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#1 Mar 07 2017 at 8:43 AM Rating: Excellent
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Originally, I was going to inquire about another problem I have with EQIC and try to resolve it when this one appears to be even worse, to me.

I had made a new character named Steelwarrior to explain the prior problem when I realized I had another more pressing one.. To understand what is going on and to clear any misunderstandings on my part, I will explain what I know/knew about EQIC, specifically the output window.

Before ZAM did a number on Allakhazam and its users (I believe that number was a number 2), EQIC would load and when you entered a zone, the display window would fly through all the items and augments that it saw that you had on your character, in your inventory slots and in your bank slots (regular and shared). If those slots had a bag, it would display the items in that bag. Any item name displayed would be prefaced by its item ID. If there was an item lore tag, it would close up that item line with the lore data enclosed within square brackets.

Whenever you would zone, this happened. If you clicked on an item link in a chat/tell window, it would be displayed in EQIC.

So, when I zoned in with this new character, EQIC window displayed the following (placed in a Spoiler tag so this message doesn't stretch to infinity [and beyond!]):

NPC: [17053] level: [1]
NPC: Mevah Toklius[16574] level: [50]
Processing player inventory.
Warning: Player inventory with null profile.
New zone detected, you have entered West Freeport.
NPC: Dreamrider`s Mount[10949] level: [30]
PLAYER: Dreamrider[10945] level: [105]
NPC: Spirit of Mennelle[10952] level: [45]
NPC: Spirit of Mennelle[10954] level: [45]
NPC: HOTLEQController[10958] level: [1]
NPC: Spirit of Mennelle[10960] level: [45]
NPC: Spirit of Mennelle[10963] level: [45]
NPC: HOTLEQController[10967] level: [1]

EQ Item Collection Engine v 4.00 (33.10) starting up...
Username set to: Byren
Listening on Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (2) I219-V.
Connection close detected, resetting.

