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Quotes from my IRC file:

[12:43] Exodus: You missed it.
[12:43] Instigator: missed what?
[12:44] Exodus: Allah was giving away $50000 to people with names begining with Insti. Since no one was here, it was donated to charity.
[12:44] Instigator: ha ha (must remind self to beat Exo laterz)

[15:37] Pikko: this whole time I've been listening to my radio station online I've heard this commercial by kelly preston about talking to your kids about drugs
[15:37] Pikko: and she mentions "Narconon, the worlds leader in drug prevention"
[15:38] Pikko: until I read that wiki article on scientology i didn't know they were a scientology company
[15:38] Danalog: Baron Narconon?
[15:38] Danalog: the spice extends life
[15:38] Pikko: HAHA
[15:38] Nizdaar: HHAAHA
[15:39] Pikko: oh man that was a good one
[15:39] Nizdaar: We're all such geeks

[15:49] Kaolian: we need admin wierding modules
[15:51] Fleven: god god god RAIDEN
[15:51] Kaolian: haha
[15:51] Pikko: omg roflmao
[15:51] Nizdaar: That's a killing word.

[10:24] Kaolian: yeah. though I usually don'ty get many e-mails
[10:25] Kaolian: mostly PMS
[10:25] Kaolian: er PMs

[10:42] Exodus: :x..... I like the Powerpuff Girls when I still had a working TV.......

[11:35] Pikko: she kept a diary of conversations she had with the kennedys about politics
[11:35] Exodus: She's getting in trouble for that stuff, right? I doubt she'll get a simple slap on the wrist.
[11:36] Pikko: what?
[11:36] * DF thinks Exo is out of touch
[11:36] Pikko: exo do you know who marilyn monroe is?
[11:36] Pikko: she died in 1962
[11:36] Exodus: I think I have my wires crossed.
[11:38] Exodus: For some reason, the whole time I was thinking Madonna.
[11:38] DF: ROFL
[11:38] Exodus: I was like "I knew she was commie!"

[10:11] Pikko: [name] can't say it, so she calls it "mitts busters"
[10:12] Exodus: what do you mean she can't say it? she doesn't know how to spell or it's a filter?
[10:12] Exodus: oh wait
[10:12] Pikko: ...
[10:12] Exodus: this isn't a poster we're talking about atm, huh?
[10:12] Exodus: LOL
[10:12] Pikko: she's barely 2 1/2 exo
[10:12] Danalog: hahahahaa
[10:13] Pikko: she can't really type yet

[15:22] Pikko: tonight you mean?
[15:22] Danalog: whenever things caches runo ut!
[15:22] Pikko: what is runo ut?
[15:22] Danalog: huh?
[15:23] Danalog: run out
[15:23] Pikko: sh*t

[12:08] Darqflame: I am impressed, guess what should be at my house by friday?
[12:08] Danalog: nobby?
[12:09] Darqflame: no that's next thursday :P
[12:09] Draknorr: Jimmy Carter?
[12:09] Darqflame: no it's black
[12:09] Draknorr: Al Sharpton?
[12:09] Darqflame: almost alien
[12:09] Draknorr: Michael Jackson?
[12:09] Darqflame: ROFL

[14:49] Magi: I wouldn't have the balls to even touch a female.

[16:52] Magi: I can take a kick to the balls and it won't hurt

[07:20] Exodus: I was talking to someone in the other office as I read this IRC channel...
[07:20] Exodus: Ended up saying "Pikko" instead of Raquel.
[07:20] Exodus: "Tell Pikko the quickbooks file is in Multi-User mode." "...who?"

[13:46] Fleven: What is Alla's middle name?
[13:46] Pikko: lol wtf?
[13:46] Kaolian: wizard? i thought it was mage
[13:46] Fleven: he's a mage
[13:46] Danalog: "what's the most common allakhazam employee name"
[13:46] Darqflame: Alla Kha Zam
[13:46] Danalog: oh, mage
[13:46] Kaolian: jeff
[13:46] Fleven: Jeffrey Dinklethwap Moyer
[13:46] Pikko: LOL
[13:47] Kaolian: if it wasn't that before it is now!
[13:47] Fleven: and Andrew Boom-Boom Sharp

[10:42] Pikko: yeah, now we're bought by IGN now
[10:42] Magi: lol true
[10:43] Danalog: next we'll be bought by IMDB

[13:23] Danalog: bodhi is like beetlejuice
[13:23] Danalog: say his name three times and.. you know the rest

[10:40] Exodus: >.> Alternativly, making your own **** is always better. lol
[10:40] Darqflame: how would you know exo?
[10:40] Exodus: Because I'm not virgin? lol
[10:41] Danalog: sex with cheese doens't count
[10:41] Pikko: LOL
[10:41] Darqflame: ROFL
[10:41] Exodus: ROFL
[10:41] Danalog: even if it's swiss

[15:15] Kaolian: Just for the record, if any of you decide to wake me up at 3 in the morning, they probably won't find your body.

[17:03] Tamat: i love lamp
[17:04] Pikko: they were invented a while ago, they just get them to alaska recently?
[17:04] Pikko: :D
[17:04] Tamat: yea
[17:04] Tamat: only cost 50 pelts too
[17:04] Darqflame: lol

[15:32] Exodus: Hampsters would eat cheese if given the chance!
[15:32] Magi: lol
[15:33] DF: what is a "hampster" a clothes hamper diving hamster?
[15:33] Exodus: .........quiet, you. LOL
[15:34] Pikko: lol

[10:11] Kaolian: together, their powers combine to form: Flevius! roman emperor extrodinaire!
[10:11] * Fleven feeds Kaolian to the lions.
[10:12] Instigator: */wonders why he doesn't put sum of the wierdier ones in here, on /ignore
[10:12] Kaolian: the lions again? damn it.
[10:12] * Kaolian is sad that instigator doesn't like him

[15:00] Draknorr: we can remove stars and just make it a gradually growing epeen?
[15:00] ImperialNinja: lol
[15:00] ImperialNinja: LOL
[15:00] ImperialNinja: that's ***** awesome
[15:00] ImperialNinja: 'There is no 5 inches'

[09:58] Darqflame: Niz isn't touching my fuzzy peach!!!

[15:53] Darqflame: :( I have only died once in 8 lvls bite me
[15:53] Magi: Glady. Do you have a preference on your anatomy?
[15:54] Darqflame: left big toe, make sure get toe jam too
[15:54] Pikko: lol
[15:54] Magi: Nevermind

[15:47] Kaolian: pikko where do galkas come from?
[15:47] Pikko: they are reincarnated
[15:48] Kaolian: so whrere did the first carnated ones come from?
[15:48] Pikko: probably some tarutaru pooped and thought it'd be fun to experiment magic on
[15:48] Kaolian: hahahaha!

