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The ultimate gil-making guide!Follow

#1 Sep 28 2004 at 9:20 PM Rating: Excellent
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In this document, I intend to share with you my ultimate secrets for making lots of gil. This applies to low-level players as well as higher-level players, but you'll get the most use out of this guide when you have a bit of money to invest and are able to get from city to city, so 20+ is probably optimal.

So, you need gil? So do I. So does that dude with the Haubergeon and the two Sniper's Rings. So does that taru SMN who's standing outside the gate to Ronfaure casting Carbuncle over and over. So do the half-million+ other folks who play Final Fantasy XI. So, with all those people needing cash, how do you ensure that YOU find your pot of gold? It's actually shockingly easy, and it seems to be one of the best-kept secrets in Final Fantasy XI. I'm sure that I'm going to be stepping on people's toes by posting this, and I'm certain that I'm going to be rated down for it, but I'm tired of seeing everyone complain about gil in this game. So read closely.

There are about sixteen billion different ways to make money in this game. I'm not going to attempt to tell you which of those sixteen billion to choose, as your server's economy is no doubt very different from mine. What might be super-profitable on my server may be a big gil-sink on yours. So, if you thought I was going to let you in on my super-secret gardening recipe or my sweet-as farming spot, you were mistaken. However, I'm going to give you information that will benefit you MUCH more than those things would. Because, no matter HOW good your farming spot is, someone else is going to find it. No matter how secret your recipe is, someone else will stumble upon it. No matter how many "Goldsmithing to 60!" guides you read, the market is going to change and the recommended synths are going to be useless. However, use the tips I'm about to give you and stick to them, and I promise you you'll be able to get all the gil you'll ever need, for the rest of your FFXI career.

Tip 1: Know your limitations. There are certain limits placed on every possible way to make money. If you farm, you're limited by your inventory space and the rarity of the drops you're farming for. If you craft, you're limited by the availability of the materials you need (and often this changes every week with the Conquest tally, so you can never count on ingredient availability). If you NM-camp, other players will limit the number of times you can claim the spawn. If you fish, demand for your fish and the number of competing fishermen will be your limits. If you mine, it's going to be ore availability and demand. No matter WHAT you do, there is no such thing as a free ride. For example, if I find an awesome item to farm that I know sells for a couple thousand gil each on the auction, I've got it made, right? Not necessarily. Does my item stack? If not, I can only sell seven of my item at any one time. Does it sell quickly? If not, I'm going to have auction house slots tied up on that item that might better be served with cheaper but faster-moving items. Is my item over-farmed? If so, I'm going to be fighting for spawns with other farmers, meaning I'm not going to be bringing home too many of my item in a given night. So, find out what your limitations are. Don't just look at the sell price of something and think it's worthwhile. Often, cheap items will make you MUCH more money than high-ticket items. EVERYONE has pocket change, but not everyone has 8 million gil to throw down on one item.

Tip 2: Check the price information, everywhere! If you have an item to sell, you need to know how much it sells for in every location you can sell it. Meaning, you need to know how much your item sells for at the Windurst/Bastok/San d'Oria/Jeuno auction houses. You need to know how much it sells to NPCs for in the town you have the most fame. You need to know how much the relevant guild (if there is one) will buy it for. You should even have an idea how much it goes for in bazaars in town. This way, you know where you should be selling your item to get the most profit. I cannot tell you how many items I've found on auction that sold for less on auction than they do to an NPC shop right next door. If those sellers took the time to check the NPC first, they would've made even more money and (more importantly) not wasted an AH slot. However, just because you know where it sells for the most gil at, that doesn't mean you know where to sell it. Because....

Tip 3: Find out what the demand is for your item. Your item may sell for 10k in Windurst and 8k in Jeuno. But that doesn't mean you should necessarily sell it in Windurst. Check the dates on the last 10 sales in the AH history, and find out how quickly the item sells there. If it sells three times a month in Windurst and six times a day in Jeuno, even if you won't get as much money for it you'll probably want to sell it in Jeuno. Every day that it's sitting on auction, you're losing money. Because that auction slot could be selling something else and it's tied up selling this one item. Fast sales are usually better than big sales. Also, if you're selling a crafting ingredient, you can bet the demand is going to be higher in the town with the relevant craft. If you have cockatrice meat, you'd be hard pressed to find a better place to sell it than Windurst since the cooking guild is there. So, knowing how much demand there is for your item is critical.

