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The big Chocobo researchFollow

#152 Sep 08 2006 at 6:18 PM Rating: Decent
has anyone tried feeding them stuff besides the official food?
#153 Sep 08 2006 at 6:49 PM Rating: Decent
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I tried feeding it a normal Potion. He didnt accept it.
#154 Sep 08 2006 at 8:28 PM Rating: Good
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Another Update

Egg: Faintly Warm
Raised in: San d'Oria
Care Plan: Been Listening to music for as long as he could.
Yesterday's Status: Perky 'In high spirits'. 'Should be responsive to anything given now'
Yesterday's food: San d'Orian Carrot x 3

Today's change: "Enigmatic" personality for this one also. He also got sick, but then again he's never been sick before, whereas the previous one has.

Tokopekko Wildgrass is not as much as a San d'Orian carrot.

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#155 Sep 08 2006 at 10:13 PM Rating: Decent
Talathas wrote:
has anyone tried feeding them stuff besides the official food?

Batagreens = No
#156 Sep 08 2006 at 10:30 PM Rating: Decent
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Well, my goal was to keep my chocobo as well-balanced as I could ... so I would make it take a walk for two days, then listen to music for two days, and repeat.

It wasn't until recently that I really began to seriously consider that the detrimental effects of each activity might be equal to the positive effects; I knew they were there, but I didn't like the notion that they were strong enough to literally cancel each other out.

So, I just started to concentrate on one activity, and one alone, afraid of the "balanced" approach basically making all stats zero. What do I discover, after six straight days of nothing but music?

My chocobo finally has a personality. I'm not sure if it was the music that did it, but the type of personality seems to fit, to me:

"Your chocobo is rather sensitive, which makes it good with people."

I really hope this is the green type. ^_^

Edited, Sep 8th 2006 at 11:32pm EDT by Lazrical
#157 Sep 08 2006 at 10:47 PM Rating: Good
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Might try feeding it zegham carrots and listening to music a lot; "sensitive" and "enigmatic" are probably the mental-attribute personalities.

If personality also relates to race -- as some have predicted but no one has real proof of -- my patient, endurance-tastic chocobo would probably be the Rounsey. It doesn't seem to come in any color but yellow, but it sounds solid.

Day 19 will be tomorrow, making it 15 days since our chocobos hatched. I think they'll either become teenagers tomorrow, or possibly they'll change on a clean number like Day 20.

Edited, Sep 8th 2006 at 11:53pm EDT by Valiere
#158 Sep 08 2006 at 11:14 PM Rating: Decent
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Doesnt Brutus have copyright on the Rounsey (that is an improved Courser btw)?
Thought we can only raise Palfreys, Destriers, Coursers and Jennets.
Im hoping in a green Jennet :>
#159 Sep 08 2006 at 11:37 PM Rating: Default
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Hi, I have noticed that the energy bar behaves differently.

If I take the bird on 3 walks in a row and then just watch over him, I only get like 4 watches over before the energy completely runs out

If I alternate it:

Watch over him,
Check his condition
Watch over him,
Feed him
Watch over him
Watch over him,
Watch over him,
Watch over him about 8x's after that.

I have no idea why that is or what it means.

P.S. I have him on a carrot diet. Started with 2 Sandorian and 1 Carrot paste, then switched to 2 home grown carrots and 1 paste. Waiting for the next harvest before I switch to 3 home grown carrots.

I've met the guy 4 times and got the story on the 3rd.

I have him now on all walks in town (two days in a row so far). Changed it from alternating walks and music. I got all glowing reports, but no change in status.

I'm commiting to just walks and carrots for now.

I don't want him thinking of me as his parent. That's unhealthy IMO, he needs to break the umbilical cord and grow the f up. Right now he's a momma's boy with a blankey. Ewww.

/grabs her pocketbook and goes out to party
#160 Sep 09 2006 at 12:59 AM Rating: Decent
I haven't started raising a chick yet, but from reading the forums, I have a theory on how the colors might work...
I don't believe the type of egg or the nation the chocobo is raised in will really make a difference in color, but really the upbringing. I remember SE saying it depends on how the user raises their chocobo. I think this first generation of chocobos will most likely be all yellow, because I've noticed most people are 18+ days into raising and all their stats still seem pretty low. (But no one has gotten the care plans that are supposed to change the traits by the most, so I might have a bum theory) -.-"

Buuutttt... I also recalled SE saying that the baby chocobo will have some of the traits of their parents. So if two trainers with yellow chocobos with high(er) let's say mental attributes breed their chocobos, wouldn't the chick be born with high mental stats rather than all poor? Then you could continue training the chick on your desired traits.