[16:46] Danalog: dude, I so want to be on Judge Judy with GodRaiden
[16:46] Pikko: LOL
[16:46] Exodus: LOL

[08:02] Danalog: I have a good story about fluffy handcuffs
[08:02] Exoditz: Doooooo tell.
[08:02] Darqflame: do tell
[08:02] Danalog: btw, don't try to take them through airport security
[08:02] Exoditz: LOL
[08:02] Darqflame: ROFL
[08:02] Danalog: esepcially don't put them in your husband's bag
[08:02] Danalog: without telling him
[08:02] Darqflame: HAHAHAH
[08:02] Danalog: so when the police show up
[08:02] Danalog: he knows why
[08:03] Pikko: hahahhahahhaah

[16:20] Leonai_art: I'm ging to kill my cat
[16:20] Leonai_art: she pooped under my desk
[16:20] Pikko: haha

[11:52] Elderon: I think it would be fun to meet pikko.. she probably comes up to my belly button
[11:52] Pikko: why, are you 10 feet tall?
[11:53] Elderon: only if I stand on my *****
[11:53] Pikko: HAHA

[14:25] Raven: in DDO they have like a DM telling you things
[14:25] Danalog: "you hear a creak to your right"
[14:25] Raven: well when you go in it tells you for example that it's cold and draughty and you hear stuff etc
[14:25] Pikko: thats kinda creepy +_+
[14:25] Kaolian: I'm good at that. Though people complain of excess wombats
[14:26] Raven: and your spot and listen skills can trigger a DM to tell you something about the place
[14:26] Raven: wombats???
[14:26] Kaolian: "you hear a wombat creaking to your right"
[14:26] Raven: hmmmmmm........
[14:27] Raven: you know a few wombats might liven up DDO
[14:27] Tamat: You hear an MMO going broke to your left
[14:27] Raven: hahahahaha

[14:07] Pikko: sorry, but there's no cheese flavored coffee
[14:07] Exodus: Somehow...I don't think cheese flavored coffee would be all that great. rofl

[20:18] Berek: lol. the first sign of a bad chip to me is the smell. I got these "gourmet" chips... they smelled like my grandmothers ***. Ok, I dont know what that smells like, but you know what I mean...

[21:07] *** Fleven has changed the topic on channel #wombat to Kaolian hearts asparagus..
[21:07] *** Kaolian has changed the topic on channel #wombat to Fleven is a big doody head.
[21:07] *** Danalog has changed the topic on channel #wombat to now now children.
[21:08] Pikko: lol

[16:53] Pikko: yes, i'm going to update more
[16:53] Imperial: Ok then please post the stuff I've touched also when you do
[16:53] Pikko: okie
[16:53] Pikko: you didnt touch them inappropriately did you?
[16:53] Danalog: show me on the doll where you touched that quest
[16:54] Pikko: HAHA dana

[10:15] Darqflame: niz what is rtm?
[10:15] Nizdaar: A dyslexic rmt
[10:15] Darqflame: lol

[17:11] Kaolian: it's the pikkopocalypse

[10:38] Calthine: someone tell me.. why do they put pockets on baby clothes?
[10:39] Calthine: Not like they need somewhere to put their wallets... Hiyas Tamat
[10:40] Pikko: the pockets are for the drug runners
[10:40] Calthine: what, my baby is smuglging black-market Benedryl???
[10:40] Raven: it's the latest big trade - Calpol smuggling
[10:41] Pikko: lol
[10:41] * Calthine looks shiftily at her bundle of joy
[10:41] Pikko: kids these days
[10:41] Calthine: his big brother is probably in on it

[16:13] Darqflame: I just discovered I am allergic to cashews!!!!!!
[16:13] * Darqflame cries uncontrollably
[16:13] Magi: What the hell is a cashew?
[16:13] Cairenn: type of nut
[16:13] Darqflame: want me to send you some?
[16:13] Pikko: wtf
[16:13] Magi: No, I have two nuts, thank you.

[12:10] Darqflame: haven't seen boobs do the aviator yet :P
[12:11] Fleven: aviator?
[12:11] Darqflame: helicopter?
[12:12] Darqflame: if you don't know what that is, I am sorry!
[12:12] Pikko: my mind is coming up with all sorts of imagery that makes no sense
[12:12] * Fleven pictures whirling boobs
[12:12] Darqflame: pikko imagine man naked, in front of mirror, acting like helicopter
[12:13] Pikko: ok i guess what i was thinking makes perfect sense for really old ladies who haven't worn a bra in their entire life
[12:13] Darqflame: ROFL
[12:13] Kaolian: yup. Too much information.

[13:54] Exo: Everyone loves Pikko. Even when I post something, they say "Good job, Pikko!"
[13:54] Exo: It causes me to have severe social anxiety. :(
[13:54] Pikko: rofl

[13:59] Magi: I'm bigger then you.
[13:59] Magi: Don't think I won't fly down and put you in your place.
[14:00] Exo: I'm trembling.
[14:00] Exo: No. Really.
[14:00] Magi: I'll be like The Rock in the Nicodrel sketch that was done years ago
[14:00] * Pikko rolls her eyes
[14:00] Magi: think about killing an awesome words
[14:00] Magi: you get smacked in the face
[14:00] Magi: thrown through a wall
[14:01] Pikko: are we sure magi is 21?
[14:01] Magi: Yes :|
[14:01] Exo: I doubt that, usually.
[14:01] Danalog: in dog years
[14:01] DF|sick: LOL

[14:02] Magi: my reference was awesome
[14:02] Magi: it fit perfectly
[14:02] Magi: absolutely perfect
[14:02] Exo: Sure it did... /comfort
[14:02] Magi: :|
[14:02] Danalog: if you say so
[14:02] Danalog: I don't watch soap operas
[14:02] Pikko: hahahha

[22:03] Pikko: sh*t i hate this
[22:03] Pikko: i run to the AH and i forget why
[22:03] Pikko: then i run back to the mog house to do something and i forget why too
[22:04] Pandora: pikko: sticky notes
[22:04] Pandora: heh
[22:04] Pandora: or tell us
[22:05] Arketa: I said that earlier! I said mog houses need memopads!
[22:05] * Pandora grins
[22:05] MDenham: christ, my moghouse would then look like a yellow blizzard sponsored by 3M hit it
[22:06] Pikko: LOL

[17:01] Pikko: ,m0sssssssssssssss]\sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssxx
[17:01] Pikko: [name] likes moss i guess
[17:01] Kaolian: I find your ideas intriguing and wish to subscribe to your mosssss newsletter
[17:02] Pikko: either that or he thinks i should have more sex
[17:03] Danalog: mo sx
[17:04] Imperial: o.O
[17:05] Darqflame: mo sex? eeww perv
[17:14] FlevenAFK: I should sit [name] down. He can chat with [name].
[17:16] Darqflame: put them on vent!
[17:16] Danalog: haha

[07:24] Danalog: the road to MUTE is paved with good intentions

[09:38] Imperial: moving threads sometimes does some weird sh*t
[09:38] Imperial: those replies are probably on KI or something
[09:38] Pikko: lol

[16:40] Allakhazam: Yeah it might. It's like ****. You know it when you see it

[10:24] Magi: You're not female, so I can kick your *** if you do, Inny.
[10:24] Instigator: lol
[10:25] Pikko: oh no, here we go with the "i can kick your ***" bit again
[10:25] Pikko: shall i go get the tape measure?
[10:25] DF: epeen sword fight?
[10:25] Instigator: lol, my 1st threat of the day, and i didn't even kill a player online today, lol
[10:25] Nizdaar: Tape measure? Pikko is being optimisitic? Or maybe hopeful?
[10:26] Pikko: well i'm hoping if we measure we can settle this dispute
[10:26] Magi: Nope. Mine keeps growing. It won't be the same today as in a week from now.
[10:26] Draknorr: Pikko: Dynamic maps on the lotro site
[10:27] Pikko: but then since it's magi, maybe it's more accurate to say "shall i go get the protractor so we can use the little ruler on it?"
[10:27] DF: slam!
[10:27] Magi: !
[10:27] Nizdaar: ouch

