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Major changes to FFXI through the yearsFollow

#1 May 21 2007 at 10:03 AM Rating: Excellent
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This post has been created as a placeholder for a future sticky to be populated with information on major changes, version update details, etc for people thinking of coming back to get a compiled look at where the game at now. If you would like to help out, feel free to post suggestions for sections or if you want to write a section, post it and I'll review and add if I like it.


- The 9th rank, 'Second Lieutenant' has been added in addition to new assaults and new items that can be bought with this rank.



Chocobo Racing

Chocobo Raising


- Items can now be signed by using a special signature crystal.
- Various pieces of equipment can now be obtained to enhance your craft skill by earning "Guild Points" through certain NPCs.
- Various key items can also be obtained with Guild Points and are required for certain recipes.



- (1) Rise of the Zilart
- (2) Chains of Promathia
- (3) Treasures of Aht Urhgan
- (4) Wings of the Goddess (Winter 07 release)


- Experience rings have been added to the game. These rings have charges and will grant you a percentage bonus on exp earned until it hits the maximum allowed bonus. The rings are rechargable in exchange for conquest points.


- Tree cuttings with no crystals is no longer a 100% success recipe for tree saplings.
- Additional flowerpots available include Arcane Flowerpot and Wooden Flowerpot.


- Max capacity of your Mog House after all quests is 80.
- Max inventory space after all Gobbie Bag quests is 60.
- Furniture pieces placed inside your Mog House will provide storage space inside your Mog House. Storage can only be accessed from your home nation residence. The amount of storage each furniture piece provides depends on the piece.
- Mog Lockers were made available with the expansion Treasures of Aht Urhgan. You start with 30 slots and can increase it to a max capacity of 70 slots. A "lease fee" is required periodically to access the locker. You do not lose your items if the lease expires.
- Special Event NPCs were added to the game to help store certain pieces of special event equipment and furniture.
- Armor Storage NPCs were added and will store armor for you for a fee provided you have the entire set. Only certain armor sets can be stored.

Job Changes
-The expansion "Treasure of Aht Urhgan" introduces Blue Mage, Puppetmaster, and Corsair as three new jobs.
-Group II merit abilities for all existing jobs have been added. These abilities are strictly acquired through the use of merit points and may also be upgraded as such.

-Job Trait "Shield Mastery" has been introduced. This is acquired at lv35. When a PLD blocks an attack, he will gain TP. In addition, the shield block also prevents spell interruption and has a higher block rate.
-Job Trait "Auto-Refresh" has been granted, acquired at lv35.
-The job ability "Sentinel" no longer adds Defense, instead, it's direct damage reduction. It also grants additional enmity from actions taken by the PLD.

-Summoning Magic skill can now raise with blood pacts and not just when they are summoned.
-Blood Pacts are now divided into two categories: offensive (Blood Pact Rage) and defensive (Blood Pact Ward). Both have their own respective recast timers instead of sharing one recast timer.

-Sharpshot eliminates the distance requirement when using a ranged weapon.
-Eagle Eye Shot is no longer affected by distance.

-DRG'S two hour ability is no longer Call Wyvern. That job ability now has a 20 minute recast timer. Their new two hour ability is called Spirit Surge which grants them several bonuses and adds status effects to their jumps.
-The wyvern can now do emotes! ('-')v

White Mage
-Benediction removes most/all status ailments, ontop of healing a massive amount of hit-points.

-Zanshin is now learned at lv20 instead of lv60.
-The job abilities Seigan (enhances the effect and shortens the recast timer to Third Eye) and Hasso (increased STR, haste, and ACC) has been introduced. They require two handed weapons to function.

Dark Knight
-The spells Drain II and Dread Spikes (when you are struck, you drain HP from the attacker) have been introduced.

-The damage values to several daggers passed level 60 have been increased.


Merit Points

- A new animation displays when obtaining merit points.
- The maximum amount of merits able to be placed in the categories 'Combat Skills' and 'Magic Skills' have been increased. Combat skills have increased from 12 to 20; Magic skills have increased from 8 to 16.
- You can now change points earned from defeating enemies to 'experient points' or 'merit points' outside of your mog house.

