Name Level Stats Where Found How Found
Beast Collar  1Rare Exclusive  Castle Oztroja  
Judge's Gorget  1Def: 30 GMs Only    
Miner's Pendant  1Rare Exclusive  Beadeaux, Gusgen Mines Dropped 
Pullus Torque  1Rare Exclusive Enchantment: Costume    
Pile Chain  3Rare Exclusive HP: 3 Accuracy: 1  East Sarutabaruta  
Buffoon's Collar  5HP: 3 Reduces "Overload" Rate    
Buffoon's Collar +1  5HP: 5 Reduces "Overload" Rate   Crafted 
Feather Collar  7Def: 1   Crafted 
Feather Collar +1  7Def: 2 Ranged Accuracy: 2   Crafted 
Justice Badge  7Def: 1 MND: 3   Quested 
Leather Gorget  7Def: 1  Southern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Leather Gorget +1  7Def: 2   Crafted 
Rabbit Charm  7Def: 1 DEX: 1 AGI: 1 Steal: 1  West Ronfaure Dropped 
Regen Collar  7Def: 1   Crafted 
Silver Name Tag  7Rare Vs. Water: 5  Konschtat Highlands, Palborough Mines, ... Dropped 
Wing Pendant  7Rare Exclusive AGI: 1 Vs. Earth: 1 Vs. Wind: 1  Northern San d'Oria Quested 
Armiger's Lace  9Rare STR: 1 VIT: 1  South Gustaberg Dropped 
Dog Collar  9Rare Def: 1 CHR: -1  North Gustaberg, South Gustaberg Dropped 
Green Scarf  10Def: 1 HP: 2  Lower Jeuno, Windurst Woods Purchased, Conquest 
Republican Bronze Medal  10MP: 2  Bastok Markets, Bastok Mines Purchased, Conquest 
Scale Gorget  11Def: 2  Palborough Mines Dropped 
Ranger's Necklace  14Rare Ranged Accuracy: 5 Ranged Attack: 5   Quested 
Van Pendant  14Rare Exclusive Def: 3 Enemy Critical Hit Rate: -1%  La Theine Plateau Dropped 
Bird Whistle  15HP: 5 CHR: 3  Giddeus Dropped 
Federation Stables Scarf  15Rare Exclusive Enchantment: Teleport (Windurst Chocobo Stables)   Quested 
Kingdom Stables Collar  15Rare Exclusive Enchantment: Teleport (San d'Oria Chocobo Stables)   Quested 
Republic Stables Medal  15Rare Exclusive Enchantment: Teleport (Bastok Chocobo Stables)   Quested 
Cerulean Pendant  18Vs. Wind: 6 Vs. Light: 6  Tahrongi Canyon Dropped 
Black Silk Neckerchief  20Def: 2 INT: 1 Vs. Dark: 3   Crafted, Quested 
Bloodbead Amulet  20Rare HP: 15  Pashhow Marshlands Dropped 
Chocobo Whistle  20Rare Exclusive Enchantment: Call Chocobo    
Beetle Gorget  21Def: 2  Windurst Woods Crafted, Purchased 
Fang Necklace  21STR: 2 DEX: 2 MND: -4  Windurst Woods Crafted, Purchased 
Green Gorget  21Def: 3 Vs. Ice: -3 Evasion: 1    
Spike Necklace  21STR: 3 DEX: 3 MND: -6    
Hemp Gorget  23Def: 2  Windurst Woods Crafted, Purchased 
Hemp Gorget +1  23Def: 3   Crafted 
Beast Whistle  24VIT: 2 CHR: 2  Lower Jeuno Quested 
Chain Choker  24Vs. Water: 3 VS. Lightning: 3   Crafted, Quested 
Chain Gorget  24Def: 3   Crafted 
Fine Gorget  24Def: 4    
Red Choker  24Vs. Water: 5 VS. Lightning: 5    
Tiger Stole  24Def: 2 Attack: 5   Quested 
Holy Phial  26Def: 3 MP: 9 MND: 3  Beadeaux Dropped 
Buburimu Gorget  27Rare Vs. Fire: 10 Vs. Water: 10 VS. Lightning: -10 Vs. Dark: 10 Vs. Light: -10  Buburimu Peninsula Dropped 
Flower Necklace  27CHR: 3   Quested 
Sand Charm  27Rare Exclusive Vs. Ice: 5 Vs. Earth: 5 Vs. Dark: 5  Ship from Mhaura to Selbina Dropped 
Ajase Bead Necklace  30Rare Exclusive Def: 4 HP: 20 In areas under own nation's control: Accuracy: 3 Inside Nation's Control: Attack: 3  Meriphataud Mountains Dropped 
Beast Torque  30Exclusive   Quested 
Chaos Torque  30Exclusive   Quested 
Choral Torque  30Exclusive   Quested 
Corsair's Torque  30Exclusive   Quested 
Dancer's Torque  30Exclusive   Quested 
Drachen Torque  30Exclusive   Quested 
Evoker's Torque  30Exclusive   Quested 
Fighter's Torque  30Exclusive   Quested 
Gallant Torque  30Exclusive   Quested 
Healer's Torque  30Exclusive   Quested 
Hunter's Torque  30Exclusive   Quested 
Magus Torque  30Exclusive   Quested 
Myochin Shusa  30Exclusive   Quested 
