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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About FFXI v2.0Follow

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The following sites have been tremendously helpful to me during my time in FFXI and I will undoubtedly be going back to them time and again for refreshers or to relearn what I may have forgotten. I hope you can find at least some of them useful in your own quest for knowledge of how to be a better player.

As always, if you find a mistake or would like a site to be considered as an addition to the list please don't hesitate to reply to the thread or send me a PM.

-- Ikonic

Guides and General Information

Ultimate Search Sites
FFXI Auction House Beta {Sarchar}
Final Fantasy XI Advanced Item Search
Killing Ifrit

Compilation Guides
Allakhazam Guides
FAQ: Guides, Links, and Posts. {AmbroseOdin/Tacitus}
Final Fantasy XI FAQs and Guides
Orestes - Missions/Quests/BCNM/CoP/AF/RSE/Scrolls/Merchants/Lvl'ing Guide
Ultimate FFXI Guide Completed {Taodyn}
Usefull Posts and Websites. New Player Friendly. {Diveos}

General Guides
All your AK posts.
Chocobo Raising
Chocobo Raising Compilaton {Darkffxi}
EXP Table
Experience (per lvl, w/Raise, Reraise, R2, R3, MogHouse)
Experience Points {Juhle}
I Choose You! A Pankration Guide {Inaya}
Info on Teleportation Outpost System
JSE Subligar Mobs
Kiyo's Uber-mule Guide (A cheap way to get extra storage.) {Kiyokatsu}
Koolaid LS: Merit Points
Merit Points
Outpost Teleportation Information
Outpost Teleporting - FFXIclopedia
Race-Specific Sachets (A Guide for Obtaining Them) {Ichthyos}
Relic Armor +1
RPG Expert - Final Fantasy XI - Outpost Teleports {Daarey}

Aht Urhgan
Erecia's Guide to All Things Treasure of Aht Urhgan {Erecia}
Farl's Treasure of Aht Urhgan Guide {Farl}
Gates of Aht Urhgan {Celeste}
Imperial Standing Rewards Table {Toksyuryel}

The History of Vana'diel
The Jobs of FFXI - A History {Tsukinomahou}

FFXI Info.
Amano's tips, tactics and strategies {AmanoJ}
FFXI interesting tips {Anaka & Saboruto}
Final Fantasy XI Player Icons {Yokuku}
Interesting things you may not know about FFXI {Saboruto}

Specific Game Terms
A mini guide to /search. {Aeryk}
A thousand and one reasons to love your markers! {AmanoJ}
The Ultimate Guide to /search (/sea). {Ikonic}

Equipment Swapping Macros {Ikonic}
Faranim's Guide to Japanese Macros {Faranim}
FFXI Interactive Zone Map
FFXI Macro Guide v0.9 {nemes1s/hpsolo}
FFXI: An FAQ to Everything You Wanted to Know About Commands v2.0 {Nalyr}
How to Save 40 Sets of Macros {Taodyn}
Macros {RagnaClay}
Moving macros to new computer.
Search Comment in Macro
Search Comment Macro

Firefox Extension: Vana'diel Clock {Xenoveritas}
MithraPride Airship Time Table
Real Time Conversion Charts
Vana'naVi Clock

Game Mechanics
Any way to disable <call>'s in FFXI?
ASCII Codes and FFXI - How to make the symbols {DaluinRizzo}
Character Restoration: What You Should Know {Erawyn}
FFXI Finder {Neonexus}
FFXI Model Viewer
FFXI NotificationNazi {Fhqwghads/Trogdoor}
FFXI Patch Util {Sarchar}
FFXI Stuff {Fhqwghads/Trogdoor}
Final Fantasy XI Finder {Darkneo}
firefox users might be interested {Theus}
Friend List Plus
Getting the most out of the {Auto-Translator} {adennak}
More fun with .DAT file swapping {JiggsCasey}
Please help me I can't connect at school
Spyle's FFXI Log Parser {Spyle}
Spyle's FFXI Parser: A Guide {Ikonic}
TazzyLynn's Parser: A Guide {Ikonic}
Winamp plugin for listening to .bgw files {StarvingArtist}

