New Records of Eminence Objectives

 The upcoming March version update for Final Fantasy XI is quickly approaching, and the Records of Eminence trial system is slated to see new objectives being added in two particular categories. For those new players to the game, several tutorial quest objectives, ranging from obtaining Chocobo licenses to acquiring a sub job, will be added. Those of the angler persuasion will also be seeing objectives being added for Fishing, including hooking a number of whoppers to fishing a certain number of monsters!

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From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1184] New Records of Eminence Objectives

New categories, "Tutorial (Quests)" and "Fishing," will be introduced.

  • Tutorial Objective Examples
    • Expand one's Mog House exit.
    • Obtain alter egos.
    • Obtain a support job.
    • Obtain a chocobo license.
    • Unlock additional jobs.
  • Fishing Objective Examples
    • Speak with the master of the Fishermen's Guild.
    • Reel in one fish.
    • Reel in the requisite number of small fish.
    • Reel in the requisite number of big fish.
    • Reel in the requisite number of enemies.

In addition, a new quest in the Records of Eminence storyline will also be introduced.


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