Name Stats Food Time How Found
Acorn Cookie   Crafted, Purchased 
Adamantoise Soup   180 Crafted 
Agaricus   Dropped 
Alabaligi   Purchased, Fishing 
Ambrosia  Exclusive  240 Crafted, Quested 
Amrita  Exclusive  Quested 
Anchovy   Crafted 
Anchovy Pizza   180 Crafted 
Anchovy Pizza +1   240 Crafted 
Angler's Cassoulet   Quested 
Apkallu Egg   Dropped 
Apple Juice   Crafted, Purchased 
Apple Pie   30 Crafted 
Apple Pie +1   60 Crafted 
Apple au Lait   Crafted 
Armored Pisces   Fishing 
Army Biscuit   Crafted 
Arrabbiata   30 Crafted 
Arrabbiata +1   60 Crafted 
Ayran   Crafted, Purchased 
Baked Apple   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Baked Popoto   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Balik Sandvici   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Balik Sandvici +1   60 Crafted 
Balik Sis   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Balik Sis +1   60 Crafted 
Bar of Campfire Chocolate   Purchased 
Bass Meuniere   180 Crafted 
Bass Meuniere +1   240 Crafted 
Bastore Bream   Purchased, Fishing 
Bastore Sardine   Purchased, Dropped, Fishing 
Bastore Sweeper   Fishing 
Batagreen Sautee   180 Crafted 
Batagreens  Exclusive  Purchased 
Bataquiche   30 Crafted 
Bataquiche +1   60 Crafted 
Bavarois   180 Crafted 
Bavarois +1   240 Crafted 
Beaugreen Sautee   180 Crafted, Purchased 
Beaugreens   Purchased 
Beef Stewpot   180 Crafted 
Berry Snowcone    
Bibiki Slug    
Bibiki Urchin   Purchased, Fishing 
Bibikibo   Purchased, Fishing 
Bijou Glace   240  
Bird Egg   Purchased, Dropped 
Bison Jerky   60  
Bison Steak   180 Crafted, Quested 
Black Bread   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Black Bubble-Eye   30 Quested 
Black Curry   180 Crafted 
Black Curry Bun   30 Crafted 
Black Curry Bun +1   60 Crafted 
Black Drop  Rare  15 Quested, Dropped 
Black Eel   Fishing 
Black Pudding   180 Crafted, Purchased 
Black Sole   Purchased, Fishing 
Blackened Frog   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Blackened Newt   180 Crafted 
Blackened Toad   180 Dropped 
Blindfish   Fishing 
Bloody Chocolate   60 Crafted 
Blue Drop  Rare  15 Quested, Dropped 
Boiled Cockatrice   180 Crafted 
Boiled Crab   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Boiled Crayfish   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Boiled Tuna Head   180 Crafted 
Boscaiola   30 Crafted 
Boscaiola +1   60 Crafted 
Bowl of Adoulin Soup   Crafted 
Bowl of Adoulin Soup +1   Crafted 
Bowl of Mog Pudding    
Bowl of Moogurt    
Bowl of Oceanfin Soup    
Bowl of Riverfin Soup    
Bowl of Ulbuconut Milk   Crafted, Purchased 
Bowl of Ulbuconut Milk +1   Crafted 
Brain Stew   180 Crafted 
Bream Risotto   180 Crafted, Quested 
Bream Sushi   30 Crafted 
Bream Sushi +1   60 Crafted 
Bretzel   Crafted, Purchased 
Broiled Carp   60  
Broiled Eel   60  
Broiled Pipira   60  
Broiled Trout   60  
Bubble Chocolate   30 Crafted 
Buburimu Grape   Crafted, Purchased 
Buche au Chocolat   180 Crafted, Purchased 
Buffalo Jerky   30 Crafted 
Buffalo Meat   Dropped 
Bunny Ball   240  
Butter Crepe   30 Crafted 
Buttered Nebimonite   60  
Caedarva Frog   Fishing 
Candy Cane  Exclusive  Quested 
Candy Ring  Exclusive  Quested 
Caravan Tea   Crafted 
Carbonara   30 Crafted, Quested 
Carbonara +1   60 Crafted 
Carp Sushi   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Cathedral Salad    
Cerberus Meat   30 Dropped 
Chai   180 Crafted, Purchased 
