Quests for Other

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
2004 Easter Egg-Stravaganza1None Moogle Yellow Drop, Red Drop, Purple Drop, Clear Drop, Blue Drop, Black Drop, White Drop, Chocobo Ticket, Green Drop  Special Event  
2004 Summerfest1None Moogle Summer Fan, Spirit Masque, Omina Yukata, Lord's Yukata, Festive Fan, Chocobo Ticket, Eastern San d'Oria Gate Glyph, Lady's Yukata, Yhoator Flea, Onoko Yukata, Black Bubble-Eye  Special Event  
2005 Adventurer Appreciation Campaign1None Moogle Return Ring, Homing Ring  Special Event  
2005 Azimuth Circle1None Moogle Elvaan Top, Onoko Yukata, Mithra Shorts, Tarutaru Shorts, Tarutaru Trunks, Mithra Top, Tarutaru Maillot, Hume Trunks +1, Elvaan Trunks, Tarutaru Shorts +1, Tarutaru Top +1, Tarutaru Top, Tarutaru Trunks +1, Tarutaru Maillot +1, Elvaan Gilet +1, Elvaan Gilet, Hume Gilet +1, Elvaan Trunks +1, Elvaan Top +1, Elvaan Shorts +1, Galka Gilet, Galka Gilet +1, Galka Trunks, Galka Trunks +1, Hume Gilet, Elvaan Shorts, Hume Shorts, Hume Shorts +1, Hume Top, Hume Top +1, Hume Trunks, Mithra Shorts +1, Mithra Top +1, Hopipi Doll, Port Windurst Gate Glyph  Special Event  
2005 Blitz Buffalo1None Moogle Drover's Mantle, Red Sash  Special Event  
2005 Doll Festival (R)1None Moogle Elvaan Rice Cake, Terra Crystal, Mithran Rice Cake, Hume Rice Cake, Tarutaru Rice Cake  Special Event  
2005 Egg Hunt Egg-Stravaganza (R)1None Moogle White Drop, Green Drop, Chocobo Ticket, Happy Egg, Flower Egg, Fortune Egg, Lamp Egg, Wing Egg  Special Event  
2005 Feast of Swords1None Moogle Wooden Katana, Hardwood Katana, Elvaan Mochi, Galka Mochi, Hume Mochi, Tarutaru Mochi  Special Event  
2005 Starlight Celebration1None Moogle Special Present, Aldebaran Card, Canopus Card, Capella Card, Rigel Card, Sirius Card, Dream Hat +1, Dream Hat, Dream Robe +1, Dream Robe  Special Event  
2005 Sunbreeze Festival1None Chocobo Ticket, Lady's Yukata, Goldfish Set, Black Bubble-Eye  Special Event  
A Beaked Blusterer0South Gustaberg Orgis    General  
A Bitter Past1Tavnazian Safehold Frescheque (H - 8) Yinyang Lorgnette  General  
A Delectable Demon30Valkurm Dunes Kuchi Eyjhann    General  
A Fluttery Fiend30Buburimu Peninsula Reinhard   Itzpapalotl Declawer  General  
A Generous General?1Oldton Movalpolos Choplix's Coif, Gold Beastcoin  General  
A Geothermal Expedition1Morimar Basalt Fields Fallion    General  
A Goldstruck Gigas0Abyssea-La Theine Ragemont    General  
A Hard Day's Knight30Tavnazian Safehold Quelveuiat (I - 10) 2100 Gil Tavnazian Squire General  
A Journey Begins30Port Jeuno Joachim (H - 8) Access to Abyssea   General  
A Man-eating Mite30Xarcabard Alberic    General  
A Moral Manifest?1Altar Room Hooknox Tsoo Haja's Headgear  General  
A Potter's Preference (R)1Mhaura Nereus (I - 8) 2160 Gil  General  
A Sea Dog's Summons30Port Jeuno Joachim (H - 8)    General  
A Sterling Specimen (R)30Abyssea-Tahrongi Ohbiru-Dohbiru (Abyssea) (I - 7) Dance Shoes,    General  
A Stone's Throw Away1Morimar Basalt Fields Apollaine Demolishing,    General  
A Ward to End All Wards (R)30Abyssea-Vunkerl Belgidiveau (Abyssea) (F - 4)    General  
Addled Mind, Undying Dreams (R)0Abyssea-Konschtat Silver Owl (F - 6) Azure Abyssite of Prosperity,    General  
Aegis (Relic Shield)70Castle Zvahl Baileys Switchstix (J - 8) Aegis  Relic  
Amanomurakumo (Relic Great Katana)70Castle Zvahl Baileys Switchstix (J - 8) Amanomurakumo, Tachi: Kaiten  Relic  
An Acrididaen Anodyne (R)30Abyssea-Attohwa Yoran-Oran (Abyssea) (G - 10) Bale Seal: Head, Cirque Seal: Head, Estoqueur's Seal: Head, Sylvan Seal: Head, Fluorite Ring, Jupiter's Ring, Jupiter Ring   General  
An Affable Adamantking?1Aht Urhgan Whitegate Da'Vhu's Barbut, Quadav Barbut, Gold Beastcoin  General  
An Explorer's Footsteps1Selbina Abelard Selbina Clay, Map of Crawlers' Nest, Varies  Map  
An Eye for Revenge (R)0Abyssea-La Theine Curilla (I - 9) Scarlet Abyssite of Furtherance,    General  
An Offer You Can't Refuse (R)30Abyssea-Attohwa Garnev (Abyssea) (F - 8) Elite Beret, Goetia Seal: Head, Iga Seal: Head, Lancer's Seal: Head, Navarch's Seal: Head, Elite Beret   General  
An Officer and a Pirate30La Theine Plateau Gilgamesh (Abyssea)    General  
An Ulcerous Uragnite30North Gustaberg Rurukaka    General  
An Understanding Overlord?61Monastic Cavern Loo Kohor Gadzradd's Helm, Orc Helm  General  
Anchorite's Armor99Port Jeuno Monisette (I - 8) Anchorite's Crown, Anchorite's Cyclas, Anchorite's Gaiters, Anchorite's Gloves, Anchorite's Hose,    Armor Upgrade  
Annihilator (Relic Gun)70Castle Zvahl Baileys Switchstix (J - 8) Annihilator, Coronach  Relic  
Antagonistic Ambuscade (R)1Boneyard Gully Rainbow Thread, Reraiser, Hi-Reraiser, Majorelle Shield, Scroll of Breakga, Shiny Gold Thread, Scroll: Mage's Ballad III, Scroll: Pining Nocturne, Bishop's Sash, Fine Linen Cloth, Scroll: Blizzard V, Magical Silk Cloth, Dull Gold Thread, Wamoura Silk, Scroll of Comet, Magical Cotton Cloth, Brilliant Gold Thread, Scroll: Foe Lullaby II, Scroll of Break, Smooth Velvet Cloth, Vile Elixir +1, Vile Elixir,    HKCNM  
Apocalypse (Relic Scythe)70Castle Zvahl Baileys Switchstix (J - 8) Apocalypse, Catastrophe  Relic  
Aqua Pura30Abyssea-Vunkerl High Bear (Abyssea) (I - 9)    General  
Aqua Puraga (R)30Abyssea-Vunkerl High Bear (Abyssea) (I - 9) Goetia Seal: Feet, Iga Seal: Feet, Lancer's Seal: Feet, Navarch's Seal: Feet,    General  
