New Enhancement System: Job Points

 Wishing there was a way to make your jobs stronger than they currently were? An upcoming new system for Final Fantasy XI will be able to offer just what you need! Currently called "job points", this new system, working similarly to the limit points system available to characters at lv. 75, lets you gain points, by acquiring experience, that can be used to upgrade various attributes for your favorite job. For every 30,000 "capacity" points gained, one job point will be available, and with no limit to the number of jobs you can upgrade, the monsters of Vana'diel best prepare themselves!

What job do you think you'll upgrade first? What are your feelings towards the job points system in total? Let us know all about it over on the ZAM forums!

From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1188] Job Points

A new category of points for enhancing level 99 characters, called job points, will be introduced. These points may be accrued for each job by defeating enemies as that job. For example, players will need to set warrior as their main job if they wish to accumulate job points that may be used to enhance warrior attributes.
Speak to the nomad moogle in Ru'Lude Gardens after fulfilling the following conditions to receive the "Job Breaker" key item and begin the trek to completely mastering Vana'diel's myriad professions.

  • Be in possession of the "Limit Breaker" key item
  • Currently be a job of level 99

Vanquishing foes while in possession of the "Job Breaker" key item will grant players capacity points in addition to experience. For every 30,000 capacity points players amass, they will receive one job point.

Players can view their job points under the eponymously named "Job Points" menu, which is situated within the "Status" menu, while in their Mog Houses. Expending these points from within the aforementioned menu will enhance certain aspects specifically related to one's profession.

* Content currently in development.
The only limit on the jobs one may refine is the number of them Vana'diel has to offer, so enhance to your heart's delight, whether with one job or many.

Destroy monsters, gain EXP, earn job points. It's that simple.


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