Setting up session: Client port 60744, Server port 1912. SKey is 0x4b93c99e.
PLAYER: Steelwarrior[475] level: [1]
NPC: Rabley Trumend[16537] level: [50]
NPC: Captain Tillin[16754] level: [70]
NPC: Tabure Ahendle[16693] level: [70]
NPC: Ebon Strongbear[16534] level: [70]
NPC: Brin Stolunger[16770] level: [70]
NPC: Grahan Rothkar[16766] level: [70]
NPC: Ginleen Harltop[16509] level: [70]
NPC: Wylin Dodmil[16507] level: [35]
NPC: Guard Kwint[326] level: [8]
NPC: Guard Lasen[424] level: [10]
NPC: Guard Wenbie[313] level: [6]
NPC: Xantomo Salmor[16900] level: [50]
NPC: Zamel[16722] level: [10]
NPC: a rodent[16926] level: [1]
NPC: Runethar Hamest[16540] level: [70]
NPC: Lord Mrallon[16884] level: [60]
NPC: a rodent[16947] level: [1]
NPC: a rodent[16911] level: [1]
NPC: Renic Losaren[16827] level: [70]
NPC: Daedet Losaren[16756] level: [70]
NPC: a rodent[16929] level: [1]
NPC: Wolten Grafe[16836] level: [70]
NPC: Exterminator Rasmon[16484] level: [30]
NPC: Miltiades Tal`Azroth[17021] level: [70]
NPC: Vansted Rohenga[16543] level: [70]
NPC: Ton Firepride[16570] level: [50]
NPC: a rodent[16919] level: [1]
NPC: a spell research merchant[16890] level: [60]
NPC: Adax Rhengst[16747] level: [30]
NPC: Barthal[16585] level: [50]
NPC: D`mitrious Irska[16887] level: [70]
NPC: Soulbinder Novalu[16875] level: [1]
NPC: Esdia Moeba[16786] level: [70]
NPC: Daenor Casthopur[16803] level: [70]
NPC: Corrao Duperame[16980] level: [50]
NPC: Sinon Loarpe[16998] level: [50]
NPC: Jalorin Tar`Visgur[16873] level: [31]
NPC: Gehna Solbenya[16730] level: [70]
NPC: Khensol Undesta[16850] level: [50]
NPC: a rodent[16936] level: [1]
NPC: Guard Naret[316] level: [5]
NPC: Drawna Opimsor[16811] level: [50]
NPC: Caleah Herblender[16574] level: [50]
NPC: Hanlore Escaval[16807] level: [50]
NPC: Lanhern Firepride[437] level: [50]
NPC: Gende Reldari[16996] level: [50]
NPC: Gero Yopetu[16978] level: [50]
NPC: a spell research merchant[16892] level: [60]
NPC: Tinshen Brinth[16773] level: [70]
NPC: Neapha Vesturo[16854] level: [50]
NPC: a rodent[16904] level: [1]
NPC: a rodent[16915] level: [1]
NPC: Indaria[16709] level: [5]
NPC: Moreo O`Meek[16988] level: [50]
NPC: Umvera Dekash[16486] level: [50]
NPC: Pai Berenis[16972] level: [50]
NPC: Dun[16695] level: [45]
NPC: Lisdon Trekka[16843] level: [50]
NPC: Headara Ponido[16994] level: [50]
NPC: Yestura Rhamrey[16781] level: [70]
NPC: Unsar Koldhagon[16790] level: [70]
NPC: Jane Planesummoner[16871] level: [50]
NPC: Eracon Krengon[16699] level: [45]
NPC: Ingaria Dinego[16992] level: [50]
NPC: Ren Pinemyer[16877] level: [50]
NPC: Kasine Paegra[16829] level: [70]
NPC: Trisco Qental[17008] level: [50]
NPC: Tsuden Korinte[16990] level: [50]
NPC: a spell research merchant[16898] level: [60]
NPC: Rucio Divella[16622] level: [50]
NPC: Fesse Bontex[17012] level: [50]
NPC: Oriyame Nelafre[17015] level: [50]
NPC: Bisdlo Ravtahm[16545] level: [50]
NPC: Kinloc Flamepaw[16558] level: [70]
NPC: Bogen Chazel[16846] level: [50]
NPC: Sorn Copperhold[16610] level: [60]
NPC: Chalios Bensted[16856] level: [50]
NPC: Kazlo Naedra[16799] level: [70]
NPC: Isobelle Losiwoo[16984] level: [50]
NPC: a spell research merchant[16895] level: [60]
NPC: Celamari Marre[16975] level: [50]
NPC: Gahlith Wrannstad[16796] level: [70]
NPC: Mespha Tevalian[16784] level: [70]
NPC: Moran Smith[16726] level: [50]
NPC: Juegile Sohgohm[16777] level: [70]
NPC: Dumisa D`Enetti[17006] level: [50]
NPC: Kendall Copperhold[16608] level: [60]
NPC: Rosdaria Sepria[17002] level: [50]
NPC: Gahna Salbeen[16563] level: [50]
NPC: Chesgard Sydwen[16833] level: [70]
NPC: Raffy Conticede[16724] level: [50]
NPC: Endric[16720] level: [10]
NPC: Hansl Bigroon[16640] level: [25]
NPC: Guard Oleph[274] level: [9]
NPC: Bassanio Weekin[16646] level: [50]
NPC: Basten Ghunret[16792] level: [70]
NPC: Heidi Grainsifter[16763] level: [50]
NPC: Wrin Liltin[16501] level: [50]
NPC: a rodent[16924] level: [1]