5/6 Norg scroll quests completed, here is how i got the fame {BlondebeardThePirate}
Everything you ever wanted to know about fame
Everything you ever wanted to know about fame {Tekkub}
Fame 6 in Jueno in 1hr {Jowaa}
Fame for everywhere
Fomor Hate Titles
Saboruto's guide to getting fast, cheap, easy fame. {Saboruto}
When you get tired of Farming (Guide to Raising Fame in Windurst and Questing Aspir) {Jute}

FFXI Title List
Final Fantasy XI Title List {Rappa}
Final Fantasy XI Title List {Rappa}
You and Your Title {Jute}

FFXIclopedia - Moghancements
Final Fantasy XI Furniture and Moghancement Guide
Furniture Storage and Moghancements - Theory and List {Popsi}
Moghancement Guide {Popsi}
MogHouse Furnishings List - MysteryTour (if it doesn't work go to http://mysterytour.web.infoseek.co.jp/ffxi/us/ and click on Tips, then Moghancements)

Conquest Points
Conquering Vana'diel - A Guide to the Conquest and the Expeditionary Force
Conquest Point Item List for San d'Oria {Maeda}
CP Items for Bastok
CP Items for San d'Oria
CP Items for Windurst
Final Fantasy XI Conquest Points Guide

Finalized Strange Apparatus Guide {Alaaba}
Guide - Chocobo Races! {Mieck}
How to Obtain Your Mannequin. {Tanzein}
Norg Quests
So you want a mannequin? Here's how to get one… {Splaytree}

Adventuring Fellow Guide
Fellowship NPC Quests and General Information {Fastcart}
Fellowship Quest Completed: Destined Fellow {JenovasPuppet}
New NPC facts {huckster}

Guide to getting YOUR Moldavite Earring {Fedex}
Guide to getting YOUR Opo-opo Crown {Fedex}
Guide to getting YOUR Opo-Opo Crown Part 2 {Zamphire}
Hakutaku - The Optical Hat Guide {VagusOdin}

Event Guides

Apr. 21, 2005 Changes to Ballista
Ballista - License Quest
Ballista - Liscense and Rules
Ballista Conflict Guide {Marstead}
The Unofficial Ballista Forum

Garrison - FFXIclopedia
Garrison Guide - Final {Taodyn}
Garrison Guide for FFXI (Version 2.0) {Taodyn}

BCNM Guide - cannotlinkto
BCNM Guide To Victory! {Shadowhunting}
BCNM40 Guide v1.0 {Allegory}
Giddeus BCNM40 Guide {Saboruto}
Mangled Mandragora - Instructions Page - BCNM40
MysteryTour BCNM Info.

~~Interactive Promathia Mission Guide~~ {Queuebicks}
CoP Full Mission Guide {Osarion}
Darkprayer's Promyvion Guide {Darkprayer}
Erecia's Guide to All Things Chains of Promathia {Erecia}
Everything You Need to Know About Promyvions {Ariane}
Guide -> Riverne Site #A01 {Wingchild}
How to beat promyvion. {AmanoJ}
Phomiuna Aqueducts - Get your game on! {Wingchild}
Promyvion - How did you DO IT!?!?!
Promyvion - The Emptiness - Get Your Game On {Wingchild}
You STILL haven't beat the Promyvions?? {Wingchild}

Dynamis - A Guide (Volume 1) {Fedex}
Dynamis - A Guide (Volume 2) {Fedex}

Limbus Image Guide {Kaoz}
Limbus Info
Limbus, The Non-Brady Approved Guide

Money Making

A Beginning Guide to Making Gil {Hikarukage}
Economics, FFXI, Gil Sellers and You {Whales}
Farm + Craft = profit --> Get around FFXI economy, IRL to {Cigarman}
Money! Fame! A Guide to Repeatable Quests: Complete(?) List {Aleczan}
The ultimate gil-making guide! {Saboruto}
Thiefcat's Guide to Making Money for NEW Players! {Thiefcat}

Advanced Guide to Gardening {Katadyn}
Ariah's FFXI Garden (Gardening Fire Ore)
Clan of the Angry Monkey (FFXI): Gardening
Gardening Fever .. or .. Help Me Lower Fire Crystal Prices! {Freazer}
Grow gold beastcoins +more SECRETS REVEALED! {EconomyKiller}
Pikko Pots {Pikko}

