Spell details for Evoker's Roll  

Jobs/Level:Corsair, lvl 40
MP cost:0
Scroll:Summoner Die
Reuse:1 Minute
Cast time:Instant
Target Type:Group
Description:Gradually restores MP for party members within area of effect.

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overlooking something
# Sep 29 2006 at 10:10 AM Rating: Decent
i think ppl are overlooking one thing for this roll, which is the lvl it can be used at 1 lvl lower than refresh and 15 lvls lower than ballad II which means until 55 even if a corsair rolls a crappy roll bard cant refresh any better only rdm can and that isnt aoe and they dodnt have all the nice bonuses of the other rolls which means this roll is totally worth having a corsair in your party espeially since corsairs can do way more damage dd than a brd /peace

Edited, Sep 29th 2006 at 11:12am PDT by neokaras
Clarification on Evoker's Roll
# Jul 27 2006 at 9:20 PM Rating: Decent
Just a little more info on how this roll works.

Effect without Summoner in the Party
Normally 1 MP/tick refresh
2 MP/tick on 8 or 10
3 MP/tick on lucky number 5
4 MP/tick on 11

Effect With Summoner
Normally 2 MP/tick refresh
3 MP/tick on 8 or 10
4 MP/tick on lucky number 5
5 MP/tick on 11

Having a Summoner in the Party increases all the rolls by 1. Therefore making this roll extremely powerful. Especially when you consider you are going to get a roll of 5-11 each time.. so the only time you will be getting 2mp per tick is on rolls of 6 and 9. This roll is awesome with a summoner!
Clarification on Evoker's Roll
# Aug 17 2006 at 8:57 PM Rating: Decent
what is so special about rolling 8 or 10?
Clarification on Evoker's Roll
# Sep 09 2006 at 9:25 PM Rating: Decent
3,737 posts
9 is the unlucky number
svlyons wrote:
If random outcomes aren't acceptable to you, then don't play with random people.
brd and cor
# Jun 12 2006 at 12:58 PM Rating: Decent
I thought brd and cor spells don't stack :/
RE: brd and cor
# Jun 14 2006 at 12:34 AM Rating: Decent
BRD mains can have 2 effects on at once, as can COR. However together you can have a combined 2 effects between them, if I remember correctly (so you can have:
1 song + 1 roll,
2 rolls,
or 2 songs. )
RE: brd and cor
# Jul 01 2006 at 1:05 PM Rating: Decent
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They dont stack as one job (COR/BRD or BRD/COR for example) however you can have as many roll/song up as you want with both a COR & BRD in your PT w/o exceeding the standard (2 rolls+2 song basically, total of 4 buffs)
brd and cor
# Jun 12 2006 at 12:58 PM Rating: Decent
I thought brd and cor spells don't stack :/
# Jun 10 2006 at 2:42 AM Rating: Decent
so rolls or 1,2,3,4,6,7,9 all = 1mp/tic?
that actually is pretty disapointing, yeah 4mp/tic is awesome, but how often are you rolling 11s? especially when 7/11 rolls aren't only NOT any better than refresh or double ballad, but arent even any better than /smn or a vermillion cloak? pretty weak SE, the worst this should be is 2mp/tic, average should be 3, and best should be 4.. no reason for this to ever be 1mp/tic.
# Aug 07 2006 at 5:24 PM Rating: Decent
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well you should count our rolls of 1,2,3,and 4, bacause you have no reason to not double up on those, making the odd much nicer
Rolling info
# Jun 05 2006 at 7:16 PM Rating: Decent
From FFXIclopedia:

Optimal Job: Summoner
Lucky Number: 5
Unlucky Number: 9

Normally 1 MP/tick refresh
2 MP/tick on 8 or 10
3 MP/tick on lucky number 5
4 MP/tick on 11

optimal job part refers to what the job of at least one of the members in you party has to be to receive a boosted/the optimal boost from this spell.

Edited, Mon Jun 5 20:16:51 2006
RE: Rolling info
# Jun 07 2006 at 2:59 PM Rating: Decent
I'm confused, can anyone clarify as to why rolling a 11 yeilds a better result then hitting the lucky number?.. but damn, 4mp/tick that is badass, especially if it stacks with rdm/drinks refresh and/or brds ballads.
RE: Rolling info
# Jun 07 2006 at 3:48 PM Rating: Decent
Taken from http://www.playonline.com/pcd/update/ff11us/20060418lfQ7d3/detail.html

- Phantom Roll totals
The effect of a roll will continue to increase as the total rises from “I” to “XI.” However, if the total reaches “XII” or more, the roll will “Bust.”
Each Phantom Roll has a lucky and unlucky number. Obtaining a total equal to a roll’s lucky number will produce an effect second only to a total of “XI.” A total equal to the unlucky number will produce an effect weaker than a total of “I.”
If the roll becomes a “Bust,” party members will lose the effect of the roll and the corsair will experience an additional penalty.
# Jun 05 2006 at 12:02 PM Rating: Decent
BALLAD 1&2 stack with juices or Refesh, but Refresh doesn't stack with juices (anymore, WTG S/E). I however don't see why ballad, refresh (or juices) and roll wouldn't stack.
RE: stacking
# Jun 10 2006 at 2:19 PM Rating: Decent
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Juice creates a refresh effect, so it only makes sense that two refresh effects wouldn't stack.

By refresh effect I mean the icon you see in your status bar at the upper left corner of the screen. Noble's tunic for example adds a refresh effect, but with no icon, so it stacks with juice/refresh. (why would you use juice at that level? XD)
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# Jun 05 2006 at 10:56 AM Rating: Decent
this plus refresh plus mage's ballad 1 and 2 plus a pineapple juice or something would b awesome. But do they all stack?
RE: awesome
# Jun 05 2006 at 12:06 PM Rating: Good
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The believe the juice and refresh wouldn't stack. The rest would, however, though from what I hear Evoker's Roll usually only gives 1 mp per tic unless you have a smn in the party. So you'd need brd rdm smn cor and that doesn't leave room for much else. Still, (without a gjallarhorn) you could be doing refresh + ballads + evoker's roll + auto-refresh + refresh body piece, 3 + 3 + 5 + 1 + 1 = 13 mp refresh on the smn. If the rdm has a Duelist's Chapeau and a Dalm and /smn, it could be 3 + 3 + 5 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 14...
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