NPC: Christian Hidken[16969] level: [70]
NPC: a rodent[16932] level: [1]
NPC: a rodent[16954] level: [1]
NPC: Edvard Tommels[16519] level: [35]
NPC: Solani Dayadil[16650] level: [50]
NPC: Karn Tassen[16601] level: [50]
NPC: Vicus Nonad[16824] level: [26]
NPC: Voleen Tassen[16597] level: [50]
NPC: a rodent[16951] level: [1]
NPC: Lieutenant Arathur[16701] level: [50]
NPC: Morty Prysmith[427] level: [5]
NPC: Gemcrafter Anuk[16867] level: [25]
NPC: a rodent[16921] level: [1]
NPC: Guard Jerith[266] level: [7]
NPC: McNeal Jocub[16630] level: [50]
NPC: Byjan Timbokker[16498] level: [50]
NPC: a rodent[16944] level: [1]
NPC: Earron Huntlan[16613] level: [50]
NPC: Iala Lenard[16495] level: [50]
NPC: Dionna[7661] level: [25]
NPC: a rodent[16962] level: [1]
NPC: Guard Forbly[51] level: [5]
NPC: Tomas Zelnik[16652] level: [35]
NPC: Fish Ranamer[16627] level: [50]
NPC: Bobbin Page[16738] level: [10]
NPC: Behroe Dlexon[281] level: [18]
NPC: Nug Rellash[16616] level: [50]
NPC: Bruno Barstomper[16732] level: [35]
NPC: Sunsa Jocub[16734] level: [50]
NPC: a rodent[16965] level: [1]
NPC: Klieb Torne[16744] level: [10]
NPC: a rodent[16908] level: [1]
NPC: Micc Koter[16741] level: [10]
NPC: Sissy Huntlan[16620] level: [50]
NPC: Guard Mezzt[15] level: [5]
NPC: Guard Corshin[16667] level: [10]
NPC: Danon Fletcher[16728] level: [50]
NPC: a rodent[16938] level: [1]
NPC: Stan Cloven[16636] level: [50]
NPC: Madame Serena[16655] level: [10]
NPC: Gharin[16717] level: [5]
NPC: Madame Serena pet[17032] level: [5]
NPC: Trumpy Irontoe[28468] level: [5]
NPC: Guard Beren[16671] level: [15]
NPC: Nesiff Tallaherd[16632] level: [50]
NPC: Captain Rohand[16625] level: [50]
NPC: Fellesha Varshen[16581] level: [50]
NPC: Warehnn Awlne[16526] level: [65]
NPC: an investigator[20994] level: [10]
NPC: Tasya Huntlan[16618] level: [50]
NPC: The Mind Crystal[17027] level: [1]
NPC: a furtive figure[469] level: [63]
NPC: Nostahla Westfend[16560] level: [70]
NPC: Lylanthian[16703] level: [25]
NPC: Ellisha[16707] level: [25]
NPC: Menkes Tabolet[16493] level: [14]
NPC: a rodent[16958] level: [1]
NPC: Gash Flockwalker[16504] level: [8]
NPC: Raheim Varshen[16578] level: [50]
NPC: Danaria Hollin pet[17035] level: [11]
NPC: Fhara Semhart[16604] level: [50]
NPC: Danaria Hollin[16760] level: [20]
NPC: Nindle Hogster[431] level: [25]
NPC: Ghul Rustem[419] level: [50]
NPC: Belious Naliedin[16548] level: [70]
NPC: Lomarc[270] level: [3]
NPC: Sollari Bekines[16814] level: [70]
NPC: Cassius Messus[16822] level: [19]
NPC: Chalea Volesga[16858] level: [50]
NPC: Tralyn Marsinger[7680] level: [25]
NPC: [16513] level: [1]
NPC: Eve Marsinger[7683] level: [25]
NPC: Lysric Loresinger[16865] level: [50]
NPC: Joffrey Clay[16556] level: [70]
NPC: Sansa Nusk[16552] level: [50]
NPC: Topala Xenem[17019] level: [50]
NPC: Jusean Evanesque[16818] level: [70]
NPC: Mar Sedder[16591] level: [50]
NPC: Yakem Oreslinger[16882] level: [50]
NPC: Faren[16713] level: [3]
NPC: Raz The Rat Misk[16690] level: [5]
NPC: Liln Sedder[16594] level: [50]
NPC: Rane Sedder[16589] level: [50]
NPC: a rodent[16942] level: [1]
NPC: Guard Relam[319] level: [5]
NPC: Translocator Sedina[16517] level: [1]
Processing player inventory.
Item(18707): Recruitment Flyer [Qeynos Steel Warriors Summons]
Item(9998): Short Sword* [Short Sword]
Item(67633): Extraplanar Trade Satchel [A magically enhanced bag that holds only tradeskill items]
Warning: Player inventory with null profile.
New zone detected, you have entered South Qeynos.
Processing queue...
..3 items.
Connecting to server... (
Connection established...
Server did not request any items.
PLAYER: Steelwarrior[477] level: [1]
NPC: a sewer rat[479] level: [1]
NPC: The Sirensbane[482] level: [99]
NPC: a sewer rat[485] level: [3]
NPC: Lanhern Firepride[489] level: [10]
NPC: a furtive figure[491] level: [63]
NPC: Largon Welsh[495] level: [25]
NPC: Meera Lylon[497] level: [50]