Chai +1   240 Crafted 
Chamomile Tea   180 Crafted 
Charred Salisbury Steak   Crafted 
Cheese Sandwich   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Cheese Sandwich +1   60 Crafted 
Cherry Bavarois   180 Crafted 
Cherry Macaron   30 Crafted 
Cherry Muffin   30 Crafted 
Cherry Muffin +1   60 Crafted 
Choco-delight   240  
Chocolate Cake   180 Crafted, Quested 
Chocolate Crepe   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Chocolate Rarab Tail    
Chocolate Rusk   30 Crafted 
Chocomilk   180 Crafted, Purchased 
Cibarious Cilbir    
Cibol   Purchased 
Cilbir   Crafted, Quested 
Cinna-cookie   Crafted, Purchased 
Clear Drop  Rare  15 Quested, Dropped 
Cobalt Jellyfish   Purchased, Dropped, Fishing 
Cockatrice Meat   Dropped 
Coconut Rusk   30 Crafted 
Coeurl Meat   Dropped 
Coeurl Sautee   180 Crafted 
Coeurl Sub   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Coeurl Sub +1   60 Crafted 
Coffee Macaron   30 Crafted 
Coffee Muffin   Crafted 
Coffee Muffin +1   60 Crafted 
Coin Cookie    
Colored Egg   30 Crafted 
Cone Calamary   Fishing 
Copper Frog   Fishing 
Coral Butterfly   Purchased, Fishing 
Coral Fungus   Crafted, Purchased 
Cotton Candy   Quested 
Cotton Tofu   Crafted 
Crab Stewpot   180 Crafted 
Crab Sushi   30 Crafted 
Crab Sushi +1   60 Crafted 
Crawler Egg   Dropped 
Crayfish   Purchased, Fishing 
Cream Puff   30 Crafted, Quested 
Crepe B. Helene    
Crepe Caprice   60  
Crepe Delice   60  
Crepe Forestiere    
Crepe Paysanne   60  
Crescent Fish   Purchased, Fishing 
Crimson Jelly   180 Crafted, Quested 
Cupid Chocolate  Rare  180  
Cursed Soup   180 Crafted 
Danceshroom   Purchased, Dropped 
Dark Bass   Purchased, Quested, Fishing 
Date Tea   Crafted 
Deathball   Crafted 
Delicious Puls   240 Purchased 
Derfland Pear   Purchased 
Dhalmel Meat   Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Dhalmel Pie   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Dhalmel Pie +1   60 Crafted 
Dhalmel Steak   180 Crafted, Purchased 
Dhalmel Stew   180 Crafted, Purchased 
Diatryma Meat   Dropped 
Dorado Sushi   30 Crafted 
Dorado Sushi +1   60 Crafted 
Dragon Fruit Au Lait   Crafted 
Dragon Meat   Quested, Dropped 
Dragon Soup   180 Crafted, Quested 
Dragon Steak   180 Crafted, Quested 
Dried Berry   Crafted 
Dried Date   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Dried Date +1   60 Crafted 
Dusky Indulgence   240  
Eel Kabob   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Egg Soup   180 Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Eggplant   Purchased 
Elshena   30 Crafted 
Elshimo Coconut   Purchased, Dropped 
Elshimo Frog   Dropped, Fishing 
Elvaan Mochi   Quested 
Elvaan Rice Cake   Quested 
Elysian Eclair   240  
Emerald Quiche   60  
Emerald Soup   240  
Emperor Roe   30 Crafted 
Eyeball Soup   180 Crafted 
Faerie Apple   Purchased 
Fatty Tuna Sushi   60  
Fin Sushi   30 Crafted 
Fin Sushi +1   60 Crafted 
Fish Chiefkabob   60  
Fish Mithkabob   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Fish and Chips   180 Crafted, Purchased 
Flint Caviar   30 Crafted 
Flounder Meuniere   180 Crafted 
Flounder Meuniere +1   240 Crafted 
Flurry Courante   240  
Forest Carp   30 Fishing 
Four-leaf Mandragora Bud  Rare Exclusive  Dropped 
Friture de la Misareaux   240  
Frog Flambe   60  
Fulm-long Salmon Sub   60  
Galka Mochi   Quested 
Galkan Sausage   30  
Galkan Sausage -1   30  
Garlic Cracker   Crafted, Purchased 
