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Who's someone you think deserves recognition?Follow

#1 Jun 06 2005 at 2:09 AM Rating: Decent
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I wasn't lying when I said I hated threads that ruined a person's repuation even when they deserve it like Cetranne did, so I decided to post something a little more positive to sorta counteract what I helped bring into the forums.

For every Cetranne, or Smitz or whatever is out there, there are many times as many good people on our server, and I think those people deserve recognition. Instead of knocking someone's reputation down, let's build some people's reputations up. The people that deserve it in your opinion.

Don't just post someone you think is cool, or even just some random friend. Post someone you feel actually made a difference in the way you play the game, or someone you may feel connected to now, and why that is.

I'd have to say one of my best friends on this game is Bronwyn/Amberwine without a doubt. I've been playing this game with her for over a year now and we use to been in the Wildarms Linkshell together until drama happened. Other than that, she was one of the few people who helped me get back on my feet when I came back after quitting the game, and did it without a sweat. I could list other reasons that would go on forever, and many more people that I have in my head, but maybe I'll save them for later.

I still can't find Nemo.
#2 Jun 06 2005 at 2:19 AM Rating: Decent
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Geno, was my first mentor (and still is for a couple things)

Corrderio-Helped with parts of AF and Genkai items,
If it wasnt for him i wouldnt be where i am.

Warf-:3 Phasers on stun mr.warf.(Helped get rank 6)
Reminded me that helping others is still fun.

Zno-Helped me get my boyahda tree coffer and my Ifrits Cauldron coffer key, ive known her since i was a lvl 6 warrior, she's probably had the most impact on what ive done in this game.
From powerlvls(nothing major, helped me learn to solo) to af, she's always been there as a friend.

Theres a ton more, but i wont mention them all.

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#3 Jun 06 2005 at 2:19 AM Rating: Decent
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Jebus, too many double goddamn posts ><

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#4 Jun 06 2005 at 2:58 AM Rating: Decent
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there are a lot of peps who have helped me, but knowing zeoman im either too slow to remember them or as a 13 year old, all-timers are kicking in.....

Riuoken and Spira(Spiry or Spiral Hell we call her in Keepers of the Ruins)- helped me with rank 3.

Sheppard- helped me get up off the ground by helping me farm when i really needed it..really badly

Sheerilanna..something- helped me get almost every every Advanced job. sorry for not remembering your name but its just so long!!

Ihsan- bro had my back for a whlie with anything i needed and helped me with Rank Missions, farming, and Paladin Quest.

Kwate and Imani- now i know that some of you know that they quit but these are the people who i give my biggest thanks too. taught me how to log out the first time i played and were basicly mother and father to me in a way. I miss ya both!!

Warf- just looking at how good of a paldy he is makes me wanna hand my Black Mage hat up and pick up and shield and sword.

Kyuuketsuki- moved to a different server but taught me the black mage ways.

Now there are plenty more, but its 3 in the morning and i cant remember every last person so srry for not remembering you all. love ya!
#5 Jun 06 2005 at 3:28 AM Rating: Good
542 posts
Kwate and Imani- now i know that some of you know that they quit but these are the people who i give my biggest thanks too. taught me how to log out the first time i played and were basicly mother and father to me in a way. I miss ya both!!

:D Imani was like my mom too >.> i still talk to her on MSN
#6 Jun 06 2005 at 12:41 PM Rating: Decent
Wow so many people i know who deserves a recognition. Hard to decided where to start><. Three people come to my mind that have helped Dragonfire become what she is today.

The first person is Maniac- He was kind enough to take a noob warrior under his wing and show me almost everything i know and was also the first friend i ever had on the game. lol if it wasn't for him i'd still probably not know how to add names to my friend list>.>

The second person is Malkari- He has been a great help along the way and I will be forever grateful for it. ty mal^^

and the third person is Deomonic- really without him i dont think Dragonfire would be here today. He managed to talk me out of quitting the game many times when i was going through a bad time in my life. Deo, even tho we have chosen not to be friends anymore (for reasons that are not important here) i really do wish you the best of luck no matter where your journeys may take you in your future.

