Details on Upcoming Version Update!

 The March version update for Final Fantasy XI is fast approaching, and a list of all planned additions and changes has been released! New Delve content, new Records of Eminence and Seekers of Adoulin lore-related quests, the new job points system, vanity gear locking, the new Cait Sith summon, expansions on Relic armor reforging, and much more are all planned to be implemented! Be prepared for major changes to hit Vana'diel on March 18th!

For full details on the planned changes, check below the break.

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From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

Matsui here.

I’d like to share the content that will be implemented in the March version update.

I briefly mentioned an overview of what’s to come in this version update during the “Freshly Picked Vana’diel” live stream, but we’re in the midst of filling this version update with tons of fun content.

One piece of content we will be implementing is “job points,” a system to enhance your jobs further that proved popular in the survey we held recently. It’ll be possible to obtain these in your traditional leveling parties or even solo, so regardless of what kind of player you are, you’ll be able to enjoy this content.

Additionally, we’ll be adding a new feature to the Trust system that will add speech to alter egos. Also, the long awaited Cait Sith avatar will finally be implemented for summoners! New Delve content will be added for the hardcore adventurers, huge revamps will be made to the fishing system, along with a ton of other elements.

The version update is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, March 18th.

Amongst the list of implementation items listed here, some are currently in testing.
Please keep in mind that we may remove certain items from this implementation list in the event that bugs take an unintentionally long time to fix or balancing issues occur during the development process.

Missions and Quests

Implementation Timing Update Task and Overview Tasks Being Worked On Notes
March Additional Seekers of Adoulin quest 1 Quest to introduce Adoulin lore
Create quest battle
March Additional Seekers of Adoulin quest 2 Quest to introduce Adoulin lore -
March Trust acquisition quests Aht Urhgan Whitegate quest 1
Aht Urhgan Whitegate quest 2
Eastern Adoulin quest
Ru'Lude Gardens quest
March Cait Sith avatar acquisition quest Create text
Create cutscenes
Create quest battle
Set rewards
March Records of Eminence quest Create text
Create cutscenes
Set rewards
March Seasonal event Create new items -
March New campaign Create new item -
March Repeat Login Campaign Set items -

Areas and Monsters

Implementation Timing Update Task and Overview Tasks Being Worked On Notes
March Monstrosity New monster family: Amorph
Add new instincts
Increase supported areas
March Adjustments to Outer Ra'Kaznar Add warps to multiple areas for returning to the entrance -

Content and Systems

Implementation Timing Update Task and Overview Tasks Being Worked On Notes
March Delve Add new NMs to Yorcia Weald
Add new NMs to Marjami Ravine
Add new NMs to Kamihr Drifts
Create fracture battle content
Adjust NM behavior logic
Set rewards
We've confirmed an issue while testing this feature, so there is a possibility that this will be implemented just after the version update takes place.
March Addition of new Trust alter egos Add new Trust alter egos
Adjust stats
Create and adjust behavior logic
Add related items
Add related quests
March Trust system additions Add feature that allows alter egos to speak in battle
Add chat filter for alter ego dialogue
Add support for certain mission battlefields
Add text command to hide other players' Trust alter egos
March Fishing Introduce a new fishing system
Create new UI for fishing
Make balance adjustments to the new system
March Records of Eminence Add tutorial objectives
Add fishing objectives
Add related quests
Set new equipment rewards for fishing
March Appearance locking feature Add text command that will temporarily lock your appearance There will be various limitations for this feature. Read details here.
March Homepoint warping Introduce additional locations to the list of destinations -
March Campaign battles Adjustment to make it so skills can be increased
Increase effects on area influence when winning
Decrease effects on area influence when losing
March Reduction of certain NM's respawn times Change respawn system for certain NMs in Mamook, Halvung, and Arrapago Reef -
March High-tier mission battlefields Reduce the amount of merit points required There is a possibility this will be pushed back due to concerns of congestion in La'Loff Amphitheater.


Implementation Timing Update Task and Overview Tasks Being Worked On Notes
March Job points Introduce new growth system
Adjust menu UI
Create cutscene to unlock job points
Create growth elements for each job
Create table for capacity point acquisition
March Summoner Add "Cait Sith" spell
Add new blood pacts
Create related quest
March Application of slow effects on certain monsters Apply the effects of Slow to the auto-attacks of certain monsters that could not previously be slowed. This adjustment will only be applied to the Delve content that will be added.
In the future, we will make similar adjustments to other content.
March Treasure Hunter adjustment Set a limit on the effect of "Treasure Hunter" granted by equipment A cap on Treasure Hunter will be established and we will be implementing equipment with the Treasure Hunter effect in the future.
March Song adjustment Adjust system so that songs with 120 seconds or more remaining on their duration can be overwritten A bug has developed due  to this adjustment and it will be pushed back.


Implementation Timing Update Task and Overview Tasks Being Worked On Notes
March Relic reforging (Item Level 119) Create acquisition quest
Create equipment data
As a continuation of reforging from the February version update, it will be possible to reforge chest and leg equipment.
March Addition of Delve equipment Create equipment data
Create new graphics
March Celennia Memorial Library Add NPC for exchanging job specific back equipment -
March Addition of items supported for Porter Moogle storage Add support for reforged relic equipment
Add support for seasonal event reward items
March Dedication effect rings Adjust bonus amount
Create new ring data
March Addition of synthesis recipes Add new equipment recipes
Add new cooking recipes
March Vana'diel Tribune Chronicles book bonus item Create equipment data
Create new graphics
March Add campaign items - -


Implementation Timing Update Task and Overview Tasks Being Worked On Notes
March Auction house Add UI element to check the bid history when putting items up on the auction house -
March Creation of new UI for fishing - -
March Creation of new UI for job points Addition of menu -
March Chat filter Addition of chat filter for Trust alter ego dialogue -



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