remaining two mamet close and the smn used astral flow. within minutes they were all dead and we won after trying every other strategy on the web. i don't suggest this method unless you know the people that are going into this with you. know their strengths and weaknesses, and make sure everyone has yellow liquid, food, TONS of hi potions, au laits, yag drinks, ethers, and hi ethers. note hi ethers has a delay of a few seconds right after you use it. use it wisely and only when the tanks health are good or this could jeopardize the situation. i suggest mulsum if you have the gil for it. it only recovers 10 mp per bottle but it stacks so that makes it 120 mp per stack. hi ethers only recover 50 and they take long to use.

note-if one of your tanks dies before a mamet dies, exit immediately and retry. this methods takes a while, and there is no time to spare for weakness to wear.

Edited, Jan 13th 2008 2:45am by vixinya

Edited, Jan 13th 2008 2:45am by vixinya
That's the spirit!!
# Jan 06 2008 at 9:20 PM Rating: Decent
Since SE fixed the glitch, our ls needed to really fought this battle ... Grrr

Did this mission with my ls and a pickup player 10 mins ago. We tried this 5 times in a row. Each time we got better and at last we managed to pull this off. WOOOOT! We didn't have the best setup though.

Jimag (PLd/War)
Gamig (Whm/Blm)
Araigumabo (Drg/Nin)
Tkclement (Rdm/Nin)
Clarenze (Blu/Nin)<--- use healer mode (wild carrot for cure ..etc)
Fancy (Blu/ Nin) <--- use healer mode

In our 5th try, we only had 1 yellow liquid left. So, we need to kill the first one fast for another liquid. Most important for this mission (if your setup are kinda like ours..) is to Kill or GET KILLED fast!! We splited into 2 teams as below.

Team 1: Pld, Whm, Blu (Pld 'super tank' 2 mammets w/ 2 other curing. Please google about 'super-tank' for details.)
Team 2: Drg, Rdm, Blu (focus to kill 1 mammet asap. Blu and Rdm helps to cure each others around.)

Of course, everyone use Reraise earrings and buffs. Team 2 should be able to kill 1 mammet fast and get a yellow liquid dropped. Then, depends on the situation, you can try to kill the 2nd one. If it seems there is no way to kill the 2nd one, everyone please walk back to cave and GET KILLED FAST (u need time for unweaken and re-buff..etc. Mammet will regen their HP to full anyway, so there is no reason to keep attacking if ur party is dying.) Then, wait till both mammets walked back to grass afar and raise urself.

Since there are only 2 left. It is much easier. Team 2 kill one fast while team 1 attack another. Use the yellow liquid u got from 1st mammet at this time. Team 2 should be able to kill their mammet and help out Team 1.That's it! ^_^


Hope this will help! GL guys!

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Edited, Jan 6th 2008 9:30pm by saintseiya
Just finished this fight
# Dec 26 2007 at 10:29 AM Rating: Decent
23 posts
Just finished this fight. It was my second one, wiped on first try just an hour earlier. Read all the posts on here and there's alot of good info. Anyway...

First pt setup = FAIL
Pld/War & Rdm/Blm
Nin/War & Blm/Whm (me)
Pld/Nin & Rdm/Blm - Lasted Longest

Tried the straight tank method and nuke when the mammets changed. Didn't work well at all. Me and Pld took left mammet, Pld and Rdm took center and brought back to zone away from other fights, and the Pld and Whm took right one to the right edge of the arena.

We all went in and took our own Mammet and started hackin away at them. Everything was going well until the Rdm on the right side got caught with in a couple AoE's. He was standing too close and wiped.