Maniac, Malkari and Deomonic,I bow curtosouly to all three of you and thank you so much for your time and effort in making me what i am today and each and everyone of you will alwayz carry a piece of my heart with you^^

cooking 70 alchemy 60
#7 Jun 06 2005 at 2:38 PM Rating: Decent
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The people I would like to recongize are....

Chistik: Always helped me when I needed it.

Zicrod: Is always there for me when I need info or helping with AF's

and lastly

Aznmoogle: Knew him from the day I started.
Was alwayz nice to me and would go out of his way just to help me.

p.s I just heard about Aznmoogle last night. Gonna miss him.

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#8 Jun 06 2005 at 9:35 PM Rating: Decent
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Zubis and Grifterspawn really made a difference in my game with all the selfless help I received from them in the past. ^^ They've really influenced me to look out for others as well.. lol
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#9 Jun 07 2005 at 7:40 AM Rating: Decent
2,021 posts
Outside my LS?? LoL... Bani, Amanada, Algar... countless others.

I can't even count how many times Ama has come out to help the LS over the past few months.

Algar brought a complete wrecking crew while I was camping Mee Deggi to do my MNK AF3.

Bani has offered to help the LS too many times to count. Poor taru is so busy though. LoL. That MND+ etude during the Shadow Lord fight was nice though. :-D

There was a time a while ago where Thrilla did a LOT to help us out too... don't see him much any more though >.>

Also, Dahlgren.. During his runs helping the Praetorians he has often sent me a /tell to see if any BladeSingers needed what they were going for. That has helped out a LOT.

Thank you all!
LeetFade Bastok Rank 10
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#10 Jun 07 2005 at 9:12 AM Rating: Default
I've got quite a few, so bear with me ^_^


Aelfa, Nikiki, Foolish, Valycia, Zechraich (dunno how to spell that) - These guys were (and still are) my first LS. TheRoyalFamily. I was invited to join at level 3 and all these guys were in their 50's, and treated me with kindness and helpfulness. No matter how many n00bish questions I asked, they still helped me. Which means so much to me. Thank you all *huggles*

Darling - Where to start? From my level 30 BLM days Darling has always been there with me as one of my best friends ever. I met him and Tacitus (getting a mention soon) when I was on the boat to Mhaura and they were helping somebody with 2-3. So they asked me to come and I did ^_^. Darling's always been supportive, and there to talk to when I'm feeling down =) *huggles Darling*

Tacitus - Met in the same way as Darling, has always been there for me to talk to and help. Whether it be help with my G1, Samurai quest, or the countless other things he has done for me, he'll always be one of my favourite FF players. *Huggles Tac*

There are many others who mean a lot to me, they all know who they are =)

~75 Summoner
~75 White Mage
~75 Bard
~75 Red Mage
~75 Black Mage
~75 Dark Knight
Linkshell - TheLuchagors
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4/5 Wyrmal Abjuration Set

Bleed for me, for I didn't get to notice you
#11 Jun 07 2005 at 9:41 PM Rating: Decent
4,475 posts
Zab/Putman simply because he cares.
#12 Jun 07 2005 at 9:58 PM Rating: Decent
192 posts
Callidus: This dude always helps me out whenever I ask.

-Zilart Missions
-Coffer Runs
-Quest Items

Anything, you name it.

Most importantly he has a lot of knowledge that has really made me a better PLD and RNG.
Snapper/Cerberus: 75 RNG, 66 NIN, 64 PLD, 63 WAR
Sandy Rank 10
LS: Nerfed
CoP: Completed.
#13 Jun 10 2005 at 2:04 PM Rating: Decent
Drange - puts up with my ability to create drama better then anyone I know.

Derufin - for still moving on up irl, grats on the interview =)

Jackybob - For setting the example, getting level 70 and warrior af2 last night, w00t!

