AH Listing - Materials - Goldsmithing

161 Items found
Name Level Stats Where Found How Found
Aht Urhgan Brass Ingot  0    Crafted 
Aht Urhgan Brass Ore  0    Quested 
Aht Urhgan Brass Sheet  0    Crafted 
Aluminum Chain  0    Crafted 
Aluminum Ingot  0    Crafted, Quested 
Aluminum Ore  0   Newton Movalpolos Quested 
Aluminum Sheet  0    Crafted 
Amber  0   Bastok Markets, Dangruf Wadi, ... Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Amethyst  0   Bastok Markets, Gusgen Mines, ... Crafted, Purchased, Chests/Coffers 
Ametrine  0    Quested, Chests/Coffers 
Angelstone  0    Quested 
Aquamarine  0   Bastok Markets, The Eldieme Necropolis Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Aqueous Orichalcum Ingot  0    Crafted 
Ardent Jadeite  0    Crafted 
Auric Sand  0     
Aventurine  0    Quested 
Bewitched Gold Ingot  0    Crafted 
Black Pearl  0   Sea Serpent Grotto Quested, Dropped 
Black Rock  0   Bastok Markets, East Ronfaure, ... Crafted, Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Blessed Mythril Sheet  0    Crafted 
Blue Jasper  0   Jugner Forest Dropped 
Blue Rock  0   Attohwa Chasm, East Ronfaure, ... Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Brass Chain  0    Crafted 
Brass Ingot  0   Castle Zvahl Keep, Labyrinth of Onzozo Crafted, Dropped 
Brass Nugget  0     
Brass Scales  0   Bastok Markets Crafted, Purchased 
Brass Sheet  0   Bastok Markets Crafted, Purchased 
Brass Tank  0    Crafted, Quested 
Carnelian  0    Quested 
Chrysoberyl  0   Fei'Yin, Garlaige Citadel Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Chunk of Snowsteel  0     
Chunk of Snowsteel Ore  0     
Clarite  0    Quested 
Clear Topaz  0   Bastok Markets Crafted, Purchased, Chests/Coffers 
Cobalt Ore  0   Garlaige Citadel (S), The Eldieme Necropolis (S) Dropped 
Copper Ore  0   Bastok Markets, Eastern Altepa Desert, ... Purchased, Dropped 
Dark Bead  0    Crafted 
Dark Ore  0   Konschtat Highlands, La Theine Plateau Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Deathstone  0    Quested 
Decayed Ingot  0    Quested 
Diamond  0   Qulun Dome Quested, Dropped 
Earth Bead  0    Crafted 
Earth Ore  0   Abyssea-Konschtat Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Eastern Gem  0   Sea Serpent Grotto Dropped 
Electrum Chain  0    Crafted 
Electrum Ingot  0    Crafted, Quested 
Emerald  0   Bastok Markets Purchased, Quested 
Fire Bead  0    Crafted 
Fire Ore  0   Abyssea-Konschtat Quested, Dropped 
Flawed Garnet  0   North Gustaberg Dropped 
Flint Stone  0   Batallia Downs, East Sarutabaruta, ... Dropped 
Fluorite  0   The Eldieme Necropolis Quested, Dropped, Chests/Coffers 
Fool's Gold Ore  0   Jugner Forest (S), Sauromugue Champaign (S)  
Frigid Orichalcum  0    Crafted 
Fulmenite  0    Quested 
Garnet  0   Crawlers' Nest, Davoi Quested, Chests/Coffers 
Gold Chain  0    Crafted 
Gold Dust  0    Crafted, Quested 
Gold Ingot  0   Castle Zvahl Keep, Labyrinth of Onzozo Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Gold Nugget  0    Crafted, Quested 
Gold Ore  0   Gusgen Mines, Kuftal Tunnel, ... Quested, Dropped 
Gold Sheet  0    Crafted 
Golden Gear  0    Crafted 
Goshenite  0    Quested 
Granite  0   Fei'Yin Quested, Dropped 
Green Rock  0   Bastok Markets, East Ronfaure, ... Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Heliodor  0     
Ice Bead  0    Crafted 
Ice Ore  0   Abyssea-Konschtat Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Indurated Gold Ingot  0    Crafted, Quested 
Iolite  0   Attohwa Chasm Dropped 
Jadeite  0   Garlaige Citadel, The Eldieme Necropolis Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Kidney Stone  0     
Koh-I-Noor  0     
Lapis Lazuli  0   Bastok Markets, Inner Horutoto Ruins, ... Crafted, Purchased, Quested, Chests/Coffers 
Larimar  0     
Lavarion  0     
Light Bead  0    Crafted 
Light Opal  0   Bastok Markets, Davoi, ... Crafted, Purchased, Quested, Chests/Coffers 
Light Ore  0   Abyssea-Konschtat, Konschtat Highlands Quested, Dropped 
Lightning Bead  0    Crafted 
Lightning Ore  0    Crafted, Quested 
Luminium Ore  0   Halvung Quested 
Malebolge Mandrel  0   Beaucedine Glacier Dropped 