Ninja Shusa  30Exclusive   Quested 
Paisley Scarf  30Def: 2 HP: 6  Lower Jeuno, Windurst Woods Purchased, Conquest 
Puppetry Torque  30Exclusive   Quested 
Republican Iron Medal  30MP: 6  Bastok Markets, Bastok Mines Purchased, Conquest 
Rogue's Torque  30Exclusive   Quested 
Royal Squire's Collar  30Def: 3 Evasion: 1  Lower Jeuno, Southern San d'Oria Purchased, Conquest 
Scholar's Torque  30Exclusive   Quested 
Temple Torque  30Exclusive   Quested 
Warlock's Torque  30Exclusive   Quested 
Willpower Torque  30Spell Interruption Rate: -5%   Quested 
Wizard's Torque  30Exclusive   Quested 
Wolf Gorget  30Def: 3  Southern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Wolf Gorget +1  30Def: 4   Crafted 
Dhalmel Whistle  31Rare Exclusive Enchantment: AGI: 6 Evasion: 3  Western Altepa Desert Dropped 
Peacock Amulet  33Rare Exclusive Vs. Dark: -10 Accuracy: 10 Ranged Accuracy: 10  Maze of Shakhrami Dropped 
Peacock Charm  33Rare Vs. Dark: -10 Ranged Accuracy: 10 Accuracy: 10   Quested 
Solon Torque  33MP: 12 INT: 2 Magic Attack Bonus: 1   Quested 
Medieval Collar  35Def: 3 VIT: 2   Quested 
Shield Pendant  35HP: 20 MP: -20  Ordelle's Caves Dropped 
Memento Muffler  37Def: 4 Enchantment: VIT: 7   Quested 
Spirit Torque  38Rare MP: 10 Evasion: 5   Quested 
Guarding Gorget  39Rare Def: 4 VIT: 1 AGI: -1 Convert MP to HP: 15 Evasion: -5   Quested 
Stone Gorget  39Rare Exclusive Def: 4 Enhances "Stoneskin" effect   Quested 
Agile Gorget  40Rare Def: 3 AGI: 2 Evasion: 1   Quested 
Gorget  40Def: 4  Bastok Markets, Metalworks Crafted, Purchased 
Gorget +1  40Def: 5   Crafted 
Haraldr's Muffler  40Rare Exclusive Def: 2 Store TP: 1 Rainy Weather: Store TP: 5  Beaucedine Glacier  
Jagd Gorget  40Rare Def: 2 MP: 6 Ranged Accuracy: 5 Ranged Attack: 6   Quested 
Mohbwa Scarf  40Def: 1 MP: 4 INT: 1 MND: 1   Crafted 
Mohbwa Scarf +1  40Def: 2 MP: 6 INT: 2 MND: 2   Crafted 
Republican Silver Medal  40Rare Exclusive MP recovered while healing: 1 HP recovered while healing: 1 Enmity: -2   Quested 
Star Pendant  40CHR: 3 Vs. Dark: 9 Vs. Light: 9    
Yinyang Lorgnette  40Def: 1 Enhancing Magic Skill: 1 Enfeebling Magic Skill: 1   Quested 
Clay Amulet  42Def: 4 Vs. Earth: 11  Gusgen Mines Dropped 
Blue Gorget  45Def: 5 VS. Lightning: -3 Evasion: 1    
Carapace Gorget  45Def: 4   Crafted 
Auditory Torque  47Rare Exclusive Def: 5 Latent Effect: STR: 4 Latent Effect: VIT: 4    
Promise Badge  48Def: 3 HP: 10 MND: 5   Quested 
Mythril Gorget  49Def: 5   Crafted 
Noble's Gorget  49Def: 6    
Nodowa  49Def: 4  Norg, Port Bastok Crafted, Purchased 
Nodowa +1  49Def: 5 VIT: 1   Crafted 
Wing Gorget  49Def: 5 Enchantment: Regain   Crafted 
Beak Necklace  50Def: 4 MP: 20 MP recovered while healing: 1   Crafted 
Beak Necklace +1  50Def: 5 MP: 22 MP recovered while healing: 2   Crafted 
Benign Necklace  50Def: 2 Enmity: -2   Quested 
Elemental Charm  50Vs. Fire: 6 Vs. Ice: 6 Vs. Water: 6 VS. Lightning: 6 Vs. Earth: 6 Vs. Wind: 6  Beaucedine Glacier Dropped 
Fiend Torque  50Exclusive HP: 5    
Hateful Collar  50Def: 6 Enmity: 1   Quested 
Intellect Torque  50Def: 4 INT: 2   Quested 
Moon Amulet  50Vs. Dark: 11 Vs. Light: 11  Xarcabard Dropped 
Parade Gorget  50Rare Exclusive Def: 5 MP: 10 Latent Effect: Refresh  Oldton Movalpolos Dropped 
Royal Knight Army Collar  50Def: 5 STR: 1 Evasion: 2  Lower Jeuno, Southern San d'Oria Purchased, Conquest 
Storm Gorget  50Def: 4 DEX: 2 AGI: -2 Attack: 6   Quested 
Storm Muffler  50Rare Exclusive Def: 1 Assault: Adds "Regen" Effect   Quested 
Storm Torque  50Rare Exclusive Def: 1 Assault: Evasion: 7    
Temple Knight Army Collar  50Def: 5 MND: 1 Evasion: 2  Lower Jeuno, Southern San d'Oria Purchased, Conquest 