[17:40] Berek: k... "andy, I need 4,000 more colors please!" :P
[17:41] Draknorr: and we thought the developers had it hard before... now we need for them to invent colors
[17:42] Kaolian: like plaid!
[17:42] Danalog: captain! we;ve gone to plaid!
[17:42] Kaolian: fire the photon pickles!
[17:43] Berek: "a slight off pinkish blue would be fabulous, but if you can go just 14nm to the left towards the red end of the color spectrum that'd be great. That's my favourite color of the entire EM spectrium ya know..."
[17:43] Berek: I can get picky :P
[17:43] Pikko: ok you guys need some rest

[15:15] Magi: <-- hottest of them all
[15:15] Darqflame: HAHAHAHAHA
[15:15] Draknorr: I'm umm.... 1/2 german, 1/4 irish, 1/4 american/european
[15:15] Darqflame: I vote Berek
[15:15] Kaolian: hush magi the grown ups are talking
[15:15] *** You are now known as MirrorontheWall.
[15:15] MirrorontheWall: taking questions
[15:15] Magi: I am a grown up!
[15:15] MirrorontheWall: magi can go first
[15:16] * Magi throws a brick at the mirror
[15:16] Kaolian: mirror mirror on the wall, who's the wombattiest of them all?
[15:16] * MirrorontheWall does not break because Magi throws like a little girl
[15:16] Darqflame: I am irish, german french and american indian blah
[15:16] Darqflame: AHAHAHAHA
[15:16] Magi: HEY!
[15:16] Magi: That's it
[15:16] MirrorontheWall: lol
[15:16] *** You are now known as Pikko.
[15:17] * Magi goes and rents a dump truck and dumps bricks all over the mirror
[15:17] Kaolian: im half ye old merry englandish, and half scandahovian norse vikeing type.
[15:17] Pikko: ohhh, too bad i'm not a mirror anymore huh
[15:17] *** Magi has been kicked from #wombat by Darqflame: oops

[13:50] Kaolian: gotta love self banning goldsellers who pick the feedback forum of all places to make their first post

[11:52] Exodus: Cheese Missles? That's a sure fire way to kill me without me trying to run away.

[13:53] *** Fleven has changed the topic on channel #wombat to Checks are late. Ping Draknorr for details or to get your $$$.
[13:53] *** Draknorr has changed the topic on channel #wombat to Checks are late. Should be shipping Friday except Fleven who has decided to split his pay with everyone else.
[13:54] Exodus: LMAO
[13:54] *** Fleven has changed the topic on channel #wombat to Draknorr has agreed to pimp his *** out to cover the late checks..
[13:54] Draknorr: ok ok, enough
[13:55] Magi: Lol
[13:55] *** Draknorr has changed the topic on channel #wombat to Checks late, should be shipping Friday.
[13:55] *** Mode change "-o Draknorr" for channel #wombat by Darqflame.
[13:56] Draknorr: wtf!?
[13:56] Exodus: LOL
[13:56] Darqflame: ROFL
[13:56] Draknorr: sigh
[13:56] Pikko: lol

[15:32] Pikko: i dont even know WTF that is
[16:02] Draknorr: an alien
[16:02] Draknorr: we should have a "Vote for the worst!" contest
[16:02] * kiara pouts at Drak
[16:02] kiara: i haven't been here long enough for you to call me the worst yet
[16:03] * kiara bursts into tears and runs to Pikko and DF
[16:03] Darqflame: what did drak do now?
[16:03] Magi: He's talking about the contest kiara. Not the worst CM :P
[16:04] Draknorr: yea, I don't want to give Magi another award

[12:59] Pikko_: no, you'll like him much better than He Who Must Not Be Named Or He'll Immediately Being Talking
[12:59] Magi: Shut it Pikko.
[12:59] Pikko_: dammit!!!
[12:59] Calthine-afk: didn't workj
[13:00] kiara: wtg pikko!
[13:00] Pikko_: sigh

[14:33] Kaolian: what's wrong with wombats?
[14:34] Nexa: nothing in moderation
[14:34] Nexa: but they're making me fat
[14:34] Pikko: hahahahha
[14:34] Kaolian: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[12:39] Fleven: man, exo in spandex is worse than spam sandwiches
[12:40] Pikko: hahaha
[12:40] Fleven: spandexo!
[12:40] Exodus: LOL
[12:40] cyamarin: hahaha
[12:40] Pikko: lolol

[14:41] Pikko: my revolution has begun
[14:42] Pikko: pray i dont revolute it any further
[14:42] DF: goober
[14:42] Pikko: hahaha
[14:42] Kaolian: that's revolting!
[14:43] Kaolian: ... I thought it was funny
[14:43] Kaolian: get it, revolt... revolution
[14:43] Pikko: i thought my star wars joke was pretty funny too
[14:43] Pikko: let's exchange laughs kao!
[14:43] Kaolian: it was
[14:43] Pikko: ha ha ha!!!
[14:43] Kaolian: hahahah! that's great pikko!
[14:44] Pikko: that was hilarious kao!!
[14:44] Kaolian: yay! ok, I feel better now
[14:44] Pikko: lol

[14:19] Pikko: o m g lack of line breaks teh killing me
[14:20] IN: please someone
[14:20] IN: give Pikko a break
[14:20] Pikko: ...

[21:34] Pikko: who are you? darth vader?!
[21:34] Doug_da_Basher: XD
[21:34] Pikko: I'LL NEVER JOIN YOU
[21:34] Doug_da_Basher: You don't know the power of the Doug Side.
[21:34] Pikko: hahhahahahahhahahhahaha

[17:21] Berek: I've determined aliens have never visited us, so I doubt that. :P
[17:21] Kaolian: someone fill Berek in about the L2 forum
[17:21] Pikko: hahahhaha

[09:56] Pikko: sorry fleven, but that was your bombed joke for today
[09:56] Fleven: yeah
[09:56] Nizdaar: He only has one?
[09:56] * Fleven t3h suck
[09:57] cyamarin: He's only allowed one
[09:57] cyamarin: For every additional one we fine him $5
[09:57] Darqflame: Cool then Pikko can buy new pants!
[09:58] Pikko: who says I get the $5?
[09:58] Pikko: it goes straight to the Fleven Comedy Foundation
[09:58] Fleven: it goes in the general slush fund to get Kaolian out of the punitentiary
[09:58] Pikko: omg.........
[09:58] cyamarin: ...
[09:58] * Pikko dies.
[09:58] cyamarin: ...I think you only get charged $2.50 for that

[14:07] Exodus: Nah, I wanted to erase what I typed and pressed ESC a la FFXI.
[14:07] Exodus: It's a poison. rofl
[14:07] IN: yeah I struggle to stop myself pressing esc too
[14:07] Exodus: Hence why I left AKZ too...I pressed it once, paniced, then immidiately pressed it again.
[14:07] Exodus: I'm hopeless. LOL
[14:08] IN: *esc* oh sh*t I left ffxicm *esc again* oh sh*t I left akz *restart machine* oh sh*t I turned off my pc *unplug pc* oh sh*t. . .
[14:08] Exodus: Don't you ever read my mind ever again.
[14:09] Pikko: hahaha
[14:09] IN: *exit house* oh sh*t

