Bamboo Fishing Rod
Carbon Fishing Rod
Composite Fishing Rod
Ebisu Fishing Rod
Fastwater Fishing Rod
Glass Fiber Fishing Rod
Halcyon Rod
Hume Fishing Rod
Judge Minnow
Judge's Lure
Judge's Rod
Lu Shang's Fishing Rod
Mithran Fishing Rod
Single Hook Fishing Rod
Tarutaru Fishing Rod
Willow Fishing Rod
Yew Fishing Rod


Crayfish Ball
Drill Calamary
Dwarf Pugil
Giant Shell Bug
Insect Ball
Little Worm
Lufaise Fly
Peeled Crayfish
Peeled Lobster
Rotten Meat
Sardine Ball
Shell Bug
Slice of Bluetail
Slice of Carp
Slice of Cod
Slice of Sardine
Trout Ball


Fly Lure
Frog Lure
Lizard Lure
Robber Rig
Rogue Rig
Sabiki Rig
Shrimp Lure
Sinking Minnow
Worm Lure


Fish Type Size Skill
Pearlscale Unknown Small 0
Alabaligi Freshwater Small 0
Bastore Sweeper Freshwater Small 0
Betta Freshwater Small 68
Black Eel Freshwater Small 47
Black Ghost Freshwater Small 0
Blindfish Freshwater Small 28
Brass Loach Freshwater Small 0
Ca Cuong Freshwater Small 73
Caedarva Frog Freshwater Small 0
Cheval Salmon Freshwater Small 0
Copper Frog Freshwater Small 16
Crayfish Freshwater Small 0
Crescent Fish Freshwater Small 0
Dark Bass Freshwater Small 33
Elshimo Frog Freshwater Small 0
Elshimo Newt Freshwater Small 59
Forest Carp Freshwater Small 21
Gold Carp Freshwater Small 56
Kaplumbaga Freshwater Small 53
Kayabaligi Freshwater Small 0
Lamp Marimo Freshwater Small 0
Lungfish Freshwater Small 0
Moat Carp Freshwater Small 11
Pamtam Kelp Freshwater Small 0
Pelazoea Freshwater Small 0
Phanauet Newt Freshwater Small 4
Pipira Freshwater Small 29
Red Bubble-Eye Freshwater Small 0
Red Terrapin Freshwater Small 53
Sandfish Freshwater Small 50
Sazanbaligi Freshwater Small 40
Shining Trout Freshwater Small 37
Tavnazian Goby Freshwater Small 0
Tiny Goldfish Freshwater Small 0
Tricolored Carp Freshwater Small 27
Yilanbaligi Freshwater Small 47
Abaia Freshwater Large 100
Armored Pisces Freshwater Large 100
Cave Cherax Freshwater Large 100
Crocodilos Freshwater Large 0
Crystal Bass Freshwater Large 35
Dorado Gar Freshwater Large 0
Emperor Fish Freshwater Large 94
Gavial Fish Freshwater Large 81
Giant Catfish Freshwater Large 31
Giant Chirai Freshwater Large 0
Giant Donko Freshwater Large 49
Gigant Squid Freshwater Large 91
Hakuryu Freshwater Large 0
Icefish Freshwater Large 49
Jungle Catfish Freshwater Large 0
Kokuryu Freshwater Large 0
Monke-onke Freshwater Large 52
Morinabaligi Freshwater Large 0
Pirarucu Freshwater Large 0
Sekiryu Freshwater Large 0
Takitaro Freshwater Large 0
Turnabaligi Freshwater Large 0
Yayinbaligi Freshwater Large 0
Ahtapot Saltwater Small 0
Bastore Sardine Saltwater Small 10
Bibiki Urchin Saltwater Small 0
Bibikibo Saltwater Small 32
Black Sole Saltwater Small 96
Bluetail Saltwater Small 55
Cobalt Jellyfish Saltwater Small 0
Cone Calamary Saltwater Small 0
Coral Butterfly Saltwater Small 40
Denizanasi Saltwater Small 5
Dil Saltwater Small 96
Garpike Saltwater Small 0
Gold Lobster Saltwater Small 46
Greedie Saltwater Small 14
Gurnard Saltwater Small 16
Hamsi Saltwater Small 0
Istakoz Saltwater Small 45
Istiridye Saltwater Small 53
Kalamar Saltwater Small 0
Mercanbaligi Saltwater Small 86
Moorish Idol Saltwater Small 31
Muddy Siredon Saltwater Small 0
Nebimonite Saltwater Small 27
Nosteau Herring Saltwater Small 39
Quus Saltwater Small 19
Shall Shell Saltwater Small 53
Tiger Cod Saltwater Small 29
Trilobite Saltwater Small 0
Trumpet Shell Saltwater Small 0
Vongola Clam Saltwater Small 52
Yellow Globe Saltwater Small 17
Zafmlug Bass Saltwater Small 48
Bastore Bream Saltwater Large 86
Bhefhel Marlin Saltwater Large 61
Bladefish Saltwater Large 71
Fat Greedie Saltwater Large 0
Gerrothorax Saltwater Large 0
Gigant Octopus Saltwater Large 0
Grimmonite Saltwater Large 90
Gugru Tuna Saltwater Large 41
Gugrusaurus Saltwater Large 0
Istavrit Saltwater Large 0
Kalkanbaligi Saltwater Large 0
Kilicbaligi Saltwater Large 0
Lakerda Saltwater Large 41
Lik Saltwater Large 0
Matsya Saltwater Large 0
Megalodon Saltwater Large 0
Mola Mola Saltwater Large 0
Noble Lady Saltwater Large 66
Ogre Eel Saltwater Large 0
Pterygotus Saltwater Large 99
Rhinochimera Saltwater Large 0
Ryugu Titan Saltwater Large 0
Sea Zombie Saltwater Large 100
Silver Shark Saltwater Large 76
Soryu Saltwater Large 0
Three-eyed Fish Saltwater Large 80
Titanic Sawfish Saltwater Large 100
Titanictus Saltwater Large 100
Tricorn Saltwater Large 0
Uskumru Saltwater Large 55
Veydal Wrasse Saltwater Large 0
Zebra Eel Saltwater Large 70