Ashura Necklace  54Def: 1 STR: 1 DEX: 1 VIT: 1 AGI: 1   Quested 
Pachamac's Collar  54Def: 2 HP recovered while healing: 1 MP recovered while healing: 1  Newton Movalpolos Dropped 
Checkered Scarf  55Def: 4 HP: 12  Lower Jeuno, Windurst Woods Purchased, Conquest 
Iron Musketeer's Gorget  55Def: 7 HP: 15 VIT: 1  Bastok Markets, Bastok Mines Purchased, Conquest 
Republican Mythril Medal  55MP: 12  Bastok Markets, Bastok Mines Purchased, Conquest 
Royal Guard's Collar  55Def: 6 Attack: 4 Accuracy: 4  Lower Jeuno, Southern San d'Oria Purchased, Conquest 
Coral Gorget  56Def: 5 Ranged Accuracy: 3 Accuracy: 3   Crafted 
Merman's Gorget  56Def: 7 Ranged Accuracy: 5 Accuracy: 5    
Reraise Gorget  56Def: 5 Accuracy: 3 Ranged Accuracy: 3 Enchantment: Reraise II   Crafted 
Ajari Bead Necklace  58AGI: 2 MND: 6   Quested 
Stoneskin Torque  58Def: 4 INT: 1 MND: 1 CHR: 1 Enchantment: Stoneskin   Crafted 
Torque  58Def: 4 INT: 1 MND: 1 CHR: 1   Crafted 
Torque +1  58Def: 5 INT: 2 MND: 2 CHR: 2   Crafted 
Spectacles  59Rare Def: 2 Vs. Ice: -7 Ranged Accuracy: 7 Accuracy: 7   Quested 
Star Necklace  59Rare Exclusive Def: 1 CHR: 3 Convert HP to MP: 15   Quested 
Bull Necklace  60Rare Exclusive STR: 4 Campaign: STR: 25    
Chivalrous Chain  60Def: 4 STR: 3 Accuracy: 5 Store TP: 1  Aht Urhgan Whitegate Purchased 
Cougar Pendant  60HP: 30 Campaign: HP: 200    
Crocodile Collar  60AGI: 4 Campaign: AGI: 25    
Enlightened Chain  60INT: 3 MND: 2  Aht Urhgan Whitegate Purchased 
Fortified Chain  60Def: 4 Evasion Skill: 3 Shield Skill: 3 Parrying Skill: 3  Aht Urhgan Whitegate Purchased 
Grandiose Chain  60HP: 10 MP: 10 HP recovered while healing: 2 MP recovered while healing: 2  Aht Urhgan Whitegate Purchased 
Mercenary Major Charm  60Rare Exclusive MP: 25 Campaign: Adds "Refresh" effect    
Shepherd's Chain  60Rare Exclusive Pet: Damage Taken: -2%  Misareaux Coast Dropped 
Shield Collar  60Rare Exclusive VIT: 4 Campaign: VIT: 25    
Tempered Chain  60Def: 8 HP: 20  Aht Urhgan Whitegate Purchased 
Coeurl Gorget  61Def: 5  Kazham Crafted, Purchased 
Opo-opo Necklace  61DEX: 1 VS. Lightning: 3 While asleep: Raises TP   Quested 
Philomath Stole  61INT: 3   Quested 
Torama Gorget  61Def: 6    
Uggalepih Necklace  61Rare Exclusive  Den of Rancor Dropped 
Darksteel Nodowa  63Def: 6  Norg, Port Bastok Crafted, Purchased 
Darksteel Nodowa +1  63Def: 7   Crafted 
Spider Torque  64Enfeebling Magic Skill: 5  Eastern Altepa Desert Dropped 
Dark Torque  65Rare Vs. Dark: 5 Dark Magic Skill: 7   Quested 
Divine Torque  65VS. Lightning: 5 Divine Magic Skill: 7   Quested 
Elemental Torque  65Rare Vs. Wind: 5 Elemental Magic Skill: 7   Quested 
Enfeebling Torque  65Rare Vs. Fire: 5 Enfeebling Magic Skill: 7   Quested 
Enhancing Torque  65Rare Vs. Earth: 5 Enhancing Magic Skill: 7   Quested 
Evasion Torque  65Rare HP: 7 Evasion Skill: 7   Quested 
Grand Temple Knight's Collar  65Exclusive Outside Nation's Control: DEF: 7 Outside Nation's Control: Attack: 5 Outside Nation's Control: Accuracy: 5  Lower Jeuno, Southern San d'Oria Purchased, Conquest 
Guarding Torque  65HP: 7 Guarding skill: 7   Quested 
Healing Torque  65Rare Vs. Water: 5 Healing Magic Skill: 7   Quested 
Lieutenant's Gorget  65Rare Exclusive Enmity: -1 Magic Accuracy: 2 Accuracy: 4    
Merrow No. 17's Locket  65Rare Exclusive Def: 2 MP: 10 Vs. Water: 30 Enhances "Resist Charm" Effect   Quested 
Ninjutsu Torque  65Rare Vs. Ice: 5 Ninjutsu Skill: 7   Quested 
Parrying Torque  65HP: 7 Parrying Skill: 7   Quested 
Purgatory Collar  65Rare Exclusive Enchantment: Conserve MP  Uleguerand Range Dropped 
Republican Gold Medal  65Exclusive Outside Nation's Control: MP: 50  Bastok Markets, Bastok Mines Purchased, Conquest 