[15:01] Tomec: Kao, how tall are you again?
[15:02] Kaolian: 6'2"
[15:02] Allakhazam: Me too. We'll have to have a measure off or something
[15:02] Tomec: oh... so sorry, you both lose
[15:02] Tomec: i'm 6'4"
[15:02] Kaolian: tomec gets an anklectonmy
[15:02] Tomec: >_>
[15:02] Kaolian: ectomy too
[15:03] Allakhazam: You're fired. now back to that measure off
[15:03] Kaolian: hahaha
[15:03] Tomec: hey!
[15:03] Allakhazam: :-d
[15:03] * Tomec files papers for wrongful firing
[15:03] Tomec: >_>
[15:03] Pikko: hahahhaha
[15:03] Allakhazam: Sorry there are no tall person rights

[10:40] Incanus: so tomm night im going to the gyn an seeing Harry Potter afterwards - i hope its good
[10:40] Incanus: ....
[10:40] Incanus: GYM!
[10:40] Incanus: christ

[14:46] Exodus: OK, IN. You are smokin hawt, too.
[14:46] Exodus: Jesus.
[14:46] IN: ty
[14:46] IN: (l)
[14:46] Exodus: (l)
[14:46] Pikko: omg
[14:47] Pikko: homoerotic admin chat gah

[10:55] Exodus: I wouldn't mind being in the HP world, either.
[10:55] Tomec: yer a wizzard pikko
[10:55] Pikko: I mean what a cool way to grow up
[10:55] Exodus: Just swing my wand around and cast the magic spell "Shut the Fuckary Uptivity" and bam. Silence.

[10:59] * Pikko points at Exodus "STUPIFY!"
[10:59] Danalog: too late pikko
[10:59] Pikko: oooo
[10:59] Tomec: lol
[10:59] * Exodus receives the effect of Dumber than Usual.
[10:59] Pikko: brutal

[13:04] Pikko: all he needs is a chick who doesn't wash the clam very often
[13:04] Pikko: then you've got sex with cheese
[13:04] Exodus: jesus Pikko x_x
[13:04] Pikko: lolol
[13:05] Darqflame: HAHAHAHAHA
[13:05] Pikko: god that was so bad
[13:05] Exodus: lmfao
[13:05] Exodus: must...not...scare...coworkers...with...laughter
[13:05] Pikko: I'm going to the bathroom to go wash my fingers for typing such dirtiness
[13:05] Darqflame: and people think *I am* scary?!

[14:01] Kaolian: so I missed all the introductory stuff on Aurum. So what are your feelings on wombats, and are you any good at drawing dragons?
[14:02] Aurum: Honestly, I prefer furries to dragons. Wombats are best stewed in a garlic sauce. I also like taking walks on the beach and getting caught in the rain.
[14:03] DF: HAH!
[14:03] Pikko: oh ho ho
[14:03] Pikko: thems fightin' words!
[14:03] Kaolian: so, where would you like your wombat hateing remains interred again?
[14:04] Pikko: lol

[13:41] Pikko: if you want to summon casey just say "omg godraiden attack!!"
[13:41] Danalog: haha
[13:44] Tomec: ZOMG! Look over there! Godraiden is coming right at us!
[13:44] *** Kaolian_ has joined #wombat.
[13:45] Pikko: hahahahhaah
[13:45] rale: well, you summoned someone with that

[17:27] Danalog: that sounds like the password some idiot would have on their luggage
[17:28] Pikko: lol
[17:28] * Danalog waits for exo to come in and say it's his luggage password

[11:38] NixNot: When my dog sits on the hardwood floor upstairs, his farts make noise, then he spends the next minute or so staring at his ***, confused.
[11:38] Wordaen: ...
[11:38] Pikko: LOL

[10:55] Pikko: I wonder how long kao played ffxi last night
[10:55] Pikko: I wonder how long he spent washing himself in boiling hot water afterwards
[10:55] Fleven: He's still playing.
[10:56] rale: if hes been playing straight since last night, he should be about lvl 2 now, right? it is ffxi, after all~
[10:56] Pikko: LOL
[10:56] Allakhazam: Level2? Don't you think that's pushing it?

[06:49] IN: ok this is just getting weir
[06:49] IN: had a nap for 2 hours
[06:50] IN: and had this dream first of all FFXI's new expansion was being released a bit at a time
[06:50] IN: then I was in this club
[06:50] IN: and DJ tiesto was there
[06:50] IN: and he said 'Here's to pirats of the aht urhgan'
[06:50] IN: and cheersed some fat guy
[06:50] IN: then my mum came in and said she bought £35 worth of kitchen paper
[06:50] IN: but she was lying
[06:50] IN: then I woke up
[06:51] rale: time to lay off the drugs

[08:13] IN: Pikko great work on the head last night
[08:13] IN: the heads*
(I had just finished updating all head armor)

[10:00] NixNot: [15:04] Wordaen: ok, got a drs appt, bbl to finish my DB entries <-- NEEDS MOAR ACRONYMS.
[10:01] NixNot: took me two readthroughs to figure out what the hell drs appt was lol
[10:01] Danalog: brilliant!
[10:01] Pikko: lol
[10:01] Pikko: you don't know what a "dress apartment" is?
[10:01] NixNot: ROFL that's exactly what I thought at first and i was confused.
[10:04] * Wordaen flips Nix the bird
[10:04] rale: you mean the brd
[10:05] Wordaen: I was gonna put fngr but that might cause his head to xpld
[10:05] NixNot: Srsly haet u guyz
[10:05] Wordaen: lawel
[10:06] Pikko: hahhaha
[10:09] *** Wordaen is now known as WordaendrsapptcuzNixhtsths.

[13:17] IN: gah why doesn't Pikko say that
[13:17] NixNot: ROFL
[13:17] IN: Nix can you act like Pikko and you can do that as much as you want
[13:17] IN: it's on the internet so it's the same thing
[13:18] Exodus: Wait
[13:18] Exodus: If he acts like Pikko
[13:18] *** NixNot is now known as Peeko.
[13:18] Exodus: Wouldn't he have to turn you down too?
[13:18] Peeko: IN is the bestest!
[13:18] Exodus: >_>
[13:19] IN: COME TO ME
[13:19] Peeko: awesome.
[13:19] *** Exodus is now known as Piiiiikkoxxxxxx.
[13:19] Piiiiikkoxxxxxx: Take me now, IN!
[13:19] IN: yeah this isn't at all weird
[13:19] Peeko: Pikko's gonna come back in here and be really confused.
[13:19] IN: I puts on my robe and wizard panties
[13:20] Pikko: what the fuck...

[14:16] IN: FTR I love your *** Pikko
[14:16] Pikko: you've never even seen my ***
[14:16] Pikko: you mean you love "Imaginary Pikko's ***"
[14:16] IN: dude
[14:16] IN: that pic
[14:16] IN: of you in the mirror
[14:16] Pikko: oh god
[14:16] NixNot: LAWL
[14:16] IN: I got that in my pictures SAVED
[14:16] Pikko: ..