What you see at the top is while I had EQIC attached to Dreamrider's data stream, I reset some variables, camped Steelwarrior then reentered so that EQIC was now using Steelwarrior's data stream.

NOW . . .

Remember how I said what EQIC used to display? What is now being displayed bears NO RELATIONSHIP to what it did then nor the title bar of this program: EQ Item Collector.

It now displays endless streams of NPC this and PLAYER that. WHY? What is the number in square brackets after the Player/NPC name signify?

Can you at least put this behind a checkmark option because it continuously displays this information but tells me absolutely nothing about items.

You can see from above, it saw 3 items interesting:

Item(18707): Recruitment Flyer [Qeynos Steel Warriors Summons]
Item(9998): Short Sword* [Short Sword]
Item(67633): Extraplanar Trade Satchel [A magically enhanced bag that holds only tradeskill items]

but ultimately, did not request further data, I assume this meant that this basic info it did find matched what the database server already had (one of the quickest ways is to send a CRC of the standardized structured data).

So, I Alt+LeftClicked the Recruitment Flyer item in my inventory, sent the link as a /tell to Dreamrider so that I, as Steelwarrior, can now click the link to display it on my screen and send it to EQIC. I clicked 3 times, 3 identical item windows popped up but EQIC remained quiet.

Okay . . .

What I used to use EQIC output window for was to see the item ID of the item linked to determine whether various items I was examining (such as in my bank) were identical or to quickly look it up via Lucy with the front part macro'd to: http://lucy.allakhazam.com/item.html?id=

and adding the item ID. Now, I can't.

You removed the ability to see what items were being picked up. Then added stuff about Players/NPCs in the zone that does not tell me anything worthwhile as to what items they have. I thought suppression of items being scanned was the purpose of Quiet mode?


So, can you add the ability to scan items EQIC sees back to the EQIC output window (behind a checkmarked option if need be)? I'll even tolerate the Player/NPC lines being left in.
#2 Mar 07 2017 at 12:51 PM Rating: Excellent
Put a check mark in Quiet Mode to suppress the NPC information.

Rswiders will be able to give you a better explanation than me on this since he is the IC developer but the behavior of the program has changed slightly as you have pointed out above. Why? Well a few problems have been reported in the past that while running in a non Quiet Mode, the program was not picking up items. I don't know why it wasn't picking up items. I'm guessing the change to the behavior was to fix why it wasn't picking up those items.

Now as far as showing items regardless, that is up to Rswiders but I'll talk with him about it and see what he thinks or he can just reply here and talk about it. Either way, I'll let him know, thanks!

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#3 Mar 11 2017 at 9:56 PM Rating: Excellent
2,435 posts
Thank you for your response, Gidono, it is deeply appreciated.

I do apologize for coming across as a petulant child (some may even nudge my arm and point to a photo showing the south end of a donkey BUT we'll ignore their connotations :) )

If it doesn't take much time to implement nor interfere with his vision of how he wants the program to behave, I would be grateful. But foremost, I am just happy that we HAVE a working EQIC. Even when we didn't have it working in 2016, I still continued with Premium because the item/recipe advanced search was still indispensable to me.

One way I seem to be able to invoke it is to terminate EQIC, delete the local database and restart it.

The other problem that I thought was happening was that clicking on any linked items that EQIC would indeed see it but later when I clicked on the internal augs, EQIC would notice it then. I'll have to examine the 7 or so Windows Screenshots I took (the [PrtScn/SysReq] version) and the output from EQIC to see if EQIC wasn't cataloging the augments/ornaments in the item's slots.when it looked at the link.

I may be wrong, but when EQIC examines an item I click on to view it, does EQIC also examine any augments and/or ornaments in the slots at that time also.?
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