Shield Torque  65Rare HP: 7 Shield Skill: 7   Quested 
String Torque  65Rare Vs. Wind: 5 String Instrument Skill: 7   Quested 
Summoning Torque  65Rare VS. Lightning: 5 Summoning Magic Skill: 7   Quested 
Wind Torque  65Rare Vs. Wind: 5 Wind Instrument Skill: 7   Quested 
Windurstian Scarf  65Exclusive Outside Nation's Control: HP: 15 Outside Nation's Control: DEF: 7 Outside Nation Control: Evasion: 7  Lower Jeuno, Windurst Woods Purchased, Conquest 
Darksteel Gorget  67Def: 10 MP: 5 STR: -1 MND: 3 Vs. Dark: 2 Vs. Light: 2   Crafted 
Darksteel Gorget +1  67Def: 11 MP: 6 STR: -1 MND: 4 VS. Lightning: 3 Vs. Dark: 3   Crafted 
Knack Pendant  67Rare Exclusive DEX: 4 Attack: 2  Bibiki Bay Dropped 
Bandolero Scarf  69Rare Evasion: 5 Enhances "Gilfinder" Effect  La Vaule (S) Dropped 
Lleu's Charm  69Rare Exclusive AGI: 4 Ranged Accuracy: 4 Ranged Attack: 4    
Piper's Torque  69Rare CHR: 5 Campaign: Wind Instrument Skill: 10 Wind Instrument Skill: 5  Beadeaux (S) Dropped 
Sniper's Collar  69Rare Exclusive Subtle Blow: 1 Enmity: -1 Ranged Attack: 5 Ranged Accuracy: 6   Quested 
Alchemist's Torque  70Rare Exclusive Alchemy Skill: 2    
Bloodbead Gorget  70Rare Exclusive HP: 60  The Eldieme Necropolis (S) Dropped 
Boneworker's Torque  70Rare Exclusive Bonecraft Skill: 2  Temple of Uggalepih  
Chanoix's Gorget  70Rare Exclusive Wyvern: HP: 50 Accuracy: 2   Quested 
Diabolos's Torque  70Rare Exclusive Dark Weather: Ranged Attack: 8 Dark Weather: Ranged Accuracy: -8 Ranged Accuracy: 8   Quested 
Fenrir's Torque  70Rare Exclusive Daytime: MP: 30 Nighttime: Enmity: -3   Quested 
Jeweled Collar  70Vs. Fire: 10 Vs. Ice: 10 Vs. Water: 10 VS. Lightning: 10 Vs. Earth: 10 Vs. Wind: 10  Abyssea-La Theine Crafted 
Jeweled Collar +1  70STR: 1 DEX: 1 VIT: 1 AGI: 1 INT: 1 MND: 1 Vs. Fire: 10 Vs. Ice: 10 Vs. Water: 10 VS. Lightning: 10 Vs. Earth: 10 Vs. Wind: 10   Crafted 
Kubira Bead Necklace  70Rare Exclusive Def: 5 STR: 4 DEX: 4 Damage Taken: 5%  Nashmau Purchased 
Morgana's Choker  70Rare Exclusive STR: -2 DEX: -2 MND: 5 Convert HP to MP: 40  Nashmau Purchased 
Smithy's Torque  70Rare Exclusive Smithing Skill: 2  Ifrit's Cauldron  
Tanner's Torque  70Rare Exclusive Leathercraft Skill: 2    
Uggalepih Pendant  70Rare MP: 20 Latent Effect: Magic Atk. Bonus  Pso'Xja Dropped 
Wivre Gorget  70Def: 8 Ranged Accuracy: 5 Accuracy: 5  Abyssea-Tahrongi Crafted 
Wivre Gorget +1  70Def: 9 Accuracy: 6 Ranged Accuracy: 6   Crafted 
Brisingamen  71Def: 3 Attributes change depending on hour and day   Crafted 
Brisingamen +1  71Def: 4 Attributes change depending on hour and day   Crafted 
Naraenten Bead Necklace  71Rare Ranged Attack: 5 Attack: 5  Castle Oztroja (S) Dropped 
Oscar Scarf  71Rare CHR: -9 Enchantment: Slightly Bad Breath   Quested 
Sacrifice Torque  71Latent Effect: Enhances Avatar Attack   Quested 
Shark Necklace  71Latent Effect: Adds "Regen" Effect  Silver Sea route to Nashmau Dropped 
Wit Pendant  71Rare Exclusive INT: 4  Ranguemont Pass Dropped 
Aqua Gorget  72Rare Exclusive Latent Effect: Increases Weapon Skill Accuracy and Damage   Quested 
Breeze Gorget  72Rare Exclusive Latent Effect: Increases Weapon Skill Accuracy and Damage   Quested 
Flame Gorget  72Rare Exclusive Latent Effect: Increases Weapon Skill Accuracy and Damage   Quested 
Gnole Torque  72Rare Exclusive MND: 5 MP recovered while healing: 3    
Harmonia's Torque  72Def: 7 STR: 2 VIT: -5 Enmity: 3   Quested 
Light Gorget  72Rare Exclusive Latent effect: Increases weapon skill accuracy and damage   Quested 
Shadow Gorget  72Rare Exclusive Latent Effect: Increases Weapon Skill Accuracy and Damage   Quested 
