Job Points Additions and Adjustments

 During the March version update of Final Fantasy XIV, a new job points system was implemented for players to further customize and power up their characters. In the upcoming May version update, this new system will see several additions and adjustments made. Two new categories of upgrades will be implemented per job, with more slated for later version updates.

 To help alleviate some of the difficulty of obtaining capacity points, a new chain bonus will be implemented to increase yields awarded to players with successive kills, as well as increasing the base yields of monsters above a certain level. Lastly, changes will be made to monster capacity point yields in the Cirdas Caverns [U], Rala Waterways [U], Yorcia Weald [U], and Ra'Kaznar [U] areas.

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From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1197] Job Point Additions and Adjustments

New job point categories will be introduced in the next version update, along with the ability to receive a bonus to capacity points when felling certain enemies in quick succession.

  • Category Additions
    Two categories will be added for each job with this update, with more scheduled for future version updates.
  • Chain Bonus
    Continually defeating enemies of a certain level or higher within a given time period will grant a bonus to the amount of capacity points obtained by vanquishing them. The upper limits of this bonus will vary depending on the level of enemies defeated, meaning that the stronger the enemies defeated, the larger the bonus will be.
  • Adjustment to Capacity Point Obtainment
    Defeating enemies above a certain level will yield more capacity points than in previous updates.
  • Additions and Adjustments to Capacity Point-yielding Content
    • Enemies that roam the following area used in Delve content will yield capacity points when defeated.
      Cirdas Caverns [U]
    • The amount of capacity and experience points earned from defeating enemies in the following areas while in a party will decrease less than in previous updates.
      Rala Waterways [U] / Cirdas Caverns [U] / Yorcia Weald [U] / Ra'Kaznar [U]


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