Ermachko - for making it to end game as a melee whm, and schooling me on sc's =)

JoJoJo - for artistic mention, and the best sig ever!

Nihl - ... for not booting me yet ... =)
Minime Taru 75WHM/37SMN/37BLM Cerberus =)
#14 Jun 10 2005 at 4:50 PM Rating: Good
498 posts
Leetfade, Speck, Abancai - For running a tight ship we Praetorians can look up to.

Warf - For just being awesome, friendly and foremost, funny.

Diavolo - My mentor, not a pld question went unanswered.

Samiex - For dealing with my obessions. (yes he and a few others know what I am speaking of)

Nobiont - Yah buddy, you deny that you help but there has never been a time you didn't show

JoJoJo - OK, this guy and I got in a pretty nasty arguement about something stupid, tempers flared but an hour later, we were both talking like old friends, good head on this guy's shoulders.

The Praetorians - for being the only reasons I still play this game.

Myke - For being a friend

Cem - For being a friend

Gynrei - God, I miss you :(

and last and certainly not least.

Renaissance - Yah, the ever present Praetorian "Red Mage". Not gonna name the amount of times you selfless helped us without getting the proper reconition.

There is one other, not gonna name her but she knows who she is and knows what she does for me, it is something I am going to discuss on a public board. Peace.

[email protected]

We've learned over the years that if we wanted we could write anything that just felt good and it didn't necessarily have to have any particular meaning to us. Sometimes we sit and read other people's interpretations of our lyrics and think, Hey, that's pretty good. If we liked it, we would keep our mouths shut and just accept the credit as if it was what we meant all along.

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#15 Jun 10 2005 at 5:26 PM Rating: Good
893 posts
Many, but here are a few!

Aliiyah -- best in-game friend (/hug Alii)

Gomwyn -- I have known him since I was leveling my first job in Tahrongi (many moons ago)

Mujuru -- excellent LS leader and I admire his consistent positive attitude

Kyre & Asherr -- Best friends IRL

Amanada -- for always making good sense in her posts her on Alla!

Pinwi -- helped me get SEVERAL keys and quests done! ty!

Leetfade -- always no nonsense and sincere in the forums here! rate up ^^

Riuoken & Spira -- helped me complete Mission 5-2!! Thanks !!

All of my Linkshell mates in ClanDestine!! /cheer

There are many others, but maybe I'll edit later and add them!

Have Fun!!!!

Politics is war without bloodshed, while war is politics with bloodshed. --Mao Zedong (1893 - 1976)

#16 Jun 11 2005 at 12:30 AM Rating: Decent
276 posts
Heart of Epicure: Many LS members deserve recognition although I can't remember anyone's name aside from Popolu, Lunaleska, Filim and Marsroom. They helped me a lot through my AF when I couldn't find any other help.

Zicrod & Tikal, just about the nicest people you'll find on the server. Tikal is a wild one though....*warning*

YourFantasy: The entire LS as a whole deserves my respect.
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#17 Jun 11 2005 at 8:54 AM Rating: Excellent
292 posts

<--- Is honored to be mentioned!

And here is my list:

Paragon - my in-game best bud and one hell of a nice person! He'll give you the shirt offa his back and come from anywhere in game to help you out!

Purrrfect - another in-game best bud!! Purr is oe of the nicest peeps I know and although he's getting on into the Sky area and such, he still tries to help out when he can! He also is a great listener and loves to do all the stuff some people find stupid (the SE induced hunts and quests) with me! Hehehehe!! I love to do most of those and some people scoff at me for having fun with them. They aren't scoffing so much when I have all the cool trinkets...

Fiera - met him months ago in a party with my RDM and got to talking about my lack of AF. He went on a hiatus from FFXI, but came back a week or so ago and asked me if I still needed help! I didn't... but he has been inviting myself and people I know on Promy's and missions ever since! A truely great person!