Atrophy Armor (R)99Port Jeuno Monisette (I - 8) Atrophy Boots, Atrophy Chapeau, Atrophy Gloves, Atrophy Tabard, Atrophy Tights,    Armor Upgrade  
Automaton Assault (R)0Mine Shaft #2716 Twinbrix Zedoma's Earring, Feyuh's Earring, Quantz's Earring, Waetoto's Earring, Melnina's Earring, Desamilion Earring, Lugworm Sand, Belinky's Earring, Ryakho's Earring, Morukaka Earring, Gayanj's Earring, 2000 Experience  ENM  
Bad Communication (R)30Abyssea-Vunkerl Ferdechiond (Abyssea) (I - 9) Ferine Seal: Feet, Orison Seal: Feet, Raider's Seal: Feet, Unkai Seal: Feet,    General  
Bad Seed (R)1Tavnazian Safehold Morangeart (G - 10) Vanguard Belt, Reverend Sash, Woodsman Ring, 2500 Experience  ENM  
Beadeaux Coffer - BST AF (R)51Beadeaux Beast Jackcoat  Artifact  
Beadeaux Coffer - MNK AF (R)50Beadeaux Guslam (H - 8) Temple Cyclas  Artifact  
Beadeaux Coffer - PLD AF (R)50Beadeaux Guslam (H - 8) Gallant Breeches  Artifact  
Beastmen Treasure (Elshimo Uplands)1Yhoator Jungle Peddlestox (E - 8) Silver Beastcoin, Cactus Stems, Bitter Earring, Mythril Beastcoin, Coral Fragment  General  
Beastmen Treasure (Western Altepa)1Western Altepa Desert Peddlestox (E - 8) Sand Mantle  General  
Behind the Smile1Tavnazian Safehold Enaremand Mannequin Pumps  General  
Beloved of the Atlantes (R)0Monarch Linn Morangeart (G - 10) Koryukagemitsu, Kshama Ring No. 8, Kshama Ring No. 5, Kshama Ring No. 6, Kshama Ring No. 2, Kshama Ring No. 9, Kshama Ring No. 3, Raise Rod, Buboso, Kshama Ring No. 4, Chanter's Staff, Aluminum Ore, 2500 Experience  ENM  
Beneath a Blood-red Sky30Hall of the Gods Eshantarl (Abyssea)    General  
Benevolence Lost (R)30Abyssea-Grauberg Rukususu (Abyssea) (F - 10) Charis Seal: Hands, Ferine Seal: Hands, Goetia Seal: Hands, Savant's Seal: Hands,    General  
Better the Demon You Know1Oldton Movalpolos Koblakiq (H - 11) Goblin Grenade Apostate for Hire General  
Bionic Bug (R)0Mine Shaft #2716 Twinkbrix (E - 13) Faerie Hairpin, Martial Scythe, Commander's Cape, Martial Knife, Dragon Bone, Gigant Mantle, Cloud Evoker, Eltoro Leather, Cassia Lumber, Scroll of Raise III  ENM  
Blade of Evil - DRK AF350Beadeaux Zeid Chaos Burgeonet,  Paragon of Dark Knight Excellenc Artifact  
Boiling Over1Yahse Hunting Grounds Leautiere    General  
Bombs Away!1Uleguerand Range Buffalostalker Dodzbraz (F - 9)   General  
Boreal Blossoms (R)30Abyssea-Uleguerand Oruga (Abyssea) (K - 9) Navarch's Seal: Hands, Iga Seal: Hands, Ravager's Seal: Hands, Lancer's Seal: Hands, Caller's Seal: Hands,    General  
Boyahda Coffer - NIN AF (R)50The Boyahda Tree Guslam (H - 8) Ninja Hatsuburi  Artifact  
Bravura (Relic Bhuj)70Castle Zvahl Baileys Switchstix (J - 8) Bravura, Metatron Torment  Relic  
Bringing Down the Mountain (R)30Abyssea-Tahrongi Deigai (Abyssea)    General  
Brothers (R)0Bearclaw Pinnacle Zebada (F - 12) Martial Lance, Martial Anelace, Cassia Lumber, Dragon Bone, Scouter's Rope, Hedgehog Bomb, Scroll of Raise III, Eltoro Leather, Cloud Evoker, Forager's Mantle  ENM  
Brothers in Arms30Abyssea-Uleguerand Zazarg (Abyssea) (F - 7) Vermillion Abyssite of Lenity,    General  
Brugaire's Ambition (R)30Abyssea-Grauberg Brugaire (Abyssea) (L - 6) Bale Seal: Body, Cirque Seal: Body, Navarch's Seal: Body, Ravager's Seal: Body, Savant's Seal: Body,    General  
Brygid the Stylist Strikes Back (R)1Abyssea-Altepa Brygid (Abyssea) (D - 11) Stearc Subligar, Bale Seal: Body, Navarch's Seal: Body, Ferine Seal: Body, Orison Seal: Body, Aoidos' Seal: Body,    General  
Bugard in the Clouds (R)0Monarch Linn Morangeart (G - 10) Koryukagemitsu, Buboso, Kshama Ring No. 2, Aluminum Ore, Chanter's Staff, Kshama Ring No. 4, Kshama Ring No. 5, Kshama Ring No. 9, 2500 Experience  ENM  
Bugi Soden - Katana Weaponskill72Norg Ryoma (H - 8) Blade: Ku,    Weaponskill  
Cactuar Suave1Chamber of Oracles Shami (H - 8) Cactuar Ribbon, Capricorn Staff, Ziska's Crossbow, Scroll of Cure V, Scroll of Thunder III, Unji, Taillefer's Dagger, Honebami, Argent Dagger, Balin's Sword, Schiltron Spear, Rainbow Cloth, Mahogany Log, Black Beetle Blood, Gold Thread, Vile Elixir  KSNM  
Cargo1Selbina Vuntar 800 Gil  General  
Catering Capers (R)0Abyssea-La Theine Regine (A)    General  
Champions of Abyssea30Port Jeuno Joachim (H - 8)    General  
Charming Trio (R)20Balga's Dais Shami (H - 8) Cotton Cloth, Platoon Spatha, Gunromaru, Ganko, Mythril Beastcoin, Platoon Pole, Toad Oil, Scroll of Drain, Air Spirit Pact, Platoon Gun, Platoon Disc, Potion, Fiend Blood, Potion +1, Platoon Edge, Platoon Cutter, Beastman Blood, Mannequin Hands, Mannequin Head  BCNM  
Chocobo Panic (R)30Abyssea-Grauberg Kuoh Rhel (Abyssea) (H - 7) Indigo Abyssite of Confluence, Aoidos' Seal: Hands, Bale Seal: Hands, Orison Seal: Hands, Raider's Seal: Hands,    General  
Classrooms Without Borders (R)1Abyssea-Altepa Moreno-Toeno (Abyssea) (K - 5) Ferine Seal: Hands, Iga Seal: Hands, Ravager's Seal: Hands, Creed Seal: Hands,    General  
Claustrum (Relic Staff)70Castle Zvahl Baileys Switchstix (J - 8) Claustrum, Gate of Tartarus  Relic  
Cleansing the Canyon (R)30Abyssea-Tahrongi Kupipi (Abyssea) (H - 12)    General  
Come Into My Parlor (R)70Qu'Bia Arena Medicine Earring, Steppe Rope, Drake Earring, Rogue's Earring, Conjurer's Earring, Fencer's Earring, Slayer's Earring, Desert Rope, Forest Rope, Ocean Rope, Kampfer Earring, Ronin Earring, Scroll of Cure V, Scroll of Thundaga III, Sorcerer's Earring, Scroll of Thunder III, Soldier's Earring, Scroll of Shell IV, Gold Thread, Scroll of Raise III, Minstrel's Earring, Guardian Earring, Granite, Tracker's Earring, Rainbow Cloth, Jungle Rope, Mahogany Log, Damascene Cloth, Platinum Ore, Light Spirit Pact  KSNM  