[16:10] Exodus: gunna play with PUP parts.
[16:10] Exodus: so, don't post news if you were gunna
[16:10] Pikko: kinky
[16:11] Exodus: LOL
[16:11] Pikko: make sure you lock the door in case your mom walks in
[16:11] Pikko: cause that'd be hard to explain
[16:11] Exodus: You are just wrong. rofl

(I was having internets issues all day)
[15:34] Kaolian: Hey pikko, I stuck a cat 6 cable into the top of my pommegranite, so now it has a fast internet connection!
[15:35] DF: lol
[15:35] Pikko: ....
[15:35] Kaolian: gigabit Pommegrit!
[15:35] Pikko: http://www.fyvie.net/photos/Travel/Australia%20Dec%201998/slides/dead%20wombat.jpg
[15:35] NixNot: ROFL gigabit pommegrit.
[15:36] DF: HAHAHAH
[15:36] Kaolian: pikko is a horrible horrible person
[15:36] DF: good one pikko
[15:36] Pikko: lol

[13:31] IN: I just had a stroke of genius, let's call it the EPIcast
[13:32] Exodus: EPIcast?
[13:32] Exodus: What does EPI stand for?
[13:32] Exodus: . . . . . . . .
[13:32] Exodus: Don't anwser that.
[13:32] Exodus: *facepalm*

[14:27] IN: you wanna lose weight have lots of sex
[14:27] Exodus: Dude, I'm latin. Everytime I do it there's a 2/7 chance that she'll get pregnant with triplets.

[11:36] * DF hides behind Pikko and makes fart noises
[11:36] Pikko: psh
[11:36] Pikko: I'd own you in a fart contest

[12:09] Exodus: yay!
[12:10] Exodus: But I'm still not OPed.
[12:10] Exodus: Typical.
[12:10] [OGR]Akira: use the command numbnuts

[11:41] Nizdaar: I'm looking at it in his box right now
[11:42] Pikko: is it sexy?
[11:43] Nizdaar: The email I sent him? Oh yes. "Please ignore. I'm getting reports that your email is bouncing."
[11:43] NixNot: that's hot
[11:43] Nizdaar: I should start using that as a new pickup line, eh?
[11:43] NixNot: "hey babe, I'm getting reports of bouncing emails"
[11:44] Pikko: LOL

[12:51] Pikko: bookmarks are much more painless
[12:51] Tovin: I can't bm at work
[12:52] Fleven: Eat more bran.

[15:30] * Tomec pokes Sus
[15:30] * Tomec pokes pikko
[15:31] Tomec: you two, exo, random, and I should team up for the live quest
[15:32] MDenham_: haha
[15:33] Tomec: whats so funny?
[15:36] *** MDenham has joined #ffxi.
[15:36] *** Mode change "+v MDenham" for channel #ffxi by ChanServ.
[15:36] Tomec: so, what was funny? Besides your tail >_>
[15:38] MDenham: just thinking of the whole "Exo involved with a quest" thing... "honest, I don't know where it is, but ooh! there's a cheese shop!"
[15:38] Pikko: hahahahah

[12:11] IN: so are we gonna elope or what
[12:12] * Tovin rolls her eyes and runs off to get dressed
[12:12] IN: no need . . .
[12:12] Allakhazam: Hey IN. Just one word for you. ..... Magi
[12:12] IN: SUP BOSS
[12:12] Allakhazam: ;)
[12:12] IN: Tovin, sorry it'd never work between us
[12:13] Tovin: lol
[12:13] IN: it's not you, it's me
[12:13] Tovin: I know
[12:13] IN: actually, I'll be honest, it is you. sorry
[12:14] Tovin: ROFL

[12:24] Pikko: you banned nagah??
[12:24] IN: shut up you, or you're next
[12:24] Miitan: THE WAR OF THE ADMINS
[12:24] Melody: it was a fakey
[12:24] *** Mode change "-o Pikko" for channel #ffxi by IN.
[12:24] IN: and don't get any funny ideas
[12:24] Pikko: damn what the hell was that command
[12:24] Melody: he just changed my sig
[12:24] *** -> -chanserv- op
[12:24] *** Mode change "+o Pikko" for channel #ffxi by ChanServ.
[12:24] Pikko: haha!!
[12:24] IN: aw sh*t
[12:24] *** Mode change "-o IN" for channel #ffxi by Pikko.
[12:25] IN: how I do it
[12:25] bsphil: lol
[12:25] Pikko: ownd
[12:25] IN: god

[14:53] Pikko: oh? men have had their vaginas prodded? :P
[14:53] Fleven: Draknorr has, if his easybake oven claims are true.
[14:53] Pikko: hahahhahahaha
[14:53] Draknorr: no, but Tomec has had a nurse stick their hand up his crotch and say "8cm"
[14:54] Pikko: oooooo

[11:09] rale: itanium? that was a brand of intel processors
[11:09] Exodus: Only had my left ear pierced and that's probably as far as I'm going with piercings.
[11:09] Exodus: That's what she called it. She even corrected me when I said "You mean Titanium?"
[11:09] rale: personally, i wouldn't mind having a cpu hanging off my ear, but i'm guessing you left out a T
[11:09] Pikko: hahahaha
[11:09] Exodus: LOL

[12:28] Nizdaar: btw, eve hit 400k subscribers some time last week
[12:28] Nizdaar: and it hit over 41k online at once on Sunday
[12:29] Exodus: That's alot of computers needing a fresh install of XP. :P
[12:29] Nizdaar: so 200k players is accurate. Most people have an alt. Danalog and I both have 3 accounts.
[12:29] Darqflame: HAHAHAHA
[12:29] IN: owned

[12:51] Draknorr: hm, the maid here put my lotion next to my computer... from the bathroom
[12:51] Darqflame: ROFL
[12:51] Draknorr: that's really funny
[12:51] Fleven: she knows you too well

[15:21] Darqflame: you rant and people think it's cute
[15:22] Darqflame: you fart and people think it's cute
[15:23] Pikko: I should tell hubby I make pikko farts
[15:23] Pikko: then maybe he would think its cute too
[15:23] Word_working: pikkopoots
[15:23] Pikko: hahaha
[15:23] Darqflame: LOL

[10:21] NixNot: [14:19] Fleven: dicks'th sense
[10:21] NixNot: LOL
[10:21] NixNot: best sense ever.
[10:21] Fleven: not ESPenis?
[10:21] Pikko: HAHAHA
[10:21] Exodus: LOL

[10:45] * Malgayne thrusts his ***

[10:21] Kaolian: so how is ice station oklahoma today?
[10:21] Looker: warm. DF has started burning wombats for heat :)
[10:21] Kaolian: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[10:22] Pikko: hahhahahahhahahah

[08:12] Calthine: Word, what's pumpkin break?
[08:12] Wordaen: bread for bad typers like me

(9:22:16 AM) Pikko-work: A study by State University of New York researchers says heat generated from laptops can significantly elevate the temperature of the *******, potentially putting sperm count at risk.
(9:22:31 AM) Wordaen: ...
(9:22:34 AM) Instigator: LIES!!!
(9:22:38 AM) Wordaen: MY BOYS!
(9:22:46 AM) Berek: ok, I have to shut my laptop off now guys, have a good night... :P
(9:22:46 AM) Wordaen: ohnoes!!!!!!
(9:22:50 AM) Pikko-work: hahahhah

(11:02:30 AM) Calthine-afk: I never understood how men live with those things anyway
(11:02:47 AM) Danalog: unfortunately, Exodus's is made of string cheese
(11:02:50 AM) Danalog: so peel some off, girls!

