AH Listing - Materials - Leathercraft

101 Items found
Name Level Stats Where Found How Found
Amaltheia Hide  0   Lufaise Meadows Dropped 
Amaltheia Leather  0    Crafted, Quested 
Amemet Skin  0   Kuftal Tunnel Dropped 
Amphiptere Hide  0   Xarcabard (S) Dropped 
Amphiptere Leather  0     
Behemoth Leather  0    Crafted 
Black Tiger Hide  0   Batallia Downs, Beaucedine Glacier, ... Purchased, Dropped 
Bloody Ram Leather  0    Crafted 
Buffalo Hide  0    Dropped 
Buffalo Leather  0    Crafted, Dropped 
Bugard Leather  0   Lufaise Meadows Crafted, Dropped 
Bugard Skin  0   Lufaise Meadows, Misareaux Coast Dropped 
Caliginous Wolf Hide  0    Crafted 
Catoblepas Hide  0   Bibiki Bay Dropped 
Catoblepas Leather  0    Crafted 
Cerberus Hide  0   Mount Zhayolm Quested, Dropped 
Cerberus Leather  0    Crafted 
Cockatrice Skin  0   Southern San d'Oria Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Coeurl Hide  0   Southern San d'Oria Purchased, Dropped 
Coeurl Leather  0   Batallia Downs, Southern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased, Dropped 
Dhalmel Hide  0   Southern San d'Oria Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Dhalmel Leather  0   Batallia Downs, Southern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased, Dropped 
Eft Skin  0   Bibiki Bay Dropped 
Eltoro Leather  0    Quested 
Ether Leather  0    Crafted 
Fiendish Skin  0     
Fragrant Dhalmel Hide  0    Crafted 
Fragrant Ram Skin  0    Crafted 
Frigid Skin  0    Crafted 
Glossy Bugard Leather  0    Crafted 
Griffon Hide  0   Dynamis - San d'Oria Dropped 
Griffon Leather  0    Crafted 
Habu Skin  0    Quested 
Herensugue Skin  0   Sauromugue Champaign (S) Dropped 
High Quality Bugard Skin  0   Lufaise Meadows, Misareaux Coast Dropped 
High Quality Eft Skin  0   Bibiki Bay Dropped 
High-Quality Coeurl Hide  0   Labyrinth of Onzozo, Temple of Uggalepih Quested, Dropped 
Holy Leather  0    Crafted 
Immortal Molt  0   Konschtat Highlands Dropped 
Karakul Leather  0    Crafted 
Karakul Skin  0   Caedarva Mire Dropped 
Kukulkan's Skin  0   Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Lamia Skin  0   Arrapago Reef, Caedarva Mire Dropped 
Laminated Buffalo Leather  0    Crafted 
Laminated Ram Leather  0    Crafted 
Leather Pouch  0    Crafted 
Light Ram Leather  0    Crafted 
Lindwurm Skin  0   Ifrit's Cauldron Dropped 
Lizard Molt  0   North Gustaberg, South Gustaberg  
Lizard Skin  0   Sauromugue Champaign, Valkurm Dunes Dropped 
Lynx Hide  0   Meriphataud Mountains (S), Sauromugue Champaign Dropped 
Lynx Leather  0    Crafted 
Manta Leather  0    Crafted 
Manta Skin  0   Kuftal Tunnel, Labyrinth of Onzozo Dropped 
Manticore Hide  0   Cape Teriggan, Labyrinth of Onzozo Dropped 
Manticore Leather  0    Crafted 
Marid Hide  0   Bhaflau Thickets, Wajaom Woodlands Dropped 
Marid Leather  0    Crafted 
Moblin Sheep Leather  0   Oldton Movalpolos Crafted, Dropped 
Narasimha Hide  0   Labyrinth of Onzozo Dropped 
Narasimha Leather  0    Crafted 
Ovinnik Hide  0   Kuftal Tunnel Dropped 
Ovinnik Leather  0    Crafted 
Parchment  0    Crafted 
Peiste Leather  0     
Peiste Skin  0    Quested, Dropped 
Raaz Hide  0    Dropped 
Rabbit Hide  0   Konschtat Highlands, Southern San d'Oria Purchased, Dropped 
Ram Leather  0   Southern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Ram Skin  0   La Theine Plateau Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Raptor Skin  0   Meriphataud Mountains, Sauromugue Champaign Purchased, Dropped 
Rheiyoh Leather  0    Quested 
Rugged Bugard Leather  0    Crafted 
Ruszor Hide  0    Dropped 
Ruszor Leather  0    Crafted 
Shagreen  0   Beaucedine Glacier (S) Dropped 
Sheep Chammy  0    Crafted 
Sheep Leather  0   Batallia Downs, Sauromugue Champaign Crafted, Dropped 
Sheepskin  0   North Gustaberg, South Gustaberg Dropped 
Smilodon Hide  0   Batallia Downs (S), Jugner Forest (S) Dropped 
Smilodon Leather  0    Crafted 
Smooth Sheep Leather  0    Crafted 
Soft Bugard Leather  0    Crafted 
Square of Raaz Leather  0     
Tanning Vat  0   Southern San d'Oria Purchased 
Tarasque Skin  0   Ifrit's Cauldron Dropped 
Tiger Leather  0   Batallia Downs, Southern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased, Dropped 
Tough Bugard Leather  0    Crafted 
Tough Dhalmel Leather  0    Crafted 
Undead Skin  0   Gusgen Mines, Toraimarai Canal Quested, Dropped 
Vellum  0    Crafted 
Vivio Sheep Leather  0    Crafted 
White Mouton  0    Crafted 
Wivre Hide  0   Bhaflau Thickets Dropped 
Wolf Hide  0   Gusgen Mines, Tahrongi Canyon Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Woolly Pelage  0   Lufaise Meadows Dropped 
Wyvern Skin  0   Ifrit's Cauldron, Kuftal Tunnel Quested, Dropped 
Wyvern Tailskin  0   Riverne - Site #B01 Dropped 
Wyvern Wing  0   Gustav Tunnel, Kuftal Tunnel Dropped 
Yellow Mouton  0    Crafted 
Yowie Skin  0   Kuftal Tunnel