NM drops

The following items have been given RA/EX twins:

Emperor Hairpin
Leeping Boots
Peacock Charm
Fuma Kyahan
Speed Belt
Ochiudo's Kote
Strider Boots
Healing Staff
Eurytos' Bow


- A Special Task Force (which everyone likes to refer to as STFU) was formed to help combat bots, hackers, and RMT. Account bannings have been a regular occurance for quite some time now.
- The Goblin Bounty Hunter was added to Valkurm Dunes, Qufim Island, Buburimu Peninsula, and Battalia Downs to combat fishbots.
- There is a 1 million gil (per sender) sending limit in place for the delivery system.


- Cell drop rates have been increased across salvage zones.


- The World Pass system has been eliminated. You can now select any world to join when creating your characters.

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#2 May 21 2007 at 10:34 AM Rating: Decent
Since i'm amazingly bored at uni, i'll put down what i have got from memory...

Mob Apearence/drops updates-

Ullikummi - Now force pop by trading Diorite to ??? in Shrine of Ru'Avitau at Ulli's old camp.

Sozu Rogberry - Now force pop by trading Lantern to ??? in Temple of Uggalepith.

Pallas - Now force pop by trading Hoary Battle Horn to ??? in Upper Delkfutt's Tower.

Alkyoneus - Now force pop by trading Moldy Buckler to ??? in Upper Delkfutt's Tower.

Lord of Onzozo - No longer drops Kraken Club, it can now be obtained as a drop from "Up in arms" BCNM60.

Item Updates -

The following items have been given RA/EX twins;

Emperor Hairpin
Leeping Boots
Peacock Charm
Fuma Kyahan
Speed Belt
Ochiudo's Kote
Strider Boots
Healing Staff
Eurytos' Bow

Misc -

BLM burn parties on mobs that scan as "Impossible to gauge" are not as effective (Apparently).

Gil sent in delivery box is now limited to 1mil and only one slot can be used to send gil at a time.

There is now no exp loss in CoP BCNMs.

Oh well, i suppose i should get back to Final Cut, hope this was of some help.
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A good place to look is http://wiki.ffxiclopedia.org/Category:News

It has all version updates and details.
#4 May 21 2007 at 10:47 AM Rating: Excellent
From an old post that I had saved on my computer:

ow Things Used to Be:

Spell Related

- Gravity did not exist, and did not lower mob evasion when first introduced.
- RDM could not use Raise.
- RDM could not use Invisible, Sneak, or Deodorize.
- Refresh was not added until February 3, 2003.
- Regen was introduced as a RDM-only spell, and could be used like Poison to prevent Sleep.
- RDM's Enfeebling Magic skill was not as high.
- Dispel did not exist, and was added much later than Magic Finale.

- The effect of BRD songs lasted longer.
- Horde Lullaby did not exist.
- Elemental Threnodies did not exist.
- Magic Finale did not exist.
- Mage's Ballad was originally stronger.
- Prelude was originally an area song.
- Etudes were originally area songs.

- Teleport-Mea, Teleport-Holla, Teleport-Dem, and Teleport-Vahzl did not exist even in the original game.
- Protectra II-IV and Shellra II-IV did not exist.
- Sneak, Invisible, and Deodorize did not exist, and when first introduced, all could be overwritten by recasting before the spell wore off.
- Reraise did not exist.
- Raise II and III did not exist.
- Erase did not exist, and when first introduced had an even longer recast.
- Cure V was not WHM-only when introduced.
- Cure V originally did not have a set hate value, but acted like other Cure spells.
- Bar-spells originally lasted much longer, took longer to cast, and cost more MP.

- Warp II did not exist.
- Escape did not exist.
- Tractor did not exist.
- Sleepga and Sleepga II did not exist.

- Absorb spells did not exist.
- Stun did not exist.

- Flash did not exist.

- In a funny error, SE claimed to introduce the elemental spirit pacts when SMN was released, but actually Thunder Spirit Pact and Earth Spirit Pact did not exist until a much later update.