{Money} {Do You Need it?} {DarkSchinder}
Bringing Home the Bacon: Your Choices for Making Money in Vana'diel {Silalus}
Dug's Guide to Farming {Dug}
Dystar's Guide to Making Gil {Dystar}
Farming Effectiveness {ninvampire}
How Do You Make Your Gil?
How to make 1mil a day as a level one? I'll tell you how (A Guide to Questing NIN Scrolls) {FuneralDancer}
Low level Farming: Where and How. {Moriggan}
Lumpy's Gil Makin Guide for Po'Folks. {Lumpkins}
Mini - Low Level - Bastok - Farming Guide. {Jinxfox}
Thief's Guide to Farming {Xelua}

Buzz's Big Book of NM Hunting {Buzzltyear}
Chest and Coffer Contents - A Listing {BanditQueenArianna}
Moon Phase: Affecting NM Hunting and Drops
Notorious Monster Map - Presented by Liene : No.18-Gilgamesh LS-EternalForce
Notorious Monsters (NM) Hunting Guide - Final Fantasy XI - cannotlinkto
PIRATES!! (Be prepared, Hope this helps) {Enneisevoli}

Chocobo Digging 101 (aka: Lots of Pebbles)
Mining Logging Harvesting Excavition MAP
Oldton Movalpolis Animated Mining Map (w/xtra info) {Fhqwghads}

Clamming 101 {Onionsoilder/Neomage}

Parties and All That Go With Them

Starting Out
Drachasor's Guide for Beginners {Drachasor}
Guide for Beginner to Thirty {Taruofwar}
Starting out in FFXI - A Guide for New Players {Ryneguy}
Ten tips for new player just starting out. {Saboruto}
The Way too Long Guide to Newbie Levelling {Dagas}

An Essay. Exp the fun and exciting way. {Lhun}
Art of Leadership: Strategic, Wise, and Prepared in Vanadiel {Rebornfenyx}
Art of Melee Replacing (Long) {Uchipu}
Effective Party Leadership (13 Tips for Aspiring Party Leaders) {Mindel}
FFXIclopedia Partying Guide
How to /PUP. (A guide for support healers and soloing.) {Diexna}
How to Make the Most of Your Ninja Tank (a primer) {Levish}
Let us Define a Tank… {GrumpyWookie}
Monk Bones PTs in KRT the right way {Genomeffxi}
Partying with a beastmaster: A how-to guide {Saboruto}
Pointers From a JP Taru {uchipu}
Refresh etiquette....please read <_> {Noriko}
Stop EXP myths {goldsounds}
Understanding Party Dynamics And Organization {Jerseyprophet}
Unveiling Party Fundamentals {Fedex}
You've heard of Manaburn: Have you heard of Speedkill? {Lithiani}

Comprehensive Food List
Final Fantasy XI Food Effects
Food Compare 0.95 {Darkani}

Aggro and Enmity
Aggro 101: A Guide for Newbies. {Xylia}
How to avoid aggro, a compilation {Stunted}
Q's Guide to Adds, Aggro, and Zoning {Fhqwghads}
The Newbie's Guide to Hate and Aggro {Keibah}
Understanding Enmity {GrumpyWookie}

Mob Information - Elemental Attributes and Charmability {Roffler}
Monsters And Their Elemental Traits

A puller's statement {MissLMonkey/Zavia}
Beginner's Guide to Pulling {Ixaera}
Ith's Open Guide on Pulling. {ItharrAlexander}
Puller's Primer v0.4a {Kiine}
Pulling FAQ {Capek}

A Small Guide to the Japanese Language {Elizabet}
FFXI Japanese Language (Nihongo) Guide Version 1.7 {Shigemo}
Japanese Players & My Observations {Uchipu}
JP/NA? No Problem! A Small Guide {SelbinaButter/Mimir}
JPN Words/Phrases Useful for FFXI
My Guide to Working with Japanese {Scubamage}
Solid JP translation of NIN tools/spells {Kiyokatsu}

Lvl'ing Locations
***Campsites Updated*** {FFXIFiresoul}
==Experience Point Camps in Aht Urghan: A Guide== {Ramsey}
Amaterasu's leveling guide {Amaterasu}
Campsitarus {Tuufless}
Campsites {AmbroseOdin}
How to get good xp from levels 1-30 {Yarunk}
Hunting Place: A guide of where to lvl. (if it doesn't work go to http://mysterytour.web.infoseek.co.jp/ffxi/us/ and click on Tips, then Hunting Place)
Leveling Guide and Camps according to the Area Master Guide {Alaaba}
Leveling Locations 12-50 {Aaero}
XP Guide - PDF Format {etnapwnzs/Ayrlie}