Mandragora Scale  0   Buburimu Peninsula Dropped 
Marble Slab  0   Korroloka Tunnel Quested, Dropped 
Mighty Sardonyx  0    Crafted 
Mistmelt  0    Quested 
Moblumin Sheet  0    Crafted 
Moonstone  0   Al Zahbi, Kuftal Tunnel, ... Purchased, Quested 
Mythril Chain  0   Bastok Markets Crafted, Purchased 
Mythril Coil  0    Crafted, Quested 
Mythril Gear Machine  0    Crafted 
Mythril Ingot  0   Eastern Altepa Desert Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Mythril Mesh Sheet  0    Crafted, Quested 
Mythril Ore  0   Beaucedine Glacier, North Gustaberg, ... Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Mythril Sheet  0    Crafted 
Neutralizing Silver Ingot  0    Crafted, Quested 
Oberon's Gold Ingot  0    Crafted 
Oberon's Gold Sheet  0    Crafted 
Onyx  0   Bastok Markets, Davoi, ... Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Orichalcum Chain  0    Crafted 
Orichalcum Ingot  0   Ru'Aun Gardens, The Shrine of Ru'Avitau Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Orichalcum Ore  0   Abyssea-Konschtat, Alzadaal Undersea Ruins, ... Quested, Dropped 
Orichalcum Sheet  0    Crafted 
Painite  0   Garlaige Citadel, The Eldieme Necropolis Quested, Dropped 
Pearl  0   Sea Serpent Grotto Quested, Dropped 
Penumbral Brass Ingot  0   Maze of Shakhrami Dropped 
Peridot  0   Fei'Yin Quested 
Phrygian Gold Ingot  0    Crafted, Quested 
Pigeon's Blood Ruby  0   Bostaunieux Oubliette, Sea Serpent Grotto Quested, Dropped 
Platinum Chain  0    Crafted 
Platinum Ingot  0   Castle Zvahl Keep, Labyrinth of Onzozo Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Platinum Nugget  0    Crafted, Quested 
Platinum Ore  0   Eastern Altepa Desert, Kuftal Tunnel, ... Quested, Dropped 
Platinum Sheet  0    Crafted 
Purple Rock  0   Bastok Markets, Batallia Downs, ... Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Quadav Silver Ingot  0   Palborough Mines Dropped 
Red Rock  0   Bastok Markets, East Ronfaure, ... Crafted, Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Rhodonite  0    Crafted, Quested 
Rogue's Silver Ingot  0    Crafted 
Ruby  0   Qulun Dome Quested, Dropped 
Sahagin Gold  0   Yuhtunga Jungle Dropped 
Sapphire  0    Quested 
Sardonyx  0   Bastok Markets Crafted, Purchased, Quested, Chests/Coffers 
Scarlet Stone  0   Attohwa Chasm Dropped 
Scintillant Ingot  0   Garlaige Citadel (S), The Eldieme Necropolis (S) Crafted, Dropped 
Selenite  0     
Silver Chain  0   Bastok Markets Crafted, Purchased 
Silver Ingot  0   Mhaura Crafted, Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Silver Nugget  0    Crafted 
Silver Ore  0   Bastok Markets, Valkurm Dunes, ... Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Silver Sheet  0    Crafted 
Snowsteel Sheet  0     
Southern Pearl  0   Sea Serpent Grotto Quested, Dropped 
Sparkling Stone  0   Dynamis - Jeuno, Dynamis - Windurst Dropped 
Sphene  0    Quested 
Spinel  0    Quested 
Spirit Orichalcum Ingot  0    Crafted 
Star Sapphire  0   Abyssea-La Theine Quested, Dropped 
Sunstone  0   Crawlers' Nest, Monastic Cavern, ... Quested, Dropped 
Tanzanite Jewel  0     
Tenebrite  0    Quested 
Tiger Eye  0    Quested 
Topaz  0    Quested 
Tourmaline  0   Bastok Markets Crafted, Purchased, Quested, Chests/Coffers 
Translucent Rock  0   Bastok Markets, East Ronfaure, ... Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Tufa  0   Bastok Markets Purchased, Quested 
Turquoise  0    Quested 
Vision Amethyst  0    Crafted 
Vivified Mythril Ingot  0    Crafted 
Vivio Platinum  0    Crafted 
Water Bead  0    Crafted 
Water Ore  0   Abyssea-Konschtat Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
White Rock  0   Castle Oztroja, East Ronfaure, ... Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Wind Bead  0    Crafted 
Wind Ore  0   Abyssea-Konschtat Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Yellow Brass Chain  0   Castle Zvahl Baileys, Newton Movalpolos Dropped 
Yellow Rock  0   Bastok Markets, East Ronfaure, ... Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Zinc Ore  0   Zeruhn Mines Dropped 
Zircon  0   Fei'Yin, The Eldieme Necropolis Purchased, Quested, Dropped