Job Ability & Trait Related
- For almost 1 year of gameplay, RDM did not have Convert. It did not exist until April 15, 2003.
- Mighty Strikes used to be even shorter duration.
- WAR ability Aggressor originally gave a bonus to Ranged Accuracy.
- Sneak Attack dealt the same high damage even when subbing THF.
- Sneak Attack had a wider angle of use behind the mob.
- Treasure Hunter II did not exist.
- Trick Attack did not exist.
- BST ability Leave was higher than level 35.
- BST ability Call Beast did not exist.
- Charm had a much longer recast timer.
- Charm did not Bind un-Charmable targets.
- BST ability Reward did not exist.
- MNK's Dodge, Focus, and Chakra had a 15 minute recast.
- MNK abilities Chi Blast and Kick Attacks did not exist.
- Divine Seal did not exist.
- Elemental Seal did not exist.
- Weapon Bash did not exist.
- Sentinel did not have a high enmity value.
- PLD ability Rampart did not exist.
- RNG ability Unlimited Shot did not exist.
- 2-Hour abilities originally could be reset by changing jobs.
- SMN did not originally have Clear Mind.
- SMN's Astral Flow was of shorter duration.
- BLM's Manafont ability originally allowed for spells to be interrupted.
- SAM's Meikyo Shisui did not originally fill the TP bar.
- "Killer" and "Circle" traits and abilities originally had the effect of Slow rather than Paralyze.
- DRG's Spirit Link did not exist, and when introduced, did not heal status effects.

Weapon Related
- Guns were RNG-only.
- Ammo only stacked to 12, not 99.
- Quivers did not exist.
- Ranged attacks did not generate TP.
- DRKs could not use Great Sword Weaponskills.
- PLD's could originally use Axes and Great Axes.
- PLD originally had Throwing skill.
- RDM originally had Marksmanship skill.
- BRD could not use Staves.
- RNG could not use Axes.
- Equipping a boomerang did not originally change TP, but equipping a fishing rod and bait did.

Battle Related
- **Experience Chains** did not exist. @[email protected]
- Weather and day effects on spells did not exist.
- Half-resists on spells did not exist.
- Magic Bursts did not exist.
- The enmity system was drastically different, with more abilities having set hate amounts rather than based on damage.

Item Related
- RSE did not exist.
- Crystals were much rarer drops from enemies.
- Crystal clusters did not exist.
- Percentage-boost foods did not exist; All foods gave static bonuses.
- AF did not exist until November 26, 2002.
- The Life Belt could not be worn by All Jobs.
- Kindred Seals did not exist.
- Scrolls of Instant Warp and Scrolls of Instant Reraise cost double the amount of CP.

Area Related
- Eldieme Necropolis, Crawler's Nest, Garlaige Citadel, and Castle Zvahl Baileys were less difficult and had a lower level enemy cap.

Other Game Related
- The original Level Cap was 50.
- The highest Rank was 5.
- Crafts were capped at level 60.
- Harvesting, Excavation, Logging, and Mining did not exist.
- Gardening did not exist.
- Chests and coffers did not exist.
- Only items came from chests and coffers, not gil.
- Thieves did not have the ability to pick chests and coffers.
- Mog Safe expansions did not exist.
- Gobbiebag quests did not exist.
- It was not possible to exit to any zone in a city from a Mog House.
- There were no fame-reporter NPCs.
- Title-changing NPCs did not exist.
- Synthesis inside a Mog House was not possible.
- Changing your job required an entire other game screen, instead of the Mog House menu.
- Chocobos were not available at Crags.
- The level limit for riding Chocobos even from home cities was originally 20, not 15.
- Expeditionary Force quests did not exist.
- Non-quest BCNMs did not exist.
- BCNM orbs cost more Beastmen Seals.
- BCNM clear-time scores were not recorded.
- SMN, SAM, NIN, and DRG did not exist until April 15, 2003.
- True Sight did not exist as a mob ability.
- DRGs could not originally change their wyvern's name.
- Dying in a BC originally had an experience penalty equal to your true level (rather than your capped level).
- Jeuno originally only had 2 Auction Houses, one in Ru'Lude and one in Lower.
- The amount of PCs allowed in Lower Jeuno at any one time was restricted (due to game/server limitations).
- Desynthesis did not exist.
- Synthesis recipes for ninja tools originally produced less tools per synth.
- Cutscenes from quests could not be replayed.
- Furniture did not add any Storage.
- Moghancements did not exist.
- Wedding Services did not exist.
- Garrison battles did not exist.
- PVP in the form of Ballista was added nearly 2 years after FFXI's release.
- The Mentor system did not exist.
- The Merit Point system did not exist.

