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#27 Nov 12 2007 at 10:27 PM Rating: Good
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I shook off my fears about Heroic SL and tanked it twice this weekend. Was actually a lot easier then I thought it would be. The first run was with 4 people from a different guild, and they all but invited me to leave my guild and join theirs cause they were so impressed. The second was a little rockier despite being with 4 people I run instances with quite often, but I managed to be third on the damage meter (missed number 2 by .03%). That's 4 more people converted to the "ZOMG Paly tanks rock!" club and 8 more converted to the "ZOMG tanks do damage?!" club.

Also went into Heroic Mana Tombs for the first time, and I must say, that place is a living hell ... Warlock, Feral Druid, Elemental Shaman, and Holy Priest in group with me. I gotta say, it was not fun >.< But we managed to get it done.
#28 Nov 12 2007 at 11:43 PM Rating: Decent
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Solution: ? This is taking like 2 minutes from my time waiting for this guy, if any one knows how I can get around this that would be helpful.

You could do the quest for the love potion, for the succy in the bar.
#29 Dec 21 2007 at 3:44 AM Rating: Excellent
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No apologies for necro - this is an excellent thread and we really should keep it going. There's absolutely no reason for it to have slipped to page 5.

I logged on briefly (or I thought it would be brief) and got co-opted into a Karazhan run last night. My first run hadn't gone well - wiped 5 times and gave up at Moroes, so I wasn't expecting much.

Attumen & Midnight: Completed, no troubles.
Moroes: Completed. I was three-shotted by Moroes himself but someone combat-rezzed me. No other deaths.
Maiden: Done, no troubles.
Wizard of Oz: Wiped once, then switched to nuking Strawman first and completed. We didn't have a fire mage, otherwise it should have been simple.
Curator: Wiped twice. 44% first time, 29% second. At this stage we were 4 hours in and just past midnight so I called it.

I got two gear upgrades - Boots of Valiance and Gloves of Centering.
#30 Dec 21 2007 at 8:34 AM Rating: Excellent
Congratulations, I'm glad you brought this up again. I was starting to get sad seeing it drop down the list, so I'll rate you up for resurrecting it.

In Paladin News.... I started up again over the winter break to make my 39 twink. I made a Dranei on Duskwood named Capjack (Lvl 12 now). That's chood's server so drop by if you want to say hey. Chood has been generous so far and gave me a little startup money (which I've already speant half of, but hey... I needed bags ><).
#31 Dec 21 2007 at 8:40 AM Rating: Excellent
Oh yeah I totally forgot about this thread! No new gear changes but...

Hyjal - Fully cleared
Black Temple - Fully cleared
#32 Dec 21 2007 at 8:50 AM Rating: Excellent
That's cool, what was it like fighting Illidan and Magtheridon?
#33 Dec 21 2007 at 9:22 AM Rating: Good
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Overlord CapJack wrote:
That's cool, what was it like fighting Illidan and Magtheridon?

Pssst, I think you mean Archimonde. ;)

As for me, broke the 15k armor unbuffed barrier last night, prett good for only having hit level 70 on Dec. 4th, 2.5 weeks ago. :)
#34 Dec 21 2007 at 9:33 AM Rating: Excellent
Ah yeah... that's what I meant....
#35 Dec 21 2007 at 9:55 AM Rating: Good
Illidan was lots of spreading out, OMG YOU GOT A DEBUFF RUN AWAY, running across the room to heal the tank before he got owned, then repeating the process.

Archimonde isn't a hard healing fight as much as it is a survival fight. If 1 person dies its rough, if 2 people die (which generally happens after the first person goes) its pretty much a wipe. So its either do it flawlessly or fail completely.
#36 Dec 21 2007 at 7:40 PM Rating: Excellent
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Tonight, I kited a Fel Reaver to Shattrath and had him die next to the flight master.

Didn't quite get him to land on TOP of the flight master, and thus, shut down all traffic out of Shattrath. I must try again!
#37 Dec 25 2007 at 1:29 AM Rating: Decent
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Curator downed.

He dropped the T4 gloves token for Rogue/Shaman/Paladin but I passed - I'd just gotten an upgrade from Maiden and our rogue needed it more than me.
#38 Dec 25 2007 at 2:37 PM Rating: Decent
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I got mah charger the night before christmas!
#39 Dec 25 2007 at 9:05 PM Rating: Excellent
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SoiFon wrote:
I got mah charger the night before christmas!

Was it stirring all through the house?
#40 Dec 26 2007 at 3:15 AM Rating: Decent
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son while i've been spending soo much time on my ret, my healadin was starting to collect dust. pulled him out friday, and i've been working on him again. cleared heroic mech today (first heroic clearedy). plan on continueing with the heroics till we finally get enough people keyed for kara. right now there's only about 5 of us. only 2 that are really geared for in and i'm getting very close. should have the Sha'tar mace in the next day or 2.
#41 Dec 26 2007 at 5:41 AM Rating: Decent
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Long time reader first time poster. Or first time since I quit for a year.

Anyways I'm only level 17 :shrug: but I finally got to the point where I can tank and it makes me giddy. I play with my girlfriend and a buddy whenever I play so it's a big deal cause now the mage can fireball stuff to death and the rouge can stab and picketpocket so that's pretty awesome at least for me. Plus I can keep people healed if anything goes wrong.

Paladins kinda rock.

#42 Dec 26 2007 at 6:45 AM Rating: Excellent
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We work in reverse Capn Jack.

