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After spending a few hours last night trying to comb through a lot of information on WotG that is spread out on all over the place here and a few other sites…I thought it would be great and maybe necessary to have it all in one place instead of having to search all over gods green earth for it.

So here is all the WotG content that’s been posted…Kodos to those that started and found all the information.

For maps of the new zones and old ones check out Vana Atlas...they have update the majority of thier maps.


Maw Locations
Dancer Flag
Scholar Flag
New Zone Map Quests
Campaign Informatin with numerous links
Wing of the Goddess Missions 1-8
San d'Oria Missions 1-5
Windurst Missions 1-5
Bastok Missions 1-5
Quests in the Past (under construction)

Maw Locations:

Sauromugue Champaign (K-9):
On the west end of the ledge outside the Garlaige Citadel exit. You can see this one if you hug the left wall as you zone from Meriphataud Mountains.

Rolanberry Fields (H-6):
Behind a hill on the north wall of the zone, a short walk from Jeuno.

Batallia Downs (H-5):
Against the mountainside on the north side of the zone.

Pashhow Marshlands (K-8):
East of the main path near the center of the zone, just as you cross a bridge with a bend in it.

Meriphataud Mountains (K-6):
On the east side of the path heading to Zi'Tah. Just to the east of the hill in the middle of the path.

Jugner Forest (H-11):
Against the wall on the west side of the river near the south end of the zone. It's in a little nook on the right as you head south.

West Sarutabaruta (H-9):
Northwest of the fork in the path, up against the mountains. Not far from the Port Windurst zone, due west across the road from the small pond.

East Ronfaure (H-5):
In a nook on the north end of the zone. A short run northeast from the Southern San d'Oria zone, just past the Cheval River.

North Gustaberg (K-7):
A short walk northwest from the Port Bastok exit. In a nook into the east side of Zegham hill.


Speak to Laila in Upper Jeuno (G-7).
After you speak with Laila, you talk to a dancing Mithra right next to her. She then sends you off to Lion's Tavern in South San'Doria.
Speak with one of the bartenders in the Tavern for another CS where you dance (horribly).
Afterwards, head back to Upper Jeuno and speak to the mithra again.
Move through Batailla Downs (S) toward Jugner Forest(S)(Gobbies and a few tigers rate EP and lower to a job at 75).
Head southwest in Jugner, to the east of the lake. When you spot a small outpost-like area, head north up between the mountains and lake to I-5 where you will find the Sparkling Stones clickable, get a CS by clicking it. Beware of biddybugs, they will aggro!
After, head back to Upper Jeuno and speak with Laila one last time.


Make your way to Batallia Downs. Then make your way to southern most entrance to Eldemieme Necropolis.
Go straight in, NPC name is Erlene.
If beastman are attacking or zone is under beastman control, NPC will not appear. Erlene asks for 12 sheets of Vellum. Vellum is purchasable under AH > Leathercraft.

You can get a 12 Vellum from an NPC in the Crawler's Nest[s] for a total of under 20k.

After the Vellum is traded, she asks you to 'sustain a magic pool' or something like that.
Short story is you need to be rdm, smn, blu, or blm main, and trigger 2 hour and talk to her again.

Map of Fort Karugo-Narugo:

Quest: The Weekly Adventurer

Quest giver: Naiko-Paneiko (L-8) Crawler's Nest[S]
Speak to NPC to begin quest.
You will obtain a Key Item: Scoop-Gathering Linkpearl (something like that lol)
Next head to Rolanberry Fields[S] (G-9)
Speak with Rakula-Motakula.
You will get a cutscene and be asked to answer some questions about what you see.
Answer three questions correctly. Mandragoras: 4 4 5
You will know you have answered correctly because NPC will continue to ask questions. If you are wrong you must return to Quest giver and get the go ahead to try again.
When cutscene has finished, return to NPC in Crawler's Nest[S].
You will be congratulated and get a shiny new key item: Map of Fort Karugo-Narugo!

Map of Grauberg Details:

Thorben in Batallia Downs
Lost in Translocation (Eldeime Necropolis)

Right piece is at (I-9) at the Sarcophagus
Left piece is at (H-7), talk to Erik,
Middle Piece is at the gravestone at (H-8).

Vunkerl Inlet Map:

The quest for this is in Garlaige[S]. Everything you need for it is on the second map. (the one past the first banishing gate.)