Dunno really, I betcha' we all will just end up having to wait for the full month to find out >^^<
#161 Sep 09 2006 at 5:10 AM Rating: Decent
Lazrical wrote:

My chocobo finally has a personality. I'm not sure if it was the music that did it, but the type of personality seems to fit, to me:

"Your chocobo is rather sensitive, which makes it good with people."

I really hope this is the green type. ^_^
About time someone else got this! ^^

Personalities come and go. The lack of a personality doesn't appear to be detrimental, but it would make identifying anything a chore. This one matches with Blue, it seems.

#162 Sep 09 2006 at 7:42 AM Rating: Decent
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I'm no where near as far along as most of you. I'm only on Day 6, so I've only had SweetHarmony out of her egg for 3 days. Still:

4th day (basic care): hatched, went on a walk & met Blood first time out, alternated watching & walking for total 3 walks & 8 watch overs

5th day (still basic, even though I had set up music): was starving & ill tempered. fed herb, veggie, carrot paste, got the "fine chocobo" message 2x. started out with watching & was only able to get in 2 walks, but 9 watch overs.

6th day (music): starving, ill tempered. fed veggie paste, sharug, azouph, "fine choco" msg 3x. started off with a walk, got 3 walks but only 2 watch overs before she was out of energy.

I'm wondering if the music will change her ill tempered personality ... at this point it's hard to decide if that would be a good thing or not (I'd love a black choco as some have speculated, but would the war-choco necessarily be good at digging?).

The only food she's done anything but just eat is the Azouph greens which she gobbled up. We'll see probably tomorrow how she reacts to some plain carrots, but I want to give her some kind of paste every day. I'm mostly going for a digger, but I have it in my head to never feed her the same thing 2x in a row.

I've got all 4 mules gardening on a staggered schedule, so I have a wildgrass harvest almost every day ... one of which mules is my lvl 95 cook so I'm got a good supply of paste & enough left over to feed my boyfriend's choco too. As a note to that, most of the greens & wildgrass seem to be pretty easy, and often harvest in large numbers, whereas both carrots are rarer & you get fewer when you do ... as for worms, I've only got them once, and it was only 2 cupid worms out of 10 pots, which was lame. But I'm still working on forgotten technique for regular seeds after so long of only growing rice.
#163 Sep 09 2006 at 7:49 AM Rating: Decent
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um... The personalities seem to depend on what you do with your chocobo on the care plan front. Possibly the food front. I think it's an indication of which stats are currently in the lead.

bad temper good for battle: str is winning (good for exploration?)
good for packages: end is winning (good for the courier service - how did you thing all your stuff got to your other mog houses?)
enigmatic: decernement is winning (good for digging)
sensitive: receptivity is winning (good for breading?)

I don't think it's an indicator of race of chocobo or color, strictly which stats are leading (or getting the skillups).
#164 Sep 09 2006 at 2:32 PM Rating: Decent
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Ghostwing update: Day 19

Juvenile Chocobo!

I'm so pleased! I thought he would never grow up hehe.

Gave me access to new Direct Care options:- Tell a Story gave me the option of 'Random Chitchat' of Youthful Choc and consumed about twice as much Energy as a 'Watch Over'

I got Take a Walk (regular?) to Tahrongi Canyon, that was really interesting:

Met up with 3 Choc guys with their own Juvi Choc - with black feather tips! I think it's name was Best. They ridiculed my chocobo like something from Grease and challenged me to a race, unlocking Compete against others in the Care Options.

Selected this and we raced around Windy Woods - I lost ; ;
Both of these options used about twice a Take a walk (short)

So Care Options unlocked:

  • Tell a Story - Random Chitchat / Key Item: Story
  • Take on Walk (regular)
  • Scold Chocobo
  • Compete against Others - dependent on meeting the npc's on regular walk?

  • All Care Plans bar, Act and Dig I believe were available.

    Will be moving him off Pastes now and on to solid food. Intend to focus on Physical stats hopefully I can beat that ****** Best.

    My choc is yellow with white feather tips, didn't expect anything different.

    Edited, Sep 9th 2006 at 3:32pm EDT by ShenanigansTitan

    Edited, Sep 9th 2006 at 4:01pm EDT by ShenanigansTitan
    #165 Sep 09 2006 at 2:40 PM Rating: Good
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    Yeah, my chocobo is grown too!