The Nin that I was covering had his mammet down to about 30% and the Pld and Rdm in the back were steady hacking with no huge hp loss at all. Well, the Rdm on the right side wiped, so then I immediately ran to the center and started curing them both as a lolblm/whm. I failed at that also. Soon, my Nin and the Pld both wiped, thus leaving all 3 mammets on the other pld and rdm. Need more be said? hehe

2nd run pt setup:

Nin/War & Sam/Nin & Rdm/Whm
Nin/War % Whm/Blm
Bst/Nin = Me (The Kiter)

I took the mammet on the right. The Nin, Sam, and Rdm took left. The Nin and Whm took center. Still pulled to different places like first fight. When we entered, buffed and I called a tiger out. Waited till I had 2 min 45 sec left on Call Beast timer and we went in. I had a pair of powder boots equipped as well, just in case.

I sent the Nin, Sam, and Rdm on the first one with the plan of just taking it down as quick as possible. They succeeded well! The first plan was to have them two and the Rdm go help the other Nin and Whm. Well..I was still kiting, the mammet killed my first tiger and I used my powder boots to get away from him and recast shadows. Luckily, my timer cooled off and I called another tiger. I never sent the second tiger after him. Instead, I just kept running and equipped another set of powder boots just in case.

I kept running around the outside edge until I noticed that the mammet never caught up to me! I turned around and saw the Nin & Whm still in the back just steadily hackin' away and the Nin, Sam, and Rdm had taken the mammet that I was kiting.

I put my pet on it and started choppin him down with with the Sam and Nin. He did the Transmortification thing or w/e and of course, I heeled my pet and we all quit meleeing it. When it wore, it was down around 20% and we finished it off with no hitches. It did, however, use about 4 AoE's from the time I started to help. So, mages definately need to stay out of that range!

When we finished that one, we all set out to go help take down the last one! The Nin by himself had already cut him down to about 30% and, needless to say, he was down in about 2 minutes!

Oh yeah, the only one to use the transmortawhatever was the second one that I was kiting. Easy fight the second round because everyone knew how to use their jobs well! Definately a fun fight and good CS's!

BTW, on the first fight, we used quit a few meds and yellow liquids. Meds are definately necessary for both melee and healers. Hp and Mp dependent on jobs. As for Yellow liquid, not so necessary. Their -ga spells really didn't do too much dmg, it's the AoE's you have to watch out for! X-potion +2 did me well! Also HP regen drinks!

All in all, worth staying up and not getting any sleep before work! w00t!
Chapter 3! lmfao

how it went for me...
# Nov 06 2007 at 8:44 PM Rating: Decent
Well, party setup was Nin/War x2, Whm/Blm (Me), Smn/Whm x2, War/Nin. Strategy was to have Smns kite two mammets while War & Nin fight off the third, etc, i'm sure you can figure out how it was supposed to go. Problem was I DCed, and then it's game over for the rest.

OK, Round two.

Actually, Round two takes place a little while later, cause we have to HP and some people need to go. New party setup is Whm/Blm, Rdm/Blm (me), Nin/War, Sam/War, Pld/War, and Thf/Nin. New strategy is to have the Nin/War kite two of them, supported by yours truly, while the rest take them one at a time. Bind/Gravity, shadows, the usual. One thing to note is that we all made absolutely sure we had Re-raise on, by spell or earring or scroll or whatever. We go in, seems to be working, but slowly things go sour and one by one we go down. We re-raise up, wait out the weakness, and re-engage with the same strategy. It goes well, and we make it in about 28:39 out of our 30:00 time limit. I guess the moral is, use Nin to kite, or maybe Rdm/Nin, make sure you watch for the staff to silence, and make sure you have Re-raise on. We weren't really worried about yellow liquid either. All things considered it was pretty easy.
Easy as cake
# Oct 08 2007 at 1:33 PM Rating: Decent
Did it the first time, PEICE OF CAKE.

This is the best strategy, dont listen to ANYONE else but this.

Our setup:

Whm/blm <me>
blu/war <kiter>

Honestly, you can replace any of the sams or the drk with any dd's, doesnt matter. Sam is best because meykou sushi (2 hour) is really helpfull.

