Spell details for Hysteric Barrage  

Jobs/Level:Blue Mage, lvl 69
MP cost:61
Cast time:0.5s
Target Type:Single
Blue Points:5
Attribute Bonus:DEX 2, AGI 1
Learned From:Lamia
Description:Delivers a fivefold attack. Damage varies with TP.

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Been reported
# Feb 28 2008 at 6:13 AM Rating: Default
Has been reported in past history that you could only fight certain lamia and they would use this move when you knock their weapon away...but I have tested this and this is what I have come up with
1.) every lamia will use this move no matter what level...and if you are in a besieged and knock their weapon away and they use it if you win the besieged or the monster dies then you can learn it
2.) best used when a multi hit ws is used ie. vorpal blade dancing edge rampage ect. ect.

happy hunting one of the best blue mage spells and is part of the "big 3" (Frenetic Rip - imps after horn breaks, hysteric barrage - lamia after weapon knocked away, and disseverment - aerns after weapon has been knocked away) good luck being that this is a very great spell and does tremendous damage and the mods arent too bad either

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Hysteric barrage
# Feb 02 2008 at 8:42 PM Rating: Default
I am on the hades server and I am a 69 blu I need this spell and everyone refuses to assist me with it. If anyone on hades reads this plz assist. This message is posted on 02/02/2008
Hysteric Barrage
# Aug 14 2006 at 1:06 AM Rating: Decent
In order for the mobs to use this ability you must first make them drop their weapon.This is done by either a random crit or multi-hit weapon skill.It usually helps to lower def,vit,and/or eva.The Cor mobs are IMO the easiest to do this with.
But...GL on learning, I think Ive seen them use it 20+ times on 71BLU w/AF hands and still didnt learn it.

Hysteric Barrage
# Jul 19 2006 at 4:40 PM Rating: Default
Hysteric Barrage: - P
Learned from: Lamiae - Caedarva Mire, Arrapago Reef
Cost: 61 | Cast: .5sec | Recast: 29sec | Blu Points: 5 | Stats: DEX+2 AGI+1
Delivers a fivefold attack. Damage varies with TP.
Job Trait Bonus: Hysteric Barrage (69) + Screwdriver (26) = Evasion Bonus (+10 eva)
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