Items found in Temple of Uggalepih

Name Level Stats Where Found How Found
Beastman Blood  0 Jugner Forest, La Theine Plateau, ... Quested, Dropped 
Bee Larvae  0Rare Exclusive  Temple of Uggalepih Dropped 
Map of the Temple of Uggalepih  0 Temple of Uggalepih  
Silver Mirror  0 Batallia Downs, Dangruf Wadi  
Hard Shield  48Def: 10 HP: 5  Temple of Uggalepih Dropped 
Hornetneedle  48Rare Exclusive Dmg: 16 Dly: 150 DEX: 1 AGI: 1  Temple of Uggalepih Dropped 
Boneworker's Torque  70Rare Exclusive Bonecraft Skill: 2  Temple of Uggalepih  
Thief's Knife  70Rare Dmg: 28 Dly: 194 Treasure Hunter: 1  Temple of Uggalepih Dropped