Heres what to do:

Buff up in the beggining and fully heal, youll need every ounce of mp u got. One thing you DEFINETLY will need are powder boots, they give you the ability to flee. Make sure someone that can take a hit is kiting, he will start off by attacking the mob in the MIDDLE and then proceed to use his powder boots and kite the mobs around. The rest of the group should provoke the monster on the right and begin fighting him. If your kiter is losing health fast, use your 2 hour's and kill the first one quickly, but you should be ok. You absolutely need a whm, benediction will be used mid battle, You will get hate but only from one mob, it can be voked off easy. Also, healer should keep blink and stoneskin up and stay away from AoE range. Not sure if para or slow or any debuffs work on it because we never tried it.

We did this without any food or drinks and finished it in 17 mins with a japanese guy on our team that didnt understand a word we were saying and we beat it on our first try. Hell, no one even died. Anyone making excuses and whining have no reason to.

Easy as cake
# Oct 10 2007 at 8:48 AM Rating: Decent
1,104 posts
I wouldn't say "best strategy". I liked ours far better than yours and didn't have to use 2hrs. Congrats anyhow though and good luck on the rest. Diabolos I will say though was pathetically easy and did beat that on our dry run.
2 wipes, best strategy is...
# Oct 03 2007 at 12:44 AM Rating: Decent
Okay so my party did 2 runs and died both times last week. After dying on the second run we called it quits but realized the best strategy.

Setup was this:

-First run was a disaster. We killed one but then binds stopped sticking and smn died and whm died. The whole kiting thing in my opinion is crap.

-Second time around we did this:
War voked 1, pld voked 1, and other pld voked 1. The 3 mages stood in the middle and healed them. Was going pretty good until.....everyone ran out of mp & had no more items due to our previous run. All 3 mobs were down to 25% too. We could have, without a doubt, won if we had Hi-Potions and Hi-Ethers.

Hope this helped someone!!
All BST Mammets
# Aug 27 2007 at 9:10 AM Rating: Excellent
1,439 posts
All BST - Well nearly.

Did this last night as a 5 X BST/NIN + 1 X WHM/BLM

All in same Linkshell: NatureoftheBst

Lead up:

Went very smoothly. We got to the place with no agro and got our giant scales after about 6 Firedrakes. They were not hard. Paralyze was annoying and if it wasnt for that it would have taken us about 45 seconds to finish each mob.


When we got there we talked tactics. One BST each would kite and the other three would take the middle Mammet and the WHM would Cure and keep an eye on the kiters. We all had CC and used reriase earrings. The two kiters used Tavnasian Tacos to help out. We would use our yellow liquids when necessary and when they transmogrified the main attack party would turn away and 'Heel' pets until ready to attack again.

Despite what others say a BST can kite here very easily. There is more than enough room to do it and as long as you keep running and keep those shadows up you wil be fine.


No deaths and a well fought battle! The kiting went very smoothly and even though the mammets go through both CC's [we cooled timers when we got in] very quickly and we had to 'Charm' kite for about 2 minutes this was not a problem. One thing to note is that you have to be reasonably close to the mammets for your yellow liquid to go off.

Once the main attack party had finished the middle one they went onto the second mammet - I chose to keep kiting as I had done mission before as BST. They finished it off quickly and the remiaing kiter fought the mammet himself but put his next jug pet on the one I was kiting. After they had finished the second one off we all moved in on the last.

It was quite funny to see 5 BST's with thier backs turned from the mammet and 5 CC's just standing there when it was regaining hp from physical attack. Anyway it was about 20%hp when we all started to attack as a group together and it didnt take very long.

As I said, no deaths and some very happy BST's who had been wanting to do this mission for a very long time.

Take heart, it is possible and in fact a decent battle to fight.

Hope this is usefull to any BST out there.

