New Coalition Ranks and Reive Momentum Bonuses

 Looking to spice up your Coalition life? Wishing you could be working on ranking up and getting new rewards from the different coalitions? Your wait is nearly over, for in the upcoming May version update of Final Fantasy XI, the maximum rank for coalitions will be increased to eight, and various services will be added to accomodate those that have done so, including new equipment from the Peacekeepers's Coalition and new games and rewards from the Mummers'.

In addition, new momentum bonuses will be added to reives to further facilitate removing various reive obstacles, with a maximum level of 5 for each effect.

Excited for these new changes? Let us know all about it over on the ZAM forums!


From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1201] New Coalition Ranks and Additional Reive Momentum Bonuses

  • New coalition ranks
    The maximum coalition rank will be increased to eight, and additional coalition services will be made available.

    The Peacekeepers’ Coalition will provide new equipment in exchange for bayld and the Mummers’ Coalition will offer a new game in addition to new items in exchange for mummers’ medals.
  • Additional reive momentum bonuses
    The following effects have been added to reive momentums.
    • Store TP
    • Fast Cast
    • Subtle Blow
    • Critical hit rate
    Each effect has a total of five different levels.


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