System Related
- There was only 1 window-type, instead of 8.
- /attack on & /attack off commands did not exist.
- /names command did not exist.
- The following emotes did not exist: /kneel, /sigh, /comfort, /huh, /blush, /angry, /disgusted, /upset, /panic, /fume, /doubt, /sulk, /shocked, /hurray, /toss. (In the beginning, Taru couldn't dance!)
- /sit and its associated emotes were added only after the NA release.
- The Triangle and + buttons couldn't be used to cycle through different windows.
- The log window could not be decreased in size manually.
- The log window could not be filtered into the different chat channels.
- Calling for Help did not make a target appear on nearby people's compasses.
- Valkurm Dunes was not displayed on the Title Screen.
- Text for items was not color-coded (I.E., Yellow, Green, Red, or Blue).
- The subtarget cursor did not function except when using magic spells.
- Received Friends List messages could not be read in-game.
- The <call> function did not exist.
- Search Comments did not exist.
- The first Search Comment function did not have any category subdivisions.
- Names in the search function were not color-coded (Blue for in-party, Yellow for party-leader).
- The following commands did not exist: <pos>, <tp> <st>, <lastst>, <stpc>, <stnpc>, <hp>, <mp>, <job>, <hpp>, <mpp>, <bt>, <scan>, <mjob>, <sjob>, <pet>, <pethpp>, <pettp>, <ht>
- World Passes originally could only be used by one person per WP.
- The ! icon above the head of a player seeking party did not exist.
- Originally it was impossible to Seek Party while in a Mog House.
- /lsmes and Linkshell opening messages did not exist.
- Originally a player had to be in the same zone to invite them to your party, rather than the same region.

Interesting Points of Note
- When Behemoth was introduced, the level cap was only 55.
- When Invisible was first released, you could not see your own character at all after it being cast.
- AF was not all introduced at the same time. The six standard jobs of WAR, MNK, WHM, BLM, RDM, THF recieved their AF quests a full month before the other jobs.
- Coffers were not introduced until AF.
- "Steal II" was originally planned for THF, but was later cancelled.
- When the <call> function was introduced, there were only call0-call3.
- Bazaar tax in Jeuno used to be different depending on which level of Jeuno the bazaar was in. Ru'Lude and Lower had a 10% tax, while Upper and Port had a 5% tax.
- Kazham, Rabao, and Norg all originally had their own seperate bazaar tax. Kazham was steepest, a hefty 15% tax.
- AOE spells originally had a similar radius vertically as horizontally, thus allowing a -ga spell to hit mobs on multiple floors.
- The first people to reach level 60 had never had access to popular leveling spots like Kazham, Crawler's Nest, Garlaige Citadel, Gustav Tunnel, Altepa Desert, Kuftal Tunnel, Cape Terrigan, Valley of Sorrows, or Boyahda Tree.
- When SMN was first released as a job, the level cap was only 65, thus making the avatar prime fights all the harder.
- SMN, SAM, NIN, and DRG were released all at the same time, but SMN did not require the Zilart expansion pack to unlock and play.
- The level cap was originally intended to go much higher, over 100. For Example, RDM was supposed to learn Blizzard III at level 86, while DRK would learn it at level 103.
- Reraise did not originally reset when changing jobs. Thus anyone with a high-enough level WHM job could have Reraise or Reraise II active.
- The spell Absorb-DEX originally contained a typo and was called "Absorb-TEX"
- An error when the job was first released allowed DRGs to summon two wyverns.
- The first NA update increased the job cap to 70.
- The level cap was increased to 75 on December 16, 2003, 19 months after FFXI was released.
- Fenrir was released almost a year after SMN was added as a job. Incindentally, Happy Birthday Fenrir! (Feb 26.)
- Dynamis was released about this time last year.