Talk to Loutille I-7.
Talk to Rarcasmeault at J-6.
Go to the storeroom at G-7 and check the ??? for a key item.
Talk to Rarcasmeault again for your map.

Campaign Information:

Since this is a large segment of information, Ill just refer everyone to the following links.

Campaign In-General - http://wiki.ffxiclopedia.org/wiki/Campaign

Campaign Battle - http://wiki.ffxiclopedia.org/wiki/Category:Campaign_Battles

Campaign Operations - http://wiki.ffxiclopedia.org/wiki/Category:Campaign_Operations

Campaign Headhunting - http://wiki.ffxiclopedia.org/wiki/Headhunting

Campaign Rewards - http://wiki.ffxiclopedia.org/wiki/Allied_Notes

Wings of the Goddess Missions:

Wotg Mission 1: Cavernous Maws

Talk to a Cavernous Maw and watch the cutscene that follows.

Note: The Cavernous Maws work like staging points. You have to unlock them in the past to use them in the present. Upon using your first Cavernous Maw, you may end up in a different location. It should be noted that you must use a Maw in the past (to go back to present day) before you can use that particular Maw in the present.

Note: If you die and and home point or warp before reaching one of the other Cavernous Maws, you must go back to the Cavernous Maw where you spawned originally in the past to get back, neither of the other main two will work.

Wotg Mission 2: Back to the Beginning

After arriving in the past during the time of the great war. Proceed to a nation of your choice and complete the tasks at hand.

Wotg Mission 3: Cait Sith

After you complete the one of the nations set of missions, head back to the Rolanberry Maw for a CS with CaitSith.

Note: From what sources have been reporting is that you need to have completed the first 3 to 4 nation specific missions first to continue on with the Cait Sith Mission 4+

Wotg Mission 4: Queen of the Dance

Zone into Southern San d'Oria (S) for a cut scene.
After the cut-scene with gate guard Remiotte, check the Lion Springs Tavern door (Southern San d'Oria (S) (K-6) for another cut scene.
If the city is under attack you will have to wait till the attack is over to receive cut scene.
Go to Upper Jeuno and talk to Turlough (G-7) and obtain the Key Item: Mayakov Show Ticket.
Return to Southern San d'Oria (S) and check the Lion Springs Tavern door again for another cut scene.

Wotg Mission 5: While the Cat is Away

Zone into East Ronfaure (S) for a cutscene.

Wotg Mission 6: A Timeswept Butterfly

Zone into La Vaule (S) for a cutscene.

Wotg Mission 7: Purple, the New Black

Head to (F-9) in La Vaule (S) and click on the Reinforced Gateway for a cutscene.
Following along the right wall from entrance is the safest route, only Invisible is needed unless Truesight NM's are up.
Click the Reinforced Gateway a second time for a BCNM.
BCNM is 6 person, 30 minute battle (No Exp Loss from death inside BCNM).
The battle is against the Dark Dragon Galarhigg.

Upon victory of the battlefield you will receive a cutscene. You will zone out at (D-8) in La Vaule (S) after the cutscene.

Wotg Mission 8: In The Name of the Father

Currently last mission.

San d'Oria:

Red Recommendation Letter:

Near the exit to Champaign near Banishing Gate #3 there is a Elvaan Male named Randecque.

Getting to Sandy:

Once inside Junger Forest[s] zone into Vunkerl Inlet at (L-6).
Once in Vunkerl, sneak and invisible and proceed to (D-10). Yes, it is a very long walk.
You will zone back into Junger Forest again at (J-12). Watch out for the Orcs here, the mostly are T and VT.
Proceed to head north in the Forest. At the meeting of the two rivers at (I-9), cross over the bridge and continue to head north towards the lake.
The Zone to East Ronfaure is at (F-5). It’s the zone in the present for Ramps Tomb.

Steamed Rams (San d'Oria Mission 1):

First talk to Mainchelite on the right of the AH area to get a CS regarding scouts and knights seeing flying wooden beasts. Mainchelite will ask you to gather some evidence to bring to him in the nearby woods of East Ronfaure. He wants 3 pieces of evidence.
Here are the locations of the ???'s that have the evidence:

H-8 Crater - Charred Propeller
J-7 Bush - Shattered Lumber
I-8 Base of Waterfall - Oxidized Plate

Once you have received all key items, proceed back to Mainchelite to trigger another CS with some soldiers from Jeuno and his commander.
At the end of the CS you will receive a key item, Bronze Ribbon of Service and your Sprinter's boots.