Garlic Cracker +1   Crafted 
Gateau Aux Fraises   180 Crafted, Purchased 
Giant Sheep Meat   Purchased, Dropped 
Gigant Squid   Fishing 
Ginger Cookie   Crafted, Purchased 
Goblin Bread   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Goblin Chocolate   Crafted, Purchased, Dropped 
Goblin Mushpot   180 Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Goblin Pie   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Goblin Stir-fry   180  
Gold Carp   Purchased, Fishing 
Gold Lobster   Purchased, Fishing 
Golden Royale   240  
Goulash   180 Crafted 
Goulash +1   240 Crafted 
Grape Juice   1.5 Crafted, Purchased 
Greedie   Purchased, Fishing 
Green Curry   180 Crafted 
Green Curry Bun   30 Crafted 
Green Curry Bun +1   60 Crafted 
Green Drop  Rare  15 Quested, Dropped 
Green Quiche   30 Crafted 
Grilled Black Hare   240  
Grilled Corn   60  
Grilled Hare   180 Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Grilled Lik   60  
Ground Wasabi   Purchased 
Gysahl Greens   Purchased, Quested 
Ham & Cheese Crepe   30 Crafted 
Hard-Boiled Egg   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Hare Meat   Purchased, Dropped 
Healing Tea   240  
Heart Chocolate   60  
Hedgehog Pie   180 Crafted 
Hellsteak   180 Crafted, Quested 
Hellsteak +1   240 Crafted 
Herb Crawler Eggs   180 Crafted 
Herb Quus   180 Crafted, Purchased 
Himesama Rice Ball    
Hobgoblin Bread   60  
Hobgoblin Chocolate    
Hobgoblin Pie   60  
Homemade Bread  Exclusive  30 Quested 
Homemade Carbonara  Exclusive  30  
Homemade Cheese  Exclusive  30 Quested 
Homemade Gelato  Exclusive  30 Quested 
Homemade Herbal Tea  Exclusive  30 Quested 
Homemade Omelette  Rare   
Homemade Rice Ball  Exclusive  30 Quested 
Homemade Risotto  Exclusive  30 Quested 
Homemade Salad  Exclusive  30 Quested 
Homemade Salisbury Steak  Exclusive   
Homemade Steak  Exclusive  30 Quested 
Homemade Stew  Exclusive  Quested 
Honey   Crafted, Dropped 
Honeyed Egg   30 Crafted 
Hume Mochi   Quested 
Hume Rice Cake   Quested 
Humpty Soup   240  
Hydra Kofte   180 Crafted, Quested 
Hydra Kofte +1   240 Crafted 
Ic Pilav   180 Crafted 
Ic Pilav +1   240 Crafted 
Icecap Rolanberry   180 Crafted, Purchased 
Icefish   Fishing 
Ikra Gunkan   30 Crafted 
Ikra Gunkan +1   60 Crafted 
Imperial Coffee   180 Crafted, Purchased 
Imperial Coffee +1   180 Crafted 
Imperial Omelette   240  
Irmik Helvasi   180 Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Irmik Helvasi +1   240 Crafted 
Iron Bread   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Jack-o'-Lantern   180 Crafted, Purchased 
Jack-o'-Pie   Crafted 
Jack-o'-Soup   240  
Juicy Mutton   240  
Karni Yarik   30 Crafted 
Kazham Pineapple   Purchased, Dropped 
King Truffle   Dropped 
Kitron Juice   Crafted 
Kitron Macaron   30 Crafted 
Kohlrouladen   Crafted 
Kohlrouladen +1   Crafted 
Konigskuchen   Crafted 
La Theine Cabbage   Crafted, Purchased, Dropped 
Land Crab Meat   Quested, Dropped 
Leadafry   240  
Lebkuchen House   180 Crafted 
Lebkuchen Manse   240  
Leremieu Salad   240  
Leremieu Taco   60  
Lethe Potage   Crafted 
Lik Kabob   30 Crafted 
Lizard Egg   Dropped 
Loach Gruel    
Loach Slop   Crafted 
Loach Soup    
Love Chocolate   180 Crafted 
Lucky Egg  Rare Exclusive  60 Quested, Dropped 
M&P Chicken  Exclusive  Quested 
M&P Cracker  Exclusive   
M&P Doner Kebab   Quested 
M&P Dumplings  Exclusive   
Magma Steak    
Magma Steak +1   Crafted 
Maple Cake   180 Crafted 
