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#1 Apr 14 2016 at 5:13 PM Rating: Decent
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i'm gonna sign up for the free trial soon. can't figure out how i plan to play this game. my first challenge is figuring out what job i want to play. it's either paladin or summoner. i enjoyed tanking in wow. there is something about being the tough guy that goes toe to toe with bosses that appeals to me. quick dungeon finder is nice too. on the other hand i do enjoy pet classes. i think the egi's are cool and the journey to capture them sounds like fun. i'm sure they are the best solo class as well. my concern with the summoner is i'm not sure how useful the egi's really are. i'm sure my DPS will be better and i'm wondering if they basically just auto attack except for a few abilities or if there is alot of interaction with them? my concern with the paladin is i hear lots of people saying the warrior is the best tank. i know they all have different strengths but it's overwhelming how many people consider the warrior to be better. my other concern is the paladins DPS. i know it won't be like the casters but again i hear the warrior DPS can be like the casters. this worries me for solo play cause i can imagine it taking forever to clear solo content if my DPS is weak and alot of my abilities are meant for group mitigation.

the other thing i have to figure out is if i want to make 1 or multiple characters. i know 1 character can do all jobs. it just seems kinda boring to have all my jobs have the same race. i would like my caster to be the little guys, the paladin human, warrior the big guys, etc. so my options are 1 character and fantasia potions or multiple characters. i know you get 1 fantasia potion for free but i can't find the price on them if i decide to purchase them. i've never used any paid character services in wow i always made a new character and PVP / dungeon my way to max level. but i hear this game is mostly story driven so i'm assuming it won't work like that. what i'm wondering is how long will it take to get through the story on additional characters and if it will be something i might enjoy going through again or if it will feel like a chore. i also noticed there are two different monthly fee's one character per server for $13 and multiple characters per server for $15. naturally i would rather pay $13 and i'm wondering how inconvenient it will be to have my characters spread across multiple servers.

thanks for the advice.

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If i can give you one advise, just stick to one character. This is not the kind of game where you want to make (disposable) alts. Just make one character you like and stick with it. You're going to be spending a lot of time on it, and for immersion sake it pays off having one globally famous hero that beat Y and X. Not to mention the storyline is crazy long, you wouldnt want to go through it on a second character, but you'll have to if you want to have access to new area's, new gathering points and new materials.

There are also a lot of abilities that you can (and need to) cross-class that are only obtained by leveling some of the other classes. For example, want your Paladin to have Cure or Stoneskin? You gotta level White Mage. As well as skills and inventory being best kept to one character.

It serves absolutely no purpose making a melee fighter on one character, a mage on the second and a crafter on the third, while having a fourth being a gatherer when you cant exchange items and gear freely and easily between them. Lots of it is bound, a lot of other things just not transferable to one another, only through trade. As well as a lot of gear can be used for class A, B and C, which you will need to get several of in order to be able to play properly.

Will you like every class? ofcourse not, no one is saying you need to level everything, just pick out your favorites, just dont re-do it 4-5 times for each character. It's a waste of time, money and effort. Want a diffirent race, gender or appearance, after a month of play time you get a free Phantasia to change. And you can always get more.
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