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#1 Aug 16 2005 at 5:40 PM Rating: Excellent
I am The Magical Pony!

A Guide to Levelling Worm

I realize nowadays most new NPCs that want to get to endgame just level crab or crawler, and I realize not everyone has the patience to slog through the hell levels with classes that only really shine in the end, like weapon or raptor. Levelling worm is a nice balance between the two, and while its hard to really max out your endgame potential as a worm, you still get to die in interesting ways and occasionally drop some nice loot.

As with any NPC job, the basics of your levelling up depends on you dying. If you spawn in outdoor locations you have the opportunity to die faster since your spawn timer is usually lower there, but sometimes you have no choice but to spawn in dungeons. So remember, spawn early, spawn often, and generally be as irritating as you can to entice PCs to kill you. Focus on areas where you have the chance to load up some nice loot. And lastly, remember if you actually grant experience to a PC when die, you get bonus XP as changed in the April 2003 NPC Levelling overhaul. (This is the same patch that broke the "auto-train" feature, so it was bittersweet.)

Level 1-5

Newbie areas. Nothing much to say here, load zinc if you can. Try not to go underground when PCs are casting, they may lose interest in killing you.

Level 6-11

These are hard levels for worm, I'd suggest Konshtat Highlands. You hopefully will have a shot at dying to more experienced adventurers who really know how to kill you fast. But if things are slow, you may sit spawned for quite a while. Personally, I just spawned in some single player games while I waited. Turn your speakers up so you can hear yourself starting to die then make sure you spawn regularly after that.

Level 12-20

The start of the glory days! Spawn in Maze of Shakrami. If its a good day you'll die so fast you won't even remember spawning. Load zinc, you can now load Silver too. Rasp everyone you see, that really pisses them off. They may make a special effort to kill you even if they had not planned to. The only down side here is when the Ghouls get to drinking during server downtime, but if you have language filter turned on it's no problem. /blacklistnpc if required.

Level 20-24

Korroloka Tunnel. Also fast deaths. You can't load silver here but you won't need it. Arrow through the head anyone? Good times for all worms. As before Rasp and Stonega when you can. Don't over kill the PCs though or they may move areas. Being shot or Aero'd to death is some of the best xp you'll have for a long time.

Level 25-27

The last of the glory days...Qufim Island. This is your final shot as excellent worm levelling, and where many people stop if they are just going to sub worm. Things slow down at night time but during the day all you need to do is poke out of the ground and you'll die.

Level 28-35

The hell days. All your crab, beetle, and crawler friends are rocketing past you now and you are beginning to question your choice of level 70 worm as an in-game goal. There are not really any great options here. If its not filled you can spawn as Morion placeholders for a while in korroloka. This is amusing and you'll really see some anger directed you. With CoP you can spawn in Attowha Chasm and hope for death there. Your goal is try to and slog through to 35 or so.

Level 35-42

Again, not much to do here but you can get slow, reliable xp in Altepa Eastern Desert near Rabao. Your goal is to target PCs who are trying out new weaponskills or gear. Be as irritating as possible. Wave around violently. If anyone rests anywhere near you, Rasp Rasp Rasp! Then flail about some more. If you can, dont even go underground just stay up, stay alert, and stay irritating. You'll get lots of exciting one-shot deaths here if you play it right. Death-warping PCs can be an annoyance just try and kill them very slowly, maybe they'll get so angry they will go back into Rabao, change, and come back out just to kill you. Sometimes a Stonga II on passing PTs is enough to get the to stop long enough to kill you.

Level 42-45

There is only one real option here, spawning in BCNM Worm's Turn. In Quicksand Caves you could theoretically get awesome xp but (1) you can't spawn any loot worth anything, and (2) you aren't allowed to be aggressive. I have no idea why SE made it like this, I suspect not many people there actually play worm.

Level 45-60

Tomb Worm: King Ranperre's Tomb. This is a huge stretch of levels, but again, there is no other option I'm aware of. You are not allowed to be aggressive, but you *can* load gold, silver, mithirl, zinc... pretty much any ore. Nothing to do but log in and spawn and wait. Eventually someone will be bored enough to kill you. If you can, at all possible, load gold ore. You only need to load it once so its worth spending Drop Seals on. Loading one gold ore will cost 50 Drop Seals, but after you drop it once there's no need to do it again for a long time, they will keep killing you anyway.

Well, thats where I am now. I took a few months off to get some things right in RL, but now I'm back to grinding my way to the end. To all you Mountain Worms out there spawning in Uleguerand Range, I salute you. Hopefully I'll be there with you one day.