Pinwi & Muyfuerte - two friends (one in RL </smile> Muy) and past LS mates that are extremely helpful and just all around nice people! Always willing to help out and just lend an ear!

Sphyynx & Acidx - besides being one of the cutest couples I know in-game and RL, they are very kind and helpful! Always around to chat and help out when they can! (PS - you two love birds can't leave the game either or I will be a really sad panda...) Plus we are future in-game in-laws when Firebird gets back from his RL tour-o-duty!

Suraklin & Ritty - if you can catch them when they are not "huddled closely" or fighting like cats and dogs with each other (they get my vote for most volatile couple on the server!! LOL!!) they are also very helpful. Sura is a RL best friend who has been uber helpful in-game.

Misc. others - Moaner, Davado, Jacen, Orpak, Numinous, Aldrice, Tyrondous, Rkane and Kyre (all my old KtR ls peeps) and Darkvlade, Foret, Leetfade, Mattea, Tribal, Country and many many others who have always been kind and helpful... thank you and keep it up! Good deeds sometimes pay-forward... I know they do in my own case!

And last but far from least...

ClanDestine - my new LS! They are awesome. I was very sad about leaving KtR and didn't think I was going to find an LS again that was close like a family, but CD is looking like that. Rosez, Lyn, Muj, Es, Santos, Gom, Blitz, Dimi, Pent, and many, many others I am forgetting (>.<) are a fun-loving and helpful bunch of folks. I am in other LS' but this one is my main b/c you all just feel right and have made me love playing again. There are always people online and people that are willing to help and especially chat... and especially listen to me talk... God knows I love to talk!! LOL! You guys are great!

I know there are many more people I have yet to meet that are helpful... this thread and some others I have read prove that! They are making Cerberus a better place to play and like I said above... try to "pay it forward" with new people and ones you know... it will make you feel good and make the game much more enjoyable!

Aliiyah =^.^=
Cerebrus, Mithra
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#18 Jun 11 2005 at 5:24 PM Rating: Decent
893 posts
you are so sweet


But, if she gave her shirt, you would see Paragon's....... O.O

Oh nevermind >.>


Politics is war without bloodshed, while war is politics with bloodshed. --Mao Zedong (1893 - 1976)

#19 Jun 11 2005 at 7:34 PM Rating: Decent
1,879 posts
I'd have to say Raptorix (for help on a failed RSE run and for the rank 4 mission ^^) and Silverburn (for helping out so much with RSE).
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#20 Jun 12 2005 at 8:12 AM Rating: Decent
126 posts
Ashton / Zonza - Coolest person on the server. Helped me out a lot doing AF's and came a long to explore new areas in vanadiel. Lots of cool memories in there thanks to him. /cheer Ashton.

Rivermyst & Cobra - Coolest couple ever! Cobra recruited me to the DamageDealers linkshell, where I met most of my closest friends including himself. Rivermyst is just the coolest most considerate white mage ever, and a good friend. Even if she is 100 years old! JOKE! lol.
Keep up the good work! - Rest in peace "DamageDealers", We will miss you Cobra!

Kamarth - Best NIN ive ever met, and one cool cat!

Vargos - A good friend and an inspirational War/Nin.

Savvyion, Nicz, and the rest of the SilenceOfTheTaru linkshell are awsome!

Warf - Thanks for helping with 5-2! Shadow lord was a blast, and you were unbeatable!

There are countless others, forgive me if I have forgot to mention your name!
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|LS - GaiaLegends|
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#21 Jun 12 2005 at 8:32 AM Rating: Decent
6 posts
So many people have been so cool and helpful during my brief time with the game. I can't remember all of them, but the two people that immediately spring to mind are Nicholas & Huloheto.

They've helped me with so many things I don't even know where to begin. All I can offer in return is my gratitude and the hope that @ some point in this game, I can return the kindness they've both shown me.
18PLD / 30WAR / 15MNK / 4 WHM...
LS: TheChosen
#22 Jun 12 2005 at 11:50 PM Rating: Good
154 posts
Mujuru- the fearless leader I will follow into battle out of morbid curiousity.

