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#1 Mar 09 2014 at 9:41 PM Rating: Excellent
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Monday morning has rolled around over here, and boy does it feel like a Monday! It was an exhausting, but enjoyable weekend, with little time for adventures in Azeroth.
I'm swilling bad (instant) coffee in an attempt to shake off the fatigue and get ready for six classes.

WoW: I barely managed to get most of my DMF stuff done.

RL: My friend made it in during the wee hours of Sunday morning and we had a bit of trouble organizing the day because messages from his phone weren't reaching me and gmail is having its usual problems with the Great Firewall. I stumbled through Sunday on three hours of sleep and way too little food (didn't want to eat a big meal and get drowsier), but it was good to see an old friend.

Here's hoping that the RNG smiled on you this weekend. Let's hear some tales!

Edit: Homophones, fatigue, too much blood in my coffee stream. Bleargh!

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#2 Mar 10 2014 at 7:48 AM Rating: Good
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Friday was slumming around the house with nothing memorable. Saturday was visit to in-laws and a trip to the gun show and store. Picked up some reloading supplies and did a little reloading and came went out to eat with family. Sunday was planting/tilling gardens and cleaning up the yard, a little R&R and video games.

Gaming - unlocked a few planes in War Thunder and gained about 5 levels on my alt in Tera. Installed Diablo 3 and leveled a toon a little bit but the game has changed so much its hard to get into.
#3 Mar 10 2014 at 7:49 AM Rating: Good
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I didn't post in the goals thread but whatever.

Gaming: I finished Act IV of Diablo 3.

RL: I met a friend for dinner on Saturday, but otherwise did nothing. Spent two hours cooking for a potluck at work today, though.
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#4 Mar 10 2014 at 5:19 PM Rating: Excellent
WoW: I have finally managed to learn all the color cuts on my JC. Now to run around and see how long it takes me to learn all the Meta cuts -.- I'm always that guy that learns all the cuts right before the next xpack lol.
I do wish there was a faster way to learn Glyphs for Inscription...I do have like hundreds of them to still learn -.-
I may finally get to level my druid.
BECAUSE I finally, imo, have obtain, for the most part, one of the best looking transmog sets. Here is a link, my sig links are all wrong (due to transfer, and being lazy to fix them).
I may try for 2nd to last part of SoO again... I really need a new helm. If I get a new helm; pants and boots follow for some needed upgrades. But I want to replace all 3 at once >.>

RL: May be nice weather. So who knows.

Other game: My South Park CE game should come in today, It looks fun. So I'll for sure be playing that.

But 1st... 8 hours of work...

WoW: Played half a level on Druid -.- Bought a bunch of Book of Glyph for my Inscribe. Need to farm flowers for her so she can keep filling that book in...
I did manage to get my me a new Helm, with that I the upgraded my Feet and Legs. Now I just to to actual upgrade them (all 3 are 1/2, but I ran out of VP)

Other game: South Park. Yea, if you are a South Park fan, and are not playing this game, you are doing it wrong. I can not even tell you how many hours I've done spent on this game. Its fun, the "easter eggs" are great. The only issue I have about the game is all the damn loading screens -.- Every building/house/room usually means another 10-30sec loading screen.
But hella fun.

RL: Watched a few movies, did laundry, ate food, did some sleeping. Short week for me at work this week. Tomorrow night I go see Flogging Molly :D
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