New Trigger Conditions for Notorious Monsters

In the upcoming May version update, several considerable changes will be made to the conditions of certain Notorious Monsters spread through Vana'diel. The infamous monsters Fafnir, Nidhogg, Aspidochelone, Adamantoise, Behemoth, and King Behemoth will not only be changed from their original timed spawn conditions to forced spawn with items obtained from various battlefields, they will also see alterations to unique drops they possess.

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From Playonline.com:

New Trigger Conditions for Notorious Monsters

  • Trigger conditions for following notorious monsters will be adjustedto spawn by trading specific items to the “???” in the respective area.
    Fafnir / Nidhogg: Dragon’s Aery
    Behemoth / King Behemoth: Behemoth’s Dominion
    Adamantoise / Aspidochelone: Valley of Sorrows

    - The ”???” will respawn a minute after the battle is over.
    - The NM will despawn if unclaimed for 90 seconds at the spawned location.
    - The feature wherein the level of these monsters will increase after battling them for a period of time will remain unchanged.

  • How to obtain the trigger items:
    Fafnir: Treasure from “Early Bird Catches the Wyrm”
    Behemoth: Treasure from “Horns of War”
    Adamantoise: Treasure from “The Hills are Alive”
    * At least one of these items will be dropped in every battle.

    Nidhogg: Treasure dropped by Fafnir
    King Behemoth: Treasure dropped by Behemoth
    Aspidochelone: Treasure dropped by Adamantoise

  • The treasures dropped by the following notorious monsters will be adjusted as follows:
    Fafnir : Wyrm Beard removed
    Nidhogg : Drop rate of Wyrm Beard decreased
    Behemoth : Behemoth Tongue removed
    King Behemoth : Drop rate of Behemoth Tongue decreased
    Adamantoise : Adamantoise Egg removed
    Aspidochelone : Drop rate of Adamantoise Egg decreased


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# Apr 24 2011 at 9:34 PM Rating: Decent
Really?!?!? You know I started playing this game way back in 2003. I quit in 2009! hint hint hint! One of the reasons was unwilling to camp these HNMs due to the most coldest ingame violence ever. These HNMs have enraged players for sooooooooooooo long. I don't understand why it took so long to make these HNMs trigger spawns. I mean wtf guys, I use to be in a endgame Linkshell that refused to be part of the HNM war with other LSes because it would get out of hand. I can't believe after 9 years this issue is being taken serious and resolved to make it more enjoyable. Bout damn time! But way too late for me, I've pretty much quit playing FFXI a few years after playing it for 6 years.....

I went to WOW for a few years but now it seems the DEV there are idiots and turned the game into this steroid freakshow.

I was a beta tester for FFXIV and was excited until 3 days of gameplay. It lacked Game Content and was dull as poo. Then when it Live and I had a bad feeling that it was far from being ready. It lacked so much gaming content, it wasn't even funny....Epicfail

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Edited, Apr 24th 2011 11:39pm by Dynne21
Jackass Genie
# Apr 22 2011 at 1:07 PM Rating: Excellent
2,793 posts
Guy on ffxiah wrote:
SE wrote:
Dev1: Oh crap, botters and RMT don't bottleneck Black belt anymore! We have to do something!

Dev2: hey I know, lets "give them what they wanted" again, it'll be hilarious when they start arguing on the forums and accusing each other of wanting a button in their mog house to instant pop the NMs or have an npc that just hands out black belts.

Dev1: ...Announce it, I'll make popcorn!
Now lets all attack anyone that doesn't jump for joy and call them lazy etc etc.
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