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#1 Feb 07 2007 at 6:01 PM Rating: Excellent
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One of the funniest/worst/most annoying parts of this job is the e-mail I get. I've removed all the names from these e-mails to keep things relatively private. I've got things from years ago and will update with that later.

April 05:

iv been told theres rumors goin round that im a theif and i stole from some 1 and i dont like it i sold somthing in my bazaar to some 1 and theres ment to b a few forums or somin about it its not true plz gimme the link for the forum. XXX .midgarsormr


tell everyone to go to anyone of the servers besides remora. this server is way over priced and have a lot of stuck up high level characters.


i need help with a avatar gurdara i belive the name is


i need help with the avatars what ood tips have you got?


There is a serious problem with this game which is unfair to North American players. AS to location of server such as Cerberus. When we camp a NM and it pops, if japaneese party are there it pops purple therefore we can never get this NM no matter how often we camp it unless they dont see it. This I understand is because of location of server. They should set up delay so we all have an equal chance to get pop, thank you.


Hello, The server on playonline says it's up but most of us can not get in. We are all wondering what is the matter? May I suggest that you might want to create a different version of playonline to prevent further problems of logging in...


Where do I report bad conduct in the game? The person scared me.

May 05:

Hello. I am a member of your game. I would like to know if I could get a number to contact you. There is some information that I would like to take care of. thank you.


hallo,i need the registration code for chains of promathia


kujata just crashed


I cannot access FFXI ... timeouts only to FFXI ... other web ok .. ACCESS .. WHAT I MEAN ... i go over and over ,, and finally get in .. it like you super busy .. but i tried in off hours


Hi, I had character XXX lev 75 whm which got deleted and I closed account. Is it possible to get Bearclaws restored and that I can reinstall game and get back to where I was wnen I left. Thanks. I was in Cerberus server

July 05:

Hello, The server on playonline says it's up but most of us can not get in. We are all wondering what is the matter? May I suggest that you might want to create a different version of playonline to prevent further problems of logging in...

I am new to Final Fantasy but I have been totally appaulled by the server congestion and download delays. For the genius of the game itself, the technicians have failed dismally in providing the level of servers and services to their clients - who to state the obvious: pay for the service of Final Fantasy online.

Surely operational efficiency would dictate that there will be huge demands upon the system to access the downloads to be able to play the game that we pay for. Surely logic would say as many clients that are paying for the service will also be the number wanting to download the new updates - thus for operational managers and techies - get the servers up to speed for the job ahead !

The additional costs are time for your clients include: having to monitor the update and then having to reload when the servers time out, fail through some error and then the utter frustration of it all - it's just plain inefficient if you ask me.

August 05:

Dear sir or madam,
i have been wanting final fantasy for ages because my friend next door has got it and i think its the best game ever,i go round to my next door neighbours house all the time just to whatch him play on it.I would absolutley love to have the game and would pay any prise and do anything to get it but it is not in sail in england,so please, please ,please,please,please give me a reply on how to get the game,i would be truley grateful,thanking you in advance,harry

p.s you have done a wonderful job at making the game



Sept 05:


Oct 05:

Please tell me why that tonight, we cannot log into playonline?
proud canadian FFX1 player


can u help me.... i installed FINAL FANTASY XI, but is in japanese language,
do u know how can i change it?


Nov 05:

put it this way ya the joyeuse has low damage and yes it atk twice just think if a rdm like me were to deul them

January 06:

my credit card was maxed out and my account of FFX1 has been stopped, this
only happened this morning . i am back on track and want my account back
how do i proceed ??? can u help me plzzzz
everytime i try to log on it tell me i have an error now.........do i have
to call my credit info back to you? or can i still do it like i did when i
purchased the game...please help also please tell me i wont lose my
player and the position i was at.i look forward to hearing from you as soon
as possible....
many thanks ahead of time


I dont know who to report anything to on Cerebus server as the GM message for gillsellers is a dam joke. If another game comes along to rival you I would leave this in a minute
Ther is not enough room to put the problem in type, and pardon the launge those @#%^s can do nothing. GM are a joke on the server and gill sellers bot and camp a lot of the NM. Why not put your own people at some of these spots. Mobs pop purple so why camp anything in the dam game.

i would like to make comment about gil sellers,, and the drops from gobs,, reciently you made VE hairpin r/ex, best thing you did ,, now its not camped by the gil sellers and us real players have a chance now,, sad to go against them ,, when there are like 10 at each camp , who just will sell at ah,, us real players have to farm for weeks on end for a simple 1 mil item at ah,, its horrible,, it shouldent be this way,, spook should be the same way with the mantle every simple timed pop like spook mob that drops items like gear should be r/ex non sellable! sad its this way but it can be fixed by FFXI please reply back to me ty

Feb 06:

This guy was really into 40 year Old Virgin I guess:

Jim : know how I know your gay, your a girl elvaan in a video game
Bob : know how I know your gay, you wear earrings
Jim : know how I know your gay, you wear bronze subligars
Bob : know how I know your gay, your gimped level 20 war/ 8 mnk

a conversation me and my brother had while playing FFXI

March 06:

We cannot log on past the the checking play viewer checking version update and then it cuts off. Gives message play viewer update unsucessful. We have successfully installed all the update prior to 23 Mar 06 and were able to play. We are playing on Siren.