Confessions of a Bellmaker40Riverne - Site #A01 Minstrel's Dagger  General  
Cookbook of Hope Restoring (R)30Abyssea-Misareaux Jonette (Abyssea) (G - 7) Ferine Seal: Legs, Orison Seal: Legs, Raider's Seal: Legs, Unkai Seal: Legs,    General  
Creeping Doom (R)30Balga's Dais Shami (H - 8) Hi-Potion, Sardonyx, Warlock's Earring, Wyvern Earring, Hi-Ether, Healer's Earring, Pilferer's Earring, Scroll: Magic Finale, Mythril Ingot, Mercenary's Earring, Elm Log, Light Opal, Silver Ingot, Killer Earring, Ashigaru Earring, Silver Ore, Esquire's Earring, Silk Thread, Trimmer's Earring, Singer's Earring, Beater's Earring, Genin Earring, Magician's Earring, Steel Ingot, Wizard's Earring, Iron Ingot, Iron Ore, Scroll of Dispel, Scroll of Erase, Wrestler's Earring, Scroll of Utsusemi: Ni, Darksteel Ore, Bast Parchment, Onyx  BCNM  
Davoi Coffer - DRK AF50Davoi Chaos Flanchard  Artifact  
Davoi Coffer - RNG AF (R)50Davoi Guslam (H - 8) Hunter's Jerkin  Artifact  
Dawn of Death0Port Jeuno Joachim (H - 8)    General  
Death and Rebirth0Hall of the Gods Gilgamesh (Abyssea)    General  
Destiny Odyssey30Abyssea-Misareaux Goraow (Abyssea) (H - 4) Sapphire Abyssite of Sojourn,    General  
Divine Punishers (R)60Balga's Dais Shami (H - 8) Spartan Cesti, Ochiudo's Kote, Dominion Mace, Peace Ring, Master Belt, Aramis's Rapier, Forseti's Axe, Enhancing Mantle  BCNM  
Don't Clam Up On Me Now1Yahse Hunting Grounds Oblor    General  
Donate to Recycling1Selbina Romeo (G - 9) Wastebasket Ecologist General  
Dragon Scales (R)1Chamber of Oracles Gold Thread, Dragon Heart, Dragon Meat, Gold Ingot, Jadeite, Icarus Wing, Calmecac Trousers, Jingang Hose, Bloodwood Log, Jacaranda Log, Mahogany Log, Beech Log, Dragon Scales, Tenebrite, Agility Potion, Strength Potion, Phrygian Gold Ingot, Adaman Ore, Mythril Ore, Ancient Beast Horn, Darksteel Ingot,    KCNM  
Dropping the Bomb30Abyssea-Misareaux Veit (Abyssea) (H - 4) Versa Breeches   General  
E-vase-ive Action (R)70Qu'Bia Arena Medicine Earring, Drake Earring, Conjurer's Earring, Fencer's Earring, Rogue's Earring, Slayer's Earring, Kampfer Earring, Shinobi Earring, Ronin Earring, Scroll of Cure V, Scroll of Thundaga III, Sorcerer's Earring, Gold Thread, Scroll of Shell IV, Scroll of Thunder III, Damascene Cloth, Scroll of Raise III, Soldier's Earring, Granite, Tracker's Earring, Minstrel's Earring, Rainbow Cloth, Black Beetle Blood, Guardian Earring, Platinum Ore  KSNM  
Early Bird Catches The Wyrm1Balga's Dais Elm Log, Gold Thread, Speed Belt, Dragon Heart, Leopard Axe, Grosveneur's Bow, Juggernaut, Dragon Scales, Grim Staff, Damascene Cloth, Harlequin's Horn, Ram Horn, Petrified Log, Somnus Signa, Bayard's Sword, Dreizack, Demon Horn, Angel Lyre, Havoc Scythe, Hi-Potion +3, Platinum Ore, Libation Abjuration, Mahogany Log, Siren's Hair, Phoenix Feather, Guespiere, Wyrm Beard, Strength Potion, Honey Wine, Vile Elixir +1  KSNM  
Elder Memories18Selbina Isacio Ability to Add a Support Job  Job Related  
Emissaries of God30Hall of the Gods Eshantarl (Abyssea)    General  
Empty Aspirations (R)1Spire of Vahzl Memoria Sachet, Poeas' Ring,    KCNM  
Empty Desires (R)1Spire of Mea Casso Sash,    KCNM  
Empty Dreams (R)1Spire of Dem Galenus, Cimmerian Sash,    KCNM  
Empty Hopes (R)1Spire of Holla Harfner's Sash,    KCNM  
Empty Nest1Ceizak Battlegrounds Bataron    General  
Enif and Adhara Armor1Mhaura Wilhelm (G - 10) Enif Corazza, Enif Cosciales, Enif Gambieras, Enif Manopolas, Enif Zucchetto, Adhara Crackows, Adhara Gages, Adhara Manteel, Adhara Seraweels, Adhara Turban,    Side Quest  
Excalibur (Relic Sword)70Castle Zvahl Baileys Switchstix (J - 8) Excalibur, Knights of Round  Relic  
Expertise1Mhaura Take (I - 8) Tableware Set Three-star Purveyor General  
Explosive Endeavors (R)0Abyssea-La Theine Fontoumant (H - 9)    General  
Eye of the Storm1Chamber of Oracles Shami (H - 8) Scroll of Shell IV, Scroll of Thunder III, Wyvern Perch, Woodville's Axe, Ziska's Crossbow, Thanatos Baselard, Bourdonasse, Schiltron Spear, Damascene Cloth, Scroll of Raise III, Malboro Fiber, Damascus Ingot, Unji, Balin's Sword, Taillefer's Dagger, Spinel, Sapphire, Angelstone, Ruby, Vile Elixir, Emerald, Philosopher's Stone, Vile Elixir +1  KSNM  
Family Ties30Abyssea-Vunkerl Teigero-Bangero (Abyssea) (E - 7) Taru Tot Toyset, Jester's Hat   General  
Fear of the Dark III (R)0Abyssea-La Theine Secodiand (A)    General  
Fire in the Sky0Monarch Linn Morangeart (G - 10) Thug's Zamburak, Crossbowman's Ring, Ether Ring, Woodsman Ring, Cloud Evoker, Horror Voulge  ENM  
First Contact30Port Jeuno Joachim (H - 8)    General  
Fisherman's Heart (R)1Mhaura Katsunaga (H - 9)   General  
Flown the Coop (R)30Abyssea-Attohwa Brutus (Abyssea) (H - 8) Aoidos' Seal: Head, Creed Seal: Head, Mavi Seal: Head, Tantra Seal: Head, Jade Abyssite of Prosperity, Jade Abyssite of Prosperity   General  
Fly High1Tavnazian Safehold Ferchinne (G - 9) Mistmelt  General  
Follow The White Rabbit (R)0Bearclaw Pinnacle Zebada (F - 12) Venturer's Belt, Shamo, Martial Sword, Serene Ring, Scroll of Raise III, Viridian Urushi, Cloud Evoker, Galateia, Kejusu Satin  ENM  