Snow Gorget  72Rare Exclusive Latent Effect: Increases Weapon Skill Accuracy and Damage   Quested 
Soil Gorget  72Rare Exclusive Latent Effect: Increases Weapon Skill Accuracy and Damage   Quested 
Thunder Gorget  72Rare Exclusive Latent effect: Increases weapon skill accuracy and damage   Quested 
Caract Choker  73Rare Exclusive Vs. Fire: 5 Vs. Ice: 5 Vs. Water: 5 VS. Lightning: 5 Vs. Earth: 5 Vs. Wind: 5 Vs. Dark: 5 Vs. Light: 5 Magic Attack Bonus: 2  Ru'Aun Gardens  
Faith Torque  73Rare Exclusive MND: 5 Marksmanship Skill: 7 Hand-To-Hand Skill: 7  The Garden of Ru'Hmet Dropped 
Fortitude Torque  73Rare Exclusive VIT: 5 Sword Skill: 7 Great Axe Skill: 7  The Garden of Ru'Hmet Dropped 
Hope Torque  73Rare Exclusive AGI: 5 Archery Skill: 7 Katana Skill: 7  Al'Taieu Dropped 
Justice Torque  73Rare Exclusive STR: 5 Scythe Skill: 7 Great Katana Skill: 7  Al'Taieu Dropped 
Laran's Pendant  73Rare Exclusive Accuracy: 4 Attack: 6  Toraimarai Canal Dropped 
Love Torque  73Rare Exclusive DEX: 5 Polearm Skill: 7 Dagger Skill: 7  Al'Taieu Dropped 
Prudence Torque  73Rare Exclusive INT: 5 Great Sword Skill: 7 Club Skill: 7  Al'Taieu Dropped 
Temperance Torque  73Rare Exclusive CHR: 5 Axe Skill: 7 Staff Skill: 7  Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi Dropped 
Ace's Locket  74Latent Effect: Counter: 5  Arrapago Reef Dropped 
Almah Torque  74Rare Exclusive Subtle Blow: 2 Store TP: 2  Mount Zhayolm Dropped 
Ancient Torque  74Rare DEX: 4 Accuracy: 9  Everbloom Hollow, Ghoyu's Reverie Dropped 
Qiqirn Collar  74Def: 3 Ranged Attack: 8 Ranged Accuracy: 4 Accuracy: -4 Attack: -4  Aydeewa Subterrane Dropped 
Aesir Torque  75Rare Exclusive Vs. Dark: 20 Elemental Magic Skill: 7 Dark Magic Skill: 7 On Darksdays:Elemental Magic Skill: 10 On Darksdays: Dark Magic Skill: 10   Quested 
Animosity Torque  75Exclusive HP: 15 Attack: 5    
Backlash Torque  75Rare Exclusive Counter: 1 Attack: 8  East Ronfaure, Jugner Forest Dropped 
Beguiling Collar  75HP: 20 MP: 20 Enmity: -3 Boosts enmity decrease when taking physical damage  North Gustaberg, Pashhow Marshlands Dropped 
Berserker's Torque  75Latent Effect: Raises TP  Wajaom Woodlands Dropped 
Chi Necklace  75Rare Exclusive MP: 20 Divine Magic Skill: 3 Salvage: "Conserve MP": 2   Quested 
Colossus's Torque  75Rare Exclusive Vs. Light: 20 Healing Magic Skill: 7 Enhancing Magic Skill: 7 On Lightsdays: Healing Magic Skill: 10 On Lightsdays: Enhancing Magic Skill: 10   Quested 
Fylgja Torque  75HP: 10 Cure Potency: 2% Enmity: -2    
Fylgja Torque +1  75Def: 12 HP: 12 Enmity: -2 Cure Potency: 3%   Crafted 
Goetic Torque  75Exclusive MP: 15 Magic Accuracy: 3    
Halting Stole  75DEX: 3 Paralysis: Accuracy: 20  Konschtat Highlands, La Theine Plateau Dropped 
Ire Torque  75STR: 6 Accuracy: -4 Ranged Accuracy: -4    
Ire Torque +1  75STR: 7 Ranged Accuracy: -3 Accuracy: -3   Crafted 
Kappa Necklace  75Rare Exclusive Ranged Attack: 8 Ninja Tool Expertise Salvage: Adds "Recycle" Effect   Quested 
Laceration Torque  75Exclusive HP: 15 Accuracy: 5    
Lemegeton Medallion  75INT: 4 Elemental Magic Skill: 4    
Lemegeton Medallion +1  75INT: 5 Elemental Magic Skill: 5   Crafted 
Mu Necklace  75Rare Exclusive Evasion: 5 Parrying Skill: 3 Salvage: Shield Skill: 3   Quested 
Nesanica Torque  75Rare Exclusive Vs. Light: 20 Divine Magic Skill: 7 Healing Magic Skill: 7 On Lightsday: Divine Magic Skill: 10 On Lightsday: Healing Magic Skill: 10    
Nyx Gorget  75Rare Exclusive Def: 2 Latent Effect: Accuracy: 12 Enhances "Arcana KIller" Effect  Beaucedine Glacier, Xarcabard Dropped 
Orochi Nodowa  75Def: 1 Adds "Regen" Effect Enhances "Resist Poison" effect Attack: 6   Crafted 