Marbled Steak   240  
Margherita Pizza   180 Crafted 
Margherita Pizza +1   240 Crafted 
Marinara   30 Crafted 
Marinara +1   Crafted 
Marinara Pizza   180 Crafted 
Marinara Pizza +1   240 Crafted 
Marinara Sauce   Crafted 
Marron Glace   180 Crafted 
Meat Chiefkabob   60  
Meat Jerky   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Meat Mithkabob   30 Crafted 
Meatloaf   Crafted 
Medicinal Gruel   240  
Medicinal Quus   240  
Melanzane   30 Crafted 
Melanzane +1   60 Crafted 
Melon Juice   2.25 Crafted, Purchased 
Melon Pie   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Melon Pie +1   60 Crafted 
Melon Snowcone    
Menemen   180 Crafted 
Menemen +1   240 Crafted 
Mercanbaligi   Fishing 
Midwinter Dream    
Mihgo Mithkabob  Rare Exclusive  240 Quested 
Mille Feuille   180 Crafted 
Miracle Milk    
Mithran Rice Cake   Quested 
Mithran Tomato   Purchased 
Moat Carp   Fishing 
Monastic Sautee   240  
Mont Blanc   180 Crafted 
Moogle Pie  Exclusive  180  
Moon Ball   30  
Moon Carrot    
Moorish Idol   Purchased, Fishing 
Mushroom Crepe   30 Crafted 
Mushroom Risotto   180 Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Mushroom Salad   180 Crafted 
Mushroom Sautee   180 Crafted, Purchased 
Mushroom Soup   180 Crafted, Purchased 
Mushroom Stew   180 Crafted 
Mutton Enchilada   60  
Mutton Tortilla   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Napa   Purchased 
Nashmau Stew   180 Quested, Dropped 
Naval Rice Ball   60  
Navarin   180 Crafted 
Nebimonite   Fishing 
Nebimonite Bake   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Nero di Seppia   30 Crafted 
Nero di Seppia +1   60 Crafted 
Newt Flambe   240  
Noble Lady   Purchased, Fishing 
Nopales Salad   240 Crafted 
Nosteau Herring   Purchased, Fishing 
Ocean Soup   240  
Octopus Sushi   30 Crafted 
Ogre Eel   Purchased, Fishing 
Ojo Rice Ball    
Opo-opo Tart   60  
Optical Soup   240  
Orange Cake   180 Crafted 
Orange Juice   1.5 Crafted, Purchased 
Orange Kuchen   180 Crafted, Purchased 
Orange Kuchen +1   240 Crafted 
Orange au Lait   Crafted 
Ortolana   30 Crafted 
Pain de Neige   60  
Pamama Tart   30 Crafted 
Pamama au Lait   10 Crafted 
Pamamas   30 Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Paprika   Purchased 
Party Egg   60 Quested 
Patlican Salata   180 Crafted 
Patlican Salata +1   240 Crafted 
Patriarch Sautee   240  
Pea Soup   240 Crafted, Purchased 
Pear Crepe   Crafted 
Pear au Lait   Crafted 
Pear au Lait (Temp)  Temporary   
Pebble Soup   180 Crafted, Purchased 
Peperoncino   30 Crafted 
Peperoncino +1   60 Crafted 
Pepperoni Pizza   Crafted 
Pepperoni Pizza +1   Crafted 
Persikos au Lait   10 Crafted 
Pescatora   30 Crafted 
Pescatora +1   60 Crafted 
Pickled Herring   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Piece of Cascade Candy   Purchased 
Pineapple Juice   Crafted, Purchased 
Pipin' Hot Popoto   60  
Pipira   Purchased, Fishing 
Piscator's Skewer    
Plate Of Dulcet Panettones    
Plate Of Felicifruit Gelatin    
Plate of Barnacle Paella    
Plate of Beef Paella    
Plate of Beef Paella +1   Crafted 
Plate of Boiled Barnacles    
Plate of Boiled Barnacles +1   Crafted 
Plate of Flapano's Paella   Quested 
Plate of Mushroom Paella    
Plate of Mushroom Paella +1   Crafted 
Plate of Seafood Paella    
Pogaca   Crafted 
Pogaca +1   Crafted 
Pomodoro Sauce   Crafted 
Porcupine Pie   240  
Poultry Pitaru   30 Crafted 
Prime Angler Stewpot    