#2 Aug 16 2005 at 5:42 PM Rating: Default
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What... the... fuc[i][/i]k...
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#3 Aug 16 2005 at 5:49 PM Rating: Decent
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Awesome parody, made me laugh. Rate up for you.
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#4 Aug 16 2005 at 5:50 PM Rating: Decent
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Haha ... That made me laugh ^.^
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#5 Aug 16 2005 at 5:54 PM Rating: Decent
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In the words of Shantotto:


Very clever. Good job :)
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#6 Aug 16 2005 at 6:01 PM Rating: Excellent
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This was a great guide for 1-50, and I must say this is as far as I levelled my worm to before retiring my wiggler.

What it came down to for me was mobility, and the post 50+ crawler burn parties that ruined the game for me.

What is it with those crawlers anyways, they just grab 3 or 4 other crawlers, and head to Boyahoda Tree and don't even consider bringing a worm along with them.

Well, I hate you crawlers!!!

That's right, I'm gonna find some PC's that can totally pwn your asses and train them right through Boyahoda Tree and see how you like it!

/rant off

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#7 Aug 16 2005 at 6:07 PM Rating: Decent
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This is hilarious!
I love it!
#8 Aug 16 2005 at 6:13 PM Rating: Excellent
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Still leveling Rabbit.. hard as hell. Still trying to make it to Boyahda.

Nice guide, I may have to make the switch. Never knew about all those good spawns.

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#9 Aug 16 2005 at 6:36 PM Rating: Decent
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That was cool! Made me laugh.
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#10 Aug 16 2005 at 10:22 PM Rating: Good
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LOL! Great guide, I *loved* it! I've never made a request like this before... but will you please please please consider writing other guides? You have an awesome way with words. ^^
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#11 Aug 16 2005 at 10:51 PM Rating: Excellent
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Campsite for Qufim:
(I-8) Spawn in the area right outside the tunnel, near the guard. Many newbies run by here, and camp here. As soon as you here their footsteps, bamn!, cast rasp or bind. Hopefully, that will arggo nearby PC's, they'll procede to killing your ***** If you're really lucky, you may get a rng or smn to try to solo you. XP will be slow, but a death's a death.

(H-7) Spawn around the lake. Remember, PC's arggo by sight, so don't spawn behind a rock. XP will be really fast, esp with rng x 5 + brd. Nighttime will be hard as banshees will be farming newbs. File a haressment complaint to KB, but his response time is slow, usually a week.

Crabs are your enemy here. So many ppl want to move to crabs since they give UbEr 1337 xp. Hope for smart ppl to release they can chain worms for faster xp. Then you'll lvl super fast.
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Yes, I agree.
#12 Aug 17 2005 at 3:56 AM Rating: Good
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This is an awesome awesome post. May the goddess of rate ups rate you up highly, my friend!

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#13 Aug 17 2005 at 4:13 AM Rating: Decent
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#14 Aug 17 2005 at 7:22 AM Rating: Decent
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You deserve a rate up. Brilliant, make this a series please.

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#15 Aug 17 2005 at 7:33 AM Rating: Decent
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I want some of what the OP's been smoking O.~
#16 Aug 17 2005 at 10:21 AM Rating: Decent
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Hahaha, this was great. Rate up. XD
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#17 Aug 17 2005 at 10:46 AM Rating: Good
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Nice guide. I'm think of leveling worm once I finish rabbit. I need to work on my mandragora sub first though.
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#18 Aug 17 2005 at 11:34 AM Rating: Good
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I'm having real trouble leveling blob. Can someone write a guide for that?
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#19 Aug 17 2005 at 11:34 AM Rating: Decent
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I think they need to gimp Crawlers.
#20 Aug 17 2005 at 11:42 AM Rating: Good
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Id level worm but my Coeurl sub is gimp... And as we know, a worm without a Coeurl sub is sooo damn weak... mmm Coeurl Sub...
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#21 Aug 17 2005 at 11:44 AM Rating: Decent
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I think they need to gimp Crawlers.

Agreed, I mean, they can Defense Boost maaaaan!!
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#22 Aug 17 2005 at 12:17 PM Rating: Good
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OMG XD This is priceless... please make one for us Lizards, I'm having trouble now that I'm out of the Dunes...
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#23Kojiami, Posted: Aug 17 2005 at 12:21 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Can i have a guide for crab please? My crab is lvl 31 now i got no idea where to spawn!!
#24 Aug 17 2005 at 12:22 PM Rating: Good
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Kojiami you don't know who you are either go away.
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#25 Aug 17 2005 at 12:54 PM Rating: Good
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Spectacular.... One thing to add about being a worm in Qufim...

Make a deal with the Banshees at the lake at night... Nothing quite like catching an unwary PC on the way to the lake at night, and getting to Stonega their entire party into yellow Banshee fodder.... You may lose a bit of XP for using Banshees in this way, but the speed of kills will more than make up for it.

That is all
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#26 Aug 17 2005 at 1:07 PM Rating: Decent
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This is perfect. Answered my question on what the mobs think when I am killing them off. Rate up ˆˆ
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