Quests for Outlands

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
20 In Pirate Years - NIN AF1 (R)40Norg Ryoma (H - 8) Zushio, Anju  Artifact  
A Discerning Eye (Kazham) (R)1Kazham Swift (H - 7) 500 Gil Discerning Individual General  
A Question of Taste1Kazham Etteh Sulaej (J - 9) 3000 Gil  General  
A Reputation in Ruins0Upper Jeuno Migliorozz (H - 9) Green Bracelet, Blue Bracelet, , 3500 Gil   General  
A Thief in Norg!? - SAM AF3 (R)50Norg Jaucribaix (K - 8) Myochin Kabuto Paragon of Samurai Excellence Artifact  
Amphibian Assault (Hard) (R)1Port Jeuno Shami (H - 8)    SKCNM  
An Undying Pledge1Norg Stray Cloud (H - 9) Light Buckler  General  
Ark Angels v2 (Elvaan) (R)99Northern San d'Oria    BCNM  
Ark Angels v2 (Galka) (R)99Northern San d'Oria Copy of Rem's Tale, Chapter 9, Sif's Lock, Tunglmyrkvi, Anahera Blade, Agitator's Collar, Lurid Mitts, Daihanshi Habaki,    BCNM  
Ark Angels v2 (Hume) (R)99Northern San d'Oria Manabyss Pigaches, Piece of Maliyakaleya Coral, Bloodrain Strap, Castigation, Lithelimb Cap, Anahera Saber, Copy of Rem's Tale, Chapter 6,    BCNM  
Ark Angels v2 (Mithra) (R)99Northern San d'Oria Copy of Rem's Tale, Chapter 8, Chunk of Beryllium Ore, Raimitsukane, Anahera Tabar, Regimen Mittens, Felistris Mask, Sekhmet Corset,    BCNM  
Ark Angels v2 (Taru) (R)99Northern San d'Oria Copy of Rem's Tale, Chapter 10, Hepatizon Ore, Anahera Scythe, Venabulum, Theurgist's Slacks, Scamp's Sollerets, Fravashi Mantle,    BCNM  
Black Market1Norg Muzaffar (I - 8) 1500 Gil Black Marketeer General  
Brothers D'Aurphe (Hard) (R)1Port Jeuno Shami (H - 8)    SKCNM  
Chasing Dreams30Rabao Zoriboh Venerer Ring, 4000 Gil  General  
Cloak and Dagger - Dagger Weaponskill71Kazham Jakoh Wahcondalo (J - 9) Evisceration  Weaponskill  
Demolition Squad (Hard) (R)1Port Jeuno Shami (H - 8)    SKCNM  
Divine Might65La'Loff Amphitheater Knight's Earring, Abyssal Earring, Suppanomimi, Bushinomimi, Beastly Earring  General  
Divine Might (Extreme) (R)99Port Bastok Lentus Grip, Kyujutsugi, Seraphicaller, Divinator, Crematio Earring, Gelai Earring, Sanare Earring, Tripudio Earring, Trux Earring,    BCNM  
Don't Forget the Antidote (R)1Rabao Edigey (F - 9) Dotanuki Desert Hunter General  
Even More Gullible's Travels1Kazham Magriffon (I - 7)  Even More Gullible's Travels General  
Everyone's Grudge1Norg Magephaud (I - 8) Tonberry Key, Tonberry Hate Reset  General  
Everyone's Grudging1Kazham Jakoh Wahcondalo (J - 9) 11000 Gil Excommunicate of Kazham General  
Forge Your Destiny (Samurai Flag Quest)30Norg Jaucribaix (K - 8) Mumeito, Samurai Flag Bushido Blade Job Related  
Greetings to the Guardian1Kazham Hari Pakhroib (I - 11) 5000 Gil  General  
Gullible's Travels1Kazham Magriffon (I - 7)  Gullible's Travels General  