Blue Elephant Brigade - Maps
Map Guide (Do You Need It?) {Ikas}
Maps of Vana'diel
Treasure Hunting Map
Vana'diel Atlas - FFXI Maps Collection
Zone Connection Maps

Skills and Damage

Damage & Damage Modifiers
-% damage (Damage reduction is additive not multiplicitive.) {Aurikan}
Anyone know the actual evasion formula?
Calculating Weapon Skill Damage
Combat Damage Faq -- STR, VIT, DEF, & ATK explained {Bugpop}
FFXI Damage Calculator {Ilean}
Guide to Piercing Damage {BrimstoneFox}
Latent and Hidden Effects
Latent Effect - hidden triggers and effects {Darkdashing}
WS Damage Modifiers

A SAMs guide to skillchains for the newbie BLM {Lithiani}
Aden's Renkei Chart
AlexisLucia's Skillchain Calculator {AlexisLucia}
Balorn's Final Fantasy XI Skillchain Calculator {Balorn}
DranoK's Skillchain Calculator v2.21
FFXI Renkei/Skillchain v4.0 {Alvehyanna}
Honor SCX (Skillchain Calculator)
Skillchains and how they work {RidingBean}
Vana'Guide Skillchain Chart
Xarak's Skillchain Calculator

Figuring Out What Your Skill Should Be
FFXI Skill Capture
FFXI Stats Calculator {Kaguyaneko}
Final Fantasy XI Character Stat Predictor
Skill Limit Database - cannotlinkto
Weaponskill Limit Database - cannotlinkto

Let's go skill-up, shall we? {SubZero}
Skill Up Chart 1 (Alternate Location)
Skill Up Chart 2 (Alternate Location)
Skill up Parties: Why and How (need your coffer key?) {Blowfin}
Skilling up parry: A basic guide {TheTomas}
SkillUp Chart 1 (may have to type URL into your browser or refresh to get it to load)
SkillUp Chart 2 (may have to type URL into your browser or refresh to get it to load)


Job Info.
2hr {You can have this} {Paoa}
AF Quests - MysteryTour (if it doesn't work go to http://mysterytour.web.infoseek.co.jp/ffxi/us/ and click on Quest, then Artifact)
An Essay Concerning Subjobs {Temeraire}
Coffer AF FAQ - Where is my AF and what do I fight? {Mikhalia}
Dispelling the myths… {Saboruto}
List: Standard Exp Camps with Charmable Pets {Ryotu}
Of Melee Damage-Dealers in FFXI {Aseran}
Partying with a beastmaster: A how-to guide {Saboruto}
PTing as Bst in my experiences {Upperclass}
The Big Finale - Things for you to Dispel {Jyneefur}
What everyone else might like to know about BST {Winawer}
Why MY job is the best in the game. {Saboruto}

BLM 101 {BlastolaQuetz}
Blm AF Walkthrough {Ollorin}
BLM Spells: Where to get them/what they cost/recast times
BLM: Debuff/Buff/Nuking/Partying/etc {KudomaBooYah}
Duracell's Guide to Black Mage Equipment and Advanced Macros {DuracellPhoenix}
Elemental Debuffs 101 {Taga}
Obi Farming Spots (Soloing Tips as BLM)
The Arcane Tome of DOOMâ„¢ (Link Compilation) {Sloppysue}
Tool for new BLMs (Elemental Wheel Chart) {Bangdead}

Bard 101 {Alamine}
Bard Guide v1.0 {Trickybeck}
Complete Bard Guide, levels 1-55 {Saboruto}
I Can't Stick Threnody.
Shinoh's Bard Weapons Guide {Shinoh}
Targetable Etudes and You: A Guide {Saboruto}