For Love of a Daughter (R)30Abyssea-Tahrongi Baha Mannohl (Abyssea) (H - 4) Viridian Abyssite of Lenity,    General  
For Want of a Pot30Abyssea-Attohwa Naruru (Abyssea) (G - 10) Orblight, Orblight   General  
For the Birds1Oldton Movalpolos Koblakiq (H - 11) Jaguar Mantle  General  
Frozen Flame Redux (R)30Abyssea-Uleguerand Guilboire (Abyssea) (F - 7) Bale Seal: Hands, Caller's Seal: Hands, Goetia Seal: Hands, Bloody Bolt, Acid Bolt, Snoll Gelato, Mavi Seal: Hands,    General  
Full-of-Himself Alchemist (R)0Abyssea-Konschtat Julio (M - 9) Purple Polypore, Soothing Potion,    General  
Garrison - Elshimo Uplands Region1Yhoator Jungle Vermin Earring, Undead Earring, Refresh Earring, Plantoid Earring, Dragon Earring, Demon Earring, Beast Earring, Arcana Earring, Amorph Earring, Accurate Earring, Bird Earring, Aquan Earring, Lizard Earring, Variable Cape, Variable Mantle  Garrison  
Garrison - Kolshushu Region30Buburimu Peninsula Dragon Chronicles, Military Spear, Military Pole, Military Pick, Military Harp, Military Gun, Military Axe, Mannequin Legs, Mannequin Feet  Garrison  
Garrison - Kuzotz Region (R)1Eastern Altepa Desert Dragon Earring, Beast Earring, Vermin Earring, Accurate Earring, Aquan Earring, Bird Earring, Amorph Earring, Plantoid Earring, Undead Earring, Refresh Earring, Demon Earring, Arcana Earring, Lizard Earring  Garrison  
Garrison - Li'Telor Region1The Sanctuary of Zi'tah Dragon Chronicles, Mannequin Feet, Mannequin Legs, Variable Ring, Protean Ring, Mecurial Earring, Variable Cape, Variable Mantle  Garrison  
Garrison - Valdeaunia Region1Xarcabard Variable Cape, Bird Earring, Amorph Earring, Accurate Earring, Aquan Earring, Arcana Earring, Beast Earring, Demon Earring, Dragon Earring, Plantoid Earring, Refresh Earring, Undead Earring, Vermin Earring, Lizard Earring, Variable Mantle  Garrison  
Garrison - Vollbow Region75Aht Urhgan Whitegate Mighty Bow, Mighty Pole, Mighty Knife, Mighty Talwar, Mighty Axe, Mighty Sword, Mighty Patas, Mighty Zaghnal, Beach Bunny Fangs, Mighty Pick, Rai Kunimitsu, Mighty Cudgel, Mighty Lance, Nukemaru  Garrison  
Getting Lucky (R)30Abyssea-Grauberg Kurou-Morou (Abyssea) (I - 12) Caller's Seal: Hands, Mavi Seal: Hands, Estoqueur's Seal: Hands, Unkai Seal: Hands,    General  
Gift of Light (R)0Abyssea-La Theine Amaura (A) Hi-Reraiser,    General  
Give a Moogle a Break1Windurst Woods Your Resident Mog Increased Mog Safe Size Mog's Kind Master Storage  
Gjallarhorn (Relic Horn)70Castle Zvahl Baileys Switchstix (J - 8) Gjallarhorn  Relic  
Go! Go! Gobmuffin1Tavnazian Safehold Epinolle (F - 8) Map of Cape Riverne  Map  
Grind to Sawdust1Ceizak Battlegrounds Elmric (K - 9) Logging,    General  
Grotto Coffer - NIN AF (R)50Sea Serpent Grotto Guslam (H - 8) Ninja Kyahan  Artifact  
Guardian of the Void75Pashhow Marshlands (S) Cait Sith    General  
Gungnir (Relic Polearm)70Castle Zvahl Baileys Switchstix (J - 8) Gungnir, Geirskogul  Relic  
Gustaberg Garrison20North Gustaberg Dragon Chronicles, Garrison Boots, Garrison Gloves, Garrison Sallet, Garrison Tunica, Mannequin Feet, Mannequin Legs, Garrison Hose, 2000 Gil  Garrison  
Guttler (Relic Axe)70Castle Zvahl Baileys Switchstix (J - 8) Guttler, Onslaught  Relic  
Harem Scarem (R)30Balga's Dais Shami (H - 8) Scroll of Regen, Healer's Mantle, Dhalmel Meat, Giant Femur, Mannequin Hands, Scroll of Dispel, Mannequin Head, Mercenary Mantle, Scroll of Erase, Wyvern Targe, Esquire's Mantle, Trimmer's Aspis, Scroll of Utsusemi: Ni, Dhalmel Hide, Wool Cloth, Wizard's Shield, Beater's Mantle  BCNM  
Hazy Prospects30Abyssea-Attohwa Harith (Abyssea) (G - 10) Jade Abyssite of Lenity, Jade Abyssite of Lenity   General  
Heart of Madness30Port Jeuno Joachim (H - 8)    General  
Help Not Wanted (R)1Abyssea-Altepa Ken (Abyssea) (G - 8) Charis Seal: Hands, Lancer's Seal: Hands, Orison Seal: Hands, Cirque Seal: Hands,    General  
Her Father's Legacy (R)30Abyssea-Grauberg Cornelia (Abyssea) (G - 12) Aoidos' Seal: Body, Caller's Seal: Body, Charis Seal: Body, Creed Seal: Body, Tantra Seal: Body,    General  
Hero's Combat0Stellar Fulcrum    BCNM  
Heroine's Combat0Stellar Fulcrum  Superheroine BCNM  
His Box, His Beloved30Abyssea-Tahrongi Apururu (Abyssea) (H - 12)    General  
His Bridge, His Beloved (R)30Abyssea-Vunkerl Cheupirudaux (Abyssea) (E - 7) Crimson Abyssite of Lenity, Aoidos' Seal: Feet, Creed Seal: Feet, Mavi Seal: Feet, Tantra Seal: Feet,    General  
His Name is Valgeir1Mhaura Rycharde (I - 8) Map of Toraimarai Canal  Map  
Holy Cow (R)0Bearclaw Pinnacle Zebada (F - 12) Cassia Lumber, Psilos Mantle, Dragon Bone, Scroll of Raise III, Martial Bow, Cloud Evoker, Gigant Mantle, Eltoro Leather, Martial Knuckles  ENM  
Homam and Nashira Armor1Mhaura Wilhelm (G - 10) Homam Corazza, Homam Cosciales, Homam Gambieras, Homam Manopolas, Homam Zuchetto, Nashira Crackows, Nashira Gages, Nashira Manteel, Nashira Seraweels, Nashira Turban  Side Quest  
Home, Home on the Range30Abyssea-Uleguerand Moogle (Abyssea) (F - 7)    General  
Hop to It1Yahse Hunting Grounds Chya Mindorah    General  
Hope Blooms on the Battlefield (R)0Abyssea-Konschtat Ayame (A)    General  
Horns of War1Horlais Peak Meteor Cesti, Gold Thread, Shinsoku, Kriegsbeil, Harlequin's Horn, Purgatory Mace, Damascene Cloth, Behemoth Hide, Granite, Philosopher's Stone, Platinum Ore, Behemoth Horn, Unsho, Divine Log, Angel Lyre, Darksteel Ore, Healing Staff, Spinel, Ruby, Emerald, Hi-Potion +3, Libation Abjuration, Vile Elixir, Phoenix Feather, Mahogany Log, Guespiere, Zen Pole, Strength Potion, Reraiser, Hi-Reraiser, Beastly Shank  KSNM  