Prime Beef Stewpot   240  
Prime Crab Stewpot    
Prime Seafood Stewpot    
Prized Angler Stewpot    
Prized Beef Stewpot    
Prized Crab Stewpot    
Prized Seafood Stewpot    
Puffball   Dropped 
Puk Egg   Dropped 
Puls   180 Crafted, Purchased 
Pumpernickel   60 Purchased 
Pumpkin Cake   180 Crafted 
Pumpkin Pie   30 Crafted 
Pumpkin Pie +1   60 Crafted 
Pumpkin Soup   180 Crafted 
Purple Drop  Rare  15 Quested, Dropped 
Quadav Stew  Rare Exclusive  180  
Quus   Purchased, Dropped, Fishing 
Rabbit Pie   Crafted 
Raisin Bread   30 Crafted 
Rarab Meatball   180 Crafted 
Rarab Tail   Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Ratatouille   180 Crafted 
Ratatouille +1   240 Crafted 
Red Curry   180 Crafted, Quested 
Red Curry Bun   30 Crafted 
Red Drop  Rare  15 Quested, Dropped 
Red Hot Cracker    
Red Terrapin   Purchased, Fishing 
Reishi Mushroom   30 Dropped 
Rice Ball   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Rice Dumpling   Crafted 
Roast Carp   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Roast Mushroom   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Roast Mutton   180 Crafted, Purchased 
Roast Pipira   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Roast Trout   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Roast Turkey  Exclusive  Quested 
Roasted Almond   Crafted 
Roasted Corn   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Rock Cheese   60  
Rogue Rice Ball   60  
Rolanberry 874   Dropped 
Rolanberry 881   Dropped 
Rolanberry Pie   30 Crafted 
Rolanberry Pie +1   60 Crafted 
Royal Grapes   Purchased 
Royal Jelly  Exclusive  180 Dropped 
Royal Omelette   180 Crafted 
Royal Sautee   240  
Royal Tea   240  
Ruszor Meat   30 Dropped 
Sakura Biscuit    
Salmon Croute   30 Crafted 
Salmon Eggs   Crafted 
Salmon Meuniere   180 Crafted 
Salmon Meuniere +1   240 Crafted 
Salmon Rice Ball   30 Crafted 
Salmon Roe   30 Crafted 
Salmon Sub   30 Crafted 
Salmon Sushi   30 Crafted 
Salmon Sushi +1   60 Crafted 
Salsa   Crafted, Purchased 
Salted Hare   30 Crafted 
Saltena   Crafted, Purchased 
Salty Bretzel    
San d'Orian Carrot   Crafted, Purchased, Dropped 
San d'Orian Grapes   Crafted, Purchased 
San d'Orian Tea   180 Crafted, Purchased 
Sandfish   Purchased, Fishing 
Saruta Orange   Crafted, Purchased 
Sausage   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Sausage Roll   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Scream Fungus    
Sea Bass Croute   60 Crafted 
Sea Spray Risotto   240  
Seafood Pitaru   30 Crafted 
Seafood Stew   180 Crafted, Quested 
Seafood Stewpot   180 Crafted 
Selbina Milk   Purchased, Dropped 
Senroh Skewer   Purchased 
Seraph's Kiss   60  
Shadow Lord Statue III  Rare Exclusive   
Shall Shell   Purchased, Quested, Dropped, Fishing 
Shallops Tropicale   180 Crafted, Purchased 
Shark Fin Soup   180 Crafted 
Sheep Jerky   60  
Shimmy Soup    
Shining Trout   Purchased, Fishing 
Shirataki   Purchased 
Shogun Rice Ball   60  
Shrimp Cracker   Crafted 
Shrimp Cracker +1   Crafted 
Shrimp Sushi   Crafted 
Silken Sash   240  
Silken Siesta   240  
Silken Smile   240  
Silken Spirit   240  
Silken Squeeze   240  
Silkworm Egg  Exclusive  30 Dropped 
Silver Shark   30 Purchased, Fishing 
Simit   30 Crafted 
Simit +1   60 Crafted 
Sis Kebabi   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Sis Kebabi +1   60 Crafted 
Sleepshroom   Crafted, Dropped 
Smilodon Liver   Dropped 