So! Looking back on it, quite a lot has happened since May 15, 2002, when FFXI was first released in Japan. Considering all that, I'm pretty pleased with what SE has done over the years. I hope you enjoyed this little look back into the past. ^-^ Let's hope future updates are just as interesting!
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Not sure about dates on this stuff, but:

Experience change: Lowered the exp needed per level after 50.

RNG nerf and unnerf: Ranged damage and accuracy was changed to be dependent upon where the player was standing in relation to the mob. Was done to prevent the practice of standing in melee range to get faster TP. Also, the fact that ranged damage did not take player level vs mob level into account (at least not as much as melee damage) was fixed.

After several months of seeing how completely they screwed RNG, SE rolled back the changes slightly. RNG still isn't the powerhouse it used to be, but its not as nerfed as it originally was either.

MPK change aka The Great BST Nerf: Several changes were implemented to decrease the ability to MPK people. Binding a mob near someone outside of your party/alliance no longer causes it to attack that person. When a mob that isn't Impossible to Gauge loses hate on someone, it despawns and then respawns several seconds later in its original area, if it has been pulled out of that area. There were other changes, but those are the 2 I remember.

Claim change: A revamping of the claiming system. The basic idea is that in order to claim something, you must have the most hate on it. There's detailed explanations elsewhere, so all I'll say is that if someone outside of your alliance has the most hate on a mob, and you try to claim it (assuming it's yellow), you won't. You or someone in your alliance must first get more hate on it than everyone outside.

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I recall talk of mob families having predator/prey relationships, and opposing mobs would fight each other in zones. It was also possible for a mob to consume another mob and temporarily level up (like in FFXII). Emotes that have no animation attached to them now were also supposed to be dynamically interactive; /slap would actually animate your character slapping its target, /dance also worked, etc.

I don't remember if that was ever actually in the game. I believe I heard it was in FFXI during its first week or two of release in Japan, but it was pulled out due to PS2 limitations.
#7 May 21 2007 at 12:17 PM Rating: Good
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TraumaFox wrote:
I don't remember if that was ever actually in the game. I believe I heard it was in FFXI during its first week or two of release in Japan, but it was pulled out due to PS2 limitations.

FFXI was released on PS2...

As for changes, Utsusemi had a different icon and all ninja tools use to look exactly the same.

#8 May 21 2007 at 12:35 PM Rating: Decent
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Making mobs despawn after a person zoned or died really was a huge change. I remember whole zones basically being shut down for hours until a group of high levels came and cleared everything out. Crawler's Nest and Garbage Citadel were two of the most notorious for that... Someone would train a big pile of aggressive mobs to the zone line, and they would kill anyone trying to zone in or out.

Ah the good ol days... o_o
#9 May 21 2007 at 12:43 PM Rating: Decent
TraumaFox wrote:
It was also possible for a mob to consume another mob and temporarily level up (like in FFXII).

To my knowledge, that never actually appeared in the game; however, it was shown in an old pre-beta trailer for FFXI.
#10 May 21 2007 at 12:57 PM Rating: Default
I don't see the TP update mentioned by anyone.
#11 May 21 2007 at 1:22 PM Rating: Excellent
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Which one because there were two:

April 2004

  • An issue concerning the accumulation of TP with weapon skills that consist of multiple strikes (i.e. Combo, Penta Thrust, etc.) has been corrected.
  • TP will be accumulated as usual for that weapon type on the first strike (first two strikes for hand-to-hand attacks or when wielding two weapons), with each subsequent strike accumulating 1 TP.
  • Accordingly, enemies who are the targets of multiple-strike weapon skills will only gain TP from the first strike (first two strikes for hand-to-hand attacks or when wielding two weapons).

  • Then there was another update exactly 2 years later:

    April 2006

  • The amount of TP accumulated when attacking a monster has changed for both the player and the monster.