    Also a yellow with just white tips. I took her out for a longer walk in Tahrongi Canyon and meet 3 humans with there young chocobo who had black tips on his feathers. They said that there chocobo is far better then mine. *grrr* I don't like those 3...

    I told my chocobo the story i got from the VCS trainer and it seemed interested. I also have new care plan options now.

    Als my stats are still poor.

    Since my chocobo is starvin i'll now look how much she's eating. =)
    #166 Sep 09 2006 at 3:18 PM Rating: Decent
    Mine grew up to, it has Blue feathers, but the very back ones look Black. Someone thinks mine could either be black or blue when it grows depending on what I do. Here is some pics.


    I'm hoping for Black still.

    #167 Sep 09 2006 at 3:20 PM Rating: Decent
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    Mine grew too. Same info but mine beat the race. :D Funny cuz she is being raised to be a digger. lol.

    #168 Sep 09 2006 at 3:28 PM Rating: Decent
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    My brother's choc won the race also. The triple trainers blamed it on their choc being unwell >.<

    Also the sandy race looks cool when you go past the AH seeing all the npc's there cheering you on.
    #169 Sep 09 2006 at 3:29 PM Rating: Good
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    Same info here!

    Met the same guys in Tahrongi, though I didn't race them. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.
    My chocobo also developed a personality, she is now Enigmatic. I've been having her listen to music for quite a while, so I guess it's that. I wonder though if the Chocobo maturing "speeds" up the personality maybe since she got the new personality today. *shrug*

    Care Schedule I've now set 1 day for playing with children, 1 day for showing it off in public (that sounded wrong), and 1 day for playing with other chocobos.
    The chocoguy says it might put a strain on the chocobo to have her play with children if her discernment isn't good already, so I hope she won't get ill or something. Will be interesting to see.
    Told her two stories, the youthful chocobo one, and the regular "chit chat" and got message saying "Chocobo seems interested". I also watched over it once, and didn't wanna exhaust it anymore after that.
    Fed her 2 Zegham Carrots and she was full, so maybe they still eat the same amount of food as in the chick stage. Still to early to tell.

    Nice that something happened!

    EDIT: Oh yeah, mine has the whiteish feather tips. I guess that's the "path" to a yellow one, but I don't mind much. XD

    Edited, Sep 9th 2006 at 4:31pm EDT by LeinadiOdin
    #170 Sep 09 2006 at 3:29 PM Rating: Decent
    19th Care Day - Mine too!

    Quite a few more care selections

    Telling a story: Chitchat or telling it your stable story you got
    Take a walk (regular): Mine was Bastok and went to Konshact Highlands. There we met 3 Humes, from what I recognize from ToAU quest cutscene I think. They were raising a black tipped choco it seems, anyway, after that CS they gave me the option to race there choco :D

    When I choose that option: mine won! Not sure if they win everytime or not. It all seems the choco stamina has increased quite a bit.

    Plenty of other care plan options too :D

    kk, checked out the new care options and descriptions:

    Execerise Alone: Improve strength, slight negative mental condition
    Exercise in Group: Improve Stamina, negative mental condition
    Playing with Childrin: Increase intelligence, lower physical condition
    Playing with other Chocobos: Increase receptivity, lower physical condition

    lower = negative, sorry.

    Didn't check out the package one yet.
    #171 Sep 09 2006 at 3:49 PM Rating: Good
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    Otarius wrote:
    Mine grew up to, it has Blue feathers, but the very back ones look Black. Someone thinks mine could either be black or blue when it grows depending on what I do. Here is some pics.


    I'm hoping for Black still.


    Did you hatched a ISNM egg or was it a normal buyable one?
    #172 Sep 09 2006 at 3:52 PM Rating: Decent
    ANyone seem to get the feeling chocobos have a food prefrance. Messages I got with the food I used.

    Gyshia greens- Chocobo eats it but seems to be forcing himself.
    Vegetable paste- Chocobo eats it.
    Azouph greens- Gobbles it down in one gulp.

    Does that mean she prefer Azouph greens?

    Mine hit young choco too, I got what seems to be the generic one.
    #173 Sep 09 2006 at 4:11 PM Rating: Decent
    3,112 posts
    So far my Chocobo is just day 10. He became 'Perky' today as well. and Finally started regarding me as a parent yesterday.

