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a salute to the ls-leaders i never knew it sucked this muchFollow

#1 Jul 23 2007 at 8:02 PM Rating: Excellent
on reflection now (after dealing with it for a month or so) - i realize why you ldrs always seem high strung and ready to snap at an instant - you guys put up with more random crap than anyone needs to ever ever deal with.

so far ive experienced the typical ones
-lotsa members - cities suck, lets do outlands
(tagged along with)
-couple members - i still need xxx city ; ;

-couple members - i want xxx item from sky, lets go camp xxx mobs
(again tagged along with)
-lotsa members - sky sucks - im not going

-i need xxx mission - lets get something going

-these pplz suck, tell em what to do (very popular)

-im not going - ive done it xxx times in the last couple months and got items
(far too popular)

-i need gilz - >.< - o yea - thats a popular one

-im bored, entertain me - <--- most popular one by a looong shot

that - compiled with the always particular drama that happens to show its ugly face...

i mean damn - how do you keep doing it? im holding out now "seperating the wheat from the chaffe" so to speak, and bringing in new members and seeing how they work out. but other than that - its maddening :p

so again /salute - you guys obviously got your management skills under control - and i stand in envy :p
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