Items found in Kuftal Tunnel

Name Level Stats Where Found How Found
Dusky Periapt of Adaptability  0 Quicksand Caves, Western Altepa Desert  
Map of Kuftal Tunnel  0 Kuftal Tunnel Chests/Coffers 
Moonstone  0 Al Zahbi, Kuftal Tunnel, ... Purchased, Quested 
Old Gauntlets  0 Crawlers' Nest, Monastic Cavern Chests/Coffers 
Revival Tree Root  0 Batallia Downs, East Sarutabaruta, ... Quested, Dropped 
Silver Mirror  0 Batallia Downs, Dangruf Wadi  
Sunstone  0 Crawlers' Nest, Monastic Cavern, ... Quested, Dropped 
Wool Cloth  0 Konschtat Highlands, North Gustaberg, ... Crafted, Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Yowie Skin  0 Kuftal Tunnel  
Bano Del Sol  61Rare Exclusive Dmg: 20 Dly: 178 Vs. Dark: 10 Additional Effect vs. Slime: Light Damage  Kuftal Tunnel Dropped 
Arondight  62Rare Exclusive Dmg: 79 Dly: 480 Vs. Fire: 7 Vs. Water: 7 Additional Effect: Water Damage  Kuftal Tunnel Dropped 
Acha d'Armas  68Rare Exclusive Dmg: 46 Dly: 288 STR: 2 DEX: 1 VIT: -3 AGI: -2  Kuftal Tunnel Dropped 
Astral Aspis  68Rare Exclusive Def: 3 AGI: 3 INT: 3 VS. Lightning: 5 Vs. Earth: 5 Vs. Wind: -5 Convert HP to MP: 25  Kuftal Tunnel Dropped 
Wizzan Grip  94Rare INT: 3 Conserve MP: 1  Kuftal Tunnel