  • Basically the TP floor was removed. Before the update low delay weapons had a TP foor of 5.0 meaning that by the standard equation in the past, if the game calculated that the TP gained was less than 5% it would automatically bump it up to 5%.

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    Seriously, you won't be @#%^ing happy until SE releases a full sized Bahamut avatar you can @#%^ing ride and use to kill players that annoy you, one shot AV/PW/Shinryuu, and burn the FFXI nations to the @#%^ing ground for fun. All while actually restoring mp used instead of costing any.

    #12 May 21 2007 at 2:40 PM Rating: Excellent
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    Gah, sorry guys. Internet wasn't working when I got to work and only recently came back up.
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    #13 May 21 2007 at 2:48 PM Rating: Decent
    i remember when exp camps started at your home nation and slowly moved out from zone to zone until you reached jueno. <3 Maze of Shakrami!!!

    also remember the days you could choose when to go kill a HNM instead of sitting there for 3 hours with 100 other people.
    #14 May 21 2007 at 7:41 PM Rating: Decent

    Don't forget about the utsusemi nerf.I don't remember the date, but SE changed Utsusemi, to where the nin lost some hate Everytime a shadow went down.

    Also, the carby nerf.You used to be able to send carby into a group of mobs, and he would come back with only one.Now you have to let carby die there for the same effect.

    A more rescent nerf ... Golden Salvage assault mission.You used to be able to get close enough to a chest, without getting too close.Target it,and check it.
    You would either get the message"you are too far away", or the cursor would disappear.If the cursor was gone, that was the right chest.
    #15 May 22 2007 at 5:58 AM Rating: Decent
    Hello everyone! ^^ I played FFXI for about 2 years before letting it loose. I quit playing it because I couldn't take the Heavy Grinding or the extensive Looking For Group aspects of the game. I haven't played the game in about 1 year but was thinking of returning and wanted to know if anything has been done to improve leveling? I was thinking if they could harness more of the population into fewer servers it would help the group thing, but I don't know if they would. Anyway, thanks in advance!
    #16 May 23 2007 at 7:05 AM Rating: Decent
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    - PLD's could originally use Axes and Great Axes.

    Omg that would have been so nice to be able to use axes on PLD. I don't know what the skill cap was back then but being able to use Maneater today and Rampage would be cool.
    #17 May 25 2007 at 5:22 AM Rating: Decent
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    I believe Zanshin went from 40 -> 20, not 60 -> 30...
    Serrata (Sylph)

    #18 May 25 2007 at 2:51 PM Rating: Good
    -Pets disappear after you leave them
    -Jug pets do not reduce experience points gained
    #19 May 26 2007 at 3:03 AM Rating: Decent
    1,372 posts
    I believe Zanshin went from 40 -> 20, not 60 -> 30...

    Zanshin went from 60 to 20.
    #20 May 26 2007 at 7:06 AM Rating: Good
    Fun Stuff..

    Regarding post by Nightsintdreams..from memory seem pretty accurate..only thing not up to snuff is this "- The first people to reach level 60 had never had access to popular leveling spots like Kazham, Crawler's Nest, Garlaige Citadel, Gustav Tunnel, Altepa Desert, Kuftal Tunnel, Cape Terrigan, Valley of Sorrows, or Boyahda Tree. "

    Crawler's Nest and GC were there, matter of fact, CN WAS the end-all-be all as far as Zone creation, all the beauty/splendor, I believe SE had it on their Mantle piece, (think Map quest difficulty).

    GC was a hoot..every tunnel packed with parties throughout the zone...pullers were picked as though it were a job, if you were good, it was known, as pulling was much like camping a NM, fastest on the trigger got exp and exp was sloooooooooooooooow, heh, skels had a life cycle about as long current Despot or 2003-4 Torrent(minus rmt/bots :p) ...pretty crowded, but allot of fun.

    Oh and PT's in the basement didn't train out, due to the lowers up above, but, usually a CFH ended in pretty cool 'zerg' moments anway.

    If you put the pieces together, imagine no Snk/Inv/Potions/Powders...and you can see where 'Old-Timer' JP's might get their habit of "leaving from town with everyone and returning with everyone"...as...
    ..a PT basically had to fight it's way into/out of camp...heh..lol...you imagine the 'uproar' nowadays if that were the case.