I'll Take The Big Box - NIN AF2 (R)50Norg Ryoma (H - 8) Ninja Hakama  Artifact  
It's Not Your Vault1Norg Keal (H - 8) Scroll of Tonko: Ichi  Spell  
Jungle Boogymen (Hard) (R)1Port Jeuno Shami (H - 8)    SKCNM  
Legion XI Comitatensis (Hard) (R)1Port Jeuno Shami (H - 8)    SKCNM  
Like Shining Leggings1Norg Heizo (H - 7) Scroll of Dokumori: Ichi Looks Good in Leggings Spell  
Like a Shining Subligar1Norg Heiji (I - 7) Scroll of Kurayami: Ichi Looks Sublime in a Subligar Spell  
Lost Chocobo1Kazham Tielleque (F - 9) Gysahl Greens  General  
Mama Mia1Norg Mamaulabion (G - 6) Evoker's Ring  General  
Missionary Man1Kazham Rauteinot (G - 9) Scroll of Teleport-Yhoat  Spell  
Obtaining a Sahagin Key (R)1Norg Gimb (H - 9) Sahagin Key  Side Quest  
Personal Hygiene1Kazham Gatih Mijurabi (I - 8) Mithran Stone, Removal of Rafflesia Scent  General  
Requiem of Sin (R)1Tavnazian Safehold Despachiaire (K - 10) Cassia Lumber, Viridian Urushi, X's Knife Disciple of Justice General  
Return to Delkfutt’s Tower (Extreme) (R)99Northern San d'Oria Mes'yohi Haubergeon, Mes'yohi Rod, Mes'yohi Slacks, Mes'yohi Sword, Copy of Rem's Tale, Chapter 10, Copy of Rem's Tale, Chapter 6, Copy of Rem's Tale, Chapter 7, Copy of Rem's Tale, Chapter 8, Copy of Rem's Tale, Chapter 9,    BCNM  
Secret of the Damp Scroll1Norg Shivivi (J - 8) Scroll of Jubaku: Ichi  Spell  
Skyward Ho, Voidwatcher!75Norg Kieran (I - 8)    General  
Soul Searching1The Sanctuary of Zi'tah Bat Earring Guider of Souls to the Sanctuary General  
Stop Your Whining1Norg Washu (J - 8) Scroll of Hojo: Ichi Apprentice Sommelier Spell  
Survival of the Wisest (SCH Limit Break 5) (R)66Xarcabard n/a Raises level cap to 75 Grimoire Bearer Limit Break  
Tango with a Tracker1Tavnazian Safehold Despachiaire (K - 10) 10000 Gil Sin Hunter Hunter General  
The Celestial Nexus (Extreme) (R)99Northern San d'Oria Vanir Battery, Vanir Boots, Vanir Cotehardie, Vanir Gun, Vanir Knife, Vial of Wyrm Blood, Copy of Rem's Tale, Chapter 10, Copy of Rem's Tale, Chapter 6, Copy of Rem's Tale, Chapter 7, Copy of Rem's Tale, Chapter 8, Copy of Rem's Tale, Chapter 9,    BCNM  
The Firebloom Tree1Kazham Soun Abralah (H - 9) 5000 Gil  General  
The Immortal Lu Shang1Rabao Irmilant (G - 7)   General  
The Kuftal Tour1Rabao Datta (F - 7) 8000 Gil  General  
The Missing Piece1Rabao Alfesar Scroll of Teleport-Altep Acquirer of Ancient Arcanum Spell  
The Opo-Opo and I65Kazham Opo-opo Crown  General  
The Potential Within - Great Katana Weaponskill71Norg Jaucribaix (K - 8) Tachi: Kasha  Weaponskill  
The Sacred Katana - SAM AF1 (R)40Norg Jaucribaix (K - 8) Magoroku  Artifact  
The Sahagin's Stash1Norg Laisrean (H - 7) Scroll of Utsusemi: Ichi Treasure-House Ransacker Spell  
