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  • Accuracy's primary role in battle is determining whether or not the next melee attack will land on the target.

Contributing Factors to a Job's Accuracy

  • Combat Skill - The job's proficiency in the weapon they are utilizing.

  • Target's Evasion - Each melee swing compares the total accuracy of the player against the total evasion of the target to determine the likelihood of the attack landing.

  • Base Stats - A player's DEX influences their overall Accuracy

    • For two-handed weapon users, 1 DEX roughly equals .70 Accuracy

    • For one-handed weapon users, 1 DEX roughly equals .50 Accuracy

  • Gear - Weapons and Armor with Accuracy and/or DEX values will influence the overall Accuracy.

  • Food

  • Job Abilities and Traits

    • Abilities such as Yonin give direct accuracy value decreases.

    • Traits such as Accuracy Bonus, obtained natively by jobs such as Dragoon and Dancer

  • Mob Abilities - TP moves such as Sigh and Rhino Guard increase the mob's Evasion levels, while moves such as Sandspin and Spiral Spin decrease Accuracy Levels.

  • Spells - Spells such as Gravity decrease the mob's total evasion, Blind decreases the player's Accuracy.

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