Gomwyn- my personal chef that I give hell.

Esmonde- Always willing to help.

Paragon- Same as Esmonde, always willing to lend a hand.

Aliiyah- havn't know her for long, but it's nice to have other people cracking jokes in the LS aswell.
/em smacks Aliiyah's nose with a rolled up newspaper.

Pent- The super taru with attitude

Meridius- Help me get my sub job items on my first character when my first LS wouldn't help after being patient for a week... Always seems willing to help.

Gallee- THE DRUNKEN BARD!!! sleeps the mandies well for bcnm 40

Phoenikas- Always willing to help.. God I need alot of help

The linkshell Clandestine- my personal Karaoke bar

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#23 Jun 13 2005 at 11:48 AM Rating: Decent
204 posts
Damn man, there are maybe too many people to thank.

Shaelynn- you been my friend since I ran into you as a level 8 BLM noob in West Ro. You, Armaddon, Enik, and Tartaros have helped me more times than I can count. Thank you.

Armaddon, Enik, Tartaros- BLM AF. Rank 5-7. Teleports. nuff said. thank you.

Untouchables, YF, and ResevoirDogs- Helping me out with G1-4, AF, and other stuff. Thanks

Eponine- You also were another friend I have had since Day 1. You gave me a chance and helped me out when noone else would. I thank you.

Aggelos- You been my best dawg and homie since the day we declared war on Windurst (you know we will never forget that day :P). We gonna get to 75 and go declare war on gobs in Valkrum! Then we gonna figure out how to kick *** in Ballista without Sidewinder or Rampage as DRG and BLM!! Viva La Resistance!!

Battousai- You my homie and dawg, even though you left me in the leveling dust, :P

Tavianii- whereever you are, thank you for being my friend.

Marly- youve been my friend since Day 1 as well. Thank you and you rule immensely.

Jizmak- You rule too.

To Cerberus- I have noone on my blacklist, this server is best one. Thank you all for making my playing time more and more fun each day.
75 BLM 11-29-2005
63 Paladin Anub'erak
#24 Jun 13 2005 at 12:39 PM Rating: Good
893 posts
Maybe Aliiyah acts up because she needs her litter box changed? Maybe? The newspaper maybe harsh.........


Politics is war without bloodshed, while war is politics with bloodshed. --Mao Zedong (1893 - 1976)

#25 Jun 13 2005 at 2:23 PM Rating: Good
101 posts
My RL Friends for getting me into the game and always being there to bs with. Dknightcecil, Holyknightcecil, Spamaroth, Lokenel, Meigui, Izech, Genin, Lerrena, Dracuskia and I'm sure others I can't remeber right.

My LS, ClanDestine (Who has a mighty Presence here it seems). We all have a blast and always do whatever we can to help eachother and have fun doing it.

Kmann - Cerberus
Woodworking 67, Alchemy 60, Cooking 55, Goldsmithing 43, Fishing 47
Linkshell: ClanDestine

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#26 Jun 14 2005 at 2:11 PM Rating: Decent
267 posts
I'd also have to think the person that got me into the game (Mooncricket). He's since retired... but without his impulse purchase of FFXI i wouldn't be here now.

The BladeSingers for staying true to what this game is really about.

My good friends Speck, Kowalakiller and Leetfade for helping me become the BLM i now am. Not to mention the countless amount of times you've been there to help.

Cee for inviting me out to camp MP(NM) for the Moldavite Earring!

The following i'd like to thank for helping me help others ^^ That means alot to me and all the BladeSingers.

Enthuz, Dahlgren, Mcleod and countless others...

Anyone that's been there to help me during a time of need! You know who you are, just send me a /tell and i'll be there to help you on a drop of a dime.

Character: Abancai
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Total Merits: 65
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