(9:12:39 AM) Exodus: I've bought like 3 thongs for myself. It feels like there's a forum in my butt and everyone is posting.
(9:12:48 AM) Pikko: what the fuck

[19:07] Kaolian: I think your computer cought whatever my sister's computer has
[19:08] Darqflame: what is that?
[19:08] Darqflame: user error?
[19:08] Kaolian: no. shitnoworkitis
[19:08] Darqflame: ROFL
[19:08] Pikko: hahahaha

[18:29] Exodus: Lucky you that you didn't start working here during the buy out mumbo jumbo. x_x
[18:29] Exodus: I was called RMT a couple of times. It was retarded.
[18:30] Exodus: I should've screenshotted that.
[18:30] Vlorsutes: lol
[18:30] Exodus: Wait, I think you were there for one of them.
[18:30] Exodus: Besieged had just started and we made a besieged party and someone said to boot me because I'm RMT
[18:31] Vlorsutes: that was so long ago though, so I can't remember
[18:31] Exodus: Then sort of changed their minds when I replied with "Check me...do I -look- RMT to you?"
[18:31] Vlorsutes: well...your gear was kind of gimped at the time...>.>
[18:32] Exodus: ...
[18:32] Exodus: I hope your children grow up to be monkies.
[18:32] Vlorsutes: lol

[21:28] Exodus: Don't ask me how to wiki that, I'll just say "Watermellon!" and laugh insanely.
[21:29] Vlorsutes: then get laughed at cause you spelled watermelon wrong >.>
[21:30] Exodus: ...
[21:30] Exodus: GFY.

[22:14] Draknorr: never use ^_^ again
[22:14] Pikko: Aww >_>
[22:14] Draknorr: or that
[22:14] Draknorr: v_v
[22:14] Draknorr: or that
[22:14] Pikko: man... >.<
[22:14] Draknorr: <-<
[22:14] Draknorr: that
[22:14] Draknorr: @#%^
[22:15] Pikko: what the hell.. O.o
[22:15] Draknorr: O.o
[22:15] Draknorr: or that
[22:15] Pikko: you're so strict!!! ; ;
[22:15] Draknorr: ; ;
[22:15] Draknorr: that too
[22:15] Pikko: O_o
[22:15] Draknorr: that
[22:15] Pikko: you make me sad ._.
[22:15] Draknorr: I give up
[22:16] Pikko: hahhahaha

[22:23] Draknorr: http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1809483
[22:25] Pikko: nice
[22:25] Pikko: her cheekbones scare the fuck outta me
[22:26] Exodus: that's fi][/i]ucking hilarious haha
[22:27] Pikko: no it's not
[22:27] Pikko: it's fi][/i]ucking obama hilarious
[22:27] *** You were kicked from #zam by Draknorr: that was really, really bad

[16:05] theron: !eightball will pikko touch my nuts some day
[16:05] Groovebot: My sources say no, theron.
[16:05] theron: lol
[16:05] Krellion: lol
[16:05] Pikko: wtf....

[16:06] theron: !eightball can i ***** slap pikko
[16:06] Groovebot: Don't count on it, theron.
[16:06] theron: lol
[16:07] Pikko: I can ***** slap you tho
[16:07] *** theron has been kicked from #ogr by Pikko: You've been puntarued by teh Pikko!

(3:50:52 PM) Vlorsutes: first time in awhile we've all been in here >.>
(3:51:11 PM) Pikko: yeah
(3:51:13 PM) Pikko: it's nice!
(3:51:14 PM) Exo left the room (quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client).
(3:51:16 PM) Pikko: omg

(1:46:20 PM) Wordaen: hmm, I could never data a bodybuilder chick
(1:46:32 PM) Pikko: is that what us geeks call it now? data?
(1:46:39 PM) Wordaen: date
(1:46:42 PM) Darqflame: lol
(1:46:43 PM) Wordaen: I typoed :)
(1:46:46 PM) Pikko: up for some data baby?
(1:46:49 PM) Pikko: "i have a headache"
(1:46:52 PM) Wordaen: you bet!
(1:46:52 PM) Darqflame: HAHAHAHAA
(1:47:02 PM) Darqflame: you need some data entry baby?
(1:47:03 PM) Wordaen: floppy disk to hard drive?
(1:47:16 PM) Pikko: ohhh you push all my update buttons just how i like it
(1:47:21 PM) Wordaen: lol

Draknorr: Ah yes, the new Allakhazam Review Scoring system. "Fucking Awesome", "About as good as BSG", "Like Heroes Season 2", and "Sucks dick"

[19:44] Kaolian: hmm, my female anglefish is swimming on it's side. HTat's not a good thing i'm thinking
[19:44] Pikko: well.. if she's an anglefish...

(4:42:59 PM) Pikko: i just ate all my watermelon
(4:43:05 PM) Pikko: i am eagerly awaiting my erection
(4:43:13 PM) Instigator: < still have half of mine :p
(4:43:33 PM) Pikko: TMI gator

(12:05:08 PM) Draknorr: folks from now on, we're not gamers, we're people with games
(12:05:11 PM) Pikko: lol
(12:05:20 PM) Downinit: i rescent that remark
(12:05:24 PM) Downinit: i also cant spell
(12:05:35 PM) Draknorr: because you're a person with ******.
(12:05:36 PM) Draknorr: it's ok
(12:05:40 PM) Pikko: HAHAHA

(5:04:15 PM) Kaolian: we now know that Thayos is indeed not an orangutan as he previously claimed he was not.
(5:04:37 PM) Vlorsutes: he's a giraffe

[07:52] Wordaen: him and redyoshi have been using that red arrow a lot
[07:53] Danalog: should change him to greenyoshi
[07:53] Danalog: that'll fix it
[07:53] Pikko: HAHAHAHA

(1:53:10 PM) Draknorr: I am awesome at hula hoop
(1:53:26 PM) Draknorr: I shake the entire state of virginia I hula so fast

(1:48:34 PM) Pikko: i'm getting attacked in tw by someone named kaosyeti
(1:48:40 PM) Pikko: you never told us you had a yeti kao
(1:48:57 PM) Kaolian: i don't anymore. The fucker done escaped on me

[09:36] Kaolian: hmm, you could marry me so I get the tax break and you can get in on my insurance! haha
[09:37] DF: you know at this point in my life, I wouldn't turn that down
[09:37] TecnoBrat: LOL....
[09:37] TecnoBrat: You heard it here folks
[09:37] TecnoBrat: DF and Kaolian are engaged
[09:37] Pikko: lol
[09:37] DF: LOL
[09:38] Kaolian: tax evasion FTW!

(3:01:11 PM) ***TecnoBrat moves to Canada
(3:01:12 PM) TecnoBrat: wait ....

(4:46:46 PM) Kaolian: ever notice that pikko leaves, and then 6 minutes later another pikko shows up? How do we know which one is the real Pikko?
(4:47:04 PM) Kaolian: should we just pik one?

[20:11] Kaolian: Pikko is a Cylon!