Smoked Salmon   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Smoldering Salisbury Steak   Crafted 
Snoll Gelato   30 Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Snowy Rolanberry   240  
Sobbing Fungus    
Soft-Boiled Egg   60  
Sole Sushi   30 Crafted 
Sole Sushi +1   60 Crafted 
Sopa Pez Blanco   180 Crafted 
Sophic Stew   240  
Spicy Cracker   Crafted 
Sprightly Soup    
Squid Sushi   30 Crafted 
Squid Sushi +1   60 Crafted 
Squirrel's Delight   240  
Stamina Soup   240  
Steamed Catfish   180 Crafted 
Steamed Crab   60  
Steamed Crayfish   60  
Steel Bread   60  
Stone Cheese   30 Crafted 
Strip of Smoked Mackerel   Purchased 
Stuffed Pitaru   Crafted, Purchased 
Sub-zero Gelato   60  
Sugar Rusk   30 Crafted 
Sunflower Seeds   Crafted, Purchased 
Sunset Soup   240  
Sutlac   180 Crafted, Purchased 
Sutlac +1   240 Crafted 
Sweet Baked Apple   60  
Sweet Lizard   30 Crafted 
Sweet Rice Cake   30 Crafted 
Sylvan Excursion   240  
Tarutaru Mochi   Quested 
Tarutaru Rice Cake   Quested 
Tavnazian Goby   Fishing 
Tavnazian Ram Meat   Dropped 
Tavnazian Salad   180 Crafted, Quested 
Tavnazian Sheep Liver  Exclusive  Dropped 
Tavnazian Taco   30 Crafted 
Temple Truffle    
Tender Navarin   90  
Tentacle Sushi   30 Crafted 
Tentacle Sushi +1   60 Crafted 
Thundermelon   Purchased, Dropped 
Tiger Cod   Purchased, Fishing 
Timbre Timbers Salad   240  
Timbre Timbers Taco   60  
Tiny Goldfish   Fishing 
Tiny Macaroon  Exclusive   
Tiny Rusk  Exclusive   
Tomato Juice   Crafted, Purchased 
Tomato Juice (Temp)  Temporary   
Tomato Soup   180 Crafted 
Tonno Rosso   30 Crafted, Quested 
Tonno Rosso +1   60 Crafted 
Tonosama Rice Ball   30 Crafted 
Tortilla   30 Crafted, Purchased 
Tortilla Bueno   60  
Trail Cookie   Purchased, Quested 
Tricolored Carp   30 Purchased, Fishing 
Tropical Clam    
Truelove Chocolate   240  
Tuna Sushi   30 Crafted 
Turtle Soup   180 Crafted 
Two-Leaf Mandragora Bud  Rare Exclusive  Dropped 
Uleguerand Milk   Purchased, Dropped 
Urchin Sushi   30 Crafted 
Urchin Sushi +1   60 Crafted 
Vampire Juice   1.5 Crafted, Quested 
Vegan Sautee   240  
Vegetable Broth   240  
Vegetable Gruel   180 Crafted 
Vegetable Soup   180 Crafted, Purchased 
Vermillion Jelly   240  
Viking Herring   60  
Vongola Clam   Fishing 
Vongole Rosso   30 Crafted 
Vongole Rosso +1   60 Crafted 
Warm Egg  Rare  Dropped 
Watermelon   Purchased 
White Bread   30 Crafted, Purchased 
White Drop  Rare  15 Quested, Dropped 
Whitefish Stew   180 Crafted, Purchased 
Wild Cookie    
Wild Melon   Dropped 
Wild Onion   Crafted, Dropped 
Wild Pamamas   30 Quested, Dropped 
Wild Pineapple   Dropped 
Wild Steak   240  
Wild Stew   240  
Windurst Salad   180 Crafted, Purchased 
Windurst Taco   30 Crafted 
Windurstian Tea   180 Purchased 
Wisdom Soup   240  
Witch Kabob   60  
Witch Nougat   60 Crafted 
Witch Risotto   240  
Witch Soup   240  
Witch Stew   240  
Wizard Cookie    
Woozyshroom   Crafted, Dropped 
Yagudo Cherry   Crafted, Purchased 
Yagudo Drink   Crafted 
Yahata-Style Carp Sushi   60  
Yayla Corbasi   180 Crafted 
Yayla Corbasi +1   240 Crafted 
Yellow Curry   180 Crafted 
Yellow Curry Bun   30 Crafted 
Yellow Curry Bun +1   60 Crafted 
Yellow Drop  Rare  15 Quested, Dropped 
Yellow Globe   Purchased, Fishing 
Yogurt Cake   Crafted 
Zafmlug Bass   Purchased, Fishing 
Zaru Soba   Crafted 
Zaru Soba +1   Crafted 
Zebra Eel   Fishing 
Zesty Zoni   240  
Zoni   180 Crafted