Monipulators and Adventurers Duel to the Death!

 Ever since it was first announced, speculation and anticipation ran high for player versus player options for Monstrosity. Whether it was facing off against a fellow Monipulator as your favorite monster or going toe-to-toe with your favorite Paladin, the fans wanted to be able to do more than just fight random monsters in the field. This wait will soon be over, as Square Enix has unveiled several new tidbits of information on the subject, including ranks, rewards, and much more!

Let us know what you think of these upcoming Monstrosity changes over on the ZAM forums!

From Playonline.com:

Sharpen your claws and whet your blades, for monipulators will soon be able to do battle with adventurers! The Monstrosity website elucidates various aspects of this startling new feature, including how to enter the fray and how victors shall be rewarded for their diabolic deeds!

Grit your teeth before viewing the gruesome details.


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