Tip 4: Find out what the supply situation is for your item. Just because you know how many are selling, that doesn't mean you're ready to sell off your item yet! You need to consider how many are on sale. If there are just a handful of your item on auction and it sells quickly, you've found a golden ticket. That means the demand is there but the supply is low. You've found a market niche to fill. If there are 208 of your item on sale, REGARDLESS how quickly it moves you'll probably want to consider selling it somewhere else. Again, you don't want to waste AH slots that could be selling more merchandise.

Tip 5: Find out where your item can be obtained. You need to know EVERY SOURCE of that item in the entire game. You need to know where and what mobs drop it, or what tradeskill it belongs to, or what NM has it, what items can be desynthed for it, or what NPC merchants sell it. You need this info for two reasons: First, you need to know where your potential competition is getting their supply from. Second, if you have several options on where to get that item from, you can find the one that's the most cost effective. Sure, farming Paralyze scrolls off beastmen is a free way to get the scroll, but there are a number of NPC merchants who sell the scroll for cheap. You could mine darksteel, or you could desynth quadav backplates for much, much cheaper. Rather than waste time (your #1 asset) farming them, you can pay the minimal price to buy them and mark them up at the auction house. This leads to...

Tip 6: Be familiar with all the NPC merchants and their wares. Yes, it's a daunting task. But that's what Allakhazam's database is for. You need to know what merchants sell what goods, and under what conditions. Most merchants have items they **only** sell if that kingdom is in first place in Conquest for the week. Regional vendors only sell items if that kingdom controls that region for the week. For example, many cooking ingredients can only be obtained from the Lower Elshimo regional vendor. Since that area (Yuhtunga Jungle) is often controlled by beastmen, one possible strategy would be to find out what ingredients the vendor sells, then stock up on the in-demand ones while the region is under player control. When it reverts to beastman control, you have a firm grip on the market for that product and can often set your own prices. You create a short-term monopoly on the product, until you run out of supply or the region gets retaken by players.

Tip 7: Diversify! Please, for the love of all things good and pure, do NOT put all your eggs in one basket. Find MANY ways of making money. The market is extremely fluid and sometimes volatile. What might have made insane gil last week might be a big waste of time this week. The more methods you have of earning gil, the more likely you'll survive (or even flourish) in an unstable market. If you were farming cockatrice meat and suddenly everyone else is doing it too (and subsequently, the price drops), start making mithkabobs. If everyone's eating mithkabobs faster than the cooks can make them, start farming cockatrice meat. Money doesn't disappear, it changes hands. Your job is to follow the money. Ask yourself "Who's making all the money right now, and what do they want that I can offer them?"

Tip 8: Start a production chain. Many miners already understand this one. So, I'll use mining as an example. Mining can be a wonderful way to make money. HOWEVER, if you sell the ores, you're just lining the smiths' or goldsmiths' pockets with gil. They're charging a markup on your ores. So, start smithing or goldsmithing yourself! Turn those ores into ingots, then turn the ingots into products (or just sell the ingots directly). Generally, with each stage of a product's life you make a profit. You profit from mining the ores... you turn the ores into ingots and they're worth more. You turn the ingots into products and they're worth even more. You're forcing your item to appreciate in value. So, instead of selling an ore for 500 gil, you're selling a piece of armour for 3000 gil.

Tip 9: If you need start-up capital to build your gil-making empire, go do some quests. SO MANY quests in this game will reward you handsomely. Allakhazam has an entire database devoted to quests, their requirements, and their rewards. If you do the teleport scroll quests, the drain/warp/aspir scroll quests, Utsusemi, Selbina Clay, etc, you'll have a huge bankroll to start investing. You'll also have a whole lot more fame (which helps too, since it raises the prices NPCs will buy items from you for and lowers their sell prices) and a map of the Crawlers' Nest (always handy!) Unless you need that quest reward for your job(s) that you're levelling, you can sell it for a big boost to your bank account. But don't go crazy and spend it...take the time to consider HOW you're going to spend it. You want to take that money and turn it into more money. Find a way to do that.

Tip 10: Spend wisely! If you can save 100 gil by walking across town, do it. If you can walk (and farm on the way) instead of riding a chocobo, do it. If you have a lot of worthless junk that you just want to get rid of, instead of throwing it away, take it to the city you have the highest fame in and sell it to an NPC. Every single gil will add up over the course of the game. If you save 10 gil on every transaction you ever make, you could have half a million gil extra (or more!) by the time you reach higher levels. That's that much more you have to invest. The more money you have, the more money you can GET. Don't waste a single gil. And don't just hold onto your gil, either. If it's not out in the world, it's not earning its keep. Find somewhere to invest it. Don't walk around with 400k... Walk around with 20k and have the other 380k earmarked to spend to further your money-making goals.