I Dream of Flowers30Abyssea-Misareaux Goraow (Abyssea) (H - 4)    General  
I'm on a Boat1Foret de Hennetiel Choubollet Watercraft, Watercrafting,    General  
Imperial Espionage30Abyssea-Uleguerand Tyamah (Abyssea) (F - 7)    General  
Imperial Espionage II30Abyssea-Uleguerand Tyamah (Abyssea) (F - 7) Vermillion Abyssite of Avarice,    General  
In Search of the Truth1Tavnazian Safehold Tressia (J - 6) Gramary Cape  General  
In the Name of Science (R)30Tavnazian Safehold Yurim Light Gorget, Aqua Gorget, Furin Obi, Karin Obi, Sanative Earring, Suirin Obi, Korin Obi, Soil Gorget, Thunder Gorget, Anrin Obi, Shadow Gorget, Rairin Obi, Flame Gorget, Relaxing Earring, Dorin Obi, Breeze Gorget, Snow Gorget, Hyorin Obi  General  
Indomitable Spirit1Rabao Irmilant (G - 7) Ebisu Fishing Rod,    General  
Infernal Swarm (R)70Qu'Bia Arena Scroll of Cure V, Scroll of Thundaga III, Sorcerer's Earring, Scroll of Shell IV, Scroll of Thunder III, Medicine Earring, Ocean Sash, Jungle Sash, Drake Earring, Conjurer's Earring, Fencer's Earring, Rogue's Earring, Slayer's Earring, Steppe Sash, Desert Sash, Kampfer Earring, Ronin Earring, Scroll of Raise III, Light Spirit Pact, Soldier's Earring, Damascene Cloth, Minstrel's Earring, Tracker's Earring, Guardian Earring, Forest Sash, Black Beetle Blood  KSNM  
Inside the Belly (R)1Selbina Zaldon Pirate's Chart, Mercurial Sword, Dwarf Pugil, Drill Calamary, Philosopher's Stone, Dark Bass, Ancient Sword, Trident, Opal Silk, Saber Shoot, Brigand's Chart, Gold Ingot, Earth Wand, Blue Pitcher, Mildewy Ingot, Flat Shield, Stolid Breastplate, Decayed Ingot, Robber Rig, Tiny Tathlum, Pearl, Black Pearl, Turquoise Ring, Blue Rock, Poison Dust, Broken Halcyon Fishing Rod, Twinthread, Puffin Ring, Drone Earring, Risky Patch, Black Ink, Flame Shield, Silver Ring, Venom Dust, Broken Hume Fishing Rod, Rusty Greatsword, Broken Mithran Fishing Rod, Mola Mola, Noddy Ring, Wyvern Skin, Peiste Skin, Lapis Lazuli, Solon Torque, Paralysis Dust, Aizenkunitoshi  General  
It's Raining Mannequins!1Mhaura Fyi Chalmwoh (G - 8) Tarutaru F Mannequin, Tarutaru M Mannequin, Mithra Mannequin, Hume M Mannequin, Hume F Mannequin, Galka Mannequin, Elvaan M Mannequin, Elvaan F Mannequin  General  
Kikoku (Relic Katana)70Castle Zvahl Baileys Switchstix (J - 8) Kikoku, Blade: Metsu  Relic  
Knocking on Forbidden Doors1Tavnazian Safehold Enaremand   General  
Let There Be Light (R)30Abyssea-Uleguerand Zauko (Abyssea) (K - 9) Caller's Seal: Body, Savant's Seal: Body, Tantra Seal: Body, Iga Seal: Body, Lancer Seal: Body,    General  
Like the Wind (R)0Boneyard Gully Jakaka (G - 10) Maneater, Cloud Evoker, Viridian Urushi, Galateia, Wagh Baghnakhs, Scroll: Army's Paeon V, Kejusu Satin, Onimaru, 2000 Experience  ENM  
Look Out Below30Abyssea-Uleguerand Baldric (Abyssea) (J - 5) Ferine Seal: Body, Orison Seal: Body, Mavi Seal: Body, Raider's Seal: Body, Sylvan Seal: Body,    General  
Look to the Sky30Abyssea-Altepa Alisa (Abyssea) (C - 11) Emerald Abyssite of Expertise,    General  
Looking for Lookouts (R)30Abyssea-Attohwa Colti (Abyssea) (H - 8) Caller's Seal: Head, Charis Seal: Head, Ravager's Seal: Head, Savant's Seal: Head, Revive Feather, Revive Feather   General  
Lost Memories (R)0Abyssea-Konschtat Halver Vial of Lambent Potion, Coeurl Mantle,    General  
Mandau (Relic Dagger)70Castle Zvahl Baileys Switchstix (J - 8) Mandau, Mercy Stroke  Relic  
Master Missing, Master Missed (R)30Abyssea-Grauberg Eight of Clubs (Abyssea) (H - 8)    General  
Meanwhile, Back on Abyssea30Abyssea-Empyreal Paradox Prishe (Abyssea)    General  
Megadrile Menace0Abyssea-Tahrongi Kocchi-Arocchi    General  
Mercenary Camp0Stellar Fulcrum  The Sixth Serpent  BCNM  
Missing in Action30Abyssea-Misareaux Iron Eater (Abyssea) (H - 12)    General  
Missionary Moblin1Oldton Movalpolos Koblakiq (H - 11) 4000 Gil  General  
Mithran Delicacies1Carpenters' Landing Anguenet (J - 10) Blackened Muddy Siredon  General  
Mjollnir (Relic Maul)70Castle Zvahl Baileys Switchstix (J - 8) Mjollnir, Randgrith  Relic  
Moa Constrictors1Balga's Dais Orichalcum Ingot, Philosopher's Stone, Tracker's Kecks, Evoker's Boots, Morgenstern, Pineal Hat, Gravedigger, Heart Snatcher, Black Beetle Blood, Ostreger Mitts, Expunger, Absorbing Shield, Cockatrice Skin, Damascus Ingot, Dodo Skin, Adaman Ingot, Phoenix Feather  KSNM  
Monstrosity1Pashhow Marshlands Suspicious Hume (E - 12) Ring of Supernal Disjunction,    General  
Moogles In The Wild1Windurst Woods Your Mog Upgraded Mog Safe Mog's Loving Master Storage  
Motherly Love30Abyssea-Altepa Alisa (Abyssea) (C - 11)    General  
Murzim Armor1Mhaura Wilhelm (G - 10) Murzim Gambieras, Murzim Cosciales, Murzim Corazza, Murzim Manopolas, Murzim Zucchetto,    Side Quest  
Nest of Nightmares (R)1Monarch Linn Scroll: Horde Lullaby II, Angha Gem, Scroll of Temper, Scroll: Army's Paeon VI, Scroll: Firaja, Angha Ring,    HKCNM  
No Rime Like the Present1Morimar Basalt Fields Hegnor    General  
Of Malnourished Martellos0Abyssea-Konschtat Raibaht (A)    General  
Only The Best (R)1Selbina Melyon (I - 9)   General  
Orlando's Antiques20Mhaura Orlando (G - 9) Varies  General  