April 06:

It is a free server. I have buy FFXI and I want not pay 12€ in month.
Before I make a account from allakhazam.
thanks Games Freak



July 06:

I need info if I can play free on private server, extended details cuz I have a backup from a friend and im trying to play somewhere free cuz it’s a cool game thanks

August 06:

could u please answer me 1 question could i play ffx1 without going online and how big will the game be if playable offline.i would then look at playing online if the game was good enough

Sept 06:

Im surprised and im sure everyone agrees with me but Why isn;t there a Sephiroth BCNM Fight? I know this isn;t FF 7 but He would make a very interesting / hard / Fun BCNM fight. I think Square-Enix needs to make a Sephiroth BCNM fight.
Hi ,
I was wondering why some people get attacked and rated down posting in the asylum. I see post from guru's and such when they are posting something sometimes its silly but they always seem to be rated up no matter what their post may contain. Is the asylum some leet group only thing ? Just wondering anyway thanks for your time.

Oct 06:

Hellow boss. I'm tired the way your site users and administrator moderators having to mistreating other users based on Troll Flammers able to instigate one another both online and on forums; only to humiliate or cause trouble hoping for the annoyed user to reply back angirly as entertainment. I want to be unbanned so I can enjoy using the site to conduct events, and hold reasonable discussions. You need to understand I have human rights to take stand in defending my reputation as a user to Playonline gamer to RPG games; I play what I paid for, not to be mistreated by childish forum drama makers.

Please reply back so we can discuss this maturly, I'm tired of being mistreated, and unfairly banned
(guess who that's from)
I am a player of FINAL FANTASY XI. On Oct. 19, 2006, my playonline account(XXXXXX) was closed . My job is cooking in the game,I did not use any unauthorized third-party software tools!I think you have made a mistake,please check it carefully .Thanks! I'm very anxious to see your write back!

Nov 06:

PLEASE I moved back to XXXXX and lost all my contact details for my friends is there anybody that can help me out . All I need is for somebody to give my E-Mail addr. to one of them.
([email protected])
If anybody can give this to XXXX on Ragnorak server and tell him XXXX is looking for him THANK YOU.
Dear Pikko:
I'm final fantasy user,I meet some problems in game play ,my four
accounts,XXXXXXXX ,XXXXXXXX , all temporarily suspended.But i is your
normal user,How should I sovle the problem ,I'm very anxious about it
,please answer me as soom as possible!
Thank you very much.

Dec 06:

FFXI supervisor:
Excuse me, , my game account number(XXXXXXXX, IFRIT area
), Do not breach a rules of the game, you temporarily terminated mine.
Why didn't more than two months all recover my game account number???Hope you to reply me as soon as possible.
Thank you very much!!
Hi is there a way to update from one pc to another like moving files i have 56k modem. I have old machine and a new machine that i want to put ffxi on? but it take two to three days update on my new machine there got to be away to move the updates to the new machine from old
Hello, My name is XXXXX and i live in the USA... Im writting this letter to ask you to ask Squar Enix to give people who got banded for useing Windower to be allowed back for one more chance...I do not use windower but i have a friend in Garuda like me^^ who used windower but did not cheat, he used it for other things outside of FFXI. well any way plz, give them another chance :) ^^ thank you for your time
hey this is xxxxxx niece of Xxxx i dont know if this is ur add miss Xxxxx but i just send something pls reply thanks
hello my name is xxxxx from the server seraph whitemage xx thief xx ranger xx blackmage xx i have been playing this game for almost a yrar now and it is the greatest game i have ever played

Jan 07:

how di i go about setting up a wedding?
did my subcrition run out.. how doi re dowith the old information
If this page is not taken out and Xxxxxx's account terminated you will be seeing me in court for Libel
hello,i am a player of your game,my playonline account was suspended today,i want to know the reason,please!
The wonderful people of playonline were vigillant and went to lunch when the game crashed during besieged at 7pm EST. Declining population and crappy game play pretty myuch making ready to quit. Bet this doesn't make ANY public post or is deleted within 1 hour. Fairy flustered player

March 08

Subject: please me out


name: Monyca

job : THF/nin.........

My ID: XXXX####

now i wanna Plays the game

May 08

Subject: I am not RMT and dont us other tool,why you stoped My ID?


name: Thenathem

job : NIN/war/bst/thf....

My ID: XXXX####

played time 170 days !

if you do not help me to clear my ID, I will not play this FINAL FANTASY XI


I'll meet number move of others not to play

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Pikko Pots wrote:

If this page is not taken out and Xxxxxx's account terminated you will be seeing me in court for Libel

This was Godraiden, 100% sure.
#4 Sep 18 2007 at 12:44 AM Rating: Excellent
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Actually that was from the Garuda server board iirc.
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#5 Sep 21 2007 at 3:07 PM Rating: Good
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Pikko Pots wrote:
Actually that was from the Garuda server board iirc.


You smashed my hopes and dreams!!!
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This thread also delivers.
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Pikko Pots wrote:
please me out
George Carlin wrote:
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