    I liked it myself, built a better player imo as did non-despawning mobs and Goblin Trains..

    Typical PT setup att was WAR-WAR-THF--WHM,BLM,BLM (OR WHM,WHM,BLM)
    Links in GC were the norm as usually tanks were running in the yellow (no shadows).

    War was the *********** was a "nice try SE, but...umm...yea"...might be analogous to a PUP today but worse...only people that played RDM were true pioneers 'tyring' to find a way to 'make' the job work..it was def. a last choice for PT's tho..times have changed...War went from King -> lolWar -> King..Rdm wend from lolRDM -> { Refresh/Dispel/Phalanx II } Plz..

    Davoi was a crowd fest also..hella time there..

    Castle Zvhal was sorta the 'sky' zone..certain death usually (just getting there)..loooonngg journey.

    The economy was non existent, so all this was done with real 'basic' gear (ie might consedered crappy today).

    good time, good times, good memories for some...ah well, what did George Harrison say...

    < edited for content... >

    Edited, May 26th 2007 2:44pm by TrainwreckSlyph
    #21 May 28 2007 at 10:18 AM Rating: Excellent
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    December 12, 2005 - MPK patch.

    Beastmaster jug pets had the 30% EXP penalty
    removed from them, allowing a Beastmaster to
    join EXP parties effectively. Was intended to
    compensate for reduced ability of players to
    maintain a local "Charmed" pet due to monster
    despawn (which was introduced to reduce MPK).


    Additional Info (not patch related):

    FYI, jug pets never reduced other party members'
    EXP, only the BST's; local "Charmed" pets
    continue to retain an EXP cut due to the strength
    of local monsters as compared to players.

    The EXP cut for other party members with a
    local "Charmed" pet in party is calculated
    according to the highest level member in the

    A pet that is EM-DC-EP-TW to the highest level
    player in a party incurs no cut to any player
    in that party, except for the player who "Charmed"
    the pet
    (who recieves a 30% cut -if and only if-
    the local "Charmed" pet is still in the party at
    the end of a battle).

    Local pets that con T or above to the highest
    player in a party are considered to be the highest
    party member, and EXP is adjusted down accordingly
    for all party members.

    The player who "Charmed" the local pet recieves
    a 30% cut on top of that -if and only if- the
    local "Charmed" pet is still in the party at the
    end of a battle.

    Jug pets are much weaker than local EM-DC "Charmed"
    monsters, and are unsuitable for solo work outside
    of soloing Easy Preys and Too Weaks. Always have been
    to my knowledge. This does not count merits in Beast
    Affinity, which only increases the power of jug pets
    somewhat, and is in no way game-breaking.

    Happy Hunting. =)
    #22 Jun 04 2007 at 7:07 AM Rating: Good
    Signet changes:

    1. Increased Healing HP
    2. No TP loss while resting
    3. Bonus experience earned in smaller parties
    4. Increased defense and evasion against attacks from your auto-attack target
    #23 Jun 05 2007 at 12:27 AM Rating: Default
    This might be a little off topic, but Me and some friends stopped playing this game around February to play WOW. Well after we reached 60, then 70 after BC came out and after it just pretty much dried up we decided to come back to this game. We had played this game since it came out here in the states. Well enough of the history of some random gamer, my question is which server would you people recommend starting back on in relation to people in per hour of day and fairness of the economy?
    #24 Jun 05 2007 at 8:59 AM Rating: Good
    don't forget they changed up fishing majorly too.
    #25 Jun 05 2007 at 9:02 PM Rating: Decent
    I'm also planning on coming back to FF. I have one question though, do you still lose exp if you get defeated in battle? I remember this being my worst nightmare. I actually was scared most of the time playing cause I didnt wanted to die :-(
    #26 Jun 06 2007 at 10:53 PM Rating: Decent
    That one i know is true I still got friends in the game you still lose 10 percent of your exp when you die that hasnt changed, Plus anything THAT major would have been put into that list.
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