Guild Wars 2: Edge of the Mists

Next week's update brings Edge of the Mists to World vs World. Plus, ArenaNet will answer your questions!

The Edge of the Mists comes to Guild Wars 2 in next week's content patch. This patch, the second of four patches finishing off season one of the Living World, will add this new map to the World vs World scene.

The Edge of the Mists underwent an invitation-only beta at the end of last year and through the first couple weeks of 2014. While not everyone was invited, beta participants could reveal any and all information about the upcoming map. If you have not heard of Edge of the Mists, this new WvW map allows the creation of overflows so that anyone can participate in WvW without needing to wait in long queues. This, along with some fun new designs, makes the Edge of the Mists an exciting new addition to the large-scale competitive game mode.

The Edge of the Mists, however, will not be exactly as testers remember. Players will soon discover that they are not the only ones trying to gain control of this new map as Scarlet continues to expand her reach. Players will now face another army with Scarlet's Aetherblade forces sent to invade and claim this new land at the edge of the Mists.

But what purpose does the Edge of the Mists serve for Scarlet?

Have any questions you would like ArenaNet to answer about the upcoming Edge of the Mists patch? Leave a comment below with your question and we will get you the answers before the new content launches next week.

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Questions for ANet
# Jan 29 2014 at 5:06 PM Rating: Decent
1) Could you discuss what issues of criticism Edge of the Mists’ design is meant to address? For example, it looks like EoTM might be more conducive to skillful, small/medium sized battles, a counter to the predominant mode of play in WvW at the moment: blobbing/zerging.
2) I'm delighted to hear that the NPCs will scale, but to what extent will the NPCs scale in difficulty according to the amount of players attacking it? (Will it take 20 players as much time to kill an NPC as it takes 2?)
3) Is the player cap for EoTM more or less than the existing WvW maps?
4) EoTM is the first beautiful looking PvP map (sPvP or WvW). Did a different team of artists work on it than the ones that worked on the sPvP and existing WvW maps?

Thanks for reading.
Questions For ANet
# Jan 28 2014 at 4:57 PM Rating: Decent
Here are my 5 questions for Arena Net.

1.) Will account bound WXP be with this patch?
If not what is an ETA - you promised it and have not delivered.

2.) Why do you keep dragging living world story content into WvW, when the majority of the WvW player-base do not like the PvE mindset and vice versa?
You have 2 separate communities with some overlap yes, but the 'hardcrore' achievement hunters do not help the server in WvW [being in the wrong builds, and no "build equality" where any build can be used does not exist].

3.) When can we see 'real' improvements to WvW?
Such as event reward overhauls that were mentioned before, an extension to the traps which never came and expanded trait lines. Season 1 is over and none of these changes have happened since.

4.) Is the WvW queue fix this patch?

5.) a) Will there be any incentive for the score to be high after this patch if you are not in the top 3 servers?
Other than the top 3/5 you could argue servers don't really care about their relative positions, and as such do not try to get more points for their server. With this patch it is even worse, with 0 points made in EoTM. What incentive do servers have for winning apart from 3 bonus chests (3 greens and 3 blues)? Even the leagues didn't offer much of an exclusive reward, with people getting the same value of items as 1 hour of PvE would give them.
b) Will the PvE/WvW loot balance be addressed?
If not, why not? Why have 2 game-modes with imbalanced rewards?
Questions For ANet
# Jan 29 2014 at 10:57 AM Rating: Decent
I agree with question 2 on this and would love to see an answer. I hate PvP and avoid WvW as much as I can. I have no interest in learning to play that part of the game as well so don't like seeing In updates attempts to force me onto aspects of the game I just don't want to do to be able to see all the living story. It's annoying for both sides. WvW fans don't want it and PvE fans don't want it.
Questions For ANet
# Jan 28 2014 at 5:19 PM Rating: Decent
7 posts
Thanks for the questions Siegerazer! As for question number 3, I don't remember hearing about event reward overhauls. Is this about a change to the dynamic event rewards from capturing/defending objectives in WvW?
If you have a link about where this was talked about that would be helpful too so that I know that ANet is understanding what is asked and I can get an answer for you.
Questions For ANet
# Jan 29 2014 at 4:25 PM Rating: Decent
It is mentioned a few times, mainly here on post #12.
Escorting dolyaks used to be a full event, meaning you got karma and silver aswell. This got changed due to the mass amount of bots going on at that moment. Currently I don't find any bots anywhere anymore so my compliments for that, however does this mean we will see the old rewards back? As a commander it's nearly impossible to convince people to escort dolyaks as the reward is very lackluster at the moment.

Answer {Devon Carver [WVW Dev]};
This is really just a side effect of the way our event system works and, unfortunately, it's not really fixable without major changes to things. That being said, I'd like for us to make those changes so that players who are doing the dirty work of escorting dolyaks are appropriately rewarded for it. But until we have a solution that doesn't reintroduce the bot problem, we will leave it as it currently is.

Aswell as here on the"Player Roles" section.
Scouts, siege masters, and defenders are only a sampling of the roles we intend to add to. We think that these are all a vital part of the success of any server in WvW, so we want to reward players who do these tasks so that they feel like their time is properly valued.

I would just like to know if any progress has been made on these, since the developers have recognized the rewards as an issue, and yet no word has been spoken on it.

EDIT: If you need me to elaborate on any other points just post a comment and I'll do a similar thing.

Edited, Jan 29th 2014 5:27pm by Siegerazer
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