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Promyvion - The Emptiness - Get your game on

#1 Sep 25 2004 at 12:01 AM Rating: Decent
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I just did a Mea run.

What an utter waste of time ; ;

Got an alliance together in about an hour, each party had a BLM, a WHM, a PLD, and DDs. My party was BLM WHM PLD THF DRK WAR (me). It was a lot of fun, and it's actually incredibly easy with an alliance.

The first floor is a joke. All the mobs are EP and go down in seconds. When you get the Memory Recepticle, let the BLMs and RNGs go to town on it. The first one goes down pretty fast and the Seekers are very easy to kill. You will get interrupted if you have aggro when you step on the platform.

The second floor is harder. The mobs are DC->T, but with an alliance, it's very easy. Same deal on the Recepticle, but make double sure to kill the Seekers. They get very annoying.

The third floor is when it finally gets hard. Everything is IT (but slightly IT. Low eva and low def on a few), so if you get aggro, you'll be ok as long as you don't pull a whole lot of links. This last Recepticle is HARD. The Seekers are a small challenge and they come in groups of two or three. It's probably a good idea to get it on low HP, then heal and come back. Not having this foresight, two people in the party died.

The fourth floor is HELL. It's like a 500 foot run to the castle. All the mobs are IT++. Taking one is dangerous. Getting a link is ******' SCARY. We barely survived this, and eventually just gave up trying to be sneaky and just sprinted to the castle. Take not that everything in Emptiness has True Sight.

The Spire of Mea is definitely an awesome sight, and it prepares you for the BCNM fight. Make sure all your parties are evened out, and DO NOT BUFF. Anything you buff, the NM will buff as well. Just eat your food and bring regen/mana-regen drink. We had all three parties go in at once, but you'll probably rather go one group at a time so each group knows what to expect.

We almost won. Poison hit our WHM, she tried to cure herself and the Paladin, pulled too much aggro, got a bad double attack critical on her, and fell. However, this mob is DEFINITELY weak to Thunder. We pulled off a killer SC with Berserk+Frostbite -> Mighty Strikes+Berserk+Sneak Attack+Sturmwid = Fragmentation bursted with Thundaga. That did about 1200 damage total, and knocked a good chunk of the HP bar off.

You definitely need the key item to get past the boss. I feel really ripped off because I had a great time, spent three hours working, made some good XP even, and then got nothing out of it except a slap in the face.

Only go if you expect to win. It's not fun to make it to Spire and get *******

Emptiness Pics
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