"Charm +" Demystified! {RattyBatty}
AF Information (BST) {Lilyanne}
All About Widescan: Widescan Demystified! {RattyBatty}
Beast Strength Chart
Beastmaster 101 {Shinoda}
Beastmaster Guide {Divada}
Beastry Chart / Beast Category List {Thiefcat}
BST Duo/Party Leveling Spots {Lindeus}
BST leveling locations that worked for me {Deimoss}
BST Macros {BuzzLtyear}
Category:Familiars (BST Pets)
Everything you need to know about Beastmaster! {Lindeus}
From the mind of the BST {Liquidedust}
Researched Jug Pet Data {Lindeus}
The Beastmaster Code. {RattyBatty}
The BST Bible {RunningDemon}
The Creatures of Vanadiel
Updated Hunting Grounds: Revised XP Guide for Beastmasters {Durginn}

Compilation of Useful Topics {Nanisevel}
Drachen Artifact (AF) Armor (The full story) {Fhernias}
Dragoon FAQ {Sey}
DRG equipment guide LVL 1-75 {DiscipleOfKain}
Equipment Guide LVL 1-75 {DiscipleOfKain}
Healing Breath - FFXIclopedia

Dark Knight Guide {Orikenus}

Effen's MNK FAQ - AK
Effen's Monk FAQ V1.06 - KI
If you are a MNK, please read. {Resistance}
Mathematics for Monks {DJSlyde}
MND equipment {Thalthas}
MNK Guide - Gamefaqs.com
The Bones Listing: A Monk's Guide to Bones {Hinwei}
The Monk Index (Updated) {Ikonic}

Guide to Blink Tanking and Utsusemi {Jahava}
Ninja AF Quests, only time I will post them. {Kofka}
Ninja Equipment {TsuDymphna}
Ninja FAQ / Guide {Vinay}

Comprehensive Paladin Guide {Akirussan}
Paladin AF Armor. {Russian}
Paladin Equipment guide (1-50) {Fisban}
Paladin Extended Guide (51-75) {Fisban}

Adventures in the lives of PUP tanks {Enaru}
Behaviour of the Stormwaker Frame {YuriOtani}
Puppetmaster: Upgrading Your Automaton
Understanding Maneuvers and their Combinations {YuriOtani}

A guide to the effective use of Chainspell {kingjord}
RDM 101 v2.0 --- Stays Crunchy in Milk, Makes Julienne Fries {Liselle}
RDM Guide to Keeping the Chain Alive. {kingjord}
Red Mage 101 {Airspirit}
Red Mage AF Walkthrough - Complete {Aracelt}
Red Mage FAQ {Bayler}
Red Mage/Ninja, a careful consideration {Drachasor}

Another Equip Guide (1-75) {Tredant}
Ranger FAQ {Kamena}
RNG AF Guide {Rkenshin}

Samurai 101 {Kyoujin}

FFXI Summoners Handbook {DarkswordDX}
KT Summoner
SMN Macros - KI
The Summoner Upgrade FYI {Spudmatt/Fieras}
Thiefcat's Guide to Lvl 20 Avatar Fights. {Thiefcat}

Attempt at a THF Guide O_O {Vryali}
Equipments Suggestions Guide {ReiAyanami}
Famke's Revised FFXI Thief Artifact Guide {Famke}
Sneak Attack / Trick Attack + Weapon Skill Guide {Leachman}
Useful Forum Links {LostTink/Sukei}

WAR/MNK tanking: a Guide / FAQ {Zalakria}
Warrior Equipment Guide {KadathFFXI}
Warrior Guides & Useful Links {Firebirdjim}

White Mage 101 {RydiaJademist}
White Mage 101 Compiled {KaiHiwatari}
White Mage Artifact Armor: Compiled Information {Skeiron}
White Mage Equipment Guide {Cesium}
WHM Spells: Where to get them/what they cost/recast times


Crafting: General Guides
Do you have what is takes? (to be a crafter) {Popsi}
Elemental Day Effect on Item Synthesis (a must-read!) {Saboruto}
How to lv your guild, and how to make money to fund it. {CingOfCookies}
HQ Mystery Solved? {Eruntalon}
On the Shoulders of Giants (or, The Eruntalon Code) {Muiradayi}
Sgtpayne's Guide to Crafting {Sgtpayne}
Synthesis Theory and the Rules of Eight {FacerX/Ravel}
Tradeskill Guides, Links and Useful Posts {MistressKat}
Valefor Crafts Directory
When Do I Craft to MAX Skill Ups.. The Answer {Purplenv}

