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Have you ever just had it with RL?Follow

#52 Jun 24 2009 at 8:07 PM Rating: Good
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Life can suck hard.

Yeah..I have nothing constructive to add.
#53 Jun 24 2009 at 8:34 PM Rating: Excellent
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Ohishi wrote:
If RL bothers you then I suggest you either off yourself or grow up, because you obviously have no sense of self and/or are too childish to realize that RL doesn't go away because you want it to. Every situation you are in is all because of you. If you are too chicken sh*t to tell people that you are just going to do your own thing every once in a while then I have no sympathy for you when you ***** about life sucking. Life is great, cherish it.

Hey look, its the person that calls Security tokens a huge ponzi scheme :D

But seriously, theres a difference in pointing out the irony at the notice at the front of the game along with a list of reasons why they wouldn't wanna bother with RL and then just ******** that RL sucks.

Please reread the first post and tell me where the post went Emo.

SE wrote:
Don't for get your family, friends, work or school.

Well sometimes I just want to god damn it.

*list of reasons*

So I got home, flicked my phone on silent, locked the door and thought "to hell with this". I switched on FFXI, put a LS party together and am just having a blast whilst ignoring the phone that is subtly vibrating in the background, like one of those toddlers that asks "wwwwwhhhhhyy" after every blasted thing you say.

Bugger off.

Next week I will probably eat my words when nobody wants to talk to me, but right now nothing seems better than to just give the world a big middle finger and just play some FFXI.

Discuss and share similar stories.

yeah... really sounds like he/she/it's pissed at life.
#54 Jun 24 2009 at 9:58 PM Rating: Decent
I liked Allura's post. I'm pretty similar, except I only play drums and keyboards. And I don't program. Ironically, I had more active social ties back when I actually did play XI. Since then, I moved to a new place and kind of found a comfortable place with anonymity and solitude. I rather fancy the whole arrangement.

I'm very much looking forward to XIV so I can get back into the whole MMO thing again. Just don't have as much time as I used to...

Anyways, if you think life sucks, I'd encourage you to google "four noble truths" and see if it makes any sense to you. Rather than feel a victim and be averse to the ****** parts of life while chasing after the gratifying parts, develop a little perspective and see if you can figure out a more balanced approach to the whole thing. Good luck with it all.
#55 Jun 24 2009 at 10:05 PM Rating: Decent
Though I can't relate to the whole "gay" thing, I apologize in advance if I read the situation wrong and you are in fact a girl. And in that case I can relate because girl gamer on the market = win. But anyway yes RL vs in game, In game will win every time. In Real life I'm a 27 year old college graduate who can't get a job because the economy I was groomed to work in and support self destructed so I sit at home between trips to the nearby city looking for any job I can find.

Meanwhile in game I am a highly accomplished veteran with thousands of battles under my belt, access to beautiful exotic worlds at the push of a button, Friends I don't have to spend a fortune to entertain when we go out to do things. Well you get the picture, in real life the world sucks it's full of bitterness, and loneliness driven by greed and vanity. Yes I would take the Virtual world over the real world any day.

The world is ending enjoy the last years, do something you like to do rather than what someone tells you to do. We have roughly 8 months before the first of 5 million people are no longer able to collect unemployment, then each month afterward more will join them. Enjoy the game and forget Real life just for a little while longer.
#56 Jun 24 2009 at 10:09 PM Rating: Excellent
Real life sucks...

- I can't cast cure on myself if im injured.
- My clothes don't enhance my vital statistics.
- I can't use Flee to catch the bus when im running late.
- Beating up random animals doesn't result in any loot.
- I can't summon Ifrit as my personal bodyguard.
- I can't earn money by trading useless junk to some random fool.
- I can't solo my boss.

Somehow real life just doesn't have the edge that FFXI. I give it a 5/10, and all those 5 points are for the lovely physical sensations you get when playing real life...
#57 Jun 25 2009 at 7:04 AM Rating: Good
Hmm, I always pegged you for the guy on the left of your prior facebook picture. I guess I'm not very good at associating a face to an online persona.