[20:12] Pikko1: kao's been looking in my window when i'm doing the dirty
[20:12] Pikko1: checking my spine for red lights
[20:12] Kaolian: of cvourse not!
[20:13] Kaolian: ... I have the wombats take pictures! for evidence
[20:13] Pikko1: you and your peeping woms
[20:13] Kaolian: Bwahahaha! i need to remember that one

(11:45:57 AM) Pikko: newbies: we torture and kill people who spoil shows
(11:46:55 AM) ***Draknorr just laughs
(11:46:59 AM) Draknorr: unless you spoil me
(11:47:01 AM) Draknorr: then you're fired.
(11:47:36 AM) Draknorr: don't think I will not call bannon and tell him you rape children

(11:47:24 AM) Downinit: I saw the premier of Heroes already
(11:47:30 AM) Downinit: and i just have to say
(11:47:34 AM) Downinit left the room (Kicked by Danalog (Danalog)).
(11:47:52 AM) Downinit [Downinit@hidden-D7321A74.lsanca54.covad.net] entered the room.
(11:48:02 AM) Downinit: i seem to of DCed somehow...
(11:48:08 AM) Danalog: imagine that

(3:55:11 PM) DF: if drak can get a GF, any guy can
(3:55:39 PM) Kaolian: yeah but have you seen the shipping cost on them lately?
(3:55:51 PM) ***Kaolian is sooo fired

(1:35:48 PM) Draknorr: some co-worker of my sisters txt messaged her "l33t" and she has no idea what it means, he said ask your brother.... I told her it was a sexual reference that guys say when they are afraid to say that they like a girl
(1:35:55 PM) Draknorr: and I've convinced her of this
(1:36:04 PM) Darqflame: lol
(1:36:11 PM) dolby: haha
(1:38:21 PM) Draknorr: I told her to reply back "stfu b4 i pk u" but she insists it's something dirty because I will not tell her what it means

(2:41:06 PM) TecnoBrat: The official religion of Zam is now Internetism
(2:41:17 PM) Pikko: our jesus is Google
(2:41:23 PM) TecnoBrat: rofl
(2:41:32 PM) TecnoBrat: Spam is the devil
(2:41:32 PM) Draknorr: that would be an AWESOME shirt
(2:41:35 PM) Draknorr: "My jesus is Google"
(2:41:51 PM) rale: what would google do?

(3:07:20 PM) Draknorr: I especially want cupcakes. so someone needs to make and send me cupcakes
(3:07:35 PM) Pikko: cupcakes are too hard to carry drak
(3:07:44 PM) Draknorr: I know =(
(3:07:57 PM) Pikko: but i can ask my cousin where to buy the best cupcakes in hollywood
(3:07:59 PM) Draknorr: I've thought about getting an office job just so I can make people make me cupcakes
(3:08:06 PM) Pikko: she works there and her and her coworkers try all the bakeries
(3:09:53 PM) Kaolian: huh. Never google hollywood cupcakes from a work computer.
(3:10:07 PM) Draknorr: hahah
(3:10:17 PM) Pikko: hahahahhaa

(2:46:30 PM) Pikko: they liek to hit me lately
(2:46:43 PM) Draknorr: they hit you?
(2:46:44 PM) Pikko: so i've taken to putting a light dab of tabasco sauce on their tongue whenever they do that
(2:48:48 PM) Draknorr: 24 season 7: Jack Bauer is captured by the Chinese and tortured with Hot Sauce
(2:49:49 PM) Draknorr: "Mr. Bauer, are you not going to talk? I guess we just have to take it to the next level! GET ME THE WASABI!"

[22:50] susperia: **** in my pants is up on youtube
[22:50] susperia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pXfHLUlZf4
[22:51] Pikko: yeah
[22:51] Pikko: @#%^ing drak
[22:51] Pikko: he was talking to me about it before the plane took off
[22:52] Pikko: so i sat on the plane for 5 hours with "i **** in.. my pants" stuck in my head
[22:52] susperia: hahahahahah
[22:52] susperia: ouch
[22:52] susperia: hahaha
[22:53] Thayos: Every time I watch that clip, I'll think of you guys.
[22:53] Thayos: hmm
[22:53] Thayos: that came out wrong
[22:53] Pikko: uh..
[22:53] Vlorsutes: ...
[22:53] Pikko: putting that one in my journal
[22:54] Thayos: awkward...
[22:54] susperia: um....
[22:54] Pikko: "Everytime I talk to my co-admins... I ****... IN... MY PANTS"

[12:34] Pikko: bah!
[12:34] Pikko: panties!
[12:34] Vlorsutes: ?
[12:34] Usagi: where!?

(9:08:33 AM) Darqflame: We decided to grab a bite at the food court. I noticed he was watching a teenager sitting next to him. The teenager had spiked hair in all different colors: green, red, orange, and blue. My dad kept staring at him. The teenager would look and find him staring every time.
(9:08:48 AM) Darqflame: When the teenager had had enough, he sarcastically asked, "What's the matter old man, never done anything wild in your life??"
(9:09:10 AM) Darqflame: Knowing my Dad, I quickly swallowed my food so that I would not choke on his response, knowing he would have a good one. And, in classic style, he did not bat an eye in his response. ?Got drunk once, and had sex with a peacock. I was just wondering if you were my son.?

(11:15:40 AM) Nizdaar: Can't direct deposit from US to a Canadian bank account
(11:17:16 AM) Nizdaar: Pikko is lazy, fewyn has no account and it's not possible for me~
(11:17:44 AM) Fleven: Nizdaar gets paid in beaver.
(11:17:58 AM) DF: HAHAHA
(11:18:00 AM) Pikko: i heard that so wrong
(11:18:04 AM) ***Nizdaar speechless
(11:18:21 AM) Pikko has changed the topic to: #zam Fleven: Nizdaar gets paid in beaver.

(12:41:01 PM) Downinit: Within 15 seconds, Carry -- not her real name -- said she was "crying and asking him to stop."
(12:41:02 PM) Downinit: LOL
(12:41:50 PM) Pikko: i don't see why that's funny downinit
(12:42:02 PM) Pikko: why don't we have someone jam their dick up your *** and see how you like it
(12:42:10 PM) Wordaen: LOL

(12:43:58 PM) Pikko: my coworker is like "why are you laughing?"
(12:44:04 PM) Downinit: haha
(12:44:11 PM) Pikko: should i reply with "cause **** sex is teh funnies"
(12:44:17 PM) Nizdaar: yes
(12:44:24 PM) Wordaen: do it!
(12:44:25 PM) Downinit: perfect reply

[21:06] milich: time for me to make food and then play chrono trigger until i fall asleep
[21:06] milich: au revoir mes amoures
[21:06] *** milich has signed off IRC (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.5/2008120122]).
[21:06] Vlorsutes: ....I am not one of his loves >.>

(9:52:55 AM) Nilatai: I tried to hax Pikko's account
(9:53:00 AM) Nilatai: turns out Bento isn't her password

(12:10:38 PM) Pikko: so guess what
(12:10:57 PM) Pikko: i emailed the newspaper here in hawaii asking if they'd be interested in me writing a bento column
(12:11:08 PM) Pikko: she said money is tight, but she'd ask, but she wants to do a story on me!
(12:11:09 PM) Vlorsutes: they say yes?
(12:11:10 PM) Pikko: :D :D :D
(12:14:01 PM) Danalog: "Local Woman Won't Stop Talking About Bentos"
(12:16:24 PM) Pikko: lol

(2:21:43 PM) Danalog: Are you on some reality show that you don't know about?
(2:21:57 PM) Kaolian: Huh. that would explain a lot
(2:22:16 PM) Danalog: "My sh*tty New House" on the CW
(2:22:28 PM) Darqflame: HAHAHAHAHA

(2:09:10 PM) Fleven: He should at least pay for your gas.
(2:10:16 PM) Pikko: who in their right mind would pay for lori to fart
(2:11:29 PM) Fleven: How do you think all those tornadoes get started in OK anyway?