Crafting Guides
Crafting Recipes
Escalade's Crafting Guides {Escalade}
Goodconscience's Crafting Guides {Goodconscience}
Guides for all guilds lv0-60+ inside! - KI

Crafting Tools
Crafting Rules
Crafting Rules
Crafting Rules
Hitchhiker's TOOL to Crafting. {Gourry}
Lokyst's FFXI Crafting Timer {Lokyst}
Merchants of Vana'diel Guide - cannotlinkto
Titanictus.Com Guild Item Listing
Van'diel Price List

0-60 Alchemy, My Guide. {Buteo}
Alchemy 0-60 the 'sorta easy' way. {CubsWoo}
Alchemy 0-60+ {Dragonhope}
Cheap Alchemy 0 to 60 in a Nutshell {Aurikan}
Keichan's Alchemy Guide 1-100 {Keichan}
My 5 Day Alchemy Journey to 68 {RickyTheRaccoon/TheRiddler}

Arkenstone's Bonecraft Guide (0-100)

Clothcraft Guide (0-62) {CometNet}
CometNet's Clothcraft Guide v2.0 (0-80) {Aurikan}

Belot's Shot at a Guide to Cooking... (0-60) {Belot}
Cooking Guide (0-100) {Qheretic}
Dasher's Cooking 0-100 {Dasher}
Feeding Your White Mage (Cooking from 0-90) {Popsi}
Kiyo's Juice Bar {Kiyokatsu}
So you wanna be a cook eh? (0-40) {Wolfstable}
So you want/need money?? Read on… (Cooking from 0-40) {Pharadox}
Working the Kitchen (Cooking 0-100) {Satlan}

Goldsmithing 1-50 {Smurv}
Sicboy's Goldsmithing Guide (0-100) {Sicboy}

Leatherworking 0-60+ {Dragonhope}
Leatherworking 0-90+, The skillpath(s) that I think work best. {Dragonhope}
Treefiddy's Leathercrafting Guide! (0-100) {Treefiddy}

Blacksmithing Guide - From 0-26 with profit {Yarinn}
Hitchhiker's Guide to Smithing. 0-100 & Usefull Knowledge {Gourry}
Smithing 0-83 (Potentially for profit) {Curseddestroyer}

Easy Fishing Guide: 0-35 and Beyond {Airspirit}
FFXI Fishing Database {Xar}
Fishing 101 (lvl 0-54) {Bink}
Geli's 100% Safe Fishing. 0-69 {Geli}
Osakana Database Moat Carp -- FFXI Fishing Linkshell @ Odin
Post-Update Fishing Guide 0-100 {Akirussan}
So you wanna be a Fisherman eh? (0-40) {Wolfstable}
ta dah noting (Fishing 0-40) {CingOfCookies}
The Safest and Cheapest way to raise your fishing skill from 0-100. {Magdelena}

Clam Bucketeer! v.1

Entertaining Stuff

"Why, back in my day..." {Rheywolf}
A Smithy's Life {Taodyn}
Bannable Offenses {Taodyn}
Controlling 6 characters? at the same time? {Chainspell}
FFXI Wallpapers - Ver.2 {Sidhejester}
FFXI Wallpapers^^ {Sidhejester}
FFXI Web Comics: A List {Taodyn}
FFXI.Allakhazam: The CCG {MDenham}
Guide To Levelling Worm {TheMagicalPony}
How to camp the HNM's Cute Girl and Hot Chick: Advice from a successful camper... {Zanzibari}
How to speak n00b - a guide {Taodyn}
LFG in WalMart. {GrumpyWookie}
Pebbles UNLEASHED! {Coffeehamlet}
Something we may have neglected.... {Kahr}
Square Enix and blatant racism. {Saboruto}
The Legend of The Subligar Man {Resistance}
The Treadmill From Hell {GrumpyWookie}
The Wookie Files: Main Page Version (A Compilation) {Darkfighter}
Transworld Project - Outstanding FFXI Graphics {Selece}
Webcomic pokes fun at IGE/Gil Sellers

Karg's Library of FFXI Music Links {Karg}
Kiyo's Video Library {Kiyokatsu}

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Ikonic [Caitsith (Ragnarok)]
MNK 90, PUP 90, BLM 90, THF 90, SMN 85
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This helped me out alot. Thanks for the post.
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Nice work

#4 Aug 28 2005 at 1:14 PM Rating: Good
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Very nice, indeed. This should be sticked! =) Thank you, this will help bunches ^^
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rate up
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Nice! Bookmarked.
#7 Aug 28 2005 at 2:05 PM Rating: Good
Nice guide indeed. I will bookmark as well and link it on my LS site.
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ZOMG We must stick this thread at all costs!!
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Wow how did this take to put together ?
#10 Aug 28 2005 at 8:51 PM Rating: Excellent
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Here, have some bookmarks.