Orochi Nodowa +1  75Def: 2 Attack: 7 Enhances "Resist Poison" effect Adds "Regen" Effect   Crafted 
Phi Necklace  75Rare Exclusive Salvage: Healing Magic Skill: 3 MP recovered while healing: 3 Salvage: Enfeebling Magic Skill: 3   Quested 
Repelling Collar  75Rare Exclusive Magic Damage Taken: 1% Physical Damage Taken: -1%  Konschtat Highlands, La Theine Plateau Dropped 
Rho Necklace  75Rare Exclusive Def: 10 HP: 30   Quested 
Ritter Gorget  75Rare Exclusive Def: 8 HP: 25 Evasion: 5 Enmity: 3  Nashmau Purchased 
Sanctus Rosary  75Rare Exclusive Def: 3 MP: 10 Vs. Dark: 20 Enhances "Demon Killer" effect    
Tandem Necklace  75Rare Exclusive Def: 5    
Tandem Necklace +1  75Rare Exclusive Def: 6   Crafted 
Tandem Necklace +2  75Rare Exclusive Def: 7    
Tandem Necklace +3  75Rare Exclusive Def: 8    
Tandem Necklace +4  75Rare Exclusive Def: 9    
Tiercel Necklace  75Rare Subtle Blow: 5 Haste: 1%   Quested 
Tern Necklace  76Rare STR: 2 Attack: 3 Set: Haste: 6%    
Artemis' Medal  77Rare Magic Accuracy and "Magic Attack Bonus" varies by moon phase  Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Barcarolle Medal  78Rare CHR: 2 Singing Skill: 5  Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Praecis Gorget  78Rare Exclusive Def: 3 STR: 3 Weapon Skill Accuracy: 15 Conserve TP: 4    
Ardor Pendant  79Rare Def: 5 HP: 25 MP: -40 Increases Breath Damage   Quested 
Corvus Torque  79Rare Exclusive HP: -20 Ranged Attack: 10  Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Eidolon Pendant  79MP recovered while healing: 4 Avatar: "Magic Attack Bonus": 2    
Lacono Necklace  79STR: 5 VIT: -3    
Shifting Necklace  79DEX: 5 AGI: -3   Quested 
Aceso's Choker  80MP: 16 STR: -4 VIT: -4 Cure spellcasting time: -10%   Quested 
Arctier's Torque  80Rare AGI: 6 Ranged Accuracy: 6  Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Charis Necklace  80Rare Exclusive Enhances "Dual Wield" Effect Subtle Blow: 5  Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Cirque Necklace  80Rare Exclusive Enhances "Martial Arts" effect Accuracy: 5  Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Creed Collar  80Rare Exclusive Adds "Refresh" Effect Reduces Enmity decrease when taking physical damage  Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Estoqueur's Collar  80Rare Exclusive HP: 20 MP: 20 MND: 8  Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Goetia Chain  80Rare Exclusive INT: 8 Magic Accuracy: 4  Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Iga Erimaki  80Rare Exclusive Accuracy: 7 Evasion: 7 Increases Critical Hit Damage  Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Katipo Charm  80Magic Defense Bonus: 1 Enmity: 4   Quested 
Lancer's Torque  80Rare Exclusive STR: 5 Enhances Effect of Wyvern Breath Accuracy: 5  Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Mavi Scarf  80Rare Exclusive MP: 20 Sword Skill: 4 Blue Magic Skill: 4  Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Navarch's Choker  80Rare Exclusive Marksmanship Skill: 5 Magic Attack Bonus: 3  Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Ravager's Gorget  80Rare Exclusive Accuracy: 5 Double Attack: 2%  Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Sylvan Scarf  80Rare Exclusive AGI: 6 Enmity: -3 Ranged Attack: 8  Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Tantra Necklace  80Rare Exclusive Accuracy: 5 Kick Attacks: 2  Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Unkai Nodowa  80Rare Exclusive STR: 5 Accuracy: 5 Store TP: 3  Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Ziel Charm  80Rare Exclusive Accuracy: 12 Evasion: -8  Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Chocobo Torque  81Rare Exclusive Chocobo Riding Time: 4  King Ranperre's Tomb  