The Search for Goldmane1Rabao Zoriboh Deluxe Carbine, 3000 Gil Rookie Hero Instructor General  
Trial By Fire45Kazham Ronta-Onta (J - 9) Ifrit's Blade, Fire Ring, Fire Belt, Egil's Torch, 10000 Gil Heir of the Great Fire Job Related  
Trial By Water30Norg Edal-Tahdal (H - 9) Leviathan's Rod, Eye of Nept, Water Belt, Water Ring, 10000 Gil Heir of the Great Water Job Related  
Trial By Wind1Rabao Agado-Pugado (G - 9) Wind Belt, Garuda's Dagger, Bubbly Water, Wind Ring, 10000 Gil Heir of the Great Wind Job Related  
Trial Size Trial By Fire20Kazham Dodmos (J - 9)   General  
Trial Size Trial By Water20Norg Verctissa (H - 9)   Job Related  
Trial Size Trial By Wind20Rabao Rahi Fohlatti (G - 9)   General  
True Will - NIN AF3 (R)50Norg Ryoma (H - 8) Ninja Chainmail Paragon of Ninja Excellence Artifact  
Uninvited Guests1Tavnazian Safehold Justinius (J - 6) Mannequin Head, Armoire, Miratete's Memoir, Mushroom Risotto, Bison Steak, Mannequin Legs, Mannequin Body, Aluminum Ore, Oversized Fang, Assault Breastplate, Bream Risotto, Crimson Jelly, Tavnazian Salad  ENM  
VW Op. 054: Elshimo List75Kazham Hildegard (F - 9)    General  
VW Op. 101: Detour to Zepwell75Rabao Gushing Spring (G - 8)    General  
VW Op. 115: Li'Telor Variant75Norg Gilgamesh (L - 8)    General  
Voidwatch Ops: Border Crossing75Norg Kieran (I - 8) Ashen Stratum Abyssite,    General  
Wandering Souls1Cape Teriggan Flagellant's Rope Bearer of Bonds Beyond Time General  
Wrath of the Opo-opos1Yuhtunga Jungle Opo-opo Necklace Friend of the Opo-opos General  
Yomi Okuri - SAM AF2 (R)50Norg Jaucribaix (K - 8) Myochin Sune-Ate  Artifact  
You Call That A Knife?1Kazham Mhebi Juhbily  Ya Done Good General  
ZM1 - The New Frontier1Norg Map of Norg  Mission  
ZM10 - The Temple of Desolation1Norg  Sealer of the Portal of the Gods Mission  
ZM11 - The Hall of the Gods1Hall of the Gods   Mission  
ZM12 - The Mithra and the Crystal1Rabao Maryoh Comyuja Cerulean Crystal, Scrap of Papyrus  Mission  
ZM13 - The Gate of the Gods1Hall of the Gods   Mission  
ZM14 - Ark Angels1Norg   Mission  
ZM15 - The Sealed Shrine1Norg   Mission  
ZM16 - The Celestial Nexus1Norg   Mission  
ZM17 - Awakening1Norg   Mission  
ZM2 - Welcome t'Norg1Norg   Mission  
ZM3 - Kazham's Chieftainess1Norg Sacrifical Chamber Key  Mission  
ZM4 - The Temple of Uggalepih1Norg   Mission  
ZM5 - Headstone Pilgrimage1Norg Wind Fragment, Water Fragment, Lightning Fragment, Light Fragment, Ice Fragment, Fire Fragment, Earth Fragment, Dark Fragment Bearer of the Eight Prayers Mission  
ZM6 - Through the Quicksand Caves65Chamber of Oracles   Mission  
ZM7 - The Chamber of Oracles1Chamber of Oracles Prismatic Fragment Lightbearer Mission  
ZM8 - Return to Delkfutt's Tower65Chamber of Oracles   Mission  
ZM9 - Ro'Maeve1Norg Gilgamesh (L - 8)   Mission