Auctionable items from NPCs:

-For some reason, Woodworkers and Clothcrafters still buy Chocobo feathers from the AH. You can make some newbie money by buying stacks of Chocobo feathers from the stables, and eventually, Black Chocobo feathers if your nation is in first place and you're in your starting city.

-Lvl 15 Ninja scrolls can be bought for around 1500 and sold for at around 3000, sometimes 3500-5000. They have limited demand, and you may saturate the market with too many. You know, the Inn is right next to the AH.

Sellable items from AH:

-Drk scrolls usually drop for players who are not Drk, or are not the appropriate level, and are sold on the AH. If the price is selling below 1500, you can buy the scroll and sell it to an NPC for 1500.

-The heavy axe can be gained from the Trouble at the Sluice quest, and is usually sold on the AH for 5k. If the price on the AH ever goes below 5k, you can buy one and sell to an NPC for around 5k.

A Discerning Eye: This quest can be done every time by using the Windower, hitting print screen when the model is shown, and opening in paint to view the model. It's cheap, dirty, and requires no brain power. You should feel ashamed for even thinking about this.

Unfounded Rumors:

-Digestive Magic-

The cheapest food on the AH is Rarab Tails, as demand is very low. You can buy these, along with Gysahl Greens, and go to Parike-Poranke in lower Jueno. Set up a trade macro to give Rarab Tails, and another to give Gysahl Greens. Now keep giving a tail followed by greens, and Parike-Poranke will mention how many indigestions he's cured. A multiple of 1000 will show "Parike-Poranke's digestive magic skill rises 0.1 points." So far, no one has found any purpose for this, but a server wide effort of using disposable income on greens and cheap food, performed by linkshells who have nothing better to do, will eventually be able to raise his skill to something better, just to see what happens. It helps out the economy too, as it's a great waste of money.


-Treasure hunter-

If every skill is based on an element, and Treasure Hunter is based on light, then +light equipment will help Treasure Hunter. There is no proof of this, unless someone wants to do some parsing tests.

-Craft theory-

Every craft has items that can be earned through Guild Points. The best item is furniture at 150,000 GP, which must be earned at level 90 or higher (the last craft rank).

Assuming you worked on one craft to get all items including furniture, then develed your craft back to 60 and started earning guild points for another craft, you could get every guild item and last furniture item after spending about...

430K on Woodworking
420K on Bonecraft
410K on Clothcraft
390K on Cooking
410K on Goldcraft
410K on Leathercraft
410K on Smithing
420K on Woodworking
570K on Fishing

To get every last Guild item in every craft (not counting the 1500 pt items) you would have to spend 3,870,000 Guild Points. This would be longer and more costly than getting 75 in all jobs, and you'd lose your crafting levels just to get every item. Of course, the guy who got every job to 75 was rewarded by a GM. This is also the way to unlock Jedi in Star Wars Galaxies.


Ariah's Glow Rate guide. The secret of Ore Gardening revealed:



http://ffxi.cannotlinkto/chocobo/ Chocobo Digging Guide
http://ffxi.cannotlinkto/fame.php Fame Guide

Clanwind Fishing Database:


FFXI Log Parser:


FFXI at Gamefaqs:


Pikko Pots:


