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#1 Aug 01 2016 at 4:33 PM Rating: Decent
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Touched on this in another thread but it deserves its own.

Ive been trying to hook my PS4 controller to my PC wirelessly to play. Been struggling to get it to map and workk right for 2 days now and have just given up for the time being. Ive followed multiple videos on youtube on how to do it but my Windows 7 never seems to quite follow the same path as the video and I end up confused. Ive somehow got it to work a little, but the buttons are all over the place and the mapping menu (when I fluke into finding it) is very confusing. Anyone have any clear advice for dummies. The keyboard is driving me nuts and making this less enjoyable than I want it to be. I find it too hard moving and controlling the camera simultaneously, and switching between enemies and actions while fighting.
#2 Aug 01 2016 at 6:15 PM Rating: Good
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So I snapped this just now... this is my default posture for controlling FFXI with the keyboard.


My right hand operates the numpad which controls my character's movement, my thumb can hit the insert key at the bottom (numpad 0) to cycle through targets, and my pinky can hit enter to make selections. At the same time my thumb is also capable of using my arrow keys to control the camera. My left hand handles macros, any function keys I need to hit, modifier keys (ctrl, shift, alt), whatever.

It's a control scheme unique to FFXI, but I find that I fall back into it quite naturally even with years away from the game.

Also sorry for the picture being upside-down, I snapped it with my left hand so my phone was upside-down at the time. If it's too hard to see how I've got my hand positioned, I'll flip it around for you. Just let me know.
svlyons wrote:
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#3 Aug 03 2016 at 8:35 AM Rating: Decent
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Ya thats basically what im doing but I find it too hard to scan my surroundings while running around and end up like humping a wall at times or running past tougher mobs that aggro. Tried running through Jugner at lvl 10 just for a laugh to try and get to Jeuno. Cleaned 3/4 of thoe signposts otw thru for a quest and then got chased out through to Batallie downs by a gob. Went back in to try and get that last sign but another gob snuck around a corner that I didnt see b/c im crap with this keyboard. Then I panicked, tried to turn and run, and became stuck on the sign. Dead. I want my 2 joysticks so bad.
#4 Aug 03 2016 at 8:51 AM Rating: Good
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When I want to scan around myself while I'm running I'll tap 7 and start autorunning for a while so I can pan the camera more easily without having to do strange unnatural things to my hand.

Basically you just get used to it after a while. I've been playing this game off and on since 2004 and I hardly even think about it anymore. My hands just kind of do what they need to do.

The only thing I can suggest is to stick with it and don't think about it too much.
svlyons wrote:
If random outcomes aren't acceptable to you, then don't play with random people.
#5 Aug 08 2016 at 6:43 AM Rating: Good
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One thing that has worked very well for me is the Rock Candy wireless PS3 controller. Its less expensive than the Logictech controllers and behaves exactly like the wired controllers on the old PS2 consoles. It requires 2 AA batteries, but I use rechargeables and keep a charged set available. If you play FF 14, the game will allow you to map the controller properly.
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#6 Aug 08 2016 at 10:22 AM Rating: Decent
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That keyboard contortionist you have makes my fingers hurt just looking at it.

I heavily reccomend a controller, it's great. Sit back, relax, play. I use a logitech dual action that has been perfect for me for 14 years. I recently picked up bluetooth controllers, which are super thin, and actually really comfortable. They're a bit on the pricey side though, at $35ish.

If you don't have a controller accessible, though, or need to type frequently, it's good to be able to use a keyboard in the event of an emergency. for that, i reccomend putting your hands on the home row like you were going to type normally, then just use wasd to move, ilkj for camera and think of them like dual analog sticks. Then you have h to heal, enter to enter, ctrl and alt macro's, - for start menu, escape to back out, tab to switch targets, all easily in reach.
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