Orobon Appetit1Foret de Hennetiel Nestroh (H - 9) Paresis Resilience,    General  
Ortharsyne1Yorcia Weald    Mission  
Ouryu Cometh (R)1Riverne - Site #A01 Behemoth Hide, Damascene Cloth, Black Beetle Blood, Siren's Hair, Dragon Meat, Wyrm Horn, Monarch's Orb, Damascus Ingot, Tutelary, Dragon Blood, Divine Log, Imanotsurugi, Dragon Talon, Adaman Ingot, Kunwu Ore  ENM  
Out of Touch (R)0Abyssea-Konschtat Glenne (F - 8) Scarlet Abyssite of Kismet,    General  
Oztroja Coffer - BRD AF (R)50Castle Oztroja Choral Cannions  Artifact  
Oztroja Coffer - DRK AF (R)50Castle Oztroja Chaos Cuirass  Artifact  
Oztroja Coffer - RDM AF50Castle Oztroja Guslam (H - 8) Warlock's Tabard  Artifact  
PM 1-1 The Rites of Life1Lower Delkfutt's Tower Mysterious Amulet  Mission  
PM 1-2 Below the Arks1Ru'Lude Gardens Monberaux (G - 10)   Mission  
PM 1-3 The Mothercrystals1Hall of Transference  Ancient Flame Follower Mission  
PM 2-1 An Invitation West1Lufaise Meadows   Mission  
PM 2-2 The Lost City1Tavnazian Safehold Despachiaire (K - 10)   Mission  
PM 2-3 Distant Beliefs1Phomiuna Aqueducts   Mission  
PM 2-4 An Eternal Melody1Tavnazian Safehold   Mission  
PM 2-5 Ancient Vows30Tavnazian Safehold Ulmia  Tavnazian Traveler Mission  
PM 3-1 Call of the Wyrmking1South Gustaberg   Mission  
PM 3-3 The Road Forks1Ru'Lude Gardens    Mission  
PM 3-4 Tending Aged Wounds1Lower Jeuno   Mission  
PM 3-5 Darkness Named1Upper Jeuno Monberaux (G - 10) Pso'Xja Pass Transient Dreamer Mission  
PM 4-1 Sheltering Doubt1Tavnazian Safehold   Mission  
PM 4-2 The Savage50Tavnazian Safehold   Mission  
PM 4-3 The Secrets of Worship50Tavnazian Safehold Reliquiarium Key  Mission  
PM 4-4 Slanderous Utterings1Tavnazian Safehold Despachiaire (K - 10)  The Lost One Mission  
PM 5-1 The Enduring Tumult of War1Tavnazian Safehold   Mission  
PM 5-2 Desires of Emptiness1Promyvion - Vahzl  Frozen Dead Body Mission  
PM 5-3 Three Paths1Metalworks Cid (H - 8) 1000 Exp per fight Treader of an Icy Past Mission  
PM 6-2 A Place to Return1Ru'Lude Gardens Pherimociel (G - 6)   Mission  
PM 6-4 One to be Feared60Sealion's Den Ducal Guard's Ring  Mission  
PM 7-1: Chains and Bonds1Tavnazian Safehold   Mission  
PM 7-2 - Flames in the Darkness1Misareaux Coast   Mission  
PM 7-3 Fire in the Eyes of Men1Mine Shaft #2716   Mission  
PM 7-4 Calm Before the Storm1Metalworks Cid (H - 8)   Mission  
PM 7-5 A Warrior's Path60Sealion's Den Al'Taieu Access  Mission  
PM 8-3 When Angels Fall1The Garden of Ru'Hmet  Warrior of the Crystal Mission  
PM 8-4 Dawn1Al'Taieu Tamas Ring, Rajas Ring, Sattva Ring Averter of the Apocalypse Mission  
Paradise, Salvation, and Maps1Tavnazian Safehold Nivorajean (I - 9) Map of Sacrarium  Map  
Petals for Parelbriaux1Tavnazian Safehold Chemioue (J - 6) Powerful Rope Putrid Purveyor of Pungent Petal General  
Picture Perfect1Selbina Diederik (G - 10) Adventuring Fellow Level Limit Raised to 55 Team Player Fellowship Quest  
Pillager's Armor (R)99Port Jeuno Monisette (I - 8) Pillager's Armlets, Pillager's Bonnet, Pillager's Culottes, Pillager's Poulaines, Pillager's Vest,    Armor Upgrade  
Playing Paparazzi (R)0Abyssea-Konschtat Naji (A) Azure Abyssite of Merit,    General  
Poisoning the Well1Foret de Hennetiel Fritha (J - 7)    General  
Prehistoric Pigeons1Waughroon Shrine Tracker's Kecks, Titanis Earring, Damascene Cloth, Black Beetle Blood, Evoker's Boots, Pineal Hat, Gravedigger, Orichalcum Ingot, Dissector, Philosopher's Stone, Damascus Ingot, Ram Horn, Coffinmaker, Ostreger Mitts, Michishiba-no-tsuyu, Adaman Ingot  KSNM  
Proof of the Lion (R)1Abyssea-Altepa Excenmille (Abyssea) (G - 11) Charis Seal: Body, Creed Seal: Body, Raider's Seal: Body, Goetia Seal: Body, Unkai Seal: Body,    General  
Pulling the Strings (R)0Oldton Movalpolos Twinkbrix (E - 13) Janizary Earring, Astral Pot, Death Chakram, Counter Earring, Assassin's Ring, Spirit Lantern, Healing Feather, Refresh Musk, Tactical Ring, Drum Magazine, Mana Channeler, Deadeye Earring, Corsair Bullet, Naruko Earring, Equalizer, Pacifist Ring, Smoke Screen, Getsul Ring, Eraser, Target Marker, Corsair Bullet Pouch, Attuner, Worm Mulch, Wyvern Feed, Tactical Processor, Gamushara Earring, Sanation Ring, 2000 Experience  ENM  
Pummeler's Armor99Port Jeuno Monisette (I - 8) Pummeler's Calligae, Pummeler's Cuisses, Pummeler's Lorica, Pummeler's Mask, Pummeler's Mufflers,    Armor Upgrade  
Ragnarok (Relic Great Sword)70Castle Zvahl Baileys Switchstix (J - 8) Ragnarok, Scourge  Relic  
Rapid Raptors (R)50Balga's Dais Shami (H - 8) Mythril Ingot, Templar's Mantle, Intellect Torque, Ivory Mitts, Sly Gauntlets, Heavy Mantle, Storm Gorget, Spiked Finger Gauntlets, Benign Necklace, Hateful Collar, Rush Gloves, Mana Circlet  BCNM  
Recycling Rods1Mhaura Keshab-Menjab (H - 9) 1500 Gil  General  
Refuel and Replenish (Konschtat)0Abyssea-Konschtat Machine Outfiter    General  
Refuel and Replenish (Tahrongi) (R)0Abyssea-Tahrongi Machine Outfitter    General  
Ronfaure Garrison20West Ronfaure Garrison Tunica, Dragon Chronicles, Mannequin Feet, Garrison Sallet, Garrison Boots, Garrison Gloves, Garrison Hose, Mannequin Legs, 2000 Gil  Garrison  
Rose on the Heath (R)0Abyssea-Konschtat Ayame (A)    General  
Rycharde the Chef1Mhaura Rycharde (I - 8) 1500 Gil Purveyor In Training General  
Savory Salvation (R)30Abyssea-Tahrongi Piketo-Puketo (Abyssea) (H - 4)    General  