Now, I'm sure you're disappointed that I didn't tell you the secret recipe for Vile Elixers or Wootz Ore or point you to the new secret NM that drops the 4-million gil Whatthehellevertron. But as I said before, if I gave you some "secret hot tip", it would be gone in three weeks and you'd be hurting for money again. What I have given you are the tools to find your OWN "secret" to making gil. You know to look for openings in the market that you can fill. You know to find the best prices, both on ingredients for you buy and end products for you to sell. You know how to come up with start-up cash to kick your plan off. And I promise you, if everyone followed all 10 of these steps, none of us would ever have to read a gil-rant thread again. More likely, everyone would be complaining that gil is too easy to come by and "It isn't fair that everyone I party with is wearing dual Astral Rings these days! I want to feel unique!" ^_^
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Told ya I'd get rated down for it. Someone apparently doesn't appreciate the fact that I've shared with the world the REAL secret to making gil. Smiley: wink
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Don't worry we love you. Nice guide, but it's pretty much commen sense. Unfortunatley it is suprising how many people don't know common sense like the... do Goblins agro? people. Well nice guid and I rated you back up ^^
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Thanks Stonar. The sad thing is, it IS all common sense. I have one tool that I use that is even more important and useful to me than Allakhazam. I have a notebook. I make notes on the prices of EVERYTHING, and I append my notes as the market changes. Because I have so much information available to me at any given time, when I get a drop I usually know the best place to sell, or the best use for it for crafting purposes, or whatever. I catch people making mistakes all the time, like that. Often I'll find things in people's bazaars that I know will sell for more at an NPC shop, so I buy it and go sell it to the NPC myself. If people take the time to do their research, it's amazing how often you can find a way to make more gil on your item. In fact (and I had to hand it to the dude, it was clever), I saw a guy in Qufim with Raise scrolls in his bazaar, standing next to Delkfutt's tower. They were about 2k more from him than from the AH in Jeuno, but he sold out pretty quickly because he took his supply to the demand, instead of waiting for the demand to come to him. He also had some odds-and-ends armour and weapons in there that were perfect for the Qufim level range, and I'm sure he made a lot of money from leaving his bazaar up there.

I just really hope this guide helps people out there figure out a good way to make gil. I know the game can be frustrating when you can't afford all the things you're expected to have at your level... Hopefully people will be able to find ways of making money so they don't have to be put in that situation again.
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Rate up^^

Yes, it is common sense but ... common sense written down give you perspective, which we are very much in need sometimes, especially when a little frustration come into play :)

I like the general message, which is "Be smart, and creative... you're gonna have fun". Finding many and intelligent ways to make money and advance, it's indeed one of the key to have fun of this game^^.

By the way, I'm the dude of the haubergon and the 2 snipers... getting there, 1.080/1.800 (puff puff pant pant ... /grin)
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One of the best posts i've seen in a looong time. You don't have to be specific about how to make gil and give away so called secrets, and still be helpful. Common sense goes a long way, and just as it was stated before taking notes goes a long way.
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Now THIS is the kind of information that needs to be spread, not I KILLED THIS HERE, GOT THIS, AND IT SOLD FOR TONS OF GIL, NOW YOU DO IT TOO. Thank you Sab, I made a similar post but it went unread. Some people dont appreciate REAL help. Wish i could rate you up.

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Wish i could rate you up.

I rated you up gradius :)
we're on the same server, gotta stick together.
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The key to truly generating wealth in this game is passive income. And that means income you do not have to physically be present to make.

The only real means of passive income... is gardening.

Plain and simple.

It is the one thing you can take three mules, put ten pots each, ten seeds each and go about your daily business, check once a day for four days... and you will get something. May not always be what you expect... but you will get something.

Saplings take a long time to harvest anything, that is why I like gardening seeds for crystals and stones.

