November 17th Update

Here's what we added and updated today: New Items: Ball of Insect PasteSmall WormPeeled Crayfish

Updated Items: Brown BeltJug of Carrot BrothChain MailHeadgearCesti +1CornetteCesti

New Quests: The Dismayed CustomerSay It With FlowersMaking the GradeMaking AmendsThe Distressed CustomerOnly The BestAn Explorers Footsteps

Updated Quests: DrachenfallThe Sweetest ThingsStarting a FlameA Taste For MeatA Purchase of ArmsGrimy SIgnpostsGrave ConcernsThe Merchant's BiddingThe SeamstressLufet's Lake SaltRosel the ArmorerThe PickpocketThe Brugaire ConsortiumA Sentry's PerilExit the GamblerThe Trader in the ForestGrowing FlowersWaters of the ChevalFear of the DarkThe Vicasque's SermonThe Rescue DrillSave the ChildrenBat HuntSmash The Orcish ScoutsReap What You SowOvernight DeliveryPaying Lip ServiceVampire DefenseEmbassy HelpThe Eleventh PioneerBreaking Stones

New and Updated Recipes: HeadgearBall of Insect PasteCesti +1Peeled Crayfish

New and Updated Spells: SilenceSilenaStone IStone IIStone IIIStonega IStonega IIStonega IIIThunder IThunder IIThunderga IThunderga IIWater IWater IIWater IIIWaterga IWaterga IIWaterga IIIAero IAero IIAero IIIAeroga IAeroga IIFire IFire IIFire IIIFirega IFirega IIFreezeBlizzard IBlizzard IIBlizzard IIIBlizzardga IBlizzardga IIIce SpikeQuakeRaspShockChokeFrostBurnDrownThunder SpikeTornadoBurstFloodPoison IIPoisonga IPoisonga IISmall MeteoWind StormAero II (Summons)Aero IV (Summons)InfernoFire II (Summons)Burning StrikeFire IVWater IIWater IVJudgement BoltThunder II (Summons)Thunder SparkThunder IVDiamond DustBlizzard II (Summons)Blizzard IVRage of the EarthStone II (Summons)Stone IVBanish IBanish IIBanishga IBanishga IIBanishga IIIHolyDivine SealShell IShell IIShell IIIShellra IShellra IIShellra IIIStone SkinSneakDeodorizeInvisibleTeleport VahzlTeleport DemTeleport HollaTeleport MiaAqua VeilWater WeaponWind WeaponThunder WeaponStone WeaponFire WeaponBlizzard WeaponVirus DefenseBarviraBarwaterBarwateraWind DefenseSilence DefenseBarsilenceraThunder DefenseBarthundraBarsleepBarsleepraParalysis DefenseBarparalyzraBarfireBarfiraDarkness DefenseBarblindraIce DefenseBarblizzaraBarpoisonBarPoisonraBlinkProtectra IProtectra IIProtectra IIIProtectra IVProtect IProtect IIProtect IIIProtect IVHasteTractorBlaze SpikesRuby RadianceDazzling RubyVacuum ArmorHastegaCrimson RoarThunder DrumThunder ArmorFreeze ArmorGuardian of EarthRegen IBarstoneSlowDia IDia IIDiaga IDiaga IIParalyzeBanish IIIDiaga IIISleepBindBlindPoison IRuby LightPoison NailShock Strike


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# Nov 18 2003 at 8:14 PM Rating: Default
What the heck is up with the Delays on this game...on Everquest the Dealays were like 30......................................
RE: quint....
# Nov 29 2003 at 10:50 AM Rating: Decent
Yeah, every MMORPG should be like EverQuest.

It's still the same here, though.. the higher the delay, the slower you swing.

I'm actually thinking it's just like EverQuest with only a little more detail. For example, 30 delay in EQ = 3.0 seconds between swings. Here 356 delay may = 3.56 seconds between swings. This is just a theory and I haven't tested it yet. I could be (and probably am, as it seems slower) completely wrong about this.
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