Scattered Shells, Scattered Minds (R)30Abyssea-Vunkerl Aladoverre (Abyssea) (E - 7) Darkness Earring, Bale Seal: Feet, Cirque Seal: Feet, Estoqueur's Seal: Feet, Sylvan Seal: Feet,    General  
Scop's Operetta1None Moogle Scroll: Scop's Operetta  Spell  
Scouts Astray30Abyssea-Uleguerand Rondipur (Abyssea) (G - 11) Creed Seal: Hands, Cirque Seal: Hands, Sylvan Seal: Hands, Tantra Seal: Hands,    General  
Sea God Rewards1Tavnazian Safehold Meret Bellona's Ring, Aureole, Virtue Stone Pouch, Astute Cape, Mars's Ring, Raphael's Rod, Minerva's Ring, Novia Earring, Altruistic Cape, Futsuno Mitama, Merciful Cape, Novio Earring, Ninurta's Sash  Side Quest  
Season's Greetings1Balga's Dais Black Beetle Blood, Damascene Cloth, Attila's Earring, Divine Log, Expunger, Durandal, Rampager, Subduer, Sorrowful Harp  KSNM  
Secret Agent Man (R)0Abyssea-Konschtat Helga (A) Naji's Linkpearl,    General  
Shady Business Redux (R)0Abyssea-Konschtat Talib (F - 6) Limule Pincer,    General  
Shedir Armor1Mhaura Wilhelm (G - 10) Shedir Crackows, Shedir Gages, Shedir Manteel, Shedir Seraweels, Shedir Turban,    Side Quest  
Sheep in Antlion's Clothing75Boneyard Gully Martial Wand, Harmonia's Torque, Kejusu Satin, Martial Axe, Forager's Mantle, Cloud Evoker, Viridian Urushi, Galateia, Hagun,    ENM  
Shell We Dance1Boneyard Gully Cassia Lumber, Scroll: Army's Paeon V, Dragon Bone, Stone-splitter, Cloud Evoker, Frenzy Fife, Blau Dolch, Eltoro Leather  ENM  
Sisters in Crime (R)30Abyssea-Tahrongi Bopa Greso (Abyssea) (I - 10) Water Spider's Web,    General  
Slacking Subordinates (R)1Abyssea-Altepa Chumimi (Abyssea) (G - 7) Cirque Seal: Body, Mavi Seal: Body, Ravager's Seal: Body, Sylvan Seal: Body, Estoqueur's Seal: Body,    General  
Slip Slidin' Away30Abyssea-Uleguerand Michilca (Abyssea) (G - 11) Aoidos' Seal: Hands, Estoqueur's Seal: Hands, Raider's Seal: Hands, Savant's Seal: Hands,    General  
Smoke over the Coast (R)30Abyssea-Misareaux Hungry Wolf (Abyssea) (G - 7) Bale Seal: Legs, Cirque Seal: Legs, Estoqueur's Seal: Legs, Sylvan Seal: Legs,    General  
Soil and Green (R)30Abyssea-Misareaux Sieglinde (Abyssea) (K - 7) Caller's Seal: Legs, Charis Seal: Legs, Ravager's Seal: Legs, Savant's Seal: Legs,    General  
Something in the Air30Abyssea-Attohwa Yoran-Oran (Abyssea) (G - 10) Scroll: Cura II   Spell  
Spaekona's Armor (R)99Port Jeuno Monisette (I - 8) Spaekona's Coat, Spaekona's Gloves, Spaekona's Petasos, Spaekona's Sabots, Spaekona's Tonban,    Armor Upgrade  
Spharai (Relic Knuckles)70Castle Zvahl Baileys Switchstix (J - 8) Spharai, Final Heaven  Relic  
Strange Apparatuses1Windurst Woods Wind Cluster, Water Cluster, Rune Rod, Rune Axe, Lightning Cluster, Light Cluster, Ice Cluster, Fire Cluster, Earth Cluster, Dark Cluster, Cermet Chunk, Arcane Flowerpot, Adaman Nugget, Rune Arrow, Rune Bow, Rune Halberd  General  
Tangling with Tongue-twisters30Abyssea-Tahrongi Kupipi (Abyssea) (H - 12) Evolith,    General  
Taurassic Park (R)1Bearclaw Pinnacle Laceratrice, Olympus Sash,    HKCNM  
Tenuous Existence30Port Jeuno Joachim (H - 8)    General  
Test My Mettle1Selbina Devean (I - 9)   General  
The Angling Armorer (R)0Abyssea-La Theine Exoroche (K - 7) Evolith,    General  
The Basics1Mhaura Rycharde (I - 8) Tea Set Five-Star Purveyor General  
The Beast of Bastore30Jugner Forest Moniquaurie    General  
The Big One1Tavnazian Safehold Travonce (F - 9) Dragon Chronicles, Sinking Minnow, Glass Fiber Fishing Rod  General  
The Boxwatcher's Behest (R)30Abyssea-Vunkerl Deraquien (Abyssea) (F - 4) Caller's Seal: Feet, Charis Seal: Feet, Ravager's Seal: Feet, Savant's Seal: Feet,    General  
The Call of the Sea1Tavnazian Safehold Equette (I - 9) Memento Muffler  General  
The Clue1Mhaura Rycharde (I - 8) 3000 Gil Four-star Purveyor General  
The Egg Enthusiast (R)30Abyssea-Grauberg Ranpi-Monpi (Abyssea) (L - 6) Goetia Seal: Body, Unkai Seal: Body, Estoqueur's Seal: Body, Iga Seal: Body, Lancer Seal: Body,    General  
The Forbidden Frontier0Port Jeuno Joachim (H - 8)    General  
The Gift1Selbina Oswald Sleep Dagger  General  
The Hills Are Alive1Waughroon Shrine Gold Thread, Damascene Cloth, Granite, Leopard Axe, Grosveneur's Bow, Grim Staff, Gawaine's Axe, Kriegsbeil, Ebony Log, Adamantoise Shell, Purgatory Mace, Divine Log, Damascus Ingot, Philosopher's Stone, Demon Horn, Strider Boots, Princely Sword, Dexterity Potion, Vitality Potion, Adaman Ore, Agility Potion, Havoc Scythe, Zen Pole, Vile Elixir, Libation Abjuration, Stylet, Somnus Signa, Meteor Cesti, Harlequin's Horn, Oblation Abjuration, Angel Skin, Shining Cloth, Blue Pondweed  KSNM  
The Mobline Comedy (R)1Mine Shaft #2716 Strength Potion, Dexterity Potion, Vitality Potion, Vile Elixir +1, Mind Potion, Intelligence Potion, Charisma Potion, Hi-Reraiser, Agility Potion, Reraiser, Vile Elixir, Earthcry Earring, Light Steel Ingot, Scroll of Gain-AGI, Scroll: Earth Carol II, Scroll of Aspir II, Indurated Gold Ingot, Scroll: Fire V, Scroll of Aero V, Scroll of Gain-CHR, Neutralizing Silver Ingot, Mythril Mesh Sheet, Scroll of Gain-STR, Lucent Iron Ingot, Scroll of Thunder V, Scroll: Water Carol II, Scroll of Absorb-Attri, Hagneia Stone, Scroll: Ice Carol II, Scroll of Stone V,    HKCNM  
The Moogle's Picnic1Bastok Markets 10 More Slots to mog Safe Mog's Exceptionally Kind Master Storage  
The Mysterious Head Patrol (R)30Abyssea-Grauberg Eight of Hearts (Abyssea) (H - 13)    General  