I'm sure there all BST shells out there that hav done this before but i was nice to do something else as an all BST party :)
Esuna Forums

# Aug 26 2007 at 8:34 AM Rating: Decent
ok we did this just yesterday setup was nin/war x2, BLU/nin, whm x2, smn (me) so we took the 2 on one set up. 1 Nin and whm on each one and go to the far left and another one the the far right, while me and blu have alot of room to kite the 3rd one. The blu didnt need to really be there to help me i only messed up once (wasnt paying attention lol) So yea this fight was really easy the whms silence,paralyze, ect... And i just take my time getting carby killed was easy fight even got the one i was kiting to 50% before another group would start to help me.
SMN nerf
# Aug 19 2007 at 12:15 AM Rating: Decent
Can not be slept.

After several unsuccessful /sh party attempts i setup the dream team ^^.

4x smn, me on whm, and super tank pld/nin

Pld ran in flash one, attack another, banish another. Sentinel + invincible give him enough hate to counter the owntastic power of 4 astral flows.

But only 3 smns astraled.....

So we continue nerfing with Titan (earthsday).

Smns got hate so i benedictioned. I got hit twice and last smn AF'ed ftw.

Broke the record at 7min 4 sec.

Props to:
1/2 for me
# Aug 06 2007 at 9:56 AM Rating: Decent
First time I attempted this, we ignored this page, and got our booties handed to us. (Don't laugh too loud at this!!!)

Our pt set up was: 3 wars, 3 whm... strategy was each war had a mammett, and each whm had a war. Sounds fair, in theory. We wiped out probably within 2 minutes of walking in. LOL!

Second time, it was easy. We had a nin kite 2 of them, and I as the whm, stood in the middle of the arena and cure/regen/hasted him. The other party members pulled 1 and worked him down. They had pots/ethers and cured themselves, and were self-sustaining. They had macros with calls for when Mind Wall went up, and when he used Transmorgrification, so everyone would stop attacking. They grabbed the second, worked him down, and on the third, it was a free-for-all. Easy prey, with mp and hp almost full!

Moral of the story: don't ignore Alla...
My Expereince
# Jul 06 2007 at 8:06 AM Rating: Good
1,104 posts
I always try to post my experience on stuff like this. I know I read them from others to get info so hope mine will do the same.

Thf/Nin (Kiter)
Nin/War (Main Tank)
War/Nin (Co-Tank)
Blu/Nin (Co-Tank/Stunner)
Rdm/Blm (Enfeebler/Backup Heal/Kiter Assistant)
Whm/Smn (Me..Main Heal, duh!)

As it has been posted many times, kiting two and killing the middle is my suggested strategy also. Worked well and even in dry run it worked well. I strongly recommend a dry run with no items, food, meds or liquids to get all the jitters out and to calm your nerves. We were able to kill one and put a small dent in the second before wiping. Since the update patch in the past, you DO NOT lose exp when you wipe!

Getting there:
Getting there was pretty easy. Ran into a party at beginning and joined up with them. 12 person Alliance. Had to get a few scales but they dropped very easy and fights was not hard. Had a few aggros and one death in other party due to, I think, an AoE... mage was in wrong place and at wrong time :)

We used one kiter, the Thf/Nin. With Flee, Enchanted boots, Shadows, a Haste and Regen from me at start... it worked real well. Dropped to yellow once but other then that he was never in any real danger. Props to you Stone MVP :)

Rest of us focused on the center mob while Rdm kept an eye on Thf. With so many shadows from Nin and /nin I just put myself into a Haste/Regen cycle with the Cure II/III when needed. As Whm/Smn, I used two Hi-ethers to counter casting Reraise, which I would suggest a scroll or hairpin for that. Saves 150mp that might be useful later on, and 3 Yag Drinks. I passed out some Yellow Liquids I bought to help contribute to the battle. You also will get 1 or 2 Yellow Liquids upon defeating each Mammet also. Just be ready to pass and lot if you want to use that strategy.