Field Torque  81Rare Exclusive Improves mining, logging, and harvesting results  Gusgen Mines  
Fisher's Torque  81Rare Exclusive Fishing skill: 2  Outer Horutoto Ruins  
Chrysopoeia Torque  83Rare Exclusive MP: 30 Latent Effect: Adds Refresh Effect  Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Noetic Torque  83Rare MND: 4 Magic Accuracy: 4  Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Agasaya's Collar  84Rare Exclusive Subtle Blow: 5 Attack: 8 Accuracy: 8  Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Aoidos' Matinee  84Rare Exclusive Song spellcasting time: -3% Increases song effect duration  Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Bale Choker  84Rare Exclusive STR: 5 Adds "Refresh" Effect Attack: 8 Accuracy: 8  Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Caller's Pendant  84Rare Exclusive Summoning Magic Skill: 9 Avatar: "Regain" Weather: Avatar Perpetuation Cost: -1  Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Ferine Necklace  84Rare Exclusive CHR: 6 Accuracy: 7 Attack: 7 Pet: "Double Attack": 2%  Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Orison Locket  84Rare Exclusive HP: 33 MP: 33 Enhances "Fast Cast" Effect  Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Savant's Chain  84Rare Exclusive INT: 5 MND: 5 Magic Accuracy: 3 Magic Attack Bonus: 3  Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Apathy Gorget  86Rare Def: 10 VIT: 9 Enhances "Resist Petrify" Effect  North Gustaberg Dropped 
Feud Pendant  86Rare MP: 20 INT: 7 Enmity: 5  Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
Invidia Torque  86Rare Vs. Dark: 20 Vs. Light: 20  Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Muzzling Collar  86Def: 6 Pet: Enmity: -2 Enmity: 2    
Muzzling Collar +1  86Def: 7 Pet: Enmity: -3 Enmity: 3   Crafted 
Torero Torque  86Rare Exclusive Subtle Blow: 9 Evasion: 9  Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
Pacifying Chain  87INT: 1 MND: 1 Enmity: -3    
Pacifying Chain +1  87INT: 2 MND: 2 Enmity: -4   Crafted 
Rancor Collar  87Rare Tonberry's Grudge Accuracy: 6  Pashhow Marshlands Dropped 
Veisa Collar  87Rare Physical Damage Taken: -4%  Gusgen Mines Dropped 
Genesis Locket  88Rare Exclusive Increases magic critical hit damage Magic Attack Bonus: 5  Jugner Forest (S) Dropped 
Mujin Necklace  88Rare Exclusive STR: 5 Enhances "Zanshin" Effect  Dynamis - Windurst Dropped 
Oneiros Torque  88Rare Evasion: 5 Physical Damage Taken: -2%  Dynamis - Windurst Dropped 
Ganesha's Mala  90Rare Exclusive VIT: 4 Subtle Blow: -4 Quadruple Attack: 2%  King Ranperre's Tomb Dropped 
Magoraga Beads  90Rare Exclusive AGI: 2 Utsusemi spellcasting time: -10%  Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
Twilight Torque  90Rare Exclusive Damage Taken: -5%   Quested 
Calcitrant Stole  92Rare Def: 7 Increases "Kick Attacks" attack Attack: 9  Temple of Uggalepih Dropped 
Justiciar's Torque  92Rare Def: 10 STR: 4 Slow: 5% Attack: 15  Batallia Downs (S) Dropped 
Phrenic Torque  92Rare Vs. Dark: 20 Enmity: -7 Converts 30 HP to MP  Sauromugue Champaign (S) Dropped 
Coatl Gorget  93Rare Def: 9 Adds "Refresh" Effect Magic Defense Bonus: 3   Quested 
Saevus Pendant  93Rare Magic Attack Bonus: 9 Magic Accuracy: -3   Quested 
Waylayer's Scarf  93Rare Def: 5 Magic Accuracy: 4 Ranged Accuracy: 7   Quested 
Wiglen Gorget  93Rare Adds "Regen" Effect Magic Damage Taken: 6% Physical Damage Taken: -6%  Garlaige Citadel Dropped 
Aife's Medal  94Rare INT: 6 MND: 6 Vs. Ice: 10 Vs. Water: 10  Dynamis - Qufim Dropped 
Dualism Collar  94Rare HP: 45 MP: 45 Vs. Dark: 10 Vs. Light: 10   Quested 