It's a trickle that becomes a river. Once it starts... you've got it made.
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You have made a very informative guide, but I question the ability of quests to make a person money. I have done tons of quests in bastok (around 30) and almost all of them require me to buy some item for X amount of money at the AH so I can return it to them for 1/3 X money. I am ALWAYS losing money when I am doing quests, unless I am farming Bubbly Bernie for the steam clock (even then I have to pay 300 for a Quus, so a mere 200 profit for all that running...). The few quests that take no initial investment generally give you items that sell amazingly poorly, if you can even sell them (stibaki, monk's headgear, etc). This makes sense, of course, because anyone who wanted the item could just do a simple quest in town, but it still means that questing for money sucks. Almost every quest I've read about on this site (and that number is not small) requires you to get some kind of item that is a total pain to come by unless you buy it at the AH (try finding/making all the Gobbie Bag items instead of buying them...) with the exception of low level quests.

Regarding Selbina clay: I was excited to see the large amount of money I could get for zero investment, so I got my clay and happily went out to find stone monuments. Sarutabaruta, Ronfaure, the Highlands, and S. Gustaberg were relatively simple to obtain, but it involved running all over creation and netted me about 3,200 gil. While this isn't a paltry sum, it took quite of bit of time; too much, I think. I was dissapointed to find in higher level areas that the stone monument is often gaurded by high level (for the area) aggro monsters, and my dreams of getting money by myself withered. If you know of any quests I can do to get money, I would LOVE to hear them. I am trying to stay the same level as a friend and I have more free time than he does, so I would like to scratch my FF11 itch by making money if possible :) I'm in Jeuno now and will be for awhile (I'm a level 22 whm/ 11 blm).

I also wonder about crafting and money making. I have seen, almost without exception, crafted items selling for less than the components needed to craft them. I can sell off all of the components for a Brass Ingot for 20% more money than I could sell the ingot for, for example. I surmise that the crafting skill raises themselves are more important than the money, and this is the explanation. I thought I could beat the system by fishing with a lure (zero gil upkeep after the initial equipment investment), but I cannot figure out how the heck fishing works. I have read many guides, but none of them are really that helpful and there is no in-game direction as to what to do. For example, I am using a sabiki rig and glass fiber fishing rod in jeuno (fishing level 1 with four pieces of gear for a total of 5). I fished about 20 times and caught nothing. I changed to Little Worms and fished 20 times and caught nothing. I don't know if I am fishing in salt or fresh water (is there a way to tell?), I don't know the types of fish I can catch, I don't know if I'm using the wrong bait...hell, I don't even know if I CAN catch fish in Jeuno. What don't I understand about the crafting system? Why does it appear to be a huge waste of time and money? Is it only worthwhile for higher level people when the cost becomes relatively small compared to the amount of money coming in via higher level drops?

The way I have been making money is to buy something from merchants in town for cheap and sell it at the AH for more. It only works with specific items, but it is my only option besides farming (which would require going to some place far away from Qufim, the Leveling Extravaganza). It works, though, for those of you who may want to try it (example: buy millioncorn for 600 per stack when bastok controls Argenou (spelling) then sell it for 2k per stack when bastok loses control).
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Very good info. Rate up.
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Quests for money: Many of the quests in this game reward you with...crap. However, there are several quests (which I mentioned in the main post) that WILL bring you a lot of gil. Quest for any of the Teleport scrolls, and they'll all bring you big money (8k-100k depending on scroll, on Fairy). The scrolls for Warp, Drain and Aspir are all obtained through quests, and all sell extremely well. Same for Utsusemi: Ichi. My boyfriend has been working on his Tenshodo fame lately, it cost him about 30k plus some farming for zinc ores/yagudo necklaces for him to get enough fame to do the Utsusemi: Ichi quest.... He sold his scroll of Utsusemi: Ichi today for 160k. Total profit of 130k plus a whole lot of hard-to-get fame (and that's not including the gil rewards you get for turning in the zinc/necklaces in the first place). Here's another one: doing the bard flag quest (to unlock the bard advanced job) is an easy 5200 gil, and gives you very hard-to-get Jeuno fame.

Selbina Clay: Yes, it requires substantial travel to get all of the monuments. However, you're going to be travelling all over the world anyway. ESPECIALLY if you take my guide to heart. So, kill twelve birds with one stone. Buy items in Windurst and import them to San d'Oria, and grab the Ronfaure monument while you're there. When you're in La Theine getting your Teleport-Holla gate crystal, grab the monument there. When you do mission 2-3, you're travelling to each of the three major kingdoms. EXCELLENT opportunity to hit some monuments. The point is, don't do them all at once as a single task. Do them as a little side trip from your main purpose for going to that part of the world. That way, you're not wasting any time on them and you're still getting the quest done.