-VNboards (outdated)-

HELM guide

Chocobo Digging

Insect Balls

Early cooking guide

Basic gil guide

Levelling guide

Basic mule guide


BCNM 20-30

Farming rate

Fishing 1

Fishing 2

Windurst fame

XP Chain 10

Avatar quests

BRD techniques

RNG soloing


RPG Expert NM map

Blue Elephant maps

Clan Wind maps

Vana'diel Maps

NM maps

Treasure Maps


Skill cap guide

Title guide

Farming theory

MithraPride Airship timer


Your Allakhazam post history

Things you probably don't know

Synthesis theory

HQ theory


Gilmaking 1

Gilmaking 2

Gilmaking 3

Gilmaking 4

Gilmaking 5

Gilmaking 6

Bastok farming


Diabolos strategy

Tradeskill guide

Hidden and latent effect guide

Model viewing

Military forces

Fake items


Maat tips

Ballista tips

Chocobo Digging

Worm levelling

Levelling Worm

Mogenhancement Guide


Skillchain guide

Girly's guide to making gil

Take a night off to go mining

Valkurm Emperor tips


It would be nice if people actually used this.

Cel shaded art 1

Cel shaded art 2

Robert Stanton FFXI music

FFXI Top Down Shooter

RPG Expert (Search for crafting guides mostly)

FFXI Category (needs articles)

TeamAvengers FFxiclopedia


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Book marked, rated up and bumped.
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IKONIC!!! Thanks for this! I am proud that a fellow CaitSithian in my Garrison LS would make this nice post!

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Must bump again ^^

But, I noticed 1 flaw:

No rdm ; ; lol, here's the link to the second version of RDM 101 (version one is still sticked in the rdm forum)


This also has some good info for all jobs, like a skills chart. Great stuff in thurr =) Good stuff in here too, though :3
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#15 Aug 29 2005 at 2:17 AM Rating: Excellent
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Wow how did [long] this take to put together?

These are links I've compiled over my time playing FFXI. To compile the list and put in a neat format like it is took maybe 1-2hrs. I did this while doing some crafting so it wasn't that bad.

As for why there are not RDM links or why some jobs/crafts/whatever don't have many links is because I have yet to really need to research those. My RDM is only lvl 20 and so I didn't need to do much research for it and what I did was mainly ask high-lvl RDMs for advice. My goldsmithing and smithing are lvls 3 and 2, respectively. I will soon be starting on smithing (once I cap out Alchemy) and so will be doing a bit of research for it and should come up with more links at that point.
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holy Flying Chocobo, dude. bookmarked and rate up.... WOW /stagger
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Bump, I'm willing to bump this thread for the rest of my life if they don't sticky lol.
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Aww I thought this might be a thread about 'FFXI 2.0' - the graphical upgrades that people are talking about will happen with Xbox360 release. :p

But this is even better. Nice work man.
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righteous, Righteous!

Nice gathering... I'm mostly posting for quick access in the future from my user posts ;)

Rate up for the hard work!
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Totally bookmarked and totally rated up ... (|Sticky|)(|You can have this|)
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This is great, and a big help to have all of this information in one post, but I just wanted to point out a dead link to you real quick

Icinoki wrote:
Skill Up
SkillUp Chart 1 (may have to type URL into your browser or refresh to get it to load)
SkillUp Chart 2 (may have to type URL into your browser or refresh to get it to load)
Unfortunately, neither of these links work. I've tried clicking, right-clicking and opening in new window, and straight copying the URL into the address bar, and every time I get an error page I cannot understand because it's in a different language. I tried to use altavista's bablefish to translate the page ... no go ... other than that, everything else I've tried has worked ... thanks again!!
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you could get every guild item and last furniture item after spending about...
430K on Woodworking

I'm sorry but I disagree with this statement. You need 320k GP for the 2 clothing items and the furnishing. GP costs me an average of 10 gil per point. For 320k GP it's going to cost roughly 3.2 million, no where near this figure of 430k listed.

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Awesome thread, bookmarked. Admin's put a thumb tack on this one.
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SekaiDragon wrote:
This is great, and a big help to have all of this information in one post, but I just wanted to point out a dead link to you real quick

Icinoki wrote:
Skill Up
SkillUp Chart 1 (may have to type URL into your browser or refresh to get it to load)
SkillUp Chart 2 (may have to type URL into your browser or refresh to get it to load)
Unfortunately, neither of these links work.

These links do work. I just tried them again. I use Firefox and after clicking on the link I get the page you mentioned (the error page). At that point if I hit the 'Go' button it will load the image correct, but if I hit refresh it will not.
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I just made a sticky request, and we're not getting one. >< However, this thread can still be submitted as a guide.
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