Haste will probably need to be casted at least three times on each melee. Our battle lasted just over 11 minutes. Regen will be a constant recast, probably 3 to 5 times per melee. Kiter got 2 Haste and Regens...each at start and after second Mammet was pulled. The area that you kite in is pretty large so there should be no problems there. If they begin to cast -ga spells, as the kiter, just run up into the tunnel. Once they begin to head your way, run back into open area and begin to kite again. AoE and -ga spells will get off on the main mob, just dont panic and get your Cure II/III onto who needs it. Again, just be calm.

Hippogryph are true sight. Bombs, Flamedrakes and Firedrakes do aggro. Everything else you can walk by with no problem I think. But mostly the things that aggro and you will come across will be the Hippogryph, Bombs and the 'drakes.

Battle setup was like this: Whm > Melee/Mob > Rdm > Kiter/mobs. We fought on the middle of the bridge with me just in the tunnel and the Rdm just near the end of the bridge to the open area. Once second Mammet was pulled, Rdm came to top-side with me to assist in Cure's being the Thf was full Health, Hasted and Regened.

MP got low toward the last min or so of the last Mammet only because Rdm used convert just before entering I think to cure us from our dry run and me casting Reraise for 150mp. If Rdm could've used Convert and me used a Reraise scroll or hairpin, we would have finished with everyone at full HP and MP to spare.

If you can get past the first one and onto the second Mammet with not death and not scrambling, you should win just fine. Fun fight and easier then expected.

Good luck all!

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My Expereince
# Jul 06 2007 at 3:09 PM Rating: Decent
I was the NIN in this fight.

I also highly recommend going for a dry run first to get a handle on how the Mammets react and act in different modes.

also I think he left out the need for a macro the melee should make.

/p Transmorgrification <call>

When Hand form goes into that move all physical attacks must cease or it feeds Mammet HP.

Super Kite method worked almost too well with above set up. Stone was MVP.

GL and GG.
Easy Win
# Jun 26 2007 at 2:24 PM Rating: Decent
The onry thing u need for this is for everyone to have a reraise earring; usually the party can wipe and comback strong for an easy win; just remember your time limit.
Easy Win
# Jun 11 2007 at 3:27 AM Rating: Decent
Did this yesterday, first attempt and went very very smoothly.
Set up was
WAR/NIN - me

The Plan was for the BLU to solo one and the RDM to kite one.
We went in, buffed up etc then the PLD, RDM and Blu ran fwd, PLD voked Centre Rdm hit left mob with gravity and Blu attacked the right Mob.
The PLD pulled back his mob to the stone area before the grass and the whm stood in between us and the grass.
We started killing the firs memmet and when it changed to DRG I used yellow liquid, it didnt take long to die and so we ran out and started on the RDM's mob.
BLU was at 50% mp at this point and WHM less the mob pulled out a staff, RDM cast silenced and I used a Yellow liquid. War and MNK 2hr and wasted 2nd mob fast, then over to BLU mob (BLU mp 35%)
This mob had sword out when we started attacking and it hits fast so waited on yellow liquid, then it had no weaopn and used Transmogrification - we broke off mages started resting. 30 seconds later we start again and uses Transmog straight away so we break off again, another 30 seconds we start again, it pulls out a polearm (drg) I use yellow liquid and a short time later its all over.
We used 3 yellow liquids and food, no drinks, no pots no ether. I was the only person with yellow liquid.
BST can't kite this very well
# May 03 2007 at 5:43 PM Rating: Decent
BST can't kite this very well.

The area is not quite long enough...the mammet will usually be right behind you, even with tiger jugs.

I managed to do it well enough for a good while, but eventually my tiger's health went down and I got pwned by his sword.