Gifts of the Griffon (San d'Oria Mission 2):

Talk to Louxiard @ G-7, watch cutscene. May have to zone after this, but then another cutscene at Louxiard again.
Talk to Rholont (E-7)
After CS, deliver the plumes d'or to Louxiard, Iron Ram Captain Rongelouts (I-9), RK Sabiliont (I-11), RK Machionage (C-6), TK Loillie (up on a ledge at K-9), TK Elnonde (K-9), TK Illeuse (H-9)
Return to Rholont. Reward: Deathstone.

Claws of the Griffon (San D'Oria Mission 3):

Wait one game day before starting.
Talk to Rholant to get the quest,then you have to zone. Then you go back and talk to him again and he'll tell you:
“I have a message for you from the captain. Operation Clean and Sweep has been moved forward. Rendezvous with the main force in Batallia Downs. Those are your orders! The main force has likely reached the trails of Jugner Forest by now... I shall remain here and gu ard the base!”
After that you go to Jugner. When you zone in, a cs is given. After that, go to the tree stump (???) at I-6 for another cs.
When you click the (???) a second time a nm orc appears. Orc can be soloed but be careful. (I soloed it on blu/nin easily with 300 tp)
Reward: Angelstone.

Boy and the Beast (San D'Oria Mission 4):

Talk to Raustigne in Southern San d'Oria (S) at (I-7) to trigger a cutscene.
Talk to Rholont at (E-7) for cutscene.
Head to Vunkerl Inlet (S). You're looking for a ??? on the north side of the bridge in (H-6). Examine the ??? for a cutcene. You will receive the Vunkerl Herb Memo at the end of this cutscene.
The quest will now appear in your log.
Acquire the Vunkerl Herb by examining the Leafy Patch on the shore of the lake (Ludiwa Spring) in (F-5).
You need to get the proper herb color according to the time of day that you arrive at the Leafy Patch.

If 00:00~07:59 pick red.
If 08:00~15:59 pick blue.
If 16:00~23:59 pick green.

It does not matter when you hand in the herb, as long as it was harvested at the proper time.
After you get the herb, return to the ??? at (H-6) for the final cutscene and the reward of a Carbon Fishing Rod.

Wrath of the Griffon (San D'Oria Mission 5):

Talk to Rholont at (E-7) of Southern San d'Oria (S) for a cutscene.
Head to (H-10) in Jugner Forest (S).
Examine the ??? at (H-10) in for a cutscene (it's by one of the wooden legs of the platform).
After the cutscene, buff up, and re-examine the ??? to spawn Cobraclaw Buchzvotch.
After you kill Cobraclaw Buchzvotch, examine the ??? for another cutscene.
Return to Southern San d'Oria (S) and talk to Rholont at (E-7) for the final cutscene and a Military Scrip.
OPTIONAL: Talk to Wyatt at (L-6) in Southern San d'Oria (S) He will buy the Military Scrip for 22,500 gil; minus his commision, for a total of 20,147 gil.


Green Recommendation Letter:

In Crawler's Nest, go to Kalsu-Kalasu near entrance.

Getting to Windurst:

Go through Sauromugue Champaign and then proceed into Meriphataud Mountains. Zone into Fort Karugo at (C-6).
Follow the winding path south, southeast and southwest and you eventually come to the zone for Sarubaruta at (D-14).
Then its a walk south in Sarubaruta to get to Windurst proper.

Alternate Path: Follow the path in Karugo till you get to (F-8) and cut into the Fivespires area. Once inside there, follow the path to (F-11) and go through the painted wooden door. This takes you back out to the regular zone in Karugo. Follow the path west-south direction till you zone into Sarubaruta at )D-14).

Recieve a CS, and a key item: Inky Black Yagudo Feather upon entering Windurst.
Talk to Miah Riyuh at H-9 and receive a key item Zonpa-Zappa's All-Purpose Putty after another CS.

Snake on the Plains: Windy Mission 1

Have to visit three towers to fix them. Click on "Sealed Entrance" to apply putty.
Once that is done, go back and talk to Miah Riyuh. You are now a part of the Cobras!

Item gained: Sprinter's shoes.

You will receive key item: Bronze Ribbon of Service.
Title Earned: Cobra Unit Mercenary
You can carry more than one country's orders at a time. Next, talk to Dhea Prandoleh for another CS at (H-10).