Anyway, kudos on your decision making. I think you definitely made the right choice.

My boyfriend and I are always attached at the hip on weekends because it's really the only time we see each other (distance) and because of that I miss out on a lot of weekend fun in FFXI. Sure, my social life received a nice boon from what it was, but there are times where I just wish I could veg out on a weekend and level a job instead of cramming in time on the weekdays after work.

As for my advice on the cheating boyfriend--one word: laxative.

- I can't solo my boss.

You have no idea how much I enjoyed that.
#58 Jun 25 2009 at 7:47 AM Rating: Good
AngryBystander wrote:
Hmm, I always pegged you for the guy on the left of your prior facebook picture.

Edit: I see you said prior facebook picture, in which case I'm not sure which one, however I'm the guy on right of my current one. Although I'm English I'm half Latin.

As for the laxative comment, that is pure genius! Takes me back to dumb and dumber days Smiley: lol

Edited, Jun 25th 2009 11:51am by mikeyc
#59 Jun 25 2009 at 10:15 AM Rating: Excellent
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Maeriya wrote:
All this talk of witches and burning with no Monty Python references?

Well, we did do the nose...

A couple things;

To whoever it was that ******* about their own life to demean the OP, there is always a bigger fish, and i bet you wouldnt be hard pressed to find someone that has it much worse off than you, suck it up. We are all going through something. If the world didnt suck, we'd all fall off.

And to anyone that has ever worked in retail. For those that have, you can empathize with me when I say ive been doing it for 10+ years, and some days, even when your friends dont understand, you just cant take another person even saying hi to you. My friends know about my cycle, every about 4 months or so, there will be 2 weeks where im a hermit. I go to work, i come home and i dont talk to anyone. Its necessary sometimes, at least for me, to keep my sanity.

Another one for people that have worked in retail. Did you guys hear about that guy that worked at a radio shack that punched a customer that asked for the manager. A little ffxi detachment might have helped his stress level that next day at work, BUT, i have to say all of us at work gave that man a standing ovation. Cheers to you, now unemployed facing legal charges radio shack employee.
#60 Jun 26 2009 at 8:55 AM Rating: Decent
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Tanid wrote:
CyrUrgit wrote:

cept for the cheating BF it sounds like you have a bunch of people who like and care for you..

That naïveté is really touching.
Let's look at the OP's "friends" a little closer.

My best friend is whining to me about his body, despite not going to the gym all week.

This best friend might actually care for the OP, but it doesn't show here. Today, he's just interested in a complacent ear because he wants to talk about himself. And complain about something that only he can fix.

Because you have never complained about a thing to your friends. You are perfect and therefore worthy of having friends.

My other friends want to go out tonight, and keep nagging at me to come. I. said. I. Was. Tired.

Real friends acknowledge and respect other people's choices and reasons. Today, they are not respecting the OP. They want him to go out because it would be fun for them. Not for him.

Real friends don't let their friends rot away instead of participating in life.

How would making someone that doesn't want to have fun go out with them be fun? I'm pretty sure that someone that doesn't want to do something is typically surly and... un...fun. Real reason for invite: They want you to have fun.

My family have taken up the habit of ringing me up to "check how I am" for no apparent reason.

This one's tricky, because family's sacred to a lot of people. But the truth is, most of the time, family members who "check how you are" regularly do not do it out of love for you. Worst case, they do it because they want to have control over your life; best case, they do it so they appease their own conscience and their own fears. In any case: they never wonder if their behaviour is uncomfortable for you. It's just about themselves.

I feel bad for you. You must have had a pretty horrible childhood to have this sort of outlook. If someone is checking on you without giving you a reason it's because they are worried about you for a reason they are uncomfortable talking about. You see this sort of thing happen when a family member worries that you might be suicidal or that you are in walking yourself down a self-destructive path. It's love, not control 98% of the time.