Crafting for gil: I am a firm believer that you can level every craft in this game at a steady profit, if you pay close enough attention to the economy. You may hit rough patches where none of the available "skill-up" synths are worth money, but the journey to master craftsman is peppered with profitable synths. When you reach a dry spell in crafting, go synth some of the "lower-level" recipes for your craft that you know will make you some money, to help offset the cost of continuing to learn the trade. Crafting is absolutely the best and most reliable way higher level players can fund their characters. It's not that critical early on, but the higher your skill goes the more valuable your crafting talents become. Desynths are GODLY for crafters. When you finally reach the point you can desynth a leather belt and get iron ingots, you'll understand why. A leather belt is dirt cheap....Iron ingots are not. By turning a cheap, mostly worthless item like a leather belt into valuable items like iron ingots, you're ensuring you'll be making a profit. ESPECIALLY if you then use the results of the desynth to make something new.

As for fishing in Jeuno...no. I've never once caught a single fish anywhere in Jeuno except for Port Jeuno while waiting on an airship. Your best bet is to think about it logically: S-E figures that if you're a low-level fisher, you're probably a low-level character as well. Where do low-level characters tend to be? Windurst or San d'Oria or Bastok! So, head to one of those cities and start fishing in town. As for salt/fresh water... All water in Port XXXXX is salt water, since it's part of the ocean. All water elsewhere in town is fresh water. Sabiki Rigs are salt-water tackle, they won't work in fresh water at all. Conversely, little worms are fresh-water bait, salt water fish will ignore them. Check out the trade skill forum (link on the left in the sidebar) and you should be able to find some great fishing info in the stickies at the top of the board.

As for your millioncorn idea: That's exactly what I'm talking about! You found a niche you could fill in the market. You saw an opportunity to buy cheap and sell for a profit, and you exploited it. That's the basis of making money in this game. Get your merchandise for as cheap as possible and sell for maximum profit. You've definitely got the right idea, and I wish you luck!

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Nice summary. Well put. Thank you. Excellent.

Should call it a Common-tips for making gil :D

Well, must I say that the thing that people tend to overlook more than other things...is "common thing."

And I agree with GradiusX that THIS type of tips is better than poiting out some other (possibly-obvious) mobs to camp. This is adaptive guide which users must apply to their own case, so it tends to go with the market flow and less likely to hurt the economy.
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It's a very good guide for the majority of people just starting out, but if you understand businesss in the least bit this tells you nothing you don't already know.
#16 Sep 29 2004 at 7:15 AM Rating: Good
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One point for the Quus buyer, look at the price for 12 quus. When I was doing the Bernie quest I payed 300 for my first one. I figured to save time I would buy three of them for 900. Imagine my horror when I checked the stack to find it was selling for 700gil. Always look at the price differential for singles and stacks. You can sometimes make some good money spliting stacks or stacking singles.
#17 Sep 29 2004 at 9:00 AM Rating: Good
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The "spend wisely" tip should also include this: If you can possibly help it, never buy anything at the Auction House without first checking to see if an NPC sells it for less. Mages, I'm definitely looking at you. You can go to the "spells and abilities" section from your job forum, click on any spell, and click the scroll for that spell to see who sells it. I usually mass-open a bunch of tabs for the next range of levels (obtain Mozilla, set tabs to open in background, middle-click or Ctrl-click away).

I know the guide specified that you should do this while trying to make money, but it's also a way to not lose money. You'll find that many things (and some scrolls) can only be obtained from the AH, so of course, you'll also be checking AHs in every city. Having mules in each city is a great help here.

Also, check bazaars. Some people sells things for crazy prices, and if you know what the price should be, you can get some nice deals (and possibly resell it yourself). I got some of my Fishing clothing and my Bird Whistle at just about half price, Zinc Ore for 10 gil, etc.

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Excellent thread, thank you very much. I'm at a stage in the game where making money is more critical than ever, so these wise words will definately help me to do so.

Much love. <3

#19 Sep 29 2004 at 10:40 AM Rating: Decent
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Incredible. Simply incredible.