The Tigress Stirs: Windy Mission 2

Get told to have to look for a buried Small Starfruit at I-6, at the mount of the Starfall Hillock.
Go to K-5 of Northern Waters, and click on the Door: Acolyte Hostel there to get another CS. Go back to Dhea Prandoleh at H-10 for another CS.

The Tigress Strikes: Windy Mission 3

Take Wenonah, C.A. to port to Fort Karugo-Narugo. There, go to the second floor of I-8 and talk to Rotih Moalghett for another CS.
Then go to I-9 in Fort Karugo-Narugo for another CS at a ???. A War Lynx will spawn at the spot after you get out of the CC and click again. This nm can be soloed but be careful.
Click on the ??? afterwards for another CS.
Go back to Windurst[S] and talk to Dhea Prandoleh for another CS and to receive a Star Globe furniture piece.
Title Earned: Ajido-Marujido's Minder.

Knot Quite There: Windy Mission 4

Note: Make sure you visited a Cavernous Maw outside of Jeuno or else the cutscene will not show.

Go to Windurst Waters (S) (Northern Map).
Check the Door: Acolyte Hostel located at (K-5) for a cut-scene.
Go to Sauromugue Champaign (S) and click the Bulwark Gate at (F-6) for a cut-scene.
Check it again for a second cutscene. (Optional)
Obtain a 108-Knot Quipu from the various Yagudo in the far easternmost area of Sauromugue Champaign (S).

Yagudo Prior, Yagudo Zealot, Yagudo Inquisitor, and Yagudo Abbot drop the 108-Knot Quipu.

These Yagudo are located in forts along the far East wall of Sauromugue Champaign [S]. A ramp up is in the NE corner of (L-8). One such fort is at (L-9).
The Yagudo wander outside the forts at night, but huddle inside them during the day. Take care when pulling to avoid links.
If the Yagudo control Sauromugue Champaign, the Yagudo will also be found in many forts throughout the zone, even far west by the Fortifications.
Trade the 108-Knot Quipu to the Bulwark Gate for another cut-scene.
Check it again for a second cutscene. (Optional)
Zone into Southern San d'Oria (S) from anywhere for the next cut-scene.
Check the Door: House at (M-8) of Southern San d'Oria (S) for the final cutscene and to receive your reward.

A Manifest Problem: Windy Mission 5

Talk to Rotih Moalghett located at Fort Karugo-Narugo (S) (I-8, Inside of the Fort) for a cutscene.
Zone into Castle Oztroja (S) for a cutscene.
Return to Rotih Moalghett for a cutscene.
You will receive the Key Item Fort Key.
Gather all the members of your party the intersection of H/G-5/6 inside the fort, and have your party leader click the Colorful Door to enter Ghoyu's Reverie.
Everyone in the group must have the key item to enter.
You are placed in West Sarutabaruta (S), right outside Windurst Waters (S) after winning the battle.
Zone into Windurst Waters (S) for a cutscene to finish the quest and receive your reward.
If your inventory is full and you cannot obtain the reward, speak to Romaa Mihgo at (G-11) of the northern map in Windurst Waters (S) when your inventory is clear to obtain it.

A Manifest Problem Information on Battle




Blue Recommendation Letter:

Head to The Eldieme Necropolis (J-10). Zone in and talk to the NPC Turbulent Storm in the 1st room.

Getting to Bastok:

Travel through The Rolenberry Fields and onto The Pashlow Marshlands.
Head to F-10 In Pashlow Marshlands for the exit to Grauberg - Not the normal zone at the bottom.
Head to C-14 to zone into N.Gustaberg.
Head to J-9 in N.Gustaberg to enter Bastok Markets.

The Fighting Fourth: Bastok Mission 1

Once in Bastok head to the area where you would expect the AH to be. Talk the NPC Centurion Adelbrecht on the left side. He gives you a Supply Quest for the Watch Tower Eduard.
Zone back out to N.Gustaberg.
Head to I-6 and talk to Gebhardt for a CS. (Watch Tower Eduard).
Head to E-11 and talk to Roderich for a CS (Watch Tower Benedikt).
Head to E-7 and check the Barricade for a CS. Finally head back to Adelbrecht for your reward.