RDM is better, but BST will last, especially if you lock it into DRG form.
BST can't kite this very well
# Aug 25 2007 at 9:08 PM Rating: Decent
ummmmm... idk about u but i did the last one solo as bst, my whole party wipped out somehow and i was the last one left. I just charmed and call beast (Courier carrie) it took a wile but we got a victory :D
Glitch - no more
# Apr 27 2007 at 5:52 AM Rating: Decent
121 posts
I just tried to do CoP 2-5 run. we had a plan, but i don't know why one of our smn try to activate the Glitch without tell us. Result: Glitch did NOT work at all. we all died and whm HP. end of run! :(
Glitch - no more
# Jan 05 2008 at 8:04 PM Rating: Decent
Thanks for the info. I was gonna to ask my friends about this. My ls are doing this mission at this moment. Glad that i checked this page!!
Akward setup ftw
# Apr 15 2007 at 9:46 AM Rating: Good
I am in a CoP Static. Let me say that we all dont have the "ideal jobs" for these missions. However, we get the job done and do it well.

For this fight we were:
Blm/whm (me)

The strategy was simple. Nin kites gets initial aggro (no voke or anything just aggro them!) The Pld then picks one off of the group. We go nuts on the single guy; Pld established some hate then 2hr then dual blm 2hr and nuke to hell and back.

Make sure to have one person calling out when the mob uses it Transmog. move so pld and rdm can stop attacking. Once the first one is dead, its time for a wipe to regroup. I cast Bio2 on one mammet to slow his regen.

We wipd got up and the split up. Myself and the nin duoed one mammet, while everyone else took on the other. The Pld established hate again and then the rdm 2hr > convert to do some massive dmg while the PLD covered him.

Myself and the nin got ours to about 5% before the others killed theirs and came to help.

Using this method wasnt a fast win, but it was a guaranteed win. The most important thing we had with us were Yellow liquids. We used about 12 I think. The pld brough 12 hi pots and didnt use but maybe 2 (whm is awesome). The nin used 3 hi pots. We had juices galore for mages mainly. I will swear by this method for any that dont have the optimal party setup. Its not impossible. Just stay calm and the win is yours!
Could blu burn this mission.
# Feb 11 2007 at 2:20 PM Rating: Decent
67 posts
I just did this myself as a blu. PT setup was nin, rng, whm, bst, 2x blu. All sub nin except whm and nin. Had the rng, nin, whm on one mammet, 2 blu on one, and bst kitted 3rd. The other blu and I alternated head butt on a drg locked mammet, one with out hate would wild carrot if needed, and both of us did a solo SC on it as well. Ours actualy was the first mammet to go down, and the other not being kited went down shortly after. Then the last one went down easily. Missed the record for the fight by 2 mins with no deaths. Used a couple yag drinks during the fight and some hi-ether's when swapping mammets.

With as fast as 2 blu's took down a mammet, I bet 6x blu could easily do CoP 2-5 with just a couple of yag drinks each, and probbably set a really fast record for it as well.
Summoners rock your socks off.
# Feb 10 2007 at 4:05 PM Rating: Decent
That's right, Summoners rock your socks off.

Our successful setup was

We set the record time for our server tonight, 6 minutes and some seconds.

We all Astral Flowed with the Avatar of the Day's element. All three bosses died on the 2nd round of Astral flows (I didn't even get to use my astral flow a 2nd time because they died right before it went off). The PLD used his two hour *AFTER* the five summoners used their astral flows for damage. It worked very well.

Sadly, one of the SMNs didn't back up and he died from AoE and agro. I don't know why he did that. He did it 4 times in a row (including the previous fights)...

^^ It was fun.

EDIT: There is no need to kite with this party's job setup. Kiting didn't work from our previous attempts (fromthe attempts without using 2hours) and only caused death in the end. Just be possitive that when you Astral Flow, that the bosses are CLOSE. Nothing says "useless" like only hitting 1/3 with an AoE incredibly tough attack.

I also have the feeling that one of the new Summoners was leeching off our work. I didn't want to say anything because he might actually DO something and I didn't want to need it and not have it.
Thank you all for helping with this. I dropped from lvl 60 to 59 for you!!!
<3 <3 Yay!

Edited, Feb 10th 2007 7:19pm by SummonerFenrir
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