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"Human or not" a letter to Yoshi-P & SEFollow

#152 Dec 13 2016 at 12:04 AM Rating: Good
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Callinon wrote:
Maybe if they actually made good singleplayer JRPGs nowadays, I'd be more into those.

I Am Setsuna is pretty good, might give that a look.

I looked at that, and I'm kinda on the fence. I might try it if I see it on sale, but it sounded like it was kinda short, and that the locales are all too similar, that some people thought it got old when everything was snow, snow, and more snow.

But who knows, mebbe it'd be good.

Other than that, and the Ys series (that I already have, lol) I really haven't been seeing much. Well, there is Tales of Zestiria, but I had this sinking feeling of "don't..." and I'm glad I listened to it, the Day One DLC was just a ridiculous scam, lol. Probably the worst Day One DLC model out there (yes, even worse than Deus Ex).
#153 Dec 13 2016 at 4:42 AM Rating: Good
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Xenoblade on the normal Wii was the last console RPG that really had me enamored. Could technically do a NG+ to collect more attribute points and maybe do some slight quest variances early on, but given I'd beaten all the post-game content on my first clear, it was something I'd put on hold.

And before that was Tales of Vesperia on the 360, with part of the time sink simply being getting all the trophies alongside a partial NG+ for the Ch.1 low level achievement.

Both of these games are years and years old now. :(

Prior to that, I was trying to scratch the RPG itch on my DS. There were some decent games like Radiant Historia, Valkyrie Profile's TRPG, a couple Dragon Quest games, and others I'm forgetting the name of, but I'll just infer that playing on a handheld isn't always as memorable as it can be compared to a nice TV and sound system. Ironically, the upcoming Switch will kinda sorta do something about that, but history isn't on Nintendo's side these past few generations when it comes to good third party titles. Nonetheless, I need a new PC before I even look into a PS4, XB1, or Switch. My ol' Core 2 Duo is beginning to not be able to handle some games these days. Some have been MMOs like BDO, ArchAge, and Landmark.

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