Better Part of Valor: Bastok Mission 2

Wolfram at (J-9) in North Gustaberg[s] asks you to bring the Clump of Animal Hair to a man named Engelhart.
Speak with Engelhart in front of Harmodios' Music Shop at (K-10) in Bastok Markets. Engelhart asks you to speak with a client at the waterfall in North Gustaberg.
Proceed to the lower half of the waterfall at (F-8) in North Gustaberg and check the ??? for a cutscene. You are asked to pick up a Xhifhut from the goblin Leadavox.
Leadavox is on Gerlvan Isle in Vunkerl Inlet (S) on the border of (I-6) & (J-6) behind the Cyclopean Gate.
Leadavox asks you to bring him a Gnole Claw in exchange for the Xhifhut. Gnole Claws can be obtained from killing Gnoles around E-7 in Batallia Downs(S).
Speak to Engelhart again to complete this quest. During this Cut Scene you will receive a Key Item: Warning Letter.

Fires of Discontent: Bastok Mission 3

Talk to Engelhart Harmodio's Music Shop, Bastok Markets(S) (K-10).
Talk to Pagdako at H-9.
Head to the President's office at the Metalworks during the present time. Talk to Iron Eater at (J-8). Go back to the past.
Report back to Engelhart at (K-10).
Make your way to Grauberg.
Inside a cave at (I-6), there's a ???. Click on it. After the cutscene return to Bastok Markets(S).
Talk to Engelhart once again.
Talk to Gentle Tiger at the entrance to Metalworks (H-6).
Your last cutscene is with Engelhart at (K-10). He rewards you 10,000 gil.

Light in the Darkness: Bastok Mission 4

Talk to Gentle Tiger at (H-6).
Talk to Pagdako at (H-9).
Talk to Blatherix at (F-8).
He asks you to bring him 30 Chunks of Goblin chocolate or 5000 gil to talk.
He will give you a Mine Shaft Key (Key item).
Zone into Pashhow Marshlands (S) from Grauberg (S) and you will get a cutscene.
Check the Corroded Door at (F-5) and Select the Light in the Darkness objective.
You will be warped into the Ruhotz Silvermines. See below.
Once you have beaten the Quadav in Ruhotz Silvermines talk to Gentle Tiger (S) for the final cutscene.
You will be required to answer three questions, the answers are:
The ventilation shaft...
The senator did not light the lantern...
The senator was distracted...
Choosing an incorrect option appears to decrease the number of choices you have in the list.

Light in the Darkness Battle Information


Burden of Suspicion: Bastok Mission 5

Talk to Gentle Tiger (S) at the entrance to Metalworks (H-6).
Talk to Engelhart at the entrance to the Music Shop in Bastok Markets (S) (K-10).
Examine the Sarcophagus in the northern room of (I-7) in The Eldieme Necropolis (S) on map 3 for a cutscene.
To get to this area you must drop in the middle pit in the southern room at (G-9) on map 1.
The path to (G-9) is not open unless there is a Campeign Battle active.
The room is full of Orcs (sight, 3x DC & 1x EP at level 75). About 8 additional Orcs nearby can link with those in the Sarcophagus room, so caution is advised. Sleepga or kill the Orcs before checking the Sarcophagus. Or as a BST pop a CC and put on all the orcs, the battle will freeze while you're in the CS.
The Cutscene is moderately long (~5 min). Sleepga the Orcs once the Cutscene is done or zone.
It is possible to get Allied tags and head to the cutscene, after it is over and you die you will get no experience loss due to having campaign battle status.
Talk to Gentle Tiger (S) at the entrance to Metalworks (H-6) to complete the quest.
Talk to Blatherix at (F-8) in Bastok Markets (S) after obtaining the title Assistant Detective for an Elixir.

-This message has been brought to you by the letter F.

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If you were in Georgia I would service you however you please for this information, i was begging for this kind of info (not like it would be very useful without the game, /sigh MAYBE this evening i can pick up after work)( but major thanks, i can not figure out how to rate up but once i do i will give you major rate ups. Thank you 100x
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How difficult is the War Lynx, I have nin and whm at 75, think my nin could take it or do i need to get a buddy?
#4 Nov 23 2007 at 9:36 AM Rating: Excellent
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MADE. OF. WIN. That is all.
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Sticky oooh sticky!
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Agrias wrote:
Information that I have not been able to find as of yet:

Vunkerl Inlet Map

The quest for this is in Garlaige [S]. Everything you need for it is on the second map. (the one past the first banishing gate.)