Moepapa Medal  94Rare DEX: 6 AGI: 6 VS. Lightning: 10 Vs. Wind: 10  Dynamis - Valkurm Dropped 
Moepapa Pendant  94Rare Exclusive INT: 8    
Portus Collar  94Rare Exclusive Double Attack Accuracy: 3    
Tjukurrpa Medal  94Rare STR: 6 VIT: 6 Vs. Fire: 10 Vs. Earth: 10  Dynamis - Buburimu Dropped 
Houyi's Gorget  95Rare Exclusive AGI: 6 Store TP: 3 Accuracy: 6  The Shrine of Ru'Avitau  
Airmid's Gorget  96Def: 9 MND: 3 Enchantment: Reraise III Evasion: 3   Crafted 
Debilis Medallion  96Enhances "Cursna" Effect Enmity: -3    
Inquisitor's Chain  96Rare Club Skill: 8 Healing Magic Skill: 5 Divine Magic Skill: 5  Legion - Hall of Ki Dropped 
Lavalier  96HP: 50 Charmed: Darkness Element: -40 Charmed: Light Element: -40   Crafted 
Lavalier +1  96HP: 60 Charmed: Decreases Movement Speed Charmed: Darkness Element: -50 Charmed: Light Element: -50   Crafted 
Malison Medallion  96Enhances "Cursna" Effect Enmity: -2   Crafted 
Stoicheion Medal  97Rare Elemental magic casting time: -3% Magic Attack Bonus: 8 Magic Accuracy: 2  Konschtat Highlands Dropped 
Agitator's Collar  99Rare Exclusive Accuracy: 8 Attack: 5 Physical Damage Taken: -4%   Quested 
Analgesia Torque  99Exclusive HP: 20 MP: 20    
Asperity Necklace  99Rare Double Attack: 2% Store TP: 3 Attack: 8  Cirdas Caverns (U) - Foret, Foret de Hennetiel Purchased, Dropped 
Atzintli Necklace  99Rare Magic Accuracy: 2 Magic Attack Bonus: 5 Enmity: 5  Foret de Hennetiel Dropped 
Cuamiz Collar  99Rare HP: 50 MP: 25 STR: 3  Morimar Basalt Fields Dropped 
Eddy Necklace  99Rare Exclusive MP: 20 Magic Attack Bonus: 11 Magic Accuracy: 5  Cirdas Caverns (U) - Foret, Western Adoulin Purchased, Dropped 
Ej Necklace  99Accuracy: 15 Ranged Accuracy: 15 Evasion: 15    
Ej Necklace +1  99Accuracy: 16 Ranged Accuracy: 16 Evasion: 16   Crafted 
Ensnaring Torque  99Exclusive STR: 3 AGI: 3    
Farr Torque  99Exclusive HP: 10 Magic Accuracy: 1 Magic Attack Bonus: 1    
Hamrammr Torque  99Exclusive STR: 5    
Huani Collar  99Rare AGI: 6 Vs. Wind: 20 Ranged Accuracy: 6 Enmity: -3  Ceizak Battlegrounds Dropped 
Imbodla  99INT: 7 MND: 7 Enfeebling Magic Skill: 5 Elemental Magic Skill: 5    
Inquisitor Bead Necklace  99Rare Exclusive Def: 13 HP: 55 Magic Defense Bonus: 8  Ceizak Battlegrounds, Cirdas Caverns (U) - Ceizak Purchased, Dropped 
Iqabi Necklace  99Rare Exclusive HP: 10 Vs. Ice: -10 Accuracy: 13 Ranged Accuracy: 13    
Ishtar's Collar  99Rare Evasion: 5 Attack: 8 Accuracy: 8  Batallia Downs, Upper Jeuno Purchased 
Lasaia Pendant  99Rare Exclusive Def: 7 Enmity: -8 Magic Accuracy: 1  Sauromugue Champaign, Upper Jeuno Purchased 
Melioration Torque  99Exclusive MP: 10 INT: 3 MND: 3 CHR: 3    
Nefarious Collar  99Rare Increases magic critical hit damage Magic critical hit rate: 3% Critical Hit Rate: 3%   Quested 
Nuna Gorget  99MP: 30 MND: 8 CHR: 8 Magic Defense Bonus: 1    
Nuna Gorget +1  99MP: 35 MND: 9 CHR: 9 Magic Defense Bonus: 2   Crafted 
Ocachi Gorget  99Rare Exclusive Ranged Attack: 25 Store TP: 5    
Orunmila's Torque  99Rare Exclusive MP: 30 Enmity: -3 Fast Cast: 5 Magic Accuracy: 1  Ghoyu's Reverie Dropped 
Pentalagus Charm  99Rare DEX: 5 AGI: 5 Evasion: 5 Steal: 2    
Phalaina Locket  99Rare Exclusive MND: 3 Potency of "Cure" effect received: 4% Cure Potency: 4%  Bibiki Bay - Purgonorgo Isle Dropped 
Quanpur Necklace  99Rare MP: 10 Magic Attack Bonus: 7 Earth Magic Attack Bonus: 5  Yorcia Weald Dropped 
Rioter's Collar  99Rare Exclusive Accuracy: 5 Attack: 5 Double Attack: 2%  Everbloom Hollow Dropped 
Tlamiztli Collar  99Rare Attack: 20 Double Attack: -1%  Kamihr Drifts Dropped 
Weike Torque  99Rare Exclusive MP: 25 MND: 2 Enfeebling Magic Skill: 7 Magic Accuracy: 2  Batallia Downs, Upper Jeuno Purchased