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Promyvion - The Emptiness - Get your game on

#1 Sep 25 2004 at 12:52 PM Rating: Good
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A little bit of Info from our Successful run on Holla last night.

Firstly, we had 24 people, not really by design, but we found another party following us around and decided to team up. If you can get 36 people who want to go, 2 alliances could trash the orbs by haveing one focus on the orbs and the others focus on the strays.

Bard's should NOT sleep strays except ones that have already aggroed the party. They are relatively resistant, and if you don't get close enough, there is a chance that they won't necessarily aggro you.

In the MR fights, we just had our BLMs and RNGs use Ranged/Spells and had our melees take care of the Strays. /Nin is very effective as your shadows will eat the AOE attack the Orbs do.

Make sure you clear a staging area when your doing the orbs, if you get a seether on top of all the strays and the orbs, it can become a very difficult fight.

Bringing some sort of Potion HI/X-potion for both the Trip and for the BCNM was helpful. There are times when your not getting hit for alot of damage and the Mages are busy, so it pays to be able to keep yourself alive. During one fight where 12/18 died, i was able to live due to potions, and more importantly, keep a whm alive ^^

Seethers have an attack called Occultation that steals Buffs. We had a whole bunch of /nin people and it stole like 25 shadows which was kinda funny.

I would suggest everyone who wants to complete one of these brings a Hyperanima which you get by getting one of the Reccolections and trading it to the Robed man in Ru'lude. This was very effective in our group.

For the Boss fight, some suggestions.

Do Not buff the Tank, you can buff the rest of the party though since Trinary Absorbion (the Absorb 3 buffs technique) only targets the person that the Boss is fighting, So just buff up as normal, then have the tank remove buffs.

The Boss has 3 special attacks
Trinary Absorbsion: Steals 3 Buffs OR Debuffs. He stole Curse and Blindness from me once ^^
Empty Cutter: Serious damage DD, can be blocked by Shadows, This killed our Tank Twice ; ;
Shadow Spread: AOE Curse/Sleep, Be sure to have Poison Potions/Uncurse potions.

Suggestions for people at the boss fight.

Mages: Have A scroll of reraise, 3 Yag Drinks, some Hi Ethers and Poison potions. (It can be hard to keep the Boss out of range)
Rng/Melee: Be subbed Ninja because the boss attacks very slowly and it is possible to KITE it for an extended period of time. Bring Potions and Food.

Everyone should bring a scroll of reraise except the tank, since it can be stolen

You have to complete the 3 basic Promyvions to get to Lufaise Meadows.
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