Talk to Loutille I-7.
Talk to Rarcasmeault at J-6.
Go to the storeroom at G-7 and check the ??? for a key item.
Talk to Rarcasmeault again for your map.
75 Rabbit/75 Sheep/75 Coeurl/75 Eft/75 Raptor/75 Hippogryph/75 Puk
75 Scorpion/75 Wamoura/75 Pixie/75 Peiste/64 Sabotender
51 Bird/41 Mandragora/40 Bee/37 Crawler/37 Bat

Items no one cares about: O
Missions no one cares about: O
Crafts no one cares about: O
#7 Nov 23 2007 at 9:51 AM Rating: Excellent
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Ill add your info on the Vunkerl Map Karlina...Thanks
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bumps until stickied, as this is HQ WIN!
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Keep this sucker up top, kids!
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Hot Damn! Thank-You for this. Bumpy
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Thanks Agrias! Helpful now that I'm lost^^
#12 Nov 23 2007 at 12:34 PM Rating: Excellent
Agrias wrote:
Information that I have not been able to find as of yet:

Bastok Missions 2-3
WotG Missions

I have completed the 3 "quests" in Sandy (which do show as completed quests in log) and after doing so clicked on the Batillia Downs Maw for another CS with the Regal Feline. After agreeing to help him/her, and after the CS ended, I appear to be (per my Mission Log) on WotG Mission 3 (Cait Sith), with Cavernous Maws (Mission 1) and Back to the Beginning (Mission 2) under complete section.

Back to the Beginning (Mission 2) remained open from after turning in my Red Letter in South Sandy [S] and doing the "find three ??? outside" to become a soldier, up until I talked the the Maw after completing all 3. My title had been Knight of the Iron Ram (or some such) until after final CS it is Cait Sith's Assisant.

Hope that helps.

edit: clarification ^^;

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I am trying to get the Red Recommendation and I am down in Garalidge, now this may sound stupid but how do I open the Banishing Gate so i can move through to find the NPC or is there a different rout. Btw great info has helped a great deal thus far.

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Veraud wrote:
I am trying to get the Red Recommendation and I am down in Garalidge, now this may sound stupid but how do I open the Banishing Gate so i can move through to find the NPC or is there a different rout. Btw great info has helped a great deal thus far.

I was lucky enough to be dumped at the Sauromogue Champaign Maw after my initial CS for the new areas. From there you enter the back end of Garliage Citadel and he's right inside.

As of yet I have not gone in the normal door for Garliage, although to do Map Quest for the V. Inlet I will eventually. I did read that the Banishing Gates are open so that you do not need a 4 person gate breach. Other than that, I don't know since I was lucky enough to be dropped in the back way and could walk right in to the NPC for my Red Recommendation.
#15 Nov 23 2007 at 12:49 PM Rating: Excellent
hmm, well the gate does not seem to be open, but anyways could you possibly inform me of the pos on the Sauromogue Champaign zone to get in the back entrance if you dont mind
#16 Nov 23 2007 at 12:49 PM Rating: Decent
I thought you get dumped in sauromogue campaign no matter what?
#17 Nov 23 2007 at 12:53 PM Rating: Excellent
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I took the Batallia Maw and ended up in Rolanberry. Ill be trying the Citadel Maw myself tonight and will get the Red Letter...this was one of the things I was trying to find last night on here.
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This is definately worth a sticky. I need ALL of this information, and so does everyone else. It should save people a lot of frustration and searching.
#19 Nov 23 2007 at 2:16 PM Rating: Excellent
How difficult is the War Lynx, I have nin and whm at 75, think my nin could take it or do i need to get a buddy?

NIN should be able to kill it, probably WHM too if you've got a nice club skill. About 7k HP, sleepable with BLM sleep (donno about WHM or BRD). Weak to Earth magic. Turn the other way when he does TP for no stun.
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Having just found this thread...
1; Thank you very much
2; Bumpage

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To get the Red Recommendation Letter/Maw for Sauromugue you don't need to go through any of the gates and can get both solo. It's hard to explain so I just drew a red line on the map from FFXI-Atlas. You'll need to open gates but they won't be locked.

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Should really sticky this.
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bump- please sticky
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War Lynx

Not sure for other people, but that NM caught me off guard with a Throat Stab like WS, I perfect dodged and still managed to solo kill it.

So has to be careful. 75 NINs and THFs should have evade pretty well against it.
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all we know so far about mission 3 is that you have to zone into batallia downs, present time, and go to the maw, you get a CS. After that, no clue ><;
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Nicely done. I have one nitpicky item to correct you can get scholar as a BLU using Azure Lore /2hr. Great job to put it all together tho.

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