Obviously from my name I'm a rogue (and a terribly unoriginal one at that) and typically post on rogue forums. Why here, then? Why indeed...

So last week I started a Drae Pally. I've been lurking in your forums for a few days, trying to figure out a decent lvling build (did you know in your FAQ you guys never really come right out and say- LEVEL WITH THIS BUILD) and ...you know...questing and stuff.

My Pally is now a lvl 20 Ret. I, rather stupidly, put Talents into Parry instead of Crusader at first, so now my damage is somewhat paltry in comparison to what it could be.

I decided, at lvl 20, that I hated Kalimdor, Auberdine and the ridiculous travel required for most quests in Astranaar. So I made THE GREAT JOURNEY. You know what I'm talking about. Not Elites in Halo, I'm talking about the LONG $%(*&ing walk from Menathil to IF, then tramming to SW in order to eventually get to Darkshire.

Funny story: at the end of the quests in the Drae starter area, you get a decent 2-handed sword. I had been using maces up til then, so I started my journey to SW, figuring I'd be fine...

On the way through Loch I met up with a lvl 12 boar. This lvl 12 boar gave me a surprising amount of grief as I watched "Skill in Two Handed Swords up to 2...3...5...10..." as I'm battling (yeah, BATTLING something 8 lvls below me) a gnome warrior comes over and starts laughing at me. I down the boar, now at like 35 skill or something. I duel the lvl 15 warrior. I judge crusader, pop command (i think?) and crit him for 151+60ish holy, while Consecration was up. I then Hammered him, crit him again (which never happens- i have like a 5% crit chance), didn't proc so I judged for around 100. The gnome had no idea what happened. I had lost 25hp because he had gotten to swing once + rend (so around 75 total hp lost) and he had been destroyed.

His mother cried on Christmas day, knowing her son was nothing but a failure.
#43 Dec 26 2007 at 7:14 AM Rating: Decent
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nicthaninja wrote:
Paladins kinda rock.

kinda? there's no "kinda" about it.... paladins definitely rock.

oh, and i noticed i'm now a 'scholar'. ty whoever did that. :)
#44 Dec 26 2007 at 7:19 AM Rating: Good
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toolofjesus wrote:
oh, and i noticed i'm now a 'scholar'. ty whoever did that. :)

Gratz tool :) Not sure who is the responsible party (some reason I don't have the option to rate people anymore ... haven't for a while now), but regardless, it be an accomplishment.
#45 Dec 26 2007 at 7:37 AM Rating: Decent
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My guild cleared everything in Kara up to Nightbane. Unfortunately, I lost the Prince mace drop to a shadow priest (who wasn't from the guild AND it wasn't even an upgrade for him). He's on my sh*t list.
#46 Dec 26 2007 at 9:04 AM Rating: Excellent
KnifeInUrEye wrote:
(did you know in your FAQ you guys never really come right out and say- LEVEL WITH THIS BUILD)...

While not giving a link to the build, I list out my recommendation for leveling in terms of talents below.

2.2.2 What talents should a Paladin be getting as he levels?

Again, it depends on which of the methods above you want to do. My personnal recommendation for single-target grinding is to first move up retribution, grabbing Benediction, Imp. Judgement, Imp. SotC, and then SoC. After that, move up Holy, getting Divine Strength, Spiritual Focus, Healing Light, next 2 whatever, then Illumination, and Divine Favor. Once you have DF, there is almost no downtime between pulls. After this, you can move down holy to get holy shock, or you can start moving down Ret towards CS.

At level 61, I did this, but you don't have to. I respecced to 10/31/11. This gave me SF, Reckoning, HS, and SoC. I gave up my DF, but I gained the ability to tank in instances, and by myself I was able to put out more dps, especially when Reckoning would proc, giving me usually 3 hits (2 normal and 1 SoC proc), and still keep my uninterruptable heals.

For AOE grinding, just get talents that you would get if you were tanking, the only exception being that SF can be a good investment, though not required. Get Redoubt, Anticipation, Toughness, Shield Specialization, Imp. RF, BoK, Reckoning, BoSanc, HS, Sacred Duty, One-Handed Weap Specialization, Imp. HS, Ardent Defender and Avenger's Shield.

#47 Dec 27 2007 at 6:02 AM Rating: Decent
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so, finally got exalted with sha'tar at about 4 this morning and got my Gavel of Pure Light. need to get 81 healing on it today and i'll be over 1200 +healing, 80 mp5, 9k mana, and around 19% holy spell crit rate. wanna work on my spell crit, but otherwise i think i'm ready for kara... it'd be even better if i didn't have green bracers still. working on heroics now to get badges for the bracers reccomended in the pre-kara guide, but does anyone know of another bracers i can get somewhere?

I'm pretty excited right now :-D
#48 Dec 27 2007 at 7:29 AM Rating: Excellent
The only other good ones are the crafted Blessed Bracers but they can be expensive.

I'm using the Primal Surge Bracers which you can get in BM.
#49 Dec 27 2007 at 8:07 AM Rating: Decent
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get the Vindicator's Ornamented Bracers - 20 WSG medals, cheap and easy to obtain
#50 Dec 27 2007 at 2:47 PM Rating: Decent
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thank you capjack and chood. i'll look into those. i have a couple guildies who need to get through BM for the key, so maybe i'll just see if those drop. if not i'll look into the vindicator ones.
#51 Dec 28 2007 at 8:06 AM Rating: Decent
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