The Old Lady18Mhaura Vera (G - 10) Ability to Add Sub-Job  Job Related  
The Perils of Kororo (R)30Abyssea-Grauberg Kororo (Abyssea) (H - 13)    General  
The Real Gift1Selbina Oswald Glass Fiber Fishing Rod  General  
The Rescue25Selbina Thunder Hawk Map of Ranguemont Pass, 3000 Gil Honorary Citizen of Selbina Map  
The Sand Charm1Mhaura Blandine (I - 9) Map of Bostaunieux Oubliette  Map  
The Scarlet King1Chamber of Oracles Shami (H - 8) Black Beetle Blood, Scroll of Thunder III, Damascene Cloth, Scroll of Raise III, Orichalcum Ore, Wyvern Perch, Vile Elixir +1, Woodville's Axe, Thanatos Baselard, King Maker, Damascus Ingot, Philosopher's Stone, Orichalcum Ingot, Malboro Fiber, Argent Dagger, Balin's Sword, Gold Ingot, Darksteel Ore, Adaman Ore, Balan's Sword  KSNM  
The Secret Ingredient (R)1Abyssea-Altepa Nogelle (Abyssea) (K - 5) Navarch's Seal: Hands, Sylvan Seal: Hands, Tantra Seal: Hands, Unkai Seal: Hands,    General  
The Soul of the Matter (R)0Abyssea-Konschtat Behemoth Ring,    General  
The Titus Touch1Abyssea-Altepa Titus (Abyssea) (G - 11)    General  
The Truth Beckons1Port Jeuno Joachim (H - 8)    General  
The Walking Wounded (R)0Abyssea-Konschtat Rashid (A)    General  
The Wyrm God (R)30Abyssea-Empyreal Paradox Prishe (Abyssea) Twilight Mail, Twilight Belt, Twilight Cape, Twilight Cloak, Twilight Helm, Twilight Knife, Twilight Scythe, Twilight Torque,  Wyrm God Defier BCNM  
The Wyrmking Descends (R)70Riverne - Site #B01 Siren's Hair, Bahamut's Staff, Wyrm Horn, Bahamut's Zaghnal, Dragon Staff, Cashmere Thread, Kunwu Iron, Bahamut's Mask, Molybdenum Ore, Kunwu Ore, Bahamut's Hose, Cashmere Cloth Wyrm Astonisher ENM  
Theophany's Armor (R)99Port Jeuno Monisette (I - 8) Theophany Briault, Theophany Cap, Theophany Duckbills, Theophany Mitts, Theophany Pantaloons,    Armor Upgrade  
Threadbare Tribulations30Abyssea-Attohwa Ponono (Abyssea) (H - 8) Ferine Seal: Head, Orison Seal: Head, Raider's Seal: Head, Unkai Seal: Head,    General  
To Catch A Predator1Ceizak Battlegrounds Lucretia (E - 5)    General  
To Paste a Peiste0Abyssea-Konschtat Norrah  Kukulkan Defanger General  
Totentanz1Boneyard Gully Raise II Rod, Cassia Lumber, Dragon Bone, Viridian Urushi, Maneater, Cloud Evoker, Stone-splitter, Wagh Baghnakhs, Blau Dolch, Frenzy Fife, Galateia, Corse Cape, Unicorn Horn, Eltoro Leather, Onimaru, 3500 Experience  ENM  
Trial By Lightning1Mhaura Ripapa (I - 9) Ramuh's Staff, Lightning Ring, Lightning Belt, Elder Branch, 10000 Gil Heir of the Great Lightning Job Related  
Trial Size Trial by Lightning20Mhaura Lacia (I - 9)   General  
Twitherym Dust1Ceizak Battlegrounds Gurren-Murren (K - 7)    General  
Unbreak His Heart (R)0Abyssea-La Theine Joulet (H - 8)    General  
Under the Sea1Selbina Yaya Amber Earring Li'l Cupid General  
Unending Chase1Mhaura Rycharde (I - 8) 2100 Gil Two-star Purveyor General  
Unforgiven1Tavnazian Safehold Elysia (G - 10) Map of Tavnazia  Map  
Unidentified Research Object (R)30Abyssea-Misareaux Yurim (Abyssea) (K - 7) Aoidos' Seal: Legs, Creed Seal: Legs, Mavi Seal: Legs, Tantra Seal: Legs,    General  
Unsullied Lands1Foret de Hennetiel Inmot-Pinmot (J - 10)    General  
Up In Arms60Waughroon Shrine Chrysoberyl, Moonstone, Black Pearl, Mythril Ingot, Pearl, Vile Elixir +1, Gold Ingot, Kraken Club, Oxblood, Ajari Bead Necklace, Walkure Mask, Translucent Rock, Steel Ingot, Teleport Ring: Altep, Philomath Stole, Painite  BCNM  
VW Op. 004: Bibiki Bombardment75Tavnazian Safehold Owain (H - 6)    General  
VW Op. 026: Tavnazian Terrors75Tavnazian Safehold Owain (H - 6) Hyacinth Stratum Abyssite II, Hyacinth Stratum Abyssite,    General  
Vana'diel Adventurer Recruitment Program1None Sprout Beret, Mandragora Beret, Guide Beret, Timepiece, Miniature Airship, Chocopass, Sol Cap, Lunar Cap  Special Event  
Voices from Beyond30Abyssea-Grauberg Rukususu (Abyssea) (F - 10) Indigo Abyssite of Lenity,    General  
Waking the Beast70La Theine Plateau Leviathan's Couse, Ramuh's Mace, Titan's Baselard, Garuda's Sickle, Carbuncle's Cuffs, Shiva's Shotel, Ifrit's Bow, Carbuncle's Pole Disturber of Slumber Side Quest  
Wanted: Medical Supplies (R)30Abyssea-Misareaux Yasuji (Abyssea) (G - 7) Goetia Seal: Legs, Iga Seal: Legs, Lancer's Seal: Legs, Navarch's Seal: Legs, Sapphire Abyssite of Merit,    General  
Water of Life (R)0Abyssea-Konschtat Miageau (L - 7) Evolith,    General  
Way of the Cook1Mhaura Rycharde (I - 8) 1500 Gil One-star Purveyor General  
Wayward Wares30Abyssea-Attohwa Chapi Galepilai (Abyssea) (G - 10)    General  
Weapons, Not Worries (R)30Abyssea-Tahrongi Peshi Yohnts (Abyssea) (F - 9)    General  
When Good Cardians Go Bad (R)30Abyssea-Tahrongi Apururu (Abyssea) (H - 12) Viridian Abyssite of Guerdon,    General  
When Good Cardians Go Bad0Abyssea-Konschtat Apururu (A)    General  
When Hell Freezes Over (R)1Bearclaw Pinnacle Zebada (F - 12) Scroll of Raise III, Settler's Cape, Kejusu Satin, Viridian Urushi, Cloud Evoker, Galateia, Martial Gun, Hexerei Cape, Martial Staff, Martial Bhuj  ENM  
Whither the Whisker30Abyssea-Vunkerl Rahal (Abyssea) (F - 4) Crimson Abyssite of Celerity,    General  
Whom Wilt Thou Call (R)1Sacrificial Chamber Calmecac Subligar,    KCNM  
X Marks the Spot1Tavnazian Safehold Despachiaire (K - 10) 4000 Gil  General  
Yoichinoyumi (Relic Bow)70Castle Zvahl Baileys Switchstix (J - 8) Yoichinoyumi, Namas Arrow  Relic