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#1 Apr 06 2011 at 7:58 AM Rating: Decent
So I am playing a fairly recently minted 85 Warlock, gear score currently 336. My PVE spec is destruction, I went with the build over on EJ.

The problem I am having is my DPS. I crit 20K+ at times, but that's only burst damage so it isn't helping me much. I follow the priority recommended on EJ - keep up Soulfire, Immolate to keep that up, Conflagrate when its up, SF when it procs - etc. And my gear, I don't think, is all *that* bad but my DPS suffers somewhere. I am hitting around 6K and am aiming for 10K for raiding.

Should I try an Affliction DPS spec perhaps? Or just get better gear/enchants/gems? Or maybe I am ******** up the priority somehow, not using my CD's often enough.

Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/hyjal/grimlynn/advanced
#2 Apr 06 2011 at 10:09 AM Rating: Excellent
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madoracl3 wrote:
Or just get better gear/enchants/gems?

I'm thinking this is a large part of it. Ilvl 335 is about entry level for heriocs anyway. You have several green items, especially things like your robe and weapon, that have a lot of stats on them. Also 10 unenchanted items + the belt buckle, there's a lot of stuff there you are missing out on. For comparison I'm ilvl 331, we have pretty comparable stats, and I'm in PvP gear (well kinda...). That's not good. Smiley: wink

Other than that practice, practice, practice. Smiley: grin Proc trinkets together, early, and in phases of the fight that are stationary if possible. Practice keeping your DPS high when you are moving, and not moving more than you have to. There's a lot of abilities you can use when you're moving: Conflagrate, Shadowburn, fel flame, you can refresh corruption, your bane, etc. Also remember to change your rotation when things aren't going to live long. No use putting up BoD if the target dies in 12 seconds. You can also log your instance runs into something like world of logs. It'll give you other useful stats like % of up times on your DoTs.

Well that's just a splattering of random stuff, hope some of it was useful. I'm not PvEing mush, so it's a bit of generic advice. Perhaps a PvEing Warlock will happen this way as well. Smiley: grin

Edited as more stuff comes to me...

Edited, Apr 6th 2011 11:34am by someproteinguy
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#3 Apr 06 2011 at 10:44 AM Rating: Decent
I see one thing which is you've reforged a bit into Hit. This is appropriate for raiding, but when you do this you temporarily lower your DPS in Normals/Heroics. Basically being raid Hit capped is a DPS loss for heroics, so sometimes its best to aim for the appropriate amount of hit until you're actually ready to go raid.

Also, I don't have a warlock right now so unfortunately I cannot offer assistance in that respect, but keep in mind that your rotation is dependent on how long your targets are staying up. I don't imagine that Affliction will do better for Heroics for this very reason, the damage is a building one that I cannot see being successful in shorter fights, but I may be wrong.

I know for SPriest, for instance, one good tactic is to DoT everything the tank has good threat on. As affliction, this might be an option that nets you higher overall DPS, so it may be worth trying out. I do imagine for most fights, though, Destruction will be your best bet.

You seem to know what you're doing gear wise, so just keep gearing up. Some specs, Fire Mage for example, do horribly until an appropriate gear level is achieved. I imagine this is your problem, and this can be fixed by adjusting your spec or most likely adjusting your rotation. EJ is for Raid Bosses. They do not spend much time theorycrafting heroic trash pulls.
#4 Apr 07 2011 at 7:56 AM Rating: Decent
It looks like at least 50% of my problem was, in fact, rotation. Last night I started paying more attention to mob health percentages and adjusting what I cast appropriately, as well as casting more when moving out of the Evil Poo of Death (with instants) and you were both right - that along made a huge difference. Along the lines of an increase from 5K to 7.5K. I also enchanting several things this morning and I hope to see a further improvement from that.

In the meantime it looks like I will spend my nights and weekends grinding Heroics to improve my gear.

Thanks for the help!
#5 Apr 07 2011 at 9:59 AM Rating: Excellent
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Gratz on upping the numbers, and good luck in heriocs! Smiley: smile
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#6 May 18 2011 at 9:57 AM Rating: Decent
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I didn't notice anyone else say it, (though correct me if I missed it somewhere :p) but as destruction you also want to use BoD (on bosses/off targets)/BoA (anything likely to live 30+seconds) and corruption (on anything that will likely live for 20+seconds)

also if you're going for the raid hitcap, reforge any mastery or crit to hit. if you're not going for the raid hit cap, reforge any mastery or crit to haste where possible.

finally, try to work towards getting the 'darkmoon card: Volcano'. it's the BiS trinket for locks, even beating the 372 ilvl ones, also the prices for it have dropped alot and making gold is easy, so it's worthwhile farming for it (if you need any tips on getting gold, wowhead the cooking recipe 'seafood magnifique feast' and find where to farm the fish for it. all the fish are from pools so it doesn't matter than you have lvl.1 fishing, you will 100% catch the fish if you fish in the pools and they sell for alot per stack.

check out my armoury if you need any tips on enchants/gemming/reforging
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