*Rates OP up!*
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eh and here i was about to quit at level 62 because of gil problems ~_~ shame on me...cant thank ya enough
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#21 Sep 29 2004 at 5:52 PM Rating: Good
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Oh, don't quit over gil. I was to that point with my taru at one stage. I was so fed up and frustrated that I was ready to cancel my account. That's why I really went to work trying to figure out ways of making gil in this game, and this guide is the end result. I'm really glad my frustrations ended up paying off and my experiences are able to help you guys. The last thing I want is for anyone to quit the game over gil. There really are a lot of ways to make money, it's just that they're not always obvious (and the obvious ones are usually the over-done and over-camped methods).
#22 Nov 18 2004 at 2:19 AM Rating: Good
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[rate up]
( -_-)
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can you change the formating?
reading huge paragrphs on a refreshing computer monitor hurts my eyes

say 4 lines and then a space?

O and is it me or does everytime people get up and tell people how to make gil in a guide format mean they get scholars status in a day? O.o

just a thought... ^^

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An excellent guide. I have worked myself on being smart in my methods for aquiring gil. I used to mine but then realized the insane competion cut into my gil/hour. So I tried excavating. The items gained are worth less than ores but they stack and best of all, no one else that I've seen does it! The excavation points are all mine for the taking and I can work at my own pace.

Well, I've gotten this far with a fair bit of luck on my side I'll admit (Friend quit and send me his stuff which was quite a lot along with me getting invited to a BCNM party that cashed in big) I can't rely on luck to get me through the trials ahead so I decided to invest in a trade at long last (I'd dabbled a bit in several but couldn't stick with it). I decided to go with alchemy because I saw a lot of low level synths I could do for VERY cheap and thus level it up easily. I leveled up by making a ninja powder who's named slips my mind. Rock salt and distilled water, both VERY cheap items and the the results will definetly sell since ninjas will always need powders. I've leveled it to 11 currently making poison dust from fish but I've been eating some losses on that and the synths coming up look less profitable. If what you say is true and it is possible to profit off trades from the get go, then I'm not looking at all the factors. Can you kindly help steer me in the right direction?

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One other thing is that most people don't understand the concept that time is money. If you spend days camping NM's that drop high priced items, in some cases you can use other methods to get the same amount of gil in less time.

For expample, one of the people in my LS is consumed with the thought that the only way to make money is to do BCNM fights, or camping NM's day and night. I have yet to do a BCNM fight(kinda sad I know) and I only camped 1 NM and it was for a Sandoria mission. Not only did I make more gil using the methods others have posted here, and some other methods not listed, but I am also now 15 levels higher then him. (61blm)

So as it has been said, don't assume that high priced item's and spending ungodly amounts of time camping is the only way to make it.

Also, When you can finally get the Gobbie Bag quests in Jeuno, do them. The 5 extra spaces in your inventory per quest, making your total bag size 55, can be the difference in dropping an item you could have sold.

One tactic I have used and will share is find out what a level 1-10 can fight and level off of that can yield a profit. Example, Fighting in West Ron. at night look for bats. They have two good uses. First they drop bat wings. The quest in sandy gives 200gil for 2, or you can sell them on AH for 2k (once again, thats what they go for on my server). Also they drop wind crystals. Those have been bouncing back and forth from 1900 a stack to 3000 a stack.

One thing that alot of people do is drop items. I think any dropped item is lost profit. If you think something isn't worth carrying, take it to a NPC and sell it off quick. I hear people saying all the time they hate getting rock salt off crabs. At 500gil a stack, I'll take them ^^.

And the last thing I can think of as a way to save gil. If your that strapt for cash, figure out what equipment on your current job can fall behind. As a BLM, I used erimites rings until level 58 when I noticed I was having some difficulty. That means I spent 4k on 2 rings and used them from level 10 all the way to 58.

All in all, if you a smart with your gil, one day you will be saying, "Gee, 190k for a Dark Staff, or 160k for an Ice staff....Eh, I'll buy both."

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Thanks Stonar. The sad thing is, it IS all common sense. I have one tool that I use that is even more important and useful to me than Allakhazam. I have a notebook. I make notes on the prices of EVERYTHING, and I append my notes as the market changes.

Commen sense for people that have been playing a while. This is a great guide for new players. Even experianced MMO players are not used to the AH when they start. Its different and this guide does a good job of explaining the little details someone may over look.

I just have two things to add.

Do not wait till you need an item to farm for it. You can usually get more for an item if you wait till its high in demand. IE full moon for crafting items. If you need gil right away you'll have to accept less for your items inorder to sell them quicker.

Mix raw gil farming with AH selling. While the AH is full go and farm tigers or rabbit hides or something that sells well to a shop keep. This way you can keep making gil while stuff is in AH.
Also raw gil yeilds more consistant Gil/hour then items you sell.
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