Quests for A Shantotto Ascension

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
ASA1 - A Shantotto Ascension1Windurst Walls    Mission  
ASA10 - Battaru Royale1Full Moon Fountain Stearc Subligar,    Mission  
ASA11 - Romancing the Clone1Full Moon Fountain    Mission  
ASA12 - Sisters in Arms1Lower Jeuno    Mission  
ASA13 - Project: Shantottofication1Den of Rancor    Mission  
ASA14 - An Uneasy Peace1Sacrificial Chamber   Arrester of the Ascension  Mission  
ASA15 - A Shantotto Ascension (Fin.)1Lower Jeuno Tatsumaki Sitagoromoro, Desultor Tassets, Blitzer Poleyn,    Mission  
ASA2 - Burgeoning Dread1Windurst Walls    Mission  
ASA3 - That Which Curdles Blood1West Sarutabaruta    Mission  
ASA4 - Sugar-coated Directive1Qufim Island    Mission  
ASA5 - Enemy of the Empire (I)1Qufim Island    Mission  
ASA6 - Enemy of the Empire (II)1Gustav Tunnel    Mission  
ASA7 - Sugar-coated Subterfuge1Gustav Tunnel    Mission  
ASA8 - Shantotto in Chains1Lower Jeuno    Mission  
ASA9 - Fountain of Trouble1Ro'Maeve    Mission