My gym parter wants me to go and work out, even though I already went by myself this morning because we didn't make any plans to go today.

No plans, everything is fair game. The OP already went to the gym. His partner could be "okay, fair enough, let's do this another day". But no, he wants to go to the gym. For himself. No concern for the OP here.

Once again it's a situation where its you that has to be a good friend. Friendship is not a one-way street. There is give and take. If you don't want to go today just say so. Just remember that they were there for you when you needed something.

My flatmates want help cooking something that will most likely poison me.

The OP is probably a bit unfair towards his flatmates. I mean, it could be worse: I could be doing the cooking.
Still, they are asking for help. They are not offering help or care to the OP. Again, they're in a selfish mode.

Last time I checked "flatmates', or as we call them across the pond, "roommates" are supposed to share in the responsibilities of the household. If you are ducking out on your responsibilities so that you can play a video game you are a crappy flatmate and I would kick you out.

OP, it's in those moments that you realize that most people aren't reliable, and don't really care for you. It's now that you can sort your real friends from the fake ones; people who respect you from people who don't.
And it's perfectly all right to send them all to hell and live in isolation for some time. Take all the off time you need until you're ready to come out of your shell again.
And if people won't talk to you anymore because you let them down a couple days, then you're in serious need of better friends.
It's your job to educate people you meet, to teach them what you can accept and what you don't. It's your job to make them respect you. And if they won't agree to your rules, you're better off without them.

To go through a personal crisis is a good, healthy thing. It's a sign you need to check what's really important for you and maybe change your life priorities.

OP, it's in those moments that you realize that most advice you get on the internet isn't reliable, and those people don't really care for you. It's now that you can find out if you're a real friend or a fake one; whether you respect other people or not. And it's your choice to send them all to hell and live in isolation for some time. But be aware that they may not be there when you are ready to come out of your shell again.

And if people won't talk to you anymore because you let them down a couple days, then you're in serious need of better friends, but you are also in need of better friendship skills.

You don't educate friends or teach them what you can accept and what you don't. Friends respect you and if you have to create rules you're better off without them.

Edited, Jun 26th 2009 12:56pm by IAmAnsel
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#61 Jun 26 2009 at 11:49 AM Rating: Good
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IAmAnsel wrote:
OP, it's in those moments that you realize that most advice you get on the internet isn't reliable

How deliciously self-referential.

You obviously didn't read the OP - I mean, read and understand the state of mind he was in, and empathize with him.
It's blatant that people's behaviour around the OP was wearing him down. And what I said was that he doesn't have to accept it.
You're pretending the exact opposite. You're basically saying people's behaviour was OK, and the OP should suck it up and "be a good friend".

I'm sorry, but this is not good advice to give. Self-improvement does not, does never start with sucking it up to others. Before you contradict me again, I suggest you do some research on basic psychology - transactional analysis would be a good start.
Also, read up on the Myers-Briggs type indicator and learn what it is to be an introvert. Introverts often feel oppressed in our extravert-driven society - your post being - unfortunately - an excellent example of how extraverts fail to understand and respect introverts.

Please don't argue for the sake of arguing and the pleasure of shooting me down after I contradicted you. If you wish to pursue the argument, please make an educated post, about how real relationships work in the real world, devoid of shoulds, idealizations, and prejudice. Thank you.
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#62 Jun 26 2009 at 12:12 PM Rating: Good
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Any hobby is an escape. I have a very successful career, friends and family.

And, I have this world I belong to... yeah that one where my boss's face is appended to that gobbie I am killing... yeah and that one too... the world where there is no demands on me unless I accept them.

Guys, life is tough at times and whether it's a hobby or an MMO or an addiction to drugs, sex, and rock and roll, you often need an escape.

Whatever your poison, as long as you are an honest, functioning member of society, who cares.

The OP was sharing his feelings of his way to get away from it all. It's too bad that FFXI and real life don't have a scroll called HAPPY. Often, I need someone to cast HAPPY on me.
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