(10:48:27 AM) Instigator: << an i'm the bad one?
(10:53:35 AM) Looker: well ya see gator, spyder is openly and unrepently ebil. you we're not so sure about :)
(10:54:37 AM) SpyderBite: I do hold classes though.. if you're interested in becoming more evil.. first class starts next week.. we'll go over how to cheat a gimp out of a handicap parking spot
(10:55:14 AM) SpyderBite: Followed up by "101 reasons you should never call her back after a booty call"

Vlorsutes: apart from those "I MARRID WITH MY HUSBAND!!!!11!1!1", we're **** free
Pikko: unless you count that "Nude vlor pics @ fan fest!!1!1" thread in the FFXICM forum
Vlorsutes: ssshhh!!! those were special
Draknorr: she lies
Draknorr: I just looked

[20:41] Pikko: in their catalog is a book called How to Live with a Huge *****
[20:41] Pikko: or something
[20:41] Pikko: http://irreference.com/?p=8332
[20:41] TecnoBrat: I need to get that book.
[20:54] rale: i wrote it
[20:56] Draknorr: I run http://www.lpsg.org/ in my spare time

(3:11:09 PM) SpyderBite: I almost qualified as an alternate for the olympic team in 92.. but I'd probably displace my spine attempting that crap again
(3:11:43 PM) Pikko: wow cool
(3:11:44 PM) Pikko: doing what?
(3:11:45 PM) Vlorsutes: the special olympics?
(3:11:48 PM) Pikko: haha
(3:11:57 PM) Draknorr: ************
(3:12:01 PM) Darqflame: LOL

(2:33:53 PM) Draknorr: fleven: submit tickets, if they don't get done bug me, I'll bug niz, if niz doesn't listen to me I'll bug alla who will bug andy who will bug niz who will kill himself

(4:24:56 PM) Miitan: type 'lol', does it also bring up the PUP page?
(4:25:11 PM) Miitan: or drg page?
(4:25:15 PM) Vlorsutes: no, but I typed it in and got jinte
(4:25:27 PM) Miitan: still working then
(4:25:36 PM) Vlorsutes: typed in douchebag and got it too
(4:25:50 PM) Jinte: >_>

(1:53:32 PM) SpyderBite: I did a bento box today, Pikko.. gonna take a picture of it for you in a bit :)
(1:53:41 PM) Pikko: seriously?
(1:53:46 PM) Pikko: it better not be your dick in a box

[10:06] Pikko: oh
[10:06] Pikko: usagi
[10:06] Pikko: did you see this
[10:06] Pikko: http://bacolicio.us/http://ffxi.allakhazam.com
[10:07] Vlorsutes: [16:07] Usagi: Just punched a hole in my monitor grabbing at it
[10:07] Pikko: hahahha

(8:46:20 AM) rale: if you can pay my going rate
(8:46:40 AM) TecnoBrat: rale, $0.50 an hour?
(8:47:10 AM) Calthine: wait, you make 50 cents an hour? I only make 10!
(8:47:25 AM) rale: i get free bubblegum too

[13:10] Draknorr: aww kao just hugged me
[13:10] Pikko: hugged you?
[13:10] Pikko: for real or an e-hug?
[13:10] Draknorr: e-hug
[13:10] Draknorr: or, e-huggle as I like to call it
[13:11] Pikko: did he grab your *** too?
[13:11] Kaolian: I hit the wrong fucking chat windo
[13:11] Pikko: hhahaha
[13:11] Draknorr: oh ok, that's the way it is huh?
[13:12] Pikko: you are so getting a pay reduction

(2:46:37 PM) Draknorr: spam e-mail
(2:46:38 PM) Draknorr: entitled
(2:46:42 PM) Draknorr: "Hello, Deepshit!"
(2:46:45 PM) Draknorr: that's a good title
(2:47:04 PM) Vlorsutes: you sure it's spam? sounds like it's someone that knows you personally

[16:35] Thor: [61] Bludwyng: ./9 WTT sex with my wife for SMR group
[16:35] Bludwyng: wtf?!
[16:35] Bludwyng: I don't remember saying that :)
[16:35] Darqflame: you were drunk
[16:35] Kaolian: cocaine is a hell of a drug

[13:08] Darqflame: I have actually changed the age bracket a tad, under 30, hell no.
[13:09] Draknorr: I'm freeee

[15:52] Wordaen: angsty about?
[15:53] Kaolian: angsty about what? hahahahahahah!

[14:08] rale: imdb certainly lists some interesting stuff: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1294659/
[14:10] fewyn: yep
[14:13] Draknorr: danalog personally added that one

(10:23:16 AM) Draknorr: I got skosiris so drunk last night... poor guy
(10:23:32 AM) Pikko: we don't want to know the rest of this story

Sephrick: Pikko, what will you do this time around with no gardening?
Sephrick: Your PikkoPots site helped me out so much in XI lol
Pikko: uh, hello
Pikko: there's a Botanist JOB
Tyapex: yeah but PikkoBots site could get you banned...
Pikko: hahhahahaha

(6:49:50 AM) MisterRandy__: Been a while since it is up
(6:49:56 AM) MisterRandy__: meaby 15-20 minutes
(6:50:02 AM) Deila: Which means they're testing everything now.
(6:50:22 AM) Deathly8091: Making sure all the fun has been removed
(6:50:27 AM) Deathly8091: They must have forgotten to remove some

(5:43:55 PM) Cy-AFK: so basically everyone and their mother is in a beta? ;)
(5:44:11 PM) Pikko: wrong
(5:44:18 PM) Nizdaar: Pikko's mom isn't
(5:44:19 PM) Pikko: i know for a FACT that my mother is not in rift beta
(5:44:20 PM) Nizdaar: Pikko: get on that
(5:44:22 PM) Pikko: OH MY FUCKING GOD

(10:08:21 AM) Micajah: Hey guys - going to be afk for a little bit. The kids are home, but Brenda's here too so I'm just going to give her a hand for a bit.
(10:08:27 AM) Micajah: I'll be in and out.
(10:08:44 AM) Nizdaar: So much can be said about those two lines...
(10:08:46 AM) Pikko: hahhahaha

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[17:27] Danalog: that sounds like the password some idiot would have on their luggage
[17:28] Pikko: lol
[17:28] * Danalog waits for exo to come in and say it's his luggage password

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This thread delivers.
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OMFG I have to admit I just sat here and read this entire post. Down to the last detail. I must say...I would love to join in some of your convos! If you could ever find it in your hearts (except Exo cause im not sure if he has one) you should let me join sometime ^^
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