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#329 Jan 02 2007 at 3:23 PM Rating: Decent
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I am very happy to at least see that the majority of people are also very happy the RMT are getting banned.The big problem is that people are very naive and don't see the whole picture.Banning accounts does absolutely nothing to fluctuate the market,as these people have more accounts that are not banned and just move to playing them.It also takes no time at all for them to level up new botters and continue on there merry way.
All that banning does is allow squenix to save a little face for doing such a poor job of policing there game over the long haul.These mass bannings do what?it creates more sales for squenix because these RMT are not worried about losing players they are only in it to make money,therefore just go right back out and buy another account.
The players that get banned that are not RMT,are at least strictened at losing all there hard work,but at the same time...what hard work?99% of these players cheat to the fullest,just goto any cheat site and read the general forums,you don't need a subscription to read there general forums.These subject few have also gone right back out and purchsed for some ,there third accounts.

Here is the biggy,that really bothers me.If squenix TRULY is sincere in cleaning up there game and not just saving face,then why are these players IP blocks not getting banned so they can't return under a new account?Why not take the majority of RMT items out of commission by making them rare/ex?The exact same way they did with leaping boots and a few others?just make them still attainable to sell but you have to earn them through the bcnm's.This way everyone is happy,you can still sell them to make money but they have to be earned ,no room for botting whatsoever this way.After 3 years square enix is not showing me a very good effort in cleaning up the game.I can tell you that many many others are also very unhappy,just goto any camped RMT mob,and see the expression of players after the RMT claims yet another NM!
#331 Jan 07 2007 at 1:53 PM Rating: Decent
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The "Special Task Force" nor the "GM"s care about RMTs nearly as much as you would like to hope they do. They all say 3rd party software is not allowed and what-not. Yet over 50% of the people continue to use Windower. Almost everyone that camps NMs are using some kind of bot to either flee to the claim, or provoke the claim.

One would think this would go down due to the introduction of this amazing new body "The Special Task Force" but in-fact the RMTs on our server at least (Bismark) have increased in number almost 3x what they used to be. This leads me to believe that GMs and this Task Force do not care about the gameplay that players partake in. All they care about is making it SOUND like something is being done about it to give players a sense of comfort and think "oh yeah RMTs will be dealt with...eventually". Well, those who think that are mis-informed. I have been camping one notorious monster for a long time, and I have continuously seen the same people use the same bots day in and day out. Continuous GM calls have been made on them from 30+ people, and yet they still run around 24/7.

I even gathered PROOF that someone was using a bot to claim a notorious monster, and what did a GM say to this? "We don't accept pictures or screenshots as proof because they can be altered." So I insisted that the GM look through the server log of the area I was in to see what I was talking about. The GM then replied "Whatever you say won't prove that someone is cheating, but it will give us reason to look into it." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I finally, for once could PROVE without a doubt that this person was cheating, and the GM blows me off like I'm some punk kid asking for change or something.

So, I then picked myself up, and sent in the picture I took and sent it to this "Special Task Force" and I waited for a reply. I finally got my reply via E-mail. What did they say to me you ask? "Thank you for this information, unfortunately we cannot verify that this image hasn't been modified." Again...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I had 3 other people also see this same event and all took pictures of it. They ALL got the same response.

This is just ridiculous. Playonline doesn't care about RMTs, they probably even employ some to make extra money on the side of having people pay to play the game. The GMs don't care about RMTs because they're so bogged down with idiots calling them all the time over stupid things. The "Special Task Force" doesn't even do anything, let alone care. They were just put into place to make people feel like something was going to be done about it.

Obviously it's not that hard to determine who is and who isn't an RMT in this game. A player that's level 50, rank 1, with a title of "Chocobo Trainer", and camps a notorious monster for a month straight OBVIOUSLY isn't a legit player. It's really NOT THAT HARD TO PICK UP ON.

Oh, and about replies about the however many accounts got banned globally. Almost 90% of them were SUSPENDED not banned. Also a LOT of those suspensions are up, and tons of the players are returning to the game slowly but surely. To my amazement I saw one player that was suspended 3 times now for 3rd party tools. He is back in the game for some reason.

Anyway, that's it for me, if you want to see my screenshots of a player cheating I'll be glad to send them to you. Maybe someone will actually notice that I caught someone cheating and SE didn't care about it.
#333 Jan 15 2007 at 4:01 PM Rating: Decent
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I read the entire thread to make sure that I wasn't repeating anything. Sadly most posts were people talking about their frustrations and about their pet gillseller and how SE didn't get him. My take on antigillseller drive is that it will take time to get them all and that it will require a continuous effort as new "bad actors" will keep appearing as long as there is demand. My congratulations to you, SE, for making the effort. Rate down, SE, for taking so long to get serious about it. Please note: if you don't continue to commit to this program, I'm history.

SE, please pay attention to the LotBot and Random hacks used by so many players. I've quit Dynamis and HNM groups when people using these third party programs take the drops. This ability interfers with the in-game balance. I understand statistics and probability. When people consistantly lot 980 plus, I know that more than "luck" is involved. Why do the work, when I know I cannot get the rewards; it is certainly going to go to someone who is willing to cheat.

As I understand the hack, it involves using the way random numbers are allocated to players requesting random numbers. Maybe make a player sit down/rest from the random request until the number is allocated. I've noticed sudden change of direction associate with this hack.
#334 Feb 09 2007 at 2:18 PM Rating: Decent
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Fairy Server RMT 24/7 at Ulli then move on to other Sky NMs immediately after killing Ulli:

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