Discount Prices on Ninja Tools!

Having cash problems while leveling your ninja? Not to worry! Ninja tool prices have been slashed to bargain basement prices!! Buy now and get free tools delivered to your Mog House within the next 24 hours!

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Although this bug has since been fixed, we thought you all would enjoy this week's strip anyway. Let us know what you think on the ZAM forums!

Bells Proven Highly Useful

The July version update brought many new things to adventurers such as Campaign Unions and new Wings of the Goddess missions. Among these updates was a surprising update to bells, which, needless to say, left some adventurers puzzled over it's usefulness. Read on to find out just how useful your bells can be!

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If you have a Happy Friday idea or would like to illustrate a strip, e-mail the ZAM team!

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Moogle Busted!

The team at the ZAM Network has received a tip from an anonymous source that claims a Moogle has been arrested by the STF. These allegations will no doubt shake the foundations of the M.H.M.U., especially given that this has been revealed just a few days before the release of the upcoming mini-expansion, A Moogle Kupo d'Etat. What happens next for this troubled Moogle led astray?!

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If you have an idea, artwork, or a script you'd like us to consider for Happy Friday, e-mail us!

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Introducing a New Forum Title: Prophet!

Now in its fifth week, Happy Friday, a community comic strip, is still going strong. With Vlorsutes still out of commission after suffering from a broken hand, Beastmen Lord continues to pick up his pen to draw the strip. If you're interested in contributing an idea, script, or illustration, email us at ffxiteam@allakhazam.com!

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This week's strip marks the first time we've taken direct inspiration from the ZAM forums. Last week, OmegaVegito posted this thread, inspiring the story. Who will be immortalized in Happy Friday next?!

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The Joy of New Missions Awaits!

As the July version update approaches, one of the many things players have to look forward to are the new Wings of the Goddess missions, which will surely send Future Fabulous into the cold Northlands. With that in mind, we're happy to present our first colored Happy Friday strip. Many thanks to Beastmen Lord for working so hard on this one! Click the strip for the bigger version!

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Deadly Console Virus Infects Humor Strip

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As you can see, something has gone horribly wrong with Happy Friday and the strip has been hit with the dreaded PS2 Limitations virus!! What has happened to Vlorsutes and why is the community being subjected to the finely detailed, yet possibly rage-inducing stick figures of Pikko?!

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This Week's Happy Friday

Last week saw the debut of our brand new weekly comic strip "Happy Friday!", a weekly community contributed comic strip to bring a laugh to the end of your week. We're excited to present the next installment in the series with art by Beastmen Lord. Click the strip to view a larger size!

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Introducing Happy Friday!

We are very happy to announce a new feature for Final Fantasy XI (and eventually Final Fantasy XIV) here at ZAM: the Happy Friday comic strip! Over the years, the forum community here at ZAM has established Friday as "joke day," a day on which to post fake PlayOnline announcements, interviews, and the like in an attempt to trick others into believing the content posted.

Taking from that weekly humor tradition, we will be accepting story ideas, illustrations, and scripts to establish a community contributed comic strip.

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