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#1 Nov 03 2011 at 12:05 PM Rating: Decent
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Good Evening to all, to get the straight to the point, I have a question which I need clarification. I am smite specced and have no problems with healing in any raid instances. However in FL due to a lack of raid healers, I am thinking of having holy spec as my primary and disc smite heals as my secondary. All these while I have been faithful to disc ways of healings and I think i am pretty good at that. Since we have a holypally doing tanking healing and me mostly healing MT and due to lack of raid heals, I have specced to holy.

My question is whether the gear which I have put so much effort into disc can match holy or do I need to reforge, re-enchant etc on my current gear.

Noticed that my mana pool has dropped alittle as compared to disc spec. I would be much obliged if you could kindly check my gears and let me know whether i do need a change. Currently on 3 T12 gears. Still waiting on my shoulders and Helm.


Thank you for your time and effort to clarify my queries.


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#2 Nov 03 2011 at 3:11 PM Rating: Good
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My overall impression is that you know what you're doing.

When it comes to mana, it's all about what you yourself feel comfortable with. Holy Priest regen is entirely based on Spirit, so get more and more spirit gear until you stop running out of mana. It seems like you have spirit on nearly every piece at the moment, run with that a bit and see how you feel. If you find you're not ever getting close to running out of mana, then consider reforging some of that Spirit away to Haste. However, given your ilevel and current place in content, you're probably at a good spot regen wise. Most likely you'll want to keep it as is, but like I said, it's a personal preference.

I've noticed that you're very mastery heavy/light haste. This is, again, all about playstyle. I find that when I heal as Holy the mastery often doesn't really have enough time to tick for its full duration, so I tend to favor haste. But I'm also the kind of guy who would spam AoE heals until everyone was topped off, not waiting for HoTs to do their work. I would recommend reforging some excess mastery to haste, but again it's a preference thing. However, one thing to note about Haste is that at 12.5% haste, Renew will actually get an extra tick, drastically increasing its heal per mana value. Might be worth reforging a bit for this, depending on whether or not you have the 5% haste buff in your raid.

Spec looks good, enchants look good. If you find yourself using Guardian Spirit a lot and want to glyph it, Renew would be the first glyph to go, but until you need the glyph for certain fights, you're fine keeping it in there.

All in all, it seems to be fine by my book. Like I said, it's a bit mastery heavy, and I'm not a fan of Holy's mastery, but if you can accommodate for it in your playstyle I see nothing wrong with it. It seems like this would let you do just fine, especially in FL normal. I can think of a few fights with high consistent raid damage that you will shine in, especially with high mastery.

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#3 Nov 03 2011 at 3:17 PM Rating: Good
I've never played holy myself, but from what I understand, holy has very similar secondary stat priorities to shadow, only spirit is top, then haste, mastery and crit. So you will need to reforge, but I don't think you need to worry about replacing gear per se. The main issue that holy has is that it is mostly reliant on spirit for mana regen, even more so than the other healing classes/specs. With the way gear is set up in Firelands, there isn't a whole lot of cloth spirit gear to choose from, so until you get all your tier gear you're going to be a bit screwed.

Do you guys have a third healer? If not, it might behoove you to get someone with a decent healing off spec to three heal for a while until you guys get more of the bosses on farm.
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#4 Nov 03 2011 at 11:03 PM Rating: Decent
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Thanks guys for the help. I ran a few heroics today. Had no mana issues but i still doubt with the stats which was done for disc will cut in for FL cos of the AOE damage the bosses do down there. They are not that forgiving as these herocis. So I guess I may need to reforge my gears.

So what stat i need to reforge 1st. Spirit or Haste against mastery? The reason I stacked alot of mastery was that eventhough I do smite heals, i do at times do AOE raid heals.

My current mana regen in combat is 3453 and 4059 out of combat.
My spirit is currently sitting at 2549
My Haste is alittle low I think which is 694 rating with 5.42%.

Well with regards to the 3rd healer, I personally find the shammy is doing a good job but Raid Leader doesn't think so. I saw the numbers and looks ok to me. I have not done shammy heals before, so I don't know what he is trying to say. His HPS is good from what I see my recount.

Errrr reforging back is gonna be hard but a necessary thing to do cos I have put alot of effort down there.

Thanks so much guys. I have never healed as a holy priest in cata and has been in love with Disc since the lich king days. So this will be my 1st attempt in FL but I don't want to go in there without know what I need to do and don't want to be the cause for Raid Wipes. :)

Cheers and once again thank you so much for your time ande effort.

Have a good weekend

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