Items found in Bibiki Bay

Name Level Stats Where Found How Found
Bluetail  0DEX: 3 MND: -5  East Sarutabaruta, Port Windurst, ... Purchased, Fishing 
Giant Femur  0 Tahrongi Canyon, Valkurm Dunes Quested 
Hobgoblin Bread  0 Bibiki Bay  
Jacknife  0 Bibiki Bay  
Moorish Idol  0 Bibiki Bay Purchased, Fishing 
Old Bolt Box  0Exclusive  Dangruf Wadi, Valkurm Dunes  
Petrified Log  0 Qulun Dome, The Sanctuary of Zi'tah, ... Quested, Dropped 
Platinum Ore  0 Eastern Altepa Desert, Kuftal Tunnel, ... Quested, Dropped 
Shell Bug  0 Beadeaux, Korroloka Tunnel, ... Dropped 
Tropical Clam  0 Bibiki Bay  
Turtle Shell  0 Tahrongi Canyon, Valkurm Dunes, ... Purchased 
Vongola Clam  0 Bibiki Bay Fishing