    He hasn't gotten sick once yet and I've only really been feeding him Gysahl Greens with occasional Sandy Carrots. I have bought 1 veggie paste and one carrot paste to him, but nothing special. I usually leave him with about 25% energy at the end of a day.

    Not sure if this is anything useful to anyone, but I hear a lot of people saying they have sick chocobos, and have no idea if it has to do with wearing them out or something.
    95THF, 95DRG, 90BRD, 94BLM, 95BLU, 90COR - Retired: Nov 2011
    Someday soon my friends, this ride will come to and end, and we can't just get in line again.
    #174 Sep 09 2006 at 5:43 PM Rating: Good
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    Anyone noticed...?

    The young chocobo models the .dat-miner discoverd all (expect for the brown one) have white tips on there feathers. The yellow, the black and the blue ones.

    But the model of the black feathered chocobo from the CS dosn't has this white tips.


    I don't see the point why a blue-feathered chocobo should turn black, or a black feathered should turn red or green... i have three friends who have yellow chocobos with white tips and i told them we'll get most likely yellow chocobos but they just said: "Let's wait..." We have 4 models for young chocobos but 7 colors. I guessed that the brown chocobos are for the 4 uni-colors and the the other 3 models are for the 3 bigger chocobos. But no one knows... do you think the color of a young chocobo still could change, especially the one with just white tips, even if it's feathers are already blue or black tiped?

    And what about that model from the CS? A special chocobo only for the CS story? Or a undiscovered model?

    Edited, Sep 9th 2006 at 6:46pm EDT by Watershine
    #175 Sep 09 2006 at 5:50 PM Rating: Decent
    On day number 19 (15 days since it hatched), my chocobo finally hit adolescence. ^^ It has white-tipped feathers, which most likely means that it's going to be a good ol' fashioned yellow one. Here's his info and stats:

    Name: Lucky Comet
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19 days
    Area: Bastok
    Egg: Bit Warm
    Feather Color: White
    STR: Poor
    END: Poor
    DIS: Poor
    REC: Poor
    Personality: Ill-tempered
    Affection: Regards as parent
    Activity Pattern: Take a walk (3 days), Listen to music (1 day)
    Care Pattern: Go on as many short walks as possible
    Diet: Gysahl greens, with Vomp carrots thrown in now and then
    Available activities: Walk around town, listen to music, rest, exercise alone, exercise in a group, play with children, play with other chocobos, deliver packages, show to public
    Available care options: Watch over, take a walk (short), take a walk (regular), compete against others, scold, tell a story

    As a note, the option "Compete against others" must be unlocked. I took Lucky on a regular length walk (to Konschtant Highlands), and met three NPCs who were raising a chocobo (with black-tipped feathers, too). Anyway, after comparing chocobos with them, I was able to compete against their chocobo (and Lucky won. Go go Lucky! xD).

    I hope this was helpful. Happy chocobo-raising, everyone. ^^

    EDIT: Looks like a bunch of other people beat me to the punch on posting this info. >.> Oh well.

    Edited, Sep 9th 2006 at 6:53pm EDT by ChaoticVein
    #176 Sep 09 2006 at 6:13 PM Rating: Decent
    166 posts
    I'll post the details of my little bird since it finally grew up a little bit.

    I used a somewhat warm Chocobo egg from the ISNM75 in Jade Sepulcher. Raising it in my nation of Windurst for easy access.

    It became ill twice, which I restored with tokopekko wildgrass both times. It also spent three days asleep when I put it in rest and had to deal with the hankerchief 'quest'. I also accidently put it on a 'listening to music' plan once and every other day was spent 'taking a walk' (Roughly ~10 days of walking around town). THe only feed I used was Carrot Paste from Vomp Carrots since I'm a cook and do some gardening.

    Every day I did the same things; Walk, walk, watch over. The stats are still poor as well (I should get an increase soon to counter the sleeping earlier on). It has a patient personality, good for carrying goods, as well as regarding me as it's parent.

    Now I have a chocobo with purple feathertips. Today I took it for a regular walk, where it met up with what I assume to be a baby black chocobo, whom I raced later on when I picked 'compete with others'. It won the race but didn't recieve anything, most likely earns more affection. Finally I told it a story of a youthful chocobo which again didn't do anything, and used about 3x more stamina than watching it (so you can read to it a lot in one day if you want to).

    If anyone has any questions about my bird, feel free to reply or send me a PM or something :oa
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