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al`tulia sea gods, spawn conditions, drops and strategyFollow

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Credit goes where credit is due: I copied most of this material from this 43 page thread on ki. ALL of the graphics come from this thread. But you probably don't want to dig through a 43 page thread on ki to find all this. The rest I wrote from my own LS's expiriences. A lot of this might be wrong, heck, a lot of it probably is. I've only fought the first tier monsters, I'm taking other people's word for the rest of them. You're welcome to make corrections or additions. In fact, please do. More information the merrier.

I apologize if this information has already been posted somewhere. I read this forum daily and have not seen anything except an occational link to the 43 page ki thread, which even then you have to read all 43 pages to find out half this stuff..


First, spawn tools and drops:

Lumoria Region NM Flowchart

This works a bit like sky, two trigger NM drops to pop one god, three gods pop one megaboss.


These show where the nm's pop at and how to get there. There are two maps for each zone, a NM map which shows where nms are, and a navigation map, which shows how to get there. I will merg these two maps when I get some time.

HuXzoi NM Map
HuXzoi Escort Floor #1
HuXzoi Escort Floor #2
- J.Temperance
- Ix'Aern #1

Ru'Hmet NM Map
Ru'Hmet Brands/Tower Map Floor #1
Ru'Hmet Brands/Tower Map Floor #2
Ru'Hmet Brands/Tower Map Floor #3
- Ix'Aern #2
- Ix'Aern #3
- J.Fortitude
- J.Faith

Al'Taieu NM Map
- J.Hope, Justice, Prudence, Love

----Battle Strategy----

First Tier Monsters


Ix'Aern #1
This monster is pretty easy. Monk type, uses hundred fists. Uses a spawn tool. Very weak. If you trade 3 hq organs instead of 1, a harder version pops with a much better droprate (i wonder if this is true of the others?).

Ix'Aern #2
Kill placeholders in the room with the ???. Someone gets "enveloped in sheer animosity" message and must click the ??? within 10 seconds. This is a DRK type Aern with 2 pet aerns, one of them being rng. It can use reraise..up to 10+ times. May wana drag it out of the aern room so it doesn't link.

Ix'Aern #3
Lotto, pops instantly when placeholder killed. Drg type, spawns 3 brd type wyverns which can't be slept or silenced. They use the charm song. If you kill them, they instantly resummon. Drag the Ix'Aern out of the aern room so it doesn't link and leave 3 blink tank kiters with a mage or two to handle the wyverns. Utsu blocks charm song.


Lotto from 5 tower pots. Need to do escort to get there. Pot type. Completely resists elemental damage, stun and bind. Shadowbind does work. He changes what can hurt him. When his needle thingies are verticle, he's weak to peircing. When horizontal, weak to slashing. When nothing, weak to blunt. All other weapons except his weakness will hit for 0. Gravity sticks really easy. Uses a weapon skill 'Optical Induration' that petrifies and resets hate. Also has an aoe silence ws. Uses sam 2h.

Uses spawn tools. The ??? point moves around the 5 towers. Ball type in humanoid form. It comes with two ball pets. It hits 200~300 and uses vorpal blade. Fortitude uses 'reflect'. Reflect goes away when the two pets are killed. After the pets are dead this monster is very weak to nukes. Uses invincible.

Uses spawn tools on moving ???. Blm type flower. Uses Breakga, stonega3, stoneIV, quake2, and sleepga. 2h is manafront. This monster is weak to drain (300+ drains). It has an aoe that can do 800+ damage through stoneskin. It spams tp moves at low hp (hnm death rage).

All three of these jailers can be kited in the room directly across from where they spawn.


Second Tier Monsters

These things need alliance of 18+. They are on par with sky gods with resists, toughness, etc. People have reported wiping to these with a full alliance.

Xzomit type, summons Qn`xzomits (pets, up to 6) every 10-20 seconds, 2 nukes can take out out but it continualy summons them. The pets have ~1500hp and use mijin gakure. Both the nm and pets have extremely fast movement speed. Looks like a BQ style fight.

This is 2 Hpmede type monsters. They warps around (up to several grids) and spam tp moves. Need widescan.

Attacks at aquarius speed and has enstun. Uses insta-cast Tga3, burst2, and shock spikes. Shock spikes does 80+ dmg. Totaly resistant to bind stun and gravity. Uses mighty strikes.


Third Tier

UFO type. Summons 15-20 pets, at the same time, that respawn when killed, hit like a truck, and can't be slept. The pets have very low hp. Love is mnk type with high tier blm/whm/rdm magics. It uses boost, can critical a pld for 1200+ dmg, and uses hundred fist more than once. It is highly resistant to both magic and melee. Being UFO type, we can assume it uses charmga and stripga. An alliance of 18 got it down to 98% in an hour, it's regen is supposedly vrtra/shen-in-shell like.


.. and that's all the information I have. Anyone have any info I do not have here? I would love to hear more battle strategy/stories regarding the second tier jailers.

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Thanks for compiling this, I read the KI thread, but this is a nice little summary.
#3 Sep 12 2005 at 1:32 PM Rating: Decent
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Yeah BG had to stop JoL only because they could not get it to die. You can check thier website for more info.


#4 Sep 20 2005 at 10:41 PM Rating: Decent
Bump.. and sticky please in the quest forums?

Nice guide.
#5 Sep 20 2005 at 10:52 PM Rating: Decent
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Holy sweet mother of taco bell. JoL............. umm......... wow.
#6 Sep 20 2005 at 11:08 PM Rating: Decent
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Akatosh wrote:
An alliance of 18 got it down to 98% in an hour, it's regen is supposedly vrtra/shen-in-shell like.
GOOD GOD! please say that you ment BY 98% in an hour...
#7 Sep 20 2005 at 11:22 PM Rating: Decent
GOOD GOD! please say that you ment BY 98% in an hour...

hehe nope check out there website. Couple of pics there showing its health and everyone eles's

I think there is mabey 1 pic of it at 98%
#8 Sep 20 2005 at 11:34 PM Rating: Decent
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By the looks of this it's going to take me a long time to get that Love Torque.
#9 Sep 21 2005 at 12:00 AM Rating: Good
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As I recall... Love Torque is for Dagger and Polearm skill.


No one is ever killing this more than once, and only to say they've killed it.

<LsDRG> Hey guys, I think we're strong enough, and I looked up a good strat, I think we can take Love.
<Ls> I don't feel like it, lets get more BLM/NIN/WHM/BRD/RNG/RDM stuff.
<LsTHF> LsDRG is right, I thought of a great technique that would make it quite easy.
<Ls> Does it drop anything valuable other than your neck thing?
<LsTHF> I don't think so...
<Ls> *yawn*
<LsDRG> . . .
<LsTHF> . . .
<Ls> NM is almost dead